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Our Mental and Moral Freefall

May 11, 2018

When the moral state of a nation heads downwards, so does its mental state. The two seem to be closely linked: as we become more and more immoral as a culture, we seem to become more and more stupid as

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Notable Christians: Amy Carmichael

Mar 22, 2018

Amy Wilson Carmichael was an Irish missionary in India, who opened an orphanage and founded a mission in Dohnavur. She served in India for 55 years without furlough. She wrote many books about the missionary work there, as well as

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Porn Harms: Just Ask Those in the Industry

Feb 5, 2016

At the moment there are several government inquiries being held in Australia about porn, young people, and sexualisation. And overseas people are beginning to wake up to the very real dangers of pornography as well. For example, last month a

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Sleaze and the Super Bowl

Feb 1, 2014

Porn and sleaze are now everywhere. Indeed, the mainstreaming of porn has been going on for quite some time now. For example, music video shows like MTV or Rage in Australia are little more than vehicles for the continuous display

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Yet More Sexual Insanity

Jan 25, 2014

One can argue that the past century has been one grand social experiment to see what life would be like if we kicked God and transcendent moral values out of the West. Well, the results are in, and it is

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Yet More Scenes from the Sex Wars

Dec 11, 2013

The greater something is, the more it can be perverted, abused and misused. That certainly is true of human sexuality. One of our greatest gifts from our Creator has become one of the most tarnished and trashed. And radical sexual

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Porn, Prostitution and Sexual Trafficking

Nov 20, 2013

Pornography is not a victimless crime. It is a social evil with very real negative social impact. Sure, it has been mainstreamed and legitimised big time the last few decades, but it remains nonetheless a soul-destroying evil. No matter how

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Our Sexual and Moral Freefall

Nov 6, 2013

So what is it with people publicly selling their virginity nowadays? Have we sunk that far as a culture that people have to take the wonderful gift of sex and degrade it in such a way, just to get their

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The Human Trafficking Curse

Nov 4, 2013

It was overwhelmingly Christianity which worked to abolish slavery around the world. Because of the tireless efforts of abolitionists like Wilberforce, most of the world no longer has to deal with this horrific sin against humanity. However, there are still

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Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

Oct 7, 2013

There are plenty of reasons why we should avoid sin like the plague. The primary and foremost reason is to not dishonour, shame and hurt our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That should always be our overriding motivation for living

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Women, Islam, and Marriage

Jun 5, 2013

Women do not fare very well under Islam. Talk about a patriarchal religion; this is arguably the most misogynist religion in existence today. Women are treated at best as second class citizens, and the whole culture is designed to exalt

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What Happy Hooker?

May 6, 2013

It may be an old profession, but that certainly does not make it right. Prostitution has had it proponents and defenders for centuries, but the truth is, it is bad news for everyone, and certainly bad news for the women

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Christianity and Politics: A Case Study

Sep 26, 2012

Nothing like tackling two of the hottest topics going – and when you combine them you really can get explosive results. So put me down as a glutton for punishment I guess. But some things are important and well worth

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Legislating Immorality

Aug 9, 2012

When government agencies see it as their duty to promote immorality and thumb their noses at the moral majority – the ordinary citizenry – then you know we are in a bad way. Of course this has been occurring for

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