Getting Back To Normal

It all depends on what sort of normal we want to go back to:

I and millions of other Melbournians are extremely jealous. We look north to NSW and see the people there celebrating their Freedom Day. People doing normal things as they always had done: going to shops and parks, getting haircuts, working out in a gym, having a meal at a restaurant. The new Premier Dominic Perrottet enjoyed a beer at a pub.

These folks were locked down for over 100 days, and they were chomping at the bits to get back to normal. As but one vivid indication of this, at midnight there were long lines of shoppers outside of Kmarts, eager to get in and become involved in a bit of retail therapy.

All this simply makes our pain here in Victoria all the more pronounced. We look with envy as New South Welshmen are enjoying their independence day. We are in our 253rd day of lockdown! They are free, as is most of the rest of the world. But Dictator Dan Andrews is ever so happy to keep us locked down interminably.

The truth is everyone has had enough. They are sick of the tyrannical conditions and just want to go back to normal. And so do I. Let me point out just two recent developments along these lines, and then offer a spiritual look at the ‘return to normal’.

The first thing is the very brave stance of a Victorian police officer who was willing to lose her job to blow the whistle on what is going on there. She says there are many police in Victoria who do NOT like being Chairman Dan’s thugs and henchmen, enforcing his draconian and tyrannical iron fist on this state. As one report puts it:

A senior member of the Victorian Police Force has quit over ethical concerns related to alleged political influence by the Daniel Andrews government and a declining relationship between serving officers and the general public. Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell sat down with Matthew Wong from the independent media platform Discernable for an exclusive interview on Friday night. It was a visibly difficult interview for Mitchell, who announced early on that she would be resigning her position as a result of speaking out against Victoria Police and Daniel Andrews….


“All of my friends that are police officers working the frontline and are suffering every day enforcing CHO [Chief Health Officer] directions that the vast majority – certainly a great majority – don’t believe in and don’t want to enforce.”

See the whole story and watch the video here:

Second, and hot off the press, it has just been announced that two small political parties have just formed an alliance. Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, now headed by Craig Kelly, and the fledgling Reignite Democracy Australia Party, have just formed a unity ticket. This is how Monica Smit describes the news:

I am the Vice President of the newly formed political party, RDA Party. We received so much support with over 1,000 memberships in a short period of time. I am so grateful to the committee, and to the loyal members who believe in our vision for a strong, free and independent Australia.


We are all absolutely committed to seeing this vision through till the end. Australia used to be considered one of the most free and liveable countries in the world, now we make headlines because of tyranny and government overreach.


I have dedicated the last year to help Australians maintain individual and collective liberty. Although the fight is far from over, I will be with you till the end. With the help of my staff and public support, the Reignite Democracy Australia organisation is now over 75,000 subscribers strong and has gained over 100,000 followers on other platforms….


My time in prison was not in vain, and I was honoured to make a stand for every single one of you. Not only did they fail to break me, but their heavy hands have made our collective message stronger and louder. Everything that I and RDA do, is for the overall benefit of the country, not ourselves.


With that in mind, we have decided to back and work closely with United Australia Party. The RDA Party, which has already made national news and headway, has decided to join UAP. With the lobbying capabilities of the RDA Family and the support and expertise of Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer, I believe our vision of a strong, free and independent Australia is inevitable. RDA, as an organisation, will fully support UAP, however, we will still have the flexibility to support good candidates from other parties if we want.


This is not a decision made under duress or obligation, it is simply the right thing to do for our country’s collective fight for liberty. I want to thank United Australia Party for their support and leadership. They now have the most party members in the country. Together, we have a real chance at a historical government shift that will change our future.


I hope the RDA Party members join UAP so we can all make history together. All memberships and donations made to RDA Party will be refunded.


A quote I came up with in prison is…” during times of psychological warfare, collective courage of conviction will be our strongest weapon”. With UAP in the driver’s seat and every single one of you by our side, we will restore our country’s God-given rights and freedoms. We will not rest until we are all free!

That article also has a statement by Kelly. And see our recent interview with Monica here:

Spiritual considerations

It is great to see those two new developments, and others like them. Freedom matters! But let me at this point make a distinction between two different sorts of these returns to normality that I have been speaking about. I happen to support just one of the two. Let me explain.

If by seeking a return to normal we mean getting out of these ludicrous and harmful lockdowns; getting our basic freedoms back; having the human rights that were stolen away from us returned as quickly as possible; and never again seeing these dictatorial power grabs, then yes, I want that return to normal. Absolutely!

But there is another ‘return to normal’ that I do not support. And I have spoken to this matter earlier on. Well before Covid came along and disrupted the whole world, I had been speaking and praying about the way things were in the post-Christian West. As spiritual, moral, cultural and social darkness covers the land, I have often thought that this cannot go on for much longer.

Something has to give. We cannot keep going this way. As we continue to shake our fists at God in an ever more secular and Christophobic West, we are quickly heading to a point of no return. So I had been praying – as I am sure were others – that we cannot continue as usual. Something must change.

So Covid may have been an answer to prayer: to wake us up, to get our attention, and to get us to reconsider our priorities. But as most of the world is returning to normal after Covid, as is NSW – and maybe one year, Victoria – simply going back to a secular, God-ignoring or God-rejecting status quo is just not going to cut it.

If something like almost two years of Covid and the equally destructive lockdowns and loss of liberties does not get our attention, I am not sure what will. It seems that if we just go back to the way things were with no consideration of our spiritual condition, then the West is still on a certain path to decline and oblivion.

Only heartfelt and widespread repentance and revival can save us now. Nothing less will suffice. Yes, I want a freedom day in Victoria – desperately. But even more than that, I want a global spiritual freedom day. And that can only come with a wholesale turn to God through Christ.

Please join with me in praying – and working – toward that end. That is the only ‘normal’ we all should fundamentally desire and work for.

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22 Replies to “Getting Back To Normal”

  1. Spot on Bill, as usual. Unless we turn back and centre our lives on God and His teachings/laws our society cannot recover itself. Maybe we need more pain yet to make us realise this. I hope not but, seeing all the masks covering faces and the rapid takeup of vaccines, I wonder if we have learnt anything. I hope God doesn’t see it the way I do.

  2. Thanks Stuart. Yes that is bad news indeed, but at least Perrottet has said it will last only for a matter of weeks. Here in Victoria Dictator Dan has no such plans to free the Covid lepers from their underclass status.

  3. Normal is never coming back. Things are never going back to the way they were before.

  4. Thanks John. Yes most folks think they can get back to normal, but most governments now know how easy it is to enslave a people. So most of them will not be going back to normal anytime soon. They are too drunk on power, and have been amazed at how easy it was to strip away people’s freedoms, and how the sheeple did not complain at all.

  5. You will break through because God is our breaker, the greatest pressure comes just before your greatest victory.
    We will see The Glory of God in Victoria and in this nation, the enemy’s plans will be brought to nought.
    Keep preserving! You are a marvel we are all so proud of our mighty warriors.

  6. Thanks Gerrie. Yes our only real hope here is in a spiritual solution. Not long ago I was praying for darkness and corruption to be exposed big time amongst our evil rulers here in Victoria. Now we have the IBAC hearings digging up plenty of dirt, with one scalp taken yesterday – the 4th Victorian government minister to go. We must pray that this keeps going, with Dan Andrews especially brought down. We must keep praying!

  7. Valid question. What happens next year when people start taking boosters? Will the two shot ‘unvaccinated’ be excluded??? Because they will return to unvaccinated status. Why are people who are celebrating ‘freedom day’ wearing masks if they are protected? The day is actually the government giving the chicken cage hens an inch more width and people think that is cause for wild celebrations. AND many citizens I have seen first hand are willing to become government informants and henchmen and turn on those not obeying the government mandates and rules.

  8. Yep. What kind of ‘normal’ indeed? How can it be called “normal” or “Freedom” Day when you have to be double vaccinated to access most services? I guess “normal” and “Freedom” are two more words that have joined the list of many words that have been redefined in recent years, like ‘marriage’, ‘tolerance’, ‘mostly peaceful,’ etc.

  9. I have thought of you and other Christians and have been praying for the hell in Australia as we fight our own wars here. Since AU seems a bit further down the path of political perdition than elsewhere (well maybe not N Korea), it’s important for the rest of us to hold you up and help you there if we can. We know how victory inflames the arrogance of these fascists everywhere– but I’m believing for many catastrophic losses for them and their agenda. God help us all!

  10. Hi Bill
    Another terrific article.
    My wife And I are NSW residents who run a small motel a few hours north of Sydney. 80% of our guests are by and large travellers from the greater Sydney area. Since Sydney went into lockdown, for all intents and purposes at least business wise we may as well have been in lockdown too.
    Since “freedom day” we see many businesses enforcing the vaccine passport mandates on potential clients despite the police stating they will not be enforcing them.
    Also many people being coerced by their employers to get the jab so as to keep their jobs.
    This herd like compliance bewilders me.
    As unvaccinated people my family and I are being refused entry to a number of places which before last Monday we could enter freely.
    I do hope that come December these crazy mandates will be dropped.
    I have very little faith in the liberal party, for a long time it’s been say one thing and do another.
    On the spiritual front I absolutely agree.
    National repentance is essential and I think it must begin with the church. Judgement beginning as it does with the house of God.
    Sin being the transgression of the law as John tells us, I feel large segments of Christianity as a whole has discarded the the law as irrelevant as if the God of the Old Testament and the God of the new were two different Gods.
    Anyways thanks for the continuing great content and God bless.

  11. Thanks Andrew. Yes I am with you. The Libs are becoming increasingly hopeless, while God must always remain our one true hope. Without wide-scale repentance it seems Australia really is without hope.

  12. Hi Bill you have written great articles on the pandemic but I believe there is something on the horizon which is more dangerous and if implemented will absolutely destroy the economies of many nations and their future. Yes it’s Net Zero climate change and with the Cop26 conference a month away, and millions accepting losing their freedom, the alarmists and all their high priests may yet now achieve their extreme goals. Surprisingly now the only ones who may hold them back are many Asian nations who want to achieve the same living standards we enjoy without unreliable renewables. If you need some info I follow online Co2 coalition, Net Zero Watch formely Global Warming Policy Forum, and Climate discussion Nexus. Thanks Bill for staying the course and remaining our Watchman.

  13. How many truly want freedom?? And how many want someone, Nanny, to take care of them and make all the tough decisions?? If the barn door of freedom was swung open tomorrow how many would say “close the door I’m scared”???? So many raised with others making decisions for them that they’re not used to freedom. “The world is a scary place just stay here in Nanny’s bosom”.

    A normal that requires a person to make their own decisions, using the Bible as a guide, is not possible for them. When a population has been infantilized to the point of being unable to function without Nanny being part of a godless collective is all that is possible. Only if civilization crumbles and people are force to survive on their own or in groups where everyone participates will these “toddlers” grow up and become godly independent men and women. Right now the godly normal, with all it’s freedoms, is as useful to them as a potty to a 1 year old!

  14. Give Dominic a chance. Ok he is Liberal but what realistically is the alternative. At the Federal level Government is formed in the House of Reps. The Senate is just a pale imitation. So yes Morrison has been disappointing but Albanese? C’mon!
    Martyn Iles’ latest post on the new NSW Premier is positive. In that same post he discusses Covid. Worth listening to. Balanced.

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