Net Zero, COP26 and ScoMo

The folly of net zero:

One would need to be fairly isolated to not know what these three somewhat cryptic terms refer to. From October 31 to November 12 the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held, this time in Glasgow. A major goal is net zero carbon emissions by 2050. And after some initial hesitancy, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be tagging along.

What has concerned many is the new found green religion of Morrison, his dogged commitment to net zero, and his gallivanting off to yet another gabfest which rich and pampered people will roll up to, having flown over in their carbon-emitting private jets to tell us peons how we must all tighten our belts in order to save the planet.

And all this is putting Morrison at odds with his Coalition partner, the Nationals, especially Barnaby Joyce, Matt Canavan, and Bridget McKenzie who are quite opposed to all this. Morrison is saying he will bypass them if he cannot get full agreement. Hmm, trouble ahead.

A number of things can be said about ScoMo’s embrace of this grand green scheme:

-Australia is one of the few countries in the world that is keeping its carbon agreements. We contribute less than 1.3% of total global emissions, and nothing we do will change things globally. Our commitment to net zero will not change global temperatures one iota.

-The big boys when it comes to carbon emissions are being let off the hook. China for example is considered to be a ‘developing country’ (despite hosting the Olympics, sending rockets into space, etc), so it can do whatever it wants until 2030 – that is, keep spewing out over 30% of the world’s carbon emissions. It produces more emissions in 16 days than we do in a year. And the Chinese leader Xi Jinping is not attending the November gabfest. It is not Australia that should be targeted, but nations like China.

-Consider Britain under Boris Johnson who has also gone full-tilt greenie. The UK relies on renewables (wind, solar) for over 40% of its energy, but these are unreliable and need to be backed up. Right now, like some other parts of Europe, they are experiencing a major energy crisis. They have little gas left and domestic supplies are dwindling – gas and power prices are soaring as a result. Boris wants coal gone by 2030 and only green energy by 2035. However, with this crisis he has had to fire up and reuse two old coal-powered plants. Even though Britain contributes 1% of global carbon emissions, their average energy costs are now up by 25%. So much for renewables.

-The real issue that no one is talking about is the cost. Back in 2017 a report said that the cost of transition would be $1 trillion. But no one really knows the actual costs. Who pays for all this? We do of course – the taxpayer. It will cost us plenty, including lost jobs, lost income, lost opportunities, lost prosperity, and lost economic growth. It is a massive con job.

-Recall back in February 2017 the then Treasurer Morrison gave a speech in Parliament using a lump of coal. He said back then: “On this side of the house you will not find a fear of coal.” And the last federal election was a miracle win for Morrison: it came about because the Libs rejected the Labor/Greens nonsense on climate alarmism that would have cost jobs and ruined the economy. So what has changed? Morrison has forgotten all that it seems. Now he wants to go further than what he rejected a few years ago!

-The truth is, Australia is a fossil fuel superpower and the world wants our resources: gas, coal, uranium. We should deliver practical opportunities to our people, and to the rest of the world. We should not be crushing our most successful industries. That is national suicide.

-And this will certainly handicap our major industries. Our biggest export is iron ore, followed by coal. But today we are targeting coal – methane and gas and offshore oil will be next. What then? If the radical greens get their way, things like red meat will be banned. There is a never-ending hitlist here by greens and lefties. And agriculture has emissions too – do we get rid of that as well? Most things emit, so will we have to offset them also? There are 2.1 tonnes of methane emissions given off by every cow a year. Will we ban cows next?

-The way forward to achieve such environmental goals is nuclear energy. It is emissions free. Indeed, if we used 100% nuclear we would remove all emissions. The truth is, Australia needs energy independence – we need to utilise our coal, and our uranium as well. And the mood against nuclear here is shifting – big time. Only 27% of Australians are now firmly against it – most are for it.

-We need to ask: who benefits from all this? The globalists. The elites. The banks. They will all make a lot of money out of this. The Libs, like Labor, are now aligning with Big Banks and Big Business. Small business should be our focus. Big Gov is not what conservatives stand for. Big Gov will tell you what energy you can use, what food you can eat, how you will be allowed to travel, how to heat your home, and so on. Um, that is called communism.

-All this is just a meaningless gesture: even the International Energy Agency says we do not now have the technology to get to net zero. This is more feel-good posturing by the elites and by those who can afford such radical changes to our economies, our lifestyles, and our very future. Small business, the rural sector, agriculture, mining, and countless workers who live by these things will be the ones who will suffer the most. Economic modelling done a few years ago showed a 45% reduction in emissions would smash the economy and see 336,000 jobs lost – not to mention radically put up our electricity bills!

-And now they want zero emissions! But guess what? Many of us, including ScoMo, will not be around in 2050 to face the music. It will be our children and our grandchildren who will have to pay the costs. Many of us will be dead and gone by then, but we owe it to those who follow us not to destroy their very way of life in such a reckless fashion, just because movie stars, elites, globalists and others want to radically change our economies and way of life.

-The left, the Marxists, and the Great Reset crowd absolutely love all this – but it will be disastrous for us mere peons. Plenty of commentary can be appealed to here. A piece written last month in the UK offers some good summary points about where we are headed with all this. The closing paragraphs of Janet Daley’s piece, “Green Warriors Are On a Mission To Stamp Out Prosperity As We Know It” are these:

The “planet” (always spoken of as if it were a sentient being in danger of “dying”) is suffering the consequences of their self-indulgence and profligacy. Answer: make sure, by strategy or edict, that either they are unable to afford their irresponsible behavior or are actually banned from doing so.


Make no mistake, this is the moral core of the militant environmental cause: there is too much wealth, too much “waste”, too much choice, and too many people living too long. (Since the pandemic cut a swathe through the elderly population of the West, they have gone rather quiet on this last point.)


A damaging confusion at the heart of this doctrine is the role that capitalism and the industrial revolution – its twin evil in the eyes of the environment lobby – played in the lives of the great mass of the population. The current version of Marxist mythology casts them as being the joint causes of the victimization of the poor.


Marx himself did not see it this simplistically: he understood that industrialization not only created more diversified wealth (which was previously tied to the ownership of land) but liberated the rural population from what was effectively agrarian serfdom.


But that message does not suit the self-flagellating version of the fable which seems in a rather inchoate way to long for some purer form of existence, not just pre-industrial but even pre-agricultural, at one with the Earth (in its role as a spiritual companion) and Nature (whose own ruthless imperatives are never explored).


This odd mix of childlike sentimentality and economic illiteracy makes no room for the obvious truth: that industrialization and market economics transformed the nasty, brutal and short lives of most people into something that at least approached the comfort and security that were once the sole property of those who were the inheritors of privilege.


This is the quite shamelessly blatant refrain of the most aggressive elements of the climate change lobby. Insulate Britain says, in no uncertain terms, that it is happy to prevent people from pursuing their livelihoods since commerce itself is the enemy.


You may well believe that climate change is urgent enough to justify virtually any step that is taken to address it. But be quite sure about what you are endorsing and the sacrifices it will involve – for you and for people less well off than you.


This campaign, as it stands, is opposed to mass prosperity, self-determination, and ultimately to social equality. Gas bills are just the start.

Quite right. The massive energy crisis taking place in the UK right now is NOT the sort of thing we want to see in Australia. By way of action, a petition urging ScoMo not to go to Glasgow is found here:

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19 Replies to “Net Zero, COP26 and ScoMo”

  1. hi Bill, climate change, or here we again.
    Attenborough Sits In a well lit room to give his speech, Greta goes singling and dancing at a concert, same thing, everything is lit up like a Christmas tree.
    Big city lights, every single night In every city in the world.
    The planes with their chem trails flying all over the world. And ask yourself, are they actually being cleaned and fumigated after trip, not to mention social distancing.
    The plastics that wrap our goods, and the manufacturing of useless items. This is where our efforts should be directed.
    Why are they not building more dams, or is it because the population will vanish because of the jabbing.
    Why are they. It building more hospitals instead of concentration like quarantine camps?
    Why are they promoting electric cars in Australia when we have to travel vast kilometres and charging the cats could interfere with household energy. Have they actually done studies in this?
    Maybe we should all go back to horse drawn carriages.
    This Glasgow is going to be another international funding funnel of money as in LIMA, PARIS, UN, WHO etc etc and what die they actually accomplish.
    Every country should be looking after their own logistics. We are spending far too much time on this.
    Where are the usual consultants reports with 600 meetings, risk assessments and ethical standards, and evidence data etc etc.
    this is just another farce whereby they can tax us for carbon, for carbon that only comes from their proverbials.
    We are being conned again.

  2. Excellent!

    But cows are falsely maligned!

    Cows are net carbon neutral.

    As Viv Forbes explains: “grazing animals have already reached ‘Net Zero’. They add ZERO carbon to the environment – they just help to recycle the same carbon products, endlessly.”
    Quoted from “Real Meat Is Green” at

    Nuclear would certainly work and deliver cheap power but we don’t really need it because we have abundant cheap coal and gas. Also, more CO2 in the air is good, it allows plants to grow faster with less water. So burning MORE fossil fuels is actually GOOD for us – as long as it’s done cleanly. Nuclear plants require high security and have much worse end-of life disposal problems than disposal of old power stations.

  3. Dear Bill, Thank you for the article. No one with an ounce of common sense could argue with it because ordinary people are the ones who are going to pay for this nonsense not the rich and famous. The royal family had better watch out because being out of touch with their people is what causes revolutions. The last Tsar was out of touch with the Russian peasants before the 1917 revolution because Lenin promised them bread. If the ordinary British people see their standard of living deteriorate too much while the Royal family continue to live on the fat of the land whilst telling them to pull their belts in they won’t tolerate it forever. They had a civil war once and King Charles 1st ended up without a head. Prince Charles known more for his eccentricity than his intelligence might end up keeping his head but Charles 3rd might keep his head but not his throne as he is not very popular in any case if he continues his nutty ways. The sad part is that he has William brainwashed now.

  4. I agree Bill, that ScoMo has completely changed his mind and is acting more like Malcolm Turnbull now than ever. I’ve noticed that whoever says ‘No Carbon Tax’ usually wins an election so I don’t think ScoMo is going to win next time, especially now that people like Campbell Newman, John Ruddick and Craig Kelly have gone to other parties. Someone said China wants Australia’s coal for energy and America’s food to feed its people so that is why we feel like we are living in a communist country – their tactics are working. Thorium is also another clean fuel alternative with no toxic leftovers but also takes time to implement.

  5. Dear Bill,

    I also wonder how these water melons [green on the outside and red on the inside] propose to deal with the volcanoes around the world as there are a couple of them which have been spewing out ash etc polluting the atmosphere for a few months now. They conveniently overlook those though.

  6. I have watched the climate ideology slowly evolve from the days of Paul Ehrlichs book “The Population Bomb “in the sixties, followed by the Ozone layer and then in the seventies the coming ice age but the struggle for stupidity continues non stop with activists now declaring war on whole economies believing technologies not yet in existence will save us from an apocalypse that will never happen.
    I must mention that there is on YouTube a movie “ The Great Global Warming Swindle” I have seen it a number of times over the years and it is the definitive information on global climate change and a must in actually how weather really works and how it has been corrupted by so many. Watch it before Google ban it or cancels it. Great article Bill, lots of meat in this one.

  7. It is a mystery where the line between developing and developed is. Wherever it is I don’t think China or India will ever pass it as long as the West exists. (If one was a conspiracy theory person one might think China is behind the green push. Purposely using environmentalism to bring down the West. But that would be crazy tin foil hat stuff right????)

    A politician, scomo, lied to achieve higher office. Hmm seems to me this is a pretty old script.

    Never heard of COP26 before. Had to look it up. I knew the other 2 though.

    Yes Burt the sky is still falling says all the elite chicken littles no matter how many times you prove their reasons wrong they keep finding another.

  8. Bill, you have overlooked the biggest future energy source – hydrogen. Essentially converting solar energy to a liquid fuel by electrolysis of water. Australia’s vast open spaces give us a huge advantage and will make us a global energy superpower in a far bigger way than coal ever did.

    And it gives us energy security that we don’t currently have, depending as we do on importing oil. At present we have only about 2 months’ fuel reserves and we are at risk in the event of a global or regional crisis.

    The hydrogen economy is already happening and will provide a zero emissions future. Government needs to just get out of the way.

  9. It’s always funny how the climate change fundamentalists pick and choose which statistics to use. The fact is Australia is 135th out of 184 nations for emissions per square mile i.e. between Kyrgyzstan and Peru.

    Isn’t this as relevant as the fact that Australia produces 1% or so of all global emissions? If China’s 30%+ can be ignored, then why not Australia’s minuscule contribution? The only reasonable conclusion is that those peddling climate change fears are driven by more than environmental considerations. Sadly the Left will not tolerate facts getting in the way of their narrative, and they control the airtime.

  10. China’s emissions are a bit under 30% I think. But I won’t quibble. Nor am I an apologist for China. Christian friends in China respect Xi for his strength. There are still very large numbers in China who are by definition living in extreme poverty. I have been to China numerous times (I worked for UBS). Let’s just pray for our Christian brothers and sisters there.

  11. Yes John we need to pray for them. And of course many German Christians respected Hitler for his strength, and many Russian Christians respected Stalin for his strength. That just does not cut it however.

  12. Point taken. But Xi unlike Mao or Hiltler or Stalin has not been murdering citizens in their millions. The minority predominantly Muslim Uighurs have been persecuted but not exterminated. Hitler started a world war. Some people seem to think Xi might too. I very much doubt it.

  13. Given that Australian governments have virtually bankrupted the national finances in responding to the pandemic, one would think our leaders keen to do everything possible to enable our economy to prosper if there is to be any chance of a recovery. But instead the irrational obsession with “climate change” relentlessly roles on impervious to facts. The pursuit of “net zero” has the potential to do more harm to our standard of living than the pandemic.

  14. Jumping in late here, so sorry if this has already been covered somehow.

    From The Independent in the UK (, a gloomy report :

    Hopes for a breakthrough on tackling the climate crisis at Cop26 are fading after Boris Johnson admitted he is “very worried” the summit will fail

    I say Hooray, O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Let it fail so all those hypocrites who have wasted tons of CO2 to go to Glasgow in person (instead of conferring online) can taste the bitter fruits of their own failure, and the world can continue majestically turning on its axis and orbiting in its planetary dance around the Sun.

    Meanwhile, God remains in control of all things.

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