The Dictator’s Diabolical Designs

Debauchery and deviance know no bounds here it seems:

If we were to have a contest to determine who is the most Christophobic, Anti-Christian, God-hating, and radical secular left premier in all of Australia, there would be a number of strong contenders. But one stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Victorian premier Dan Andrews has been engaged in one appalling act of state-sponsored irresponsible immorality and demonised frenzy after another.

The list is very long indeed, and in numerous articles I have documented his utter contempt for Christianity, for the family, for morality, and for common sense. Every idiotic secular left playbook item you can imagine he has rammed down our throats.

Whether it is enacting some of the most liberalised abortion laws and euthanasia laws in the world, or his cosy deals with a former sex industry leader turned politician, or his move to stamp out any help for homosexuals – even prayer – with a ten year jail sentence, or his war on Christmas carols, or his push for drug injecting rooms all throughout the city, to name but a few, this guy needs not only a heap of prayer but he needs a whole lotta deliverance as well.

Many are wondering if this man and the Party are evil personified. They are so full of hatred for ordinary Victorians, especially Christian Victorians, that their entire goal in life seems to be to drive them all out of the state – or drive them nuts with this diabolical agenda of Vic Labor. And of course by having won the prize for keeping us locked down longer and harsher than anywhere else on the planet, they are doing just that: driving tens of thousands of Victorians out of the state.

People have had enough of this megalomaniac and his twisted designs on Melbourne and Victoria. Indeed, it seems every month he is springing a new outrage on all of us. Consider the latest bit of debauchery, perversion and immorality he wants us all to celebrate and get involved in. He now wants us to have a full two months of pro-homosexual revelry and activism. Here is how one news report covers the story:

Victoria will celebrate pride across the state with a new, two-month-long festival which organisers hope could rival Sydney’s famed Mardi Gras. The state government will announce on Friday that it will set aside up to $6.8 million over the next four years for Victoria’s Pride, which will run from December to February.


“Victoria’s Pride will be a welcoming and inclusive celebration of LGBTIQ communities across the state – a chance for all Victorians to show visible love and support and for our community to celebrate who we are,” Equality Minister Harriet Shing said.


Shing said the government wants to expand the celebrations into regional Victoria, in a response to members of the community who felt the existing events were too centred around Melbourne. The government is hoping to highlight regional communities’ voices and stories and the festivities could include community parties, art exhibitions, theatre performances and festivals.


Todd Fernando, Victoria’s Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities, said the revamped event would give people across the state the opportunity to show their support. “Whether you are a member of our fabulous rainbow communities or an ally, I encourage you to attend Victoria’s Pride events this summer,” he said.


The summer of pride will end with a one-day street party in the Gertrude and Smith Street precinct, in the city’s inner north, on February 12. The new festival is backed by Midsumma chief executive Karen Bryant, who said that Victoria’s Pride would complement the existing Midsumma festival – which runs for 22 days in January and February and showcases LGBTQ arts and culture.

Good grief! $7 million in taxpayer dollars to subsidise all this stuff – something plenty of Victorians would NOT at all be happy with. And just think of all the help for the homeless and disadvantaged this money could go toward. But Dan is happy to take our hard-earned cash – all the while destroying small businesses all throughout the state – and waste it on this sort of baloney.

Just think how this money could go toward fixing any number of things that Andrews has done such a great job of destroying over the years. Simply fixing our crippled health system and our non-functioning ambulance system would be a terrific place to begin here.

And we have an “Equality Minister”? Really? More good grief. I suppose soon enough Dodgy Dan will have a Homosexual Minister, a Trans Minister, a Debauchery Minister, a Sexual Anarchy Minister, a ‘Let’s Ban Christians’ Minister – there will be no end to this madness.

So let me see if I got this straight: Dictator Dan does not want just a week to push all this homosexual hedonism down our throats – not just two weeks, not just a month, but TWO FULL months of this stuff. Good grief, why doesn’t he stop playing games with us and just do what he really wants: a 24/7 month in and month out orgy of homosexuality and trans revelry and decadence.

Indeed, when will he do what is really on his mind? When will he make it illegal for anyone to in any way oppose these radical sexual agendas that he is so obsessed with. Just arrest and lock up everyone who is not all that thrilled with this rush to oblivion, and throw away the key. That is where Diabolical Dan is really at.

His animus and irrational hatred of everything decent, everything moral, and everything that has made civilisation great knows no bounds. He is clearly on a search and destroy mission. Any last vestiges of Christian civilisation MUST be wiped out and replaced by every perverse and sexually revolutionary thing imaginable.

And let me guess: the hopeless Opposition Leader Matthew Guy and the Liberal Party will quite likely not say a word about any of this. Indeed, I suspect they will not only fully support all this radicalism, but they will up the bid and seek to make it four months long and double the budget!

Even if not, they are well and truly on the way to losing yet another state election – due up in November. They have been utterly hopeless for years now. And when you kick out of the party your best performer – the only sensible and moral member you had in the form of Bernie Finn – you know the game is up.

I remind my readers that the very thing Dan Andrews is seeking to do here in Victoria was more than enough to see Sodom and Gomorrah wiped off the map. God have mercy on us all. We sure need it.

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  1. The Left likes a Big Virtue Signal such as this climate action etc as we have seen with our new PM with indigenous flags behind the podium. I’m pretty sure you would have heard the rumours that emerged when Dan Andrews reportedly fell down slippery stairs. Could well be a lot of truth hidden there. Up here in Queensland it’s not much different and Western Australia too.

  2. $7m is the starting price. Do I hear $10m. $20m? Any advances on $25m. Each year bigger and more expensive. Don’t forget the Pride New year’s fireworks and Pride nativities. This is aimed at making churches be inclusive during the celebration of the birth of our saviour, Hannukah and appropriating New Year celebrations, Valentines Day Australia day and then lead into the Sydney MG parade. So Dec Jan Feb Mar it will be all about a very small part of our community to the detriment of a much larger segment. I am so sick of the “All You Need Is Love” mantra.
    Even in His anger and judgement God still is a God of love. Sin has consequences and His covering and protection can always be withdrawn should He deem it so.
    Victoria is like a cistern that flushes away all the refuse deposited in the bowl and then celebrates it like it is the most important priority that is being faced.
    Excuse me while I go and express my disgust and revulsion in the tiled throne room.

  3. There needs to be pushback from the community, that money would be better spent on helping the homeless as you pointed out Bill. A petition needs to be started to condemn this madness. And I dont expect the hapless Liberals to do it, but perhaps a letter of sorts could be drafted that could be sent to our MP’s. What do you think Bill, perhaps the ACL should get on the bandwagon?

  4. Also I think the ‘Elephant in the room’ needs to be addressed, namely the question of, why aren’t the churches pushing back on this?

  5. Hi Bill,
    A great article. Thanks for continuing to have the backbone and decency to expose this creep for the “Evil Personified” that he is.
    He, and every one of those who have supported him, have ruined our State beyond repair, as well as our and our kids futures here.
    True, tens/hundreds of thousands are leaving the State, (though the alternative States aren’t much better!), leaving those of us trapped here on the Titanic to go down with the ship.
    Something may once have been “rotten in Denmark”, but there’s been a worsening stench in Victoria since Andrews took office.

  6. Thanks for your article Bill. Our problem is that we have a center-left opposition who thinks that there is nothing wrong with what Dan does. We also have a compliant main stream media. So we will be condemned to another four years of dictator Dan.

  7. So Jesus gets to be celebrated 3 days a year in Victoria while the alphabeticals now get 60 days. And that’s with half the trans looking like tattooed Nazi skinheads – and the other half gross looking prostitutes. Dan’s Sicktoria hasn’t learnt anything from Sanfransicko and Calipornia; the hardworking immigrants to the US are also leaving the State, for the sake of their kid’s futures and their own sanity. The sane in Victoria need to start giving that some thought – as the Victorian Liberals have all stopped thinking. God Bless Bill.

  8. Thanks Bill for update as we in other states don’t get to hear what is going on down in Victoria unless it makes waves on the news. Pride comes before a fall and this year was a good example as the Pride month of June over in US proved not too proud as Roe vs Wade got overturned in the supreme court on 24 June. Hopefully something like this will happen soon for Victorians especially if Dictator Dan loses the election in November. There are some Australia One Party supporters down in Victoria and I think Clive Palmer’s UAP got their only person into the senate in Victoria so looks like UAP and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is also there ie there are plenty of others to vote for outside the duopoly of Labor/Greens and Coalition.

  9. It would be dead easy for a competent opposition to defeat a government as weird and destructive as the Andrews one. But the Victorian Liberals have lost their way, they are no opposition at all, they are a backing party, almost a cheer squad. They cannot and will not win an election until they obtain true conviction.

  10. One thing that has always bothered me is the weakness that is always shown when unwavering righteous activism is needed. When faced by a bully the christian community capitulate into a puddle of water. Somewhere someone is typing: “when we are weak He is strong” or some other misguided misquote.
    I much prefer the Micah 3:8 verse (in it’s entirety – not as some who just quote the first part) NKJV
    “But truly I am full of power by the Spirit of the LORD, And of justice and might, To declare to Jacob his transgression And to Israel his sin.”
    When we rise up and oppose vile and repulsive governmental dictates it is by His power, His Spirit and not our own strength!
    Shut your mouths who say: “I am not called to do this or that”. Your confession of unbelief reveals your true nature. You would rather listen to the father of lies than the Father of love and truth.
    Anyway, Bill you are always sticking that neck out. Not all of us can write with such eloquence or depth of knowledge. However, EVERY Christian has a place and part to play in declaring God’s truth. One Voice One Truth -Stand firm all who believe.

  11. Bill,
    I know this is a little off topic, but is it? I just received an email from “Exodus From Darkness” (the newsletter for Dr Daniel Shayestah). Therein is a quote: “The Blasphemy Law is the law of the thoughtless. This is a law that has been developed in Islamic Countries for trapping people’s freedom. And Pakistan has gained the great reputation in implementing it. Usually, leaders who love their country try to pave the ground for people to reach the depths of freedom and bring progress to the country. But Pakistan has tried to cut the root of freedom with the blasphemy law and caused relapse and regression.”
    There seems to be a parallel here between the intent behind the blasphemy law and left wing policies that are being codified all over the world. They set traps with their legislative wokeness with the aim of persecuting Christians and conservatives. Like a neighbourhood brat who provokes a dog into biting him. The dog is the one that gets put down. Just as it is now. The left provokes the right, the right reacts and then the left gets their gotcha moment.
    This is more than kowtowing to the homosexual lobby or being wokeified. Unfortunately, the right haven’t read Sun Tzu or they would realise that the left reads out of this playbook a lot. For example: “All warfare is based on deception.” “In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory.”
    In Andrewstan, the intent is to poke the bear so a case can be made to put it down.
    Yeah, I know another rambling rant. Sorry.

  12. I wont be celebrating the alphabet community. I’ll be keeping away from their activities! Is there a Flag colour for the straight community?

  13. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for exposing Dan Andrews for the truly evil person that he is. He was brought to my attention during the pandemic and it was obvious he absolutely revelled in the power the emergency laws gave him. At present the MSM and the PM are waffling on ad nauseaum about Scott Morrison giving himself extra powers during the pandemic and not being open about it but they are hypocrites because they are no better. Albanese would have been no different if he had been PM then. As for the MSM it dutifully went along with the narrative and didn’t give anyone who disagreed with it a hearing. This is not meant to defend Scott Morrison because I realised he could not be trusted when he went against what he had previously said about vaccines and kowtowed to the pharmaceutical companies over liability. He oversaw people’s human rights being violated when they lost their jobs because they were unsure about the so called vaccinations. However, in regard to giving himself extra powers during the pandemic it was an over reaction. Public figures in all spheres of influence over reacted and revelled in the power and notoriety it gave them. The few who were more balanced in regard to the pandemic were silenced or ridiculed. I know this much it has destroyed any trust I had in public figures especially polititians. Dan Andrews was one of the worst culprits and needs to be brought to justice

  14. Thank you Bill for exposing this incredible immorality and debauchery in Victoria and also the plan to have a 2 month celebration of a ‘pride’ agenda at the tax payers expense. Spending over $7 million dollars on flaunting the trans, homosexual and lesbian movement is sickening to the core… As you say the money could have been spent on the homeless. Plus I am sure the majority of Victorians would love it to be spent also on the health system, ambulance ramping needs and those doing it tough.
    If this went to a vote or referendum I am sure Victorians would speak up and never allow the Gaye pride to infiltrate country Victoria- where they are trying to gain workers for farming, fruit picking and to restore areas after droughts and fires. Those are the priorities of the hardworking county folk who deserve help, and the Melbourne city people need their health system to be fortified.
    It is still bizarre to think that a Premier has introduced a 10 yr jail sentence or huge fine in the thousands two years ago, to deter any Christian daring to pray with a confused teen or person who was unsure of their gender. Parents and church workers are banned from commenting.
    All in all it is making Nero the Roman Emperor look good in comparison…
    But having said this we are warned in 2 Timothy 3 about days of stress and lawlessness, when men will be haters of God and lovers of evil and of money…Plus 1 John 1 says ‘many antichrists have gone out into the world.’
    May we support all who stand for Christian or wholesome values and family life and May God empower all all who stand against the tide of evil which has been unleashed in this state.
    May God have mercy and as we pray harder may God ‘pluck many out of the flames’, as Jude exhorts.

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