ScoMo and the Mirage of Choice

Our ‘conservative’ Prime Minister has declared war on choice:

If I hear our Prime Minister telling us about one more thing that will not be made mandatory but will be completely voluntary I might get ill. His latest chimera about choice has to do with electric cars. Our new green PM has just said that $250 million of taxpayers’ money will be spent on a subsidised electric car industry. He wants to spend this money on 50,000 charging stations within people’s homes and the like.

But he was insistent that it will not be mandatory for citizens to get electric cars – it will be up to us and our free choices. Yeah right, like our free choices about Covid vaccines ScoMo? Let me speak further to both. As to his push for electric cars, he has really been turning a bright shade of green in recent months, including his bizarre embrace of net zero. I wrote about that here:

All this stands in marked contrast to his position of just a few years ago. His 2019 election campaign comments are still fully true. He said back then that Labor’s push for new electric vehicle (EV) technology was a declaration of war against the weekend: “I tell ya what, its not gonna tow your trailer. It’s not gonna tow your boat. It’s not gonna get you out to your favourite camping spot with your family. Bill Shorten wants to end the weekend when it comes to his policy on electric vehicles.”

But now he has become a green zealot, trying to outdo Labor. And he insists that his new push for electric vehicles will all be a matter of choice: “We are not going to tell them what to buy or what to drive or where they can’t drive, we aren’t going to tell them how to live their lives and interfere in their way of life, we’re not going to put their petrol prices up to make them buy electric vehicles, do anything like that.”

Um, after saying the same thing about the vaxx, I am not at all reassured. Indeed, as ScoMo gets more and more green, you can be sure that what is a choice today will become compulsory tomorrow. This is exactly where all this is heading. What is going on with the guy?

As Andrew Bolt has asked, what happened to Scott Morrison? He seems to have gone walkabout. There used to be a politician by that name who was more or less conservative. But now we have some guy using his name who seems to be someone who was smuggled in from the Greens. This is not the ‘miracle man’ that voters elected in 2019.

The Libs had won several federal elections by simply showing how loopy Labor and the Greens were with their policies on climate change and the like. Voters wanted sensible and workable policies that did not kill jobs and the economy. Yet now ScoMo seems to have gone full circle, and is competing with Labor for his green credentials.

And the truth is, electric cars today are far too expensive for most Australians to afford. EVs are around four per cent of the world car market right now (one per cent in Australia). So it will take a lot of incentives to get folks to make the switch. But these incentives will increasingly penalise those who are hesitant – just like our vaccination incentives (more on that in a moment).

And will this radical change even be feasible? Imagine all these households plugging in every night to an already overloaded electricity grid. It is all a big ask, and like his net zero campaign, he is wanting us to put our money into something that is speculative at best as to whether it will even work. And 70% of our electricity is coal based anyway!

But sure, some will benefit financially – big time. It will be a jackpot for carmakers who will be happy for us to junk millions and millions of cars running on petrol and diesel and be forced to buy these new EVs. They will be laughing all the way to the bank.

As to vaxx choice – what choice? Jab or job is what we now have in most states. Either get the jab no matter how hesitant you might be about it, or be prepared to lose your job, your livelihood, your ability to feed your family, and your ability to exercise basic human rights.

Vaccine apartheid (the word means ‘separate development’) is now alive and well in Australia. And ScoMo promised us that it would be totally voluntary – no coercion at all. Yet he is allowing folks like Dan Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk to make it very much mandatory.

We already know Dictator Dan is insisting on a two-tiered society, with the new Jews or the new lepers being the unvaxxed. He wants this diabolical discrimination to continue indefinitely. He is quite happy to strip tens of thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands – of citizens of their most basic human rights and freedoms.

And the Queensland government has just announced similar sorts of things:

Unvaccinated Queenslanders will no longer be able to dine in a restaurant, socialise at the pub or attend a match of footy from December 17 or when the Sunshine State reaches 80 per cent double-dose vaccination coverage, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced. Ms Palaszczuk on Tuesday morning told a press conference that residents who have rolled up their sleeves for two coronavirus jabs will be “rewarded” as the state prepares to open up to COVID-hit parts of the country just in time for Christmas.

Rewards for some mean punishments for others. Yet I hear brainless politicians and media reporters speaking about how voluntary all this is, as they speak of ‘encouragements’ to get the jab. Um no, this is not encouragement or choice, this is bullying, intimidation, coercion and manipulation.

And that, according to the Federal Government Department of Health’s own Australian Immunisation Handbook is strictly forbidden. This is what it says about vaccinations and informed consent: “It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation” (emphasis mine).

Preventing people from various forms of employment, travel, education and consumer activity sure as heck is not about choice: it is using undue pressure, coercion or manipulation. And you can be sure that in Queen Palaszczuk‘s Queensland it is not just a matter of no longer being able to go to the pub. Such discrimination will likely expand much further in the days ahead.

James Macpherson said this about her announcement today:

Is freedom an inalienable right or is it a “reward” given by governments to compliant people? Listening to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk today, one could be forgiven for thinking human rights were hers to give, and hers to take away….


It is astonishing to me that Australian politicians can speak in this authoritarian tone and receive, as if their due, nothing but approving nods from the press gallery. Brisbane? Beijing? What’s the difference these days? Not much evidently.


If vaccinated people “deserve” basic freedoms then, by implication, the 20% of Queenslanders who are not vaccinated, are undeserving. Think about that. If a perfectly healthy person has decided — for whatever reason – that they don’t want to be vaccinated, they are now deemed undeserving of basic rights we all took for granted less than two years ago.

States all over the country are demanding that fewer and fewer jobs are open to these lepers, and plenty of businesses are happily going along with this. And if they are not happy, it is because they too are being coerced: they must either sack all the recalcitrants and/or deny the lepers access to their goods and services, or face massive fines and other punishments.

So much for freedom of choice. So much for no coercion, no compulsion, no enforcement and no mandates. Where is ScoMo in all this? Complete silence. He is missing in action.

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  1. Last Friday in Danistan I was refused entry into our local public library because I did not have a vaccine certificate. All I wanted to do was pick up a book the library was holding for me. But no – entry denied. (A staff member did go and check it out for me.)

  2. I have been following climate change for years and it really is an ideology for self loathing and self flagellating elites and celebrities who would have us mere mortals return to a tribal lifestyle. The two biggest drivers behind this are now Boris Johnson and Biden and coincidentally they are also our backstop in this new AUSKUS alliance, and they may have applied pressure on Scomo to pull the rug from under the Sub deal unless he plays ball with them on climate change. The choice of electric cars is an unusual choice for Scomo but it may be the best and cheapest choice for Australia and still looking like we are keen to follow the climate circus. Electric cars are very very expensive, China has a monopoly on lithium carbonate in China and making overtures to purchase African mines and also mines in Afghanistan, giving it complete control of prices for this rare earth which they are bound to take advantage of. Very few Aussies except our wealthy have the resources to purchase an electric cars, and our vast distances over the continent make electric cars totally unsuitable regardless of battery chargers. But for Scomo it is a good public relations exercise for the media, and in time will die in another black hole of stupidity.

  3. What a Title for the article Bill


    Dictionary meaning of MIRAGE;

    A hope or illusion of something that cannot be achieved.

    That sums it all to me when I see our elected Prime Minister of Australia open his mouth or read his words in the print with his smiling Cabinet Members that fully support him.

    How much more can enlightened Christians, myself included, listen to this rubbish.

    I feel sick in my stomach now every time I see him, not standing up for our human rights.


  4. I exercise my right to look after my body in a way I decide.
    I am 66 years old and have never been arrested for any offence.
    Tomorrow I will go to the local coffee shop and visit my elderly mother in aged care as I regularly do.
    After 17 December, if I do the same thing I can be guilty of noncompliance with a health order-$1378.00 fine.
    Why? Because I choose to exercise my rights not to undergo Experimental gene therapy chemotherapy.
    When asked
    “Are you penalising unvaccinated people?”
    Qld Premier replied
    “This isn’t about penalising unvaccinated people but this is the best way to make sure we can open our borders, not overwhelm our hospital system, and not penalise vaccinated people for the choices of others to remain unvaccinated – all at the same time.”
    In one foul swoop (pun intended) she created a societal schism – the unpunished and the punished. The righteous and the unrighteous and to hell with medical ethics and the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

  5. Thank you Bill. You have given me the tools in which to deal with Palazuk and her mob. The next step is to put her threats to the test and then drag her and others into court before a judge to get a precedent. It will be a joy to subpoena Palazuk, the Chief of Police and the Chief health officer and ask some them some embarrassing questions such as whether the vaccinated are still able to become infected and infect others and what is the difference between the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated when it comes to the well being of others? This may answer your and others question about our little tyrants in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia etc.
    John Abbott

  6. Hi Bill,
    You’re again spot-on regarding Morrison, the “invisible man”. They say “money can change people”; perhaps, sadly, that’s one possibility for his apparent schizophrenic behaviour. There is so much bribery and corruption going on where Big Tech and Big Pharma are concerned. It was sadly vindicating to see a whistleblower at Pfizer has exposed what we’ve been warning of since this vaccination debacle began. Pfizer and AstraZenica are completely corrupt, paying tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in fines each year for bribing government officials, lying about the efficacy of their medicines, and lying about the safety of their medicines. One wonders how those politicians and parents who have mandated to have children (and adults) vaccinated will feel.

  7. Sorrowful QLDer here- though I know other states have copped it worse.

    If Ms. Palazczuk really cared about not overwhelming the hospital system, they would have spent the last eighteen months improving it so that we could have been in the best situation in the world for our own covid outbreak.
    She would allow GP’s to provide simple and cheap treatments for covid sufferers, completely avoiding the need for hospital admission for many.
    And she wouldn’t have bullied 4000 health workers out of their jobs before the virus is deliberately allowed in next month.

    As for ScoMo- I have always had my reservations. Folks crowed about having a Christian prime minister, but during his campaign he curried the popular vote by having himself filmed watching the new Game of Thrones (ie, pornography) episode in a touching ‘I’m just like you regular folk’ moment. From then I decided- watch the feet, not the mouth.

  8. I wouldn’t be too distracted by electric vehicles. ScoMo is in re-election campaign mode since its less than 6 months away to the Federal election. As I tell all my friends, the alternative Prime Minister and the Labor party are rabid socialists & communists and would be infinitely worse than what we currently have. ScoMo’s re-election, by the way, is our only hope for a Royal Commission into the draconian devastation unleashed by despotic Labor Premiers/Chief Ministers all over the country. I agree that ScoMo’s inaction on vaccine apartheid is inexcusable. We hope a cross-bench party with balance of power in the Senate of the next Parliament holds him to account.

  9. Thanks Jeremy. I am of course under no illusions about Labor and the Greens. But as I said in my piece, a main reason why the Libs have won recent elections was because of their sharp differences on climate policies and the like. But now with ScoMo doing his best to out-green the Greens, and to simply mimic Labor policies, that not only means the average voter has little or nothing to choose from with the main parties, but it is a sure path to electoral defeat.

  10. Funny thing is we’re all sold the idea once we reach 70%-80% herd immunity happens and everyone is safe yet now the higher the percent vaxxed the more abnormal things are as more there are fewer freedoms for the unvaxxed not more.

    In the States they are saying it, the vax mandate for businesses, isn’t a vaccine mandate because you can choose to get tested every week instead. Linguistical gymnastics.

  11. Good Morning Mr Muehlenberg, I believe these past eighteen months have taught us who to put our trust in and it is certainly not in our Prime Minister nor, unfortunately most Church Leaders. We as Christians of course have our hope and trust in Jesus Christ our Saviour, but it is disheartening, for me, to see so many people falling for all the lies and manipulation and then to be treated as an enemy for not falling into line. So, thank you for the encouragement that you give to us all in these confusing and difficult times. It is so important for us to pray against Mr Dan Andrew’s Pandemic Management Bill which, I understand, will be voted on in the Council once their Parliament resumes on Tuesday 16 November? We need to remember who the enemy really is and who we are fighting against (Ephesians 6:12) so prayer, individually and corporately should be our main mission and then stand! Thank you once again and I pray God’s Blessings and Protection for you.

  12. Scomo can take his flimsy built on sand beliefs and jump in the ocean…some Australian state politicians have become fascists.

  13. Hi Bill, I understand the idea of freedom of choice as a basic principle in a democracy. We do though have to consider what our choices may mean for ourselves and others. The evidence shows that unvaccinated persons are more likely to get covid 19 and then more likely to need hospital admission and then more likely to need a ventilator.
    These events put more pressure on our health system already in crisis.
    Apart from endangering themselves, unvaccinated persons are more likely to pass it on to others.
    What do you suggest as an alternative protection for ourselves and others instead of vaccination?

  14. Thanks Graham. You have come here before asking similar sorts of questions, and I have tried to answer them. Be aware that there are over 200 articles on this site that I have written on these matters which should help you with more such answers. So I am a bit averse to repeating much of that here! But a new piece I have written also discusses some of the concerns that some have raised. I hope it helps to explain my position:

  15. Thanks Brenden. Yes the “evidence” is far from concrete and uniform. If one relied only on the lamestream media for info on this, one would think there is unanimity on such matters. But there clearly is not, and plenty of reliable sources of information from scientists, medical experts, doctors, academics and others often tell us differing stories. But their voices are being banned and censored.

  16. There seems to be a loophole in the vaccination handbook instructions: “…in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”.
    Who defines “undue”?
    Not an issue when common law prevails, and the intent of the wording is what matters. But once government is minded to use law against people instead of for us, such wording becomes a hole to be exploited.

  17. Thanks Bill, I was surprised that you remember me as one who likes to ask questions. (as you rightly do) Usually I offer positive comments. I do read many of your articles but not a lot about covid 19. I read the one you referred me to, ie 12/11/2021.
    I note that you think that our health experts in combatting covid 19 should’ve considered early treatment measures and things like Ivermectin. If you’ve offered other alternatives in your 200 articles perhaps you could give me a couple which do so. Are they proving effective in other countries?
    I’ve read some of the medical articles both for and against using the current vaccines. I think finally it’s whether or not we trust our Australian medical people.

  18. Thanks Graham. The search function (top right) on my site will help you find particular pieces. But just a few quick articles from here and elsewhere (out of hundreds):

    And I just came upon this which deals with many of these issues:

    But sadly if one relies on the mainstream media, the Age, the ABC, the Guardian, etc., one will never hear about these things. There are major attempts to suppress information about cheap, effective early treatments. Not hard to see why: why is it that one of our biggest new crop of billionaires is coming out of Big Pharma?!

    As to trusting medical people, here is the scoop: Christians of all people know that we live in a fallen world. That means that we are all corrupted, and we all can be biased, bigoted and prejudiced, and can push agendas. That includes doctors and scientists. Just recall how they were put to good use in Nazi Germany. So we dare not be naive here. Medicine can easily be politicised and unelected health bureaucrats can push agendas to please their political masters just as much as anyone can.

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