A Review of Cell 22. By Monica Smit.


The story of this champion needs to be heard far and wide:

Monica Smit was one of Australia’s champion resistance fighters during the Covid wars – and she still is. She keeps fighting the good fight for freedom and resisting repulsive Big Brother statism. She is a hero who has had to pay the price for standing up against Dan Andrews and the other tyrannical bullies who wanted us all imprisoned.

And that we all were, but it was actual imprisonment for Monica, having spent 22 days in a small prison cell for her crime of wanting freedom over tyranny. Andrew Smith and I were able to do an interview with her during all this madness. You can listen to our 13-minute chat from two years ago here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-p0UHqWibA  

Like me and so many others, Monica had the misfortune of living in Melbourne, Australia – the city with one of the worst, harshest, longest, and most horrific lockdowns of anywhere on the planet. So she took a stand against all this, and was arrested for violating “incitement” charges.

Hers was really a test case, designed to silence her and intimidate others. But by making her a political prisoner, and turning her into a martyr, the opposite to what the authorities wanted in fact happened. The whole world got to know about this grave injustice, and the ugly face of Statism was made clear for all to see.

All this and more is covered in this well-written volume. She tells her whole story, from birth to her recent work in the freedom movement. Raised in a Catholic home, she abandoned that faith at age 18. Her teenage years were already quite a time of rebellion and partying, but from 18 to 24 she really spiralled out of control. She even had two abortions during this time.

At age 25 she went back to living with her parents and she started going to church again. Thankfully a turnaround was underway, and after a few years she was back on the straight and narrow, acknowledging the role that faith played in her new direction in life.

And it is a good thing too, because we needed people like her to take a stand during the Covid reign of terror. She, like so many of us, could see that things were just not right. A new underclass was being created while others seemed to be able to do whatever they wanted. As she writes:

It’s pretty clear big corporations in the highest class are affected by COVID much less than the everyday person. Small businesses are being decimated by lockdowns while many of the big corporations are either allowed to stay open or are increasing their online profits exponentially. If you are rich, you can charter a flight wherever you want, regardless of restrictions. Is COVID a big test to see how well the population handles stark class separations? One rule for them, another for us.

She of course became active in the pro-freedom movement, and tells of her activities both before and after her stint in the slammer. And she of course tells us what that 3-week prison stay was like in some detail. Imagine being locked up for committing no real crime, but simply for speaking up against unjust tyranny and repressive statism.

She reminds us that prior to this she had more or less been a law-abiding citizen with no intent on becoming a political rebel, or an activist in a cause. But the madness of Melbourne sure changed all that. Her boyfriend Morgan C. Jonas was another leader in these battles, so they were able to encourage each other and make for a strong team.

She also tells us of what is to come:

My role in the freedom movement has only just begun and I imagine this won’t be my last book. I have recently done a tour of Europe which has proven to be very worthwhile for many reasons.


I will never stop doing this work until our human rights are secured for the foreseeable future. I would give my life for it. I have unlimited energy to fight for freedom, and as long as God wills it, I will stand alongside freedom lovers every step of the way. It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary.


Sometimes it feels like I’m standing at the bottom of a mountain with an avalanche bellowing towards me, and I’m trying to stop it. When I imagine this, I see Morgan, my family, and other strong freedom fighters next to me.


At the top of the mountain is the ruling class of the global elite. They are giving us an evil grin, as if to say, “don’t bother. We’ve been planning this for decades and we have so much more money than you. Why don’t you just give up and comply?”


Our saving grace is that we had the sun behind us glowing directly at the encroaching avalanche. If it glows bright enough, it can melt the snow, and will survive – and thrive. God is the sun and with him by our side, we can’t lose.

At the end of the book there is a chapter written by Monica’s mother. Needless to say, for some time there, a lot of prayers were going up by her and her husband for this wayward daughter. They of course were so glad when she came back to the things that really matter, and they have been great supporters of her and her ministry over the past few years.

As mentioned, Monica writes well and this is an enjoyable read. But of course it is a book with a message. Freedom is a fragile thing, and unless we all stand up and fight for it, it will easily be lost. The thing about brave souls like Monica is that they can so greatly inspire others.

As I said in our interview, Billy Graham once famously made this statement: “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” The spines of many Melbournians, Australians, and people from around the world have been stiffened because of this one courageous woman.

Well done champ. We salute you.

(This book is available at monicasmit.com )

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6 Replies to “A Review of Cell 22. By Monica Smit.”

  1. Thanks for the info. and overview Bill. Sounds like a compelling read. And good on her. A gutsy woman.

  2. Yup Bill – Such A Champion!
    Just bought my 4th copy to share.
    The truckloads of letters in Cell22 – Monica received was stupendous.

    Must admit it took me many months to read my 1st purchase of the book – I guess I didn’t want to re-live the trauma – of those “Convid” days.
    At that time I was too busy fighting on ALL levels to make The Truth be known to acknowledge any concerns.

    And Bill, NEVER forget, the impact YOU had on us All in those feral, futile months.

    Monica’s Mum – What a SweetHeart….And, what a journey!

  3. Many thanks Bill for your post so interesting, what an amazing young women, Australia needs more Monica’s.

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