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On How Not To Read Scripture

Jun 9, 2020

Are you an approved workman as you handle God’s word?

Because even Spirit-filled believers are still finite and fallen and fallible, none of us of course will ever get the reading and interpreting of Scripture completely right. Nonetheless, one can

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General Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Jul 14, 2019

All Christians should be aware of the overriding importance of rightly handling the Word of God. So much harm to the church and to individual Christians has occurred when we do not carefully and properly interpret the Scriptures. Heresies and

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On Hermeneutics

Jul 12, 2019

On who? Hermeneutics is simply the practice or discipline of interpretation. Biblical hermeneutics – which is what I discuss here – is about the basic principles of biblical interpretation. In one sense the Bible is like any other book, and

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‘Holy Spirit Only’ Christians

Jan 26, 2019

Sometimes Christians who seek to pass themselves off as the most spiritual and the most godly are often the most carnal and the most arrogant. That is, in an effort to impress others with just how spiritual they are, they

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Hermeneutics and Blood Transfusions

Apr 9, 2015

If this seems to be yet another rather bizarre or opaque title, just hold onto your hats: all is about to be revealed. Let me start with hermeneutics. For the uninitiated, this simply is about the practice or discipline of

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On “Seed-Faith Giving”

Aug 15, 2013

The prosperity gospel is notorious for bad theology, shocking exegesis (or lack thereof), loopy logic, and dodgy hermeneutics. This is certainly the case with their teaching about “seed-faith giving”. And this is often tied in with positive confession teaching.


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Recommended Reading on Hermeneutics

Jan 19, 2011

The Word of God is a gift to God’s people, but mastering its content does not always come automatically. While the Spirit of God is also given to us to help us receive God’s truth, there are still practical things

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In Defence of Theology

Sep 26, 2006

We live in an age that is hesitant about, or indifferent to, the use of reason, study, mental discipline and religious education. Truth is under attack, religion is despised, and logical thinking is often ignored. Needless to say, in such

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