What others are saying about CultureWatch, both past and present:

“Bill Muehlenberg is a prophet who for decades has seen what few have. His insights into our cultural decline and what we must do to reverse it need to be understood by every Christian.”
Lyle Shelton, Christian Democratic Party, and former managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby

“Bill Muehlenberg is one of the most insightful, important cultural commentators today in the English-speaking world. He is not only incredibly prolific, but he is grounded in the Word, sound in his theology, conversant in church history and world history, and gifted with prophetic insight into the times in which we live. I have never visited his CultureWatch website without being blessed, edified, and educated.”
Dr. Michael L. Brown, American radio host, author, and apologist

“Bill Muehlenberg has been one of the most consistent Christian social commentators of the last fifteen years. At a time when the press has little motivation to seek Christian commentary on contemporary issues, Bill continues to be sought by them, demonstrating the great credibility that his intelligent and incisive comment has won. This is both a man and a ministry that demands Christians’ complete support.”
Jim Wallace AM, former Managing Director, Australian Christian Lobby

“I believe Bill Muehlenberg’s contribution to the people of Australia in the area of ‘sounding a warning’ on the many moral and ethical issues that are coming before us is critical. I am constantly amazed at the giftedness of this man with his ability to ‘keep his finger on the pulse’ of so many diverse situations that arise daily, and to inform his readership so that we as the people of Australia may be alerted and take responsible action. Bill was not born or raised in this land and yet, as one from afar, cares for it and loves it with a passion. Bill is a gift to us as a nation, and over the years I have seen him work tirelessly in making sure we know what is coming up in our States, Territories and the nation itself. I salute him and know that because of his convictions and commitment, Australia is a better place.”
Diana Hallas, Coordinator for A.C.T. Integrity Alliance

“If you want an informed, incisive, and balanced apologetic on the vital issues of our day, you need look no further than Bill Muehlenberg. Bill defangs, demystifies, and detoxes many vital topics so you can have a clearer view of what is at stake and what you can do about it. His uncompromising and courageous stance on the family and traditional values is sorely needed. I make it a point to read everything that Bill sends my way, not just because I want to… but because I need to.”
Rev. Kameel Majdali, Ph.D. (Melbourne), Director, Teach All Nations Inc., Melbourne

“I have known Bill Muehlenberg both personally and through his outstanding research and publishing. I did approach him some years ago to accept an appointment with me at Wesley Mission and on my NSW Parliamentary staff.  He is the most perceptive person in Australia on the issues of culture clash in the Australian society. My loss by his staying in Victoria is now the whole of Australia’s gain as he ministers to the nation. We need vision and insight like his!”
Rev. Dr. the Hon. Gordon Moyes, A.C., M.L.C., NSW MP and Director, Wesley Central Mission, Sydney

“Bill Muehlenberg is notable for the accuracy and thoroughness of his research, his commitment to the Christian faith, his conservative interpretation of its historic text, the Bible, and for his willing ability to withstand torrid opposition in the forum of ideologies in conflict against his well-reasoned positions.”
Dr. Stuart Robinson, Senior Pastor emeritus, Crossway Baptist Church

“For about 15 years, I have worked with Bill Muehlenberg in promoting the natural family. Over the same period of time, there have been major challenges in bioethics, in the use of the political, judicial and educational systems to change both our Christian culture and the basic institutions of our society. It is a time of urgent engagement in the public domain, of a deep knowledge of our beliefs and values and a use of the new means of communication in the modern world. Bill’s work in all these fields is of paramount importance and has assumed the form of a new Christian apostolate. I applaud his energy and zeal and trust that his efforts will reap a rich harvest.”
Dr. Joe Santamaria, former President, Australian Family Association, Melbourne

“Bill Muehlenberg is a brother in arms from way back, and a real Barnabas – son of encouragement – to less experienced labourers in the stubbly field of Christian activism. A walking encyclopedia of important research and information, yet quick to get the most effective sound bite through to a superficial media. A mind that ranges over every worrying social and theological issue of the past decades, yet doesn’t weary of that burden of care. A good companion. Bill has, it seems to me, sacrificed a lot in giving such time and energy to countering the culture of death and despair that threatens our children’s future, and we owe him our thanks. We must support this unassuming general in the culture wars ahead.”
David van Gend, Family Doctor, University Lecturer, Toowoomba, Queensland