The Left’s War on Women and Children

What a bunch of sickos the lefties are:

That the secular left seems to hate women and children has been known for quite some time now. How many articles have I penned over the years documenting this very matter? And with the Australian federal election campaign now in full swing, we see more disturbing evidence of this. Plenty of examples can be mentioned here, but let me focus on just two of them.

Both involve the Prime Minister Scott Morrison who is being hated on and demonised by the left because of some recent comments. The first has to do with his support of Liberal candidate for the seat of Warringah, Katherine Deves. She has been speaking out against men in women’s sports, and ScoMo has supported her.

But the leftist lynch mob has gone after her and Morrison, so much so that she had to remove content and apologise for some things she has said. She has nothing to apologise for however. As one news report says:

Scott Morrison’s ‘captain’s pick’ for the seat of Warringah, Katherine Deves, has apologised for describing trans kids as “surgically mutilated and sterilised”. Ms Deves issued a public apology for the language after revealed she had wiped her social media accounts, including posts that said she was ”triggered” by the LGBT rainbow flag.


She also posted graphic topless images of a trans teenager who had undergone ‘top surgery’ to remove their breasts. “My advocacy for the rights and safety of women and girls is well known, and I stand by my desire to ensure we protect the safety of women and girls and our entire community,’’ Ms Deves told

A piece in the Australian Spectator offers more info on this story:

Katherine Deves is the co-founder of the lobby group Save Women’s Sport. The goal of the group is summed up in its three-word title; it wishes to ensure that female sports in Australia are the sole preserve of biological females. Transgender women (i.e. biological men) should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports at either the amateur, schoolyard or professional levels. The reasons are self-evident: allowing biological boys or men to participate in the intimate activities that sports involve is not only unfair in terms of the sports themselves but poses physical and sexual risks to the safety of the girls. As Ramesh Thakur points out in this week’s cover story, there are now ‘brilliant women being robbed of recognition and rewards by men who can’t beat other men. No surprise that amateur girls and women are reported to be quitting sports in droves after facing male-bodied opponents.’


The bedwetters in the NSW Liberal party, led by the likes of Matt Kean and Trent Zimmerman, are desperately trying to disendorse Katherine Deves, falsely labelling her ‘transphobic’ and smearing her with misquotes from her social media accounts and words taken out of context.

Thankfully various other voices are being heard on the crusading trans activists, and these include major Australian athletes. Emma McKeon is one of them:

Queensland swimming superstar Emma McKeon has become the latest female athlete to wade into the searing sporting and political controversy over transgender athletes, claiming it wouldn’t be fair to have to defend her record against a trans swimmer. Despite arguing transgender women should be included in the sport and Australian swimming should adopt an inclusive approach, McKeon said racing against a swimmer who was biologically male was “just not fair”. “I mean, I personally wouldn’t want to be racing against someone who is biologically a male, so that’s a concern,” McKeon said. “It’s not a new thing, but it’s new in that sport, swimming, are going to have to deal with it.”

And Dawn Fraser just recently joined in with this movement to stand up for women:

Australian swimming icon Dawn Fraser is the latest to add her name to a growing chorus of athletes speaking out against transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. The four-time Olympic gold medal winner said she agreed with decorated champion Emma McKeon that biological men shouldn’t be allowed to race against women.


Fraser, who defended her 100-metre freestyle crown at three-consecutive Games, instead suggested giving transgender athletes their own competitions. ‘I don’t think it’s fair to have transgender men competing against women,’ she told the Daily Telegraph. ‘Why don’t transgender people compete against each other. That would solve all the problems?’

They join various pro-family groups who have warned against the obliteration of women because of the trans madness. One such group put out this press release:

Christian advocacy group FamilyVoice Australia is urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to give an election commitment to defend the freedom of women to enjoy sports without biological males in the competition. “The Prime Minister defends Warringah candidate Katherine Deves for seeking a fair go for female athletes, and he personally supports Senator Claire Chandler’s bill to save women’s sports, but Australian women need an election commitment to protect female sports,” said FamilyVoice spokesman David d’Lima. “Fairness in sports is a huge opportunity for the Prime Minister to assert common sense ahead of the election.”

And Kirralie Smith from Binary puts it this way:

On the first day of campaigning Scott Morrison has created a clear point of difference between Liberal and Labor positions on the issue of preserving women’s sport. In February, Morrison was one of the first world leaders to venture into this contested political territory when he publicly congratulated Senator Claire Chandler for her “terrific” Save Women’s Sports Bill. He reaffirmed his commitment on this issue yesterday by backing the Liberal Candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves, an outspoken advocate calling for protections for single-sex female sports. As Morrison said:


“She’s standing up for something really important, and that is to ensure that … when it comes to girls playing sport and women playing sport, that they’re playing against people of the same sex,” Mr Morrison told 2GB radio. She’s standing up for things that she believes in, and I share her views on those topics.” The PM is ahead of the game on this issue. In a press conference today, Anthony Albanese refused to be drawn on the subject, stating only that “it was already covered in the Sex Discrimination Act”.

The second recent campaign issue involves a quite innocuous comment which the loony left have seized upon, stoking up the outrage engines to the nth degree. For daring to say what every parent in the universe would say, that it is a blessing to have healthy children, the hypocrites of the left have been foaming at the mouth. The actual exchange on Wednesday night was this:

Katherine, mother of autistic four-year-old boy Ethan, said she had heard stories about families losing funding under the NDIS. ‘I have a four-year-old autistic son, we are grateful to receive funding under the NDIS. I have heard many stories from people having their funding cut under the current government, including my own.


‘I’ve been told that to give my son the best future, I should vote Labor. Can you tell me what the future of the NDIS looks like under your government?’ Mr Morrison replied: ‘Jenny and I have been blessed. We’ve got two children who haven’t had to go through that. ‘So parents of children who were disabled – I can only try and understand your aspirations for those children.

But leftist haters have managed to take a perfectly sensible remark held to by everyone and turn it into something it was never intended to be: that Morrison was somehow attacking non-healthy children. Good grief! One might as well argue that if a flood comes through your area, and you are thankful your home is still standing, that you are attacking those who lost their homes!

Yet that is just what the leftist nutters have been doing ever since, with all the usual suspects piling on ScoMo, be it “our” ABC, various Labor politicians, or serial leftist outrage machines like former Australian of the Year Grace Tame. They have been as predictable as they have been deplorable. Columnist Rita Panahi nailed it in response:

Every single parent hopes and prays for a healthy child and feels blessed, lucky, grateful or whatever superlative you want to use to describe the joy of having a healthy child. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love a disabled child just as fiercely and feel just as blessed, it’s just a statement of fact that is neither offensive nor controversial. Anyone who has lived with a disabled child could tell you about the enormous challenges they face and the heartbreak that can come with conditions that have no cure, no treatment and impact living standards and life expectancy. I’ve seen it, and lived it, and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Shaming parents for wanting and feeling blessed to have healthy children does nothing to improve the lot of disabled Australians. Indeed, these partisan games and performative acts of outrage can only be counter-productive.


Incidentally, one could safely conclude that the Venn diagram of people outraged about parents feeling blessed to have healthy children and those who support late term abortion for birth defects is a perfect circle. But that is a column for another day.

Absolutely. And as my social media buddy Chelsea Hagen put it: “Come on Labor, tell the truth: one of your own Jackie Trad lit up a bridge celebrating full-term abortion right up until birth! Children are only a blessing when it conveniently suits your narrative! Put Labor & greens last and second to last at the ballot box.”

As we have now fully come to expect, the only standards coming from the radical left are double standards.

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9 Replies to “The Left’s War on Women and Children”

  1. Thanks Bill, nicely outlined. These lunatics need a lesson and it is coming fast.
    John Abbott

  2. The left, supported by mainstream media are well versed in manipulating words to show an intention which does not exist in order to achieve their own goals. These goals are proving themselves to be utterly violent as they destroy lives, both literally in real time and socially/communally. Those we once turned to for help such as the Church, the medical profession, allied health, law courts and at times our own families have fragmented and capitulated under a relentless barrage of propaganda. Come on Aussie come on – come on.

    We pray n fast for our country Australia, for the USA and for the rest of the world beginning April 28th.

  3. Thanks, Bill for speaking up again…

    this time for the ongoing lefties’ attack on women in sport.

    Just a quick thought, regarding a sure-winning late strategy for the Morrison government, deadly seriously…

    * Withdraw from the Glasgow climate fiasco agreement.
    * Introduce a nuclear power policy.
    * Support religious freedom.
    * Leglistate against gender ideology against women in sport.

    Oh nearly forgot …sack his political advisers and ask his own coalition members for advice.

    Cheers & blessings

    Eric Hansen

  4. The problem is the concept of being blessed because it implies there is a God. If you hate God you hate even the idea of being blessed.

    ‘Anthony Albanese refused to be drawn on the subject, stating only that “it was already covered in the Sex Discrimination Act”.’

    Now that is a major concern because we have seen in the past how the concept of sex discrimination has been reinterpreted to not mean discrimination based on someone’s sex but that it applies to a person’s belief that they are the other sex. That, to me, is a bit like someone trying to apply parliamentary privilege to their slanderous attacks on others because they think they should be running the country. Clearly if someone is deluded about something then that is very different to actually being that thing. You would think that was obvious but apparently not to many on the left.

    As I keep saying: sex is actually to do with requiring two forms of a species to reproduce. Clearly a woman is an adult, female human and is one half of the forms of humans needed to reproduce the species.

    This demonstrates exactly the problem when evil leads people, who want to be just, into denying reality and it can only occur when there is a flood of propagandist misinformation – also known as lies and deceit. Justice however, by definition, must be based on truth. Unfortunately we have started basing laws on falsehoods and that cannot possibly end well. It means that when people go to court and swear to tell the truth that “truth” could be anything they imagine – reality does not apply.

  5. Socialism relies on dishonesty. The foundations of modern western socialism is the Fabian Society and the Fabian motto was/is? – a wolf in sheep’s clothing” that is, deception. Their’s is a “means to an end” world view-anything which achieves their socialist goals is fair game. Which is why they despise the absolutes of the Judea-Christian world view. The enemy is the author of deception- the father of lies. Did the God really tell you not to eat the fruit Eve? Is man really a woman? Is red really green? And again, these attacking “progressive” moralists who dare to condemn a Christian worldview who counts their blessings, and who, on the one hand reject moral absolutes when it comes to matters sexual, have no compunction in their moral outrage when their absolutist nefarious doctrines are challenged.

  6. Well said Bill. Really hate the phoney fake outrage after selectively quoting out of context what was said for political purposes.
    Our PM needs to take these extremists head on and stand up for what is right, even if it means losing some seats. Win based on values, or lose with dignity knowing that you have fought the good fight.
    The Australian Christian Lobby saying vote for people not parties is a good start. Find out what your candidates views are, and vote accordingly.

  7. They don’t want to compete against each other for the same reason the gays didn’t want to set up the gay scouts of America so gay kids could have the scouting experience. It isn’t about the competition, like it wasn’t about the scouting, it’s about destroying what is and forcing your lifestyle on everyone else. Having their own games, their own trophies, and medals and their own scouting organizations doesn’t do that. Live and let live doesn’t do that. Only taking over what you have accomplishes that. Only live and let die accomplishes that!

    This is WAR and only one side will be left standing in the end. It will not be both us and them holding hands and singing. Either WE will be subjugated or THEY will! NO surrender NO retreat NO compromise.

    Problem is most Christians and most conservatives don’t have the stomach for this. They want to make a truce ASAP and one that only benefits the other side. No wonder there will be those who call themselves by Christ’s name that he will say to “be gone! I never knew you. Ye who work iniquity!” Compromising with the devil is just another way of collaborating with him!

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