Lockdown Insanity Forever

Melbourne is now in the longest and hardest lockdown on the planet:

The Australian state of Victoria has just taken out gold in becoming the absolutely worst jurisdiction in the entire world when it comes to lockdown madness. Nowhere else on planet earth have things gone on as long and hard as here in Melbourne where I have the extreme misfortune of happening to live – if you can call this perpetual house arrest ‘living’.

Just moments ago it was announced that Dictator Dan Andrews has decreed that Victoria’s hard lockdown will now be extended until at least September 23! That will mean that we in Melbourne will have had a total of 246 days of lockdowns by then – the harshest and longest of anywhere in the world!

And it is not at all clear that he will stick to this date. Even if he does, he has said that only very small changes will be made then. In other words, we will still be in hard lockdown. And there is absolutely no end in sight to all this madness. This guy is a full-tilt tyrant fully drunk on power and control. The rest of the world is rightly opening up, but this megalomanic wants us enslaved forever.

(Oh, and by the way, the Dictator has said that playgrounds will be allowed to reopen, but they will be subject to QR codes and only one parent will allowed to accompany their children! This guy is an absolute nut case! This is the most maniacal leader in all of Australia.)

Never mind that study after study has shown that lockdowns not only do not work, but are counterproductive. They cause far more harm than good. They have created an even more ominous and deadly shadow pandemic. The collateral damage has been horrific, and we will all feel the impact of this for years and decades to come. I have documented all this time and time again.

The rise and rise of ruined economies, lost jobs, mental health problems, suicides, deaths due to hospitals being limited in use, and so on are just some of the long-term negative consequences of this lockdown insanity. Yet our “leaders” down under are obsessed with case numbers and eradication strategies, totally oblivious to the much greater harms they are causing.

I have written about these matters so many times now over the past year and a half. Thankfully others are speaking out as well. And more importantly, it seems that Christians are finally waking up as to what is going on. Let me draw your attention to just two examples of this.

The first one I wrote about just days ago. The Ezekiel Declaration, written by three Australian pastors, has gone viral. It has not even been out a week yet, but it is clearly having a real impact. See my earlier piece on it here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/08/29/the-ezekiel-declaration/

When it first appeared on the very important Christian website Caldron Pool, it had only a few hundred signatures by church leaders and a few thousand from church members. It is now up to 2500 leaders and 17,000 others who have signed it. This is fantastic.

Please read the document and sign it here: http://caldronpool.com/ezekieldeclaration/#read

After you have read and signed it, please share it with everyone that you can. It is vital that the people of God in Australia begin to stand up and be counted. It is vital that they regain their voice in such matters.

My second example of concerned Christians taking action involves the Australian Christian Lobby. Its head, Martyn Iles, has been very good on warning against the harm these lockdowns are doing, as well as warning against all the attacks on religious liberty that are occurring because of our political leaders. One of the recent articles on the ACL website is worth being aware of. It says this:

Ask your leaders to fully restore freedoms


COVID-19 is not going anywhere, and we cannot live with lockdowns and restrictions forever. We are delaying the inevitable and adding to the cost unthinkably.


We are wreaking destruction on lives, children, livelihoods, the economy, and the future. We need to stand against fear and open up our country no later than once those who wish to be, are vaccinated, without coercion.


Someone needs to start pushing the freedom conversation – if leaders won’t then it’s up to us.


Look at the state of our nation…

  • 3,345 suicidal people called LifeLine in a single day recently
  • We are not living – or even leaving the house – for fear of dying  
  • Compassion is dead, with wedding plans put on hold and callous disregard for those mourning and separated from loved ones
  • Countless small businesses are finished, each representing people’s livelihoods
  • We are giving up total authoritarian power to state governments
  • Our children simply won’t be able to pay back the debt

Fear is ruling the day. But Christians should lead the way in calling for our freedoms to be restored –because fear of death is a condition from which Christ has freed us.  


Please email your Premier or Chief Minister and your State MP today. Tell them that with voluntary vaccination – no coercion – all lockdowns and restrictions must end.


Freedom and livelihoods must be restored. We cannot live in fear anymore! https://www.acl.org.au/cm_nat_fearnot

Yes, absolutely right. It is time we put facts and faith ahead of fear. Please go to their site and make use of their email form to help share your concerns with our elected leaders. They need to know that we are very concerned about the directions they have been taking us in of late.

And let me explain why these sorts of things are so important. Sadly, the ordinary Joe seldom gets the ear of government. Regrettably our voices are seldom heard by our leaders. Too many politicians are only concerned about numbers – about votes.

But if they sense that enough people are concerned about something, they may finally start to listen and take note of the concerns of the people. It should not be this way, but it is, nonetheless. Politics is all about numbers. And yesterday we had the perfect example of just how this works.

A poll just came out looking at voter’s satisfaction with the way Andrews in Victoria has been handling the Covid situation. In just a short two-week period he lost a full 12 percentage points in this area. Victorians are getting sick and tired with his arrogance, his power-tripping, the lockdowns, and the utter lack of hope and a future here. So it shows in the latest poll numbers.

Unless a politician is really stupid and aloof, a 12-point drop in approval ratings in two weeks is something to seriously take note of. And guess what: that is exactly what Andrews seems to have done. Up until yesterday he was completely obsessed with, and dead-set in favour of, a useless zero case strategy; nothing opens up until we defeat the virus. His was an eradication strategy: we must get to zero cases before we can even think about returning to normal.

But just yesterday, for the first time ever, he ditched the zero-case nonsense, and started talking about some ‘threshold’ to aim for – some low-number threshold. So what changed? Did the health advice all of a sudden change? Did the scientific and medical experts convince him to change course? Did he all of a sudden become wise and compassionate? Um no. His approval numbers took a big dive, so he changed course.

Here is the point: It is all about politics. Politicians tend not to respond to anything as quickly and readily as they do the numbers. If they think the voters are turning on them, they are much more likely to change direction in order to keep the voters onside.

That is why getting a lot of folks to sign the Ezekiel Declaration matters. Here it is again: http://caldronpool.com/ezekieldeclaration/#read

That is why getting as many people as possible to make use of the ACL email page is crucial. Here it is again: https://www.acl.org.au/cm_nat_fearnot

We MUST take action – now. We MUST speak out – now. And signing a petition or filling in an online email form is about as easy and pain-free as it gets. If we are not willing to do something as simple and quick as that, then we have no right to complain. Then we deserve all the tyranny and never-ending lockdowns that we get.

It is now time to say, ‘enough is enough’. Please show your concerns by taking a stand now. It is either that, or perpetual lockdown madness. It is your call.

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27 Replies to “Lockdown Insanity Forever”

  1. Dear Mr Muehlenberg,

    Thank you for your passionate article. We believe there is something more than Australian politics going on in all this. Our research is showing something darker: https://springsoftruthandhope.wordpress.com/

    You are absolutely right that we all must take action – petitions, emails, letters . . waking people up!

    God bless you in your faithful watchman on the wall ministry!


  2. Jo Deller (good work)

    and for the information of CultureWatch contributors.

    One method Big Tech uses to track your Internet use, is via the trailing info contained within hyperlinks. In this case everything beyond the ‘?’.

    It is termed a ‘URL Query String’.


    The above returns the same results as:

    The ‘?’ and everything beyond, can be deleted.


  3. It has been ages since I have commented on your page. I am sorry what you have had to put up with in Melbourne and the state of Victoria. So many business will be gone. People’s jobs. Their mental health. Even here in Adelaide in South Australia, where we haven’t had the tyrannical lockdowns, and the restrictions like you have had and also in New South Wales and Queensland, it has been getting to me. We only have mandatary masks. I can’t see these nefarious political elites ever giving up their powers. Nor will elections change things as this goes across all political parties.

  4. Hey Bill, have you read *******’s reason as to why you shouldn’t sign the ED? Interested in your thoughts.

  5. Thanks Daniel. I sniffed around and found the piece and gave it a quick look over. I had two immediate responses: One, I didn’t want to give these guys any airtime (thus I deleted their name on your comment). Two, I thought instantly of the very strong denunciation Jesus made of religious leaders, calling them Pharisees and the like. Suffice it to say, I was NOT impressed with the piece. Having said that, I may yet write a critique of it. If and when I do, I will keep you posted.

  6. Hey Bill, try the following link to see where we are all being led. I’m sure you know this but it may be news to some others.
    LINK TO MASS PSYCHOSIS VIDEO by Academy of Ideas.

  7. Yes, I saw that Mass Psychosis video a couple weeks ago. Very accurate!

    Here in Adelaide it’s gotten ridiculous, though not as bad as Melbourne and Sydney.
    We’ve been forced to wear masks for over 5 weeks with virtually no cases in weeks. I refuse to wear one, and can’t wear it anyway as it makes me ill with respiratory problems ironically.
    People are so used to the masks now that many wear it on their own in a park or while driving. Crazy!

    How’s this for crazy! Today, while I was not wearing a mask I said to a man in a shop to put his mask on properly as he didn’t have it covering his nose. He said sorry yet didn’t notice I didn’t have a mask on or was making a deliberate mockery of the whole obsession of mask wearing.

  8. By the way, I need years of counselling after seeing Dictator Dan’s face again. I try to avoid seeing his face at all costs.

  9. I had a bit of a chuckle when I saw or maybe somebody helpfully suggesting that vaccinated people should get a tattoo to to that effect! I wonder whether that would be on the forehead or for the more timid, on the wrist .

  10. I desperately need a hair dresser! Without warning we go into lockdown on steroids and guess what, everything is shut (including hairdressers)! Is Dan Murphy considered an essential service?

  11. An update on Monica Smit:
    Her parents kept vigil outside the police station Tuesday night, and followed her to the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, and presumably was kept behind bars last night. She refused to sign a bail agreement which would have made her dismantle RDA, plus other demands which her solicitor has deemed onerous beyond anything he has ever seen, and probably unconstitutional. She faces up to 6 weeks in prison. You can read the latest here:

    Her parents have asked for prayer.

    It is clear that Dictator Dan is out to smash all opposition groups to make a one-party state, with no Parliament, a “cabinet” of yes-men, and a community held in the thrall of fear.
    Truly it is now official: Victoria IS a dictatorship! For Andrews the Constitution is so much toilet paper, and the “police” force a Stasi-style army of thugs.

  12. Thanks for that Murray. Yes it is utterly shocking what is happening in Victoria, and most folks do not seem to care. And yes, we must pray for Monica.

  13. Hope people stay on him. I may be a Yank but I do know politicians when numbers sink will try to do as LITTLE as they can to get people back so unless people keep up the pressure a few crumbs is all you’ll get from him. Yes eventually numbers fall again but having learned it only takes a few crumbs to get back your loyalty he again won’t give much. DON’T be satisfied with crumbs!!

  14. Thanks Bill. Posted your column to my Facebook account. Already signed the Declaration and the ACL submission. My husband and I both have numerous family in Melbourne and Geelong. Their suffering is immense as is yours. I’ve got to the point where I can hardly read or watch anything relating to covid anymore due to depression and anxiety. Thank God we are Christians and have our hope in Jesus. I pray for those who are not.

  15. Hi Bill,
    I think I know who you and Daniel Ruggeri were referring to. I felt the same when I read it in TGC. Can you please let me know when you do get around to writing a critique about it?
    BTW what are your thoughts on TGC? Thanks.

  16. Thanks Tim. Sadly there have been a number of these ‘Christian leaders’ who have attacked it – and by extension, every single one of us who either wrote it, signed it, or shared it. It still may be wise not to give these critics any more air time. But I will keep you posted if I do write something up.

    As to TGA, they can be a bit of a mixed bag, getting some things right and some things not so right!

  17. There’s never a shortage of collaborators willing to help oppressors thinking they will escape unscathed because they helped. I fed the crocodile so he won’t eat me.

  18. Yes Paul. As one meme circulating on the social media puts it:

    “I’m starting to learn who would have hidden Anne Frank and who would have turned her over to the Nazis.”

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