Berejiklian Resigns – But It Is Andrews Who Should Go

While Berejiklian is gone, it really is Andrews who should resign:

After almost five years in office, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has just resigned. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) had said it was looking into whether she had breached public trust in awarding grants to various organisations from 2012-2018. The investigation would also be looking into her dealings with her former boyfriend and former MP Daryl Maguire.

Certainly some of the issues ICAC wishes to look into have been of a serious nature. But when it comes to dealing with Covid, while she has been far from perfect, she has been far better than all the other Australian Premiers. And that includes her intention to get NSW out of lockdown in the near future.

Many have thought that all up she has done a quite good job of steering NSW through the virus, and she had had a lot of support. She has been quite popular. But she is now gone. It is likely that the NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet will take over as Premier, but that will be determined in the next day or two.

But the real question for me is why is it that someone like Dan Andrews is still Premier here in Victoria? Given that he is directly responsible for the deaths of over 800 Victorians because of his bungling of the hotel quarantine programme, it is he that should have resigned long ago. Just how did untrained security guards get to staff the hotels after Andrews knocked back help from the army? So many questions remain unanswered.

And of course he has done inestimable damage to all Victorians with the world’s longest and harshest lockdown. This state may take decades to recover if and when we ever get out of lockdown. And just today Andrews said all essential workers must get the jab or lose their jobs: “By Friday the 15th of October, every single authorised worker that is on that authorised worker list in Melbourne or in regional Victoria will need to have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Victoria has seen some of the worst health fascism of anywhere in the world. It gets worse by the day, and there is simply no end in sight. While NSW and the rest of the world is opening up and returning to freedom, Victoria remains a massive internment camp with millions of prisoners given no hope whatsoever.

A recent legal move might seem hopeful, but it really isn’t. Several days ago it was announced that the Victorian Health department has been charged with 58 breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety Act by WorkSafe Victoria. But this is just the department that is being held to account, not any individual. But it is the Premier and other political elites in Victoria that should be charged.

There must be a full Royal Commission inquiry into all this. The WorkSafe charges are really just a farce. No heads will roll and all those who are really responsible for all the carnage in Victoria will simply go on their merry way. Ken Phillips of Self Employed Australia who made the original complaint said that individuals need to be investigated, not generic departments.

Dan Andrews, Brett Sutton and others need to be properly investigated. It has been one disaster after another here in Victoria. For example, in April of last year we were promised by the Andrews Government that 4000 more ICU beds would be created to deal with Covid – but only a couple dozen have so far been added.

We must bear in mind that Andrews has been the Health Minister and the Premier for 11 of the last 15 years. The responsibility for all the incompetency, ineptitude and mess-ups can be directly laid at the feet of Andrews. Recall that it was in February 2020 that the Victorian Government passed laws on workplace safety.

Andrews should be charged under these laws. The death of over 800 Victorians during the March-July 2020 hotel quarantine bungle must be dealt with. Not one of our leaders has so far been charged. Our manslaughter laws need to be used to go after the guilty.

Political accountability is what really matters here. Not just fines but jail times is what we need – starting with Premier Dan Andrews. The WorkSafe charges just do not cut it. And just as bad, the nearly $100 million in fines that could come about as penalties for these charges will simply just go from one government piggy bank to another – and all footed by us taxpayers! That is not justice – that is highway robbery.

At the farcical inquiry headed by Jennifer Coate last year into all this, all we heard from the ministers, health bureaucrats and the Premier was: ‘I can’t recall,’ ‘I don’t remember,’ ‘I cannot recollect,’ and so on. That was a complete whitewash and those conducting it were useless, toothless tigers – no one faced the music.

As said, a proper Royal Commission needs to be held. People like Jenny Mikakos, the ex-Health Minister, are chomping at the bits to give their side of the story. She and others need to be called to such a hearing, and we need to get to the bottom of this deadly debacle in Victoria.

The Victorian government has had a year and a half to get this right, but it is still an abysmal failure. Our Covid cases are spiking despite the longest and most draconian lockdowns anywhere on the planet. Our leaders are completely out of their depth, and they are clueless as to what they are doing. Gaining and maintaining even more power and control is the only thing they care about.

Today we still have 6 million Victorians who are imprisoned, while it is Andrews who should be in prison. All he does is keep blaming others, passing the buck, and lecturing us poor Victorians. He refuses to take responsibility for anything, and he is getting away with murder – quite literally.

We have been in nearly eight months of lockdown so far with no end in sight. We are all suffering immensely for the complete incompetence of this Premier and this government. It is time for the whole dodgy thing to be taken down. The long-standing criminal negligence and corruption must come to an end. Enough is enough.

While there may have been good reasons for why Berejiklian needed to step down (although almost all of those interviewed in Sydney since the announcement was made have not wanted her to go), how much more of a case is there for Andrews to go?

Resign now Dan!

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  1. Oh Bill your article says it all, encapsulating the misdemeanors. Will there ever be a light at the end of Daniel Andrews dark evil tunnel of Marxist ideology? How is Andrews constantly able to cheat sanctioning, prosecution, or held for treasonous activity over the BRI MOU dealings with the CCP. Along with attempting to demolish any vestige of Christianity in Victoria.
    If we scour the authorised lists of who is mandated for the vaccine, I’m sure there will be no-one left off the list who actually has contact with another living person.

    Does anyone know why and how he is so protected and above the law?

  2. Both Premiers sold their souls to sacrifice innocent precious unborn human lives through their heinous abortion laws. In Victoria alone, something close to 20,000 unborn babies are killed every year! These Premiers would have us believe the current extensive widespread unprecedented covid lock-down and other measures are to save human lives. Yet these atrocities continue under their watch with daily censorship and gagging of the topic. I have called and emailed Premier Andrews about this with no reply. God help them. Perhaps resigning in scandal will set them on the path to repentance.

  3. Yes Jeremy on the abortion issue she and the NSW Libs stand condemned. Sadly, of our current crop of Premiers, she was one of the somewhat better ones otherwise.

  4. Praying for you Bill. Daily.
    I hope you and other Victorians are released from your unlawful detention very soon!

  5. I just accidently caught Dictator Dan saying on ch 9 news that from next week if you haven’t got the jab you simply won’t be working anymore. Said with cold indifference… He will be responsible for many people dying from so much hardship. He needs to be sacked immediately! In hindsight in coming years people will say he should’ve been hung for treason.

  6. I believe the jab that Dan Andrews is talking about is intended for onsite workers, not online workers. Even so, it is uncertain whether all of these authorised workers will be able to get their first jab by 15 October (a Friday) if they have not yet had a jab at all. There simply isn’t much time to obey this latest edict so it will probably be quite harsh in practice.

    You may wish to check this online.

    Dan also wants the second jab done by 26 November (another Friday).

    Meanwhile, the lockdown continues until ……? It is hard to see the end to these lockdowns and restrictions on movement.

  7. Thanks for this, Bill. Just hearing it said, and so eloquently and forcefully, gives me encouragement. You have my full agreement.

  8. I’m a yank so sorry if this is a dumb question but can the Queen or UK government do anything????

  9. Dan won’t “go”. He us obviously buoyed by private publicly funded polling that tells him he is doing a great job. Stockolm syndrome? Former NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell resigned over an undisclosed gift of a $3000 bottle of wine. He did the right thing. ( I hope he enjoyed the wine).

  10. Paul Wilson, the UK government can do nothing, because we are not a colony of the UK. We are an independent country but not a republic, the Queen is still our Head of State, she delegates her role to the Governor-General federally and Governors of the States. The Governor of Victoria, whoever he or she is, is the only one who can sack a Premier, but it has to be for a very good reason. It has rarely happened in any state.

  11. Thanks Bill, I’m still hoping and praying that Dictator Dan will end up like Humpty Dumpty but in the mean time there is something Riccardo Bosi, leader of the Australia One Party asked us to do and that is write a letter to Hon David Hurley, Governor General of Australia, Government House, Dunrossil Drive, YARRALUMLA ACT 2600, saying what you think of all the covid lockdowns, suppression of treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin and the push for No Jab No Job, or is it No Jab No Pay (mandatory vaccines) etc.
    Here in NSW, our health workers had until 30 September to get both jabs and were laid off yesterday. One lady I know said something about sleeping in the car because she couldn’t afford to pay the rent. Someone else resigned rather than being ‘put off work’ but cannot get Centrelink payments – So just not sure what all the rulings with Centrelink are and whether our health care system will cope with not so many staff.

  12. John Cain, a far more honourable man and leader than Dan Andrews, resigned as Victorian Premier in 1990 for his government’s failings. It beggars belief that Andrews hasn’t followed suit.

  13. The problem, Ross McPhee, is that neither Andrews nor the rest of his government believes or recognises that he has indeed failed or made a “ginormous” mess of things. So of course he’s not going to resign. Alas.

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