This Is a Politician We Can Fully Support

Thank you Bernie Finn, MP:

There are plenty of important issues out there that politicians – and everyone else for that matter – should be supporting and championing, but the sanctity of life, especially for the unborn, has got to be at the top of the list. Justice begins in the womb, and when we heartlessly slaughter the unborn we are showing what a depraved and diabolical culture we have become.

But to state these truths in public can cost you – big time. Imagine being hated on for thinking we should do all we can to keep babies from being cruelly killed. Imagine being vilified for standing up for defenceless babies. Imagine being demonised for arguing that the mark of a civilised society is how we treat the unborn.

Sadly that backlash happens to all prolife politicians. It sure has been happening to Victorian state MP Bernie Finn of the Liberal Party. World War III has erupted over him daring to say that babies are a precious commodity that deserve all the protections of life and liberty that every human being deserves.

Just what has got the secular left loons hyperventilating so much over Bernie Finn this time? He simply made a few fully sensible and morally correct comments about the current situation in the US. As I wrote yesterday, the Supreme Court there might end up overturning the 1973 abortion case, Roe v. Wade.

Some of the justices are now arguing that this decision was unconstitutional, and the 50 states should once again be allowed to decide on these matters. See my piece on this here:

Bernie rightly agreed, arguing that killing babies is criminal, and we must pray for an end to this barbarism. For daring to say that all hell has broken loose. The hyper-left media has resorted to lynch mob mentality on this. Most media outlets have been seeking to string him up.

The Herald Sun today for example ran with the story, seeking to make him look ten shades worse than Attila the Hun. It said in part:

Upper house MP Bernie Finn, who has been criticised in the past for his controversial views, took to Facebook on Wednesday night to outline his opposition to abortion. It comes as activists take to the streets in the United States of America after a leaked draft suggested the Supreme Court is poised to overturn a half-a-century old constitutional law protecting a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. Weighing into the debate, Mr Finn wrote: “So excited the US is on the verge of a major breakthrough to civilisation.” “Praying it will come here soon,” he added. “Killing babies is criminal.”

Well, those were some pretty shocking comments, weren’t they? Imagine that! A politician praying! And praying that babies would not be slaughtered in the womb in the millions! The good natured Bernie said this in reply on the social media: “It seems the Herald Sun has just discovered I’m pro-life. Wonder where they’ve been for the last 45 years…”

Other media outlets also weighed in. I saw the Ch. 7 6 o’clock news get stuck into him, and the other networks likely did as well. And of course the ABC also had to go on the attack. On their site we read this:

Outspoken Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn has posted he is ‘praying’ for abortion to be banned, telling a follower he was not supportive of abortion even in the case of sexual assault. The comments have once again triggered fury among his party colleagues, with one MP describing him as “an abhorrent human being”, while others said he should consider his future.


But the response from Opposition Leader Matthew Guy was much more restrained, with Mr Guy describing the posts as the MP’s point of view and not reflective of party policy. On Facebook, Mr Finn said, “so excited the US is on the verge of a major breakthrough to civilisation. Praying it will come here soon. Killing babies is criminal.”


The MP was commenting on a leaked draft opinion from the United States Supreme Court that indicated the Roe v Wade decision, which makes abortion a constitutional right, may be overturned. Mr Finn has been a long-standing critic of abortion laws and is a regular feature at the March for the Babies rally….


Liberal MPs are privately disgusted with Mr Finn and are angry his comments are once again distracting from the party’s attempts to win office in November. “The party is so over someone who is so out of touch, he should seriously consider his future,” another MP said. “We’ve got a message to tell Victorians in the lead up to the election, this is not it.” Multiple Liberal sources said they expected Mr Finn to face a preselection challenge for his upper house spot sometime after the federal election.

Imagine these fools in the Liberal Party calling Bernie “abhorrent” and wanting him booted out of the party for saying it is not morally acceptable that we brutally and barbarically kill babies. Just what sort of “conservative” political party is this that welcomes and applauds the murder of the innocents? Good grief, they are no better than the life-hating Labor and Greens!

On the social media I said this about the prolife champion: “I am not a fan of human cloning, but if I could clone a few dozen Bernies, I would be sorely tempted – bless you champ!We certainly do need more like him. As my good friend Kerry said in response:

More than any other behaviour I can think of it is the rabid behaviour of people shouting and screaming for the right to kill unborn children that really scares me when I see or hear it. I’d honestly feel safer caught in crowd violence at a European soccer match.


Rightly or wrongly, I don’t even see or hear human beings in such frenzied behaviour, but brute beasts reacting to something that would dare to stand in the way of the demands of uncontrollable instinct – in this case, the self. That is all it is – the demands of self that see sex as nothing more than fun and a recreational right, and that a resulting pregnancy is an inconvenience that interferes with that right.


The thought that our culture has degenerated to this makes me fearful of a future with the majority of our leaders supporting abortion as a right. Being led by those who have consciences that seem to me to be seared beyond redemption is terrifying in the extreme. So, cloning more Bernies? Yep, I’ll be in that.

Yes indeed. The future looks very bleak indeed. It is only because there are champion politicians like Bernie Finn out there who will stand up for the unborn regardless of all the hate and abuse that we have any hope for the days that lie ahead.

Please pray for Bernie – and other strong prolife MPs in state and federal parliaments. They are acting as the conscience of a nation, just as folks like William Wilberforce in earlier times did as they stood up for the dignity of Blacks and opposed the evil slave trade.

What Bernie is doing today is the exact equivalent of this. Today the unborn are the new Blacks. They need protection. They need those who will fearlessly stand up and support them. Bernie Finn is one of the few champions who is doing this in all of Australian politics. Way to go sir. You are a superstar. Stand strong and don’t let the endless supply of critics and haters get you down!

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8 Replies to “This Is a Politician We Can Fully Support”

  1. First small riot by pro-abortionists in LA over the contents of the leaked document. The left appears to be patiently waiting for the next leak to determine the effectiveness of their intimidation, threats of civil war, etc. No conservatives though hopeful here are expecting no more than a superficial report to determine responsibility for the unauthorized disclosure. We are hoping the courage and fortitude of your MP-Bernie spills over into the USA.

  2. Thanks Bill, No wonder the Liberals in Victoria haven’t been winning much lately. Perhaps constituents have to email their MPs more to let them know what they think of abortion. That is why I’m putting the major parties last on the ballot sheets and the Freedom Loving minors or independents first like Topher Field says again in his new video that

  3. “I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born” – Ronald Reagan (Anderson-Reagan Presidential Debate. Baltimore. 21st September, 1980).

  4. Bernie’s views on abortion are widely known within, and outside the Liberal Party. I suspect that this confected outrage has more to do with Party preselections.

  5. I joined the Liberal Party a couple years ago and haven’t renewed my membership this year as I’ve been disappointed in their lack of stance on a number of issues. There are some individuals who have spoken up like Bernie Finn and some local members who tried to voice their opinions. I found it is impossible to be heard in Liberal Party meetings when the leaders have a different view to some of the members who have a conservative view and the Liberal Party no longer offers much of an alternative to Labor. I too will be voting for minor and independants first, who have views that don’t conflict as much with my Christian principles and who don’t want to force mandates onto people. And with George Christensen leaving the Liberal Party, I must admit that I’m not totally surprised that Bernie has also left as they have similar priniciples.

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