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On What Matters Most

Jan 16, 2021

We need to see the bigger picture as we deal with the mess we are in:

Those familiar with this site know that I write about all sorts of things: politics, economics, ethics, theology, culture, history, books, the arts, and

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Yes, Leftist Totalitarianism Is Upon Us

Jan 10, 2021

This war is real – and getting worse:

Can conservatives sometimes use words like ‘tyranny,’ ‘fascism,’ and ‘totalitarianism’ too often and too easily? Yes. Are they right to be using them now, especially in light of the Tech Giants’ war

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Some Thoughts on Washington

Jan 7, 2021

Some reflections on what is now happening in Washington:

For those not aware, some violent protests have erupted in Washington D.C., in part over the Georgia runoff elections in which it appears that two radical Democrats have won, putting the

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Difficult Bible Passages: Leviticus 19:33-34

Dec 23, 2020

We must use Scripture wisely and correctly when discussing refugees and immigration:

The problem with this verse is how it is misused by some folks, usually with various political agendas in mind. Along with it being manhandled for partisan political

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Christians, Health, Love, and Sin

Dec 22, 2020

No, I am not a subpar Christian if I differ from you in dealing with corona:

Here is a truth you can count on: there are many Christians telling us that certain things are just fine, even though Scripture clearly

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Church Leaders and the Great Reset

Dec 16, 2020

Not all Catholics are happy about where the Pope is heading on things like the Great Reset:

Yesterday I wrote about the Vatican and its involvement in “Inclusive Capitalism” and the Great Reset. In that piece I mentioned how not

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Lessons from the Prora Complex

Dec 14, 2020

If we do not learn from history, and real soon, we are all toast:

From the what? Hang in there – all will be explained in a moment. First, some background to this piece. The other night I was flicking

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Tech Giants and the War on Democracy

Nov 21, 2020

The media and tech giants are posing a very real threat to freedom and democracy:

Outfits like Google and YouTube and Twitter and Facebook are terrific on so many levels, and have been a massive help to millions of people.

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Creative Clarity on Abortion

Nov 15, 2020

Artists and others can share the pro-life message:

As with all controversial moral issues there is plenty of spin, hype, misrepresentation and euphemisms being utilised. That is especially so with those seeking to make excuses for great evil: they must

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Politics, Elections and Perspective

Nov 1, 2020

The big picture is needed when considering political wins and losses:

Things like politics and elections are very important of course. But they are not everything. And they come and go. Anyone who has a fairly strong political and ideological

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On Mass Deception and Tyranny

Oct 26, 2020

What does history tell us about mass hysteria and deception?

Yes it happens: the masses can be easily deceived and carried away with evil. Closely related to mass deception is mass hysteria. That these things happen – and far too

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End the Lockdown Madness Now

Oct 12, 2020

The experts are now nearly unanimous: lockdowns are counterproductive and must be stopped:

As more and more experts tell us that draconian lockdown measures are causing far more harm than good, we still have various political leaders digging in even

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The Great Barrington Declaration

Oct 10, 2020

20,000 medical experts say NO to draconian lockdown measures:

In just a few days 20,000 medical health experts have signed it, as have 180,000 members of the general public. I refer to an important new Declaration which gives lie to

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The Niagara Declaration

Oct 5, 2020

This new statement on religious liberty is well-worth being aware of:

Throughout the West the war on Christianity in particular and religious freedom in general is ramping up. Increasingly our liberties are being whittled down or taken away altogether as

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Speaking Truth To Power

Sep 25, 2020

Yes Christians are called to speak truth to power:

I realise that those who use the phrase found in my title are often those of the left – including the religious left and the social justice warriors. But it should

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