Sleaze and the Super Bowl

Porn and sleaze are now everywhere. Indeed, the mainstreaming of porn has been going on for quite some time now. For example, music video shows like MTV or Rage in Australia are little more than vehicles for the continuous display of porn – at least soft core porn.

Pop stars today are indistinguishable from street-walkers. Slut-chic is all the rage, and our kids are soaking all this up big time. It is not just pop music, but all of pop culture which is inundated with sleaze, perversion and porn.

And even sport is plagued by all this. Flicking channels the other day I happened upon the LFL: the Lingerie Football League. You can see this sleaze spectacle on the weekends, thanks to our sleazy TV networks. Sport? Yeah right. Near-naked babes pretending they are engaged in professional sports.

This has absolutely nothing to do with football and everything to do with the mainstreaming of porn. Slutball may appeal to many perverts, and they can watch it all they want. But when the Seven Network decides to beam this trash into our homes on free-to-air TV, then we have a right to complain.

Of even a greater worry is one of the most watched sporting events of the year: the US Super Bowl. The 48th Super Bowl will be aired this Sunday to a global audience. So what does this have to do with sleaze? Plenty, unfortunately.

We already know that the half-time entertainment is getting raunchier and sleazier by the year. Who can forget the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” of Janet Jackson back in 2004 when 90 million viewers had to endure “nipplegate”. Boundaries are always being pushed here.

But I want to speak to something even more sinister and worrying. Consider a brief piece found in today’s paper: “A mum in the US has been arrested after police discovered she was pimping out her 15-year-old daughter to Super Bowl fans. Court papers show that Yolanda Ostoloza, 39, of Hollywood, Florida, was caught after police went online posing as johns.

“She had struck a deal with the undercover cops to give up her daughter for $200. ‘We came up here to work and make money with a pimp,’ she said. ‘I knew it was for escorting and prostitution (but) I thought my daughter was just going to do the fetish stuff.’ With the Super Bowl imminent, police are cracking down on the so-called ‘dark side’ of America’s biggest sporting event which has become a beacon for sex slavery.”

Indeed, this one story is just the tip of the iceberg. Sexual trafficking and the Super Bowl are now almost synonymous. As one recent article explains: “The NFL Super Bowl is happening this Sunday, Feb. 2, creating an influx of sex trafficking victims in the host city. As a result, there has been an increase in online advertisements for prostituted women on the Craigslist and Backpage websites for the New York/New Jersey area.

“In a quick search of Craigslist, Dawn Hawkins, executive director at Morality in Media, found more than 1,980 new ads selling prostituted women already posted before 10 am; the majority of these ads used pornographic images of each woman to sell sex. These ads were touted as Super Bowl specials, many claiming the woman or girl was new and ‘just in town for the weekend.’ Despite Craigslist’s claims to have taken this type of ad down, it is apparent they are not adhering to their policies.

“In a January 27 Congressional briefing, lawmakers addressed the issue of sex trafficking as a specific result of the Super Bowl. They called on local and federal law enforcement as well as hospitality workers to be aware of the signs and how to take action.

“’The links between pornography and sex trafficking are clear. Not only is pornography creating demand, it is also how the pimps market their victims!’ Hawkins said. ‘We are grateful that law enforcement is monitoring the situation, but that only helps on one side, when it’s too late. We need to educate people to stop the demand for this sexual exploitation.’

“Pornography drives the demand for prostituted women, propelling the global sex trafficking trade into mainstream society. Trafficking victims are also used in the production of pornography, as performers often suffer violence and coercion to carry out acts they do not consent to.”

Another article also makes for disturbing reading. It says in part: “What is indisputable is the fact that sex trafficking is all-too-real, and the NJ Coalition says using the Super Bowl to raise awareness is important. According to The Daily Beast, United Nations data show that ‘2.4 million people at any given time are trapped in trafficking situations, 1.8 million of them as sexual slaves. And women are the primary victims. Fifty-five percent of forced labor victims — and 98 percent of sex trafficking victims – are women and girls.’

“This year, once again, Super Bowl-area governments are getting involved in the effort. Police are being trained on what signs to look for, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the issue online and in-person attention via Twitter and a press conference.

“Anti-trafficking efforts sometimes take creative approaches. The organization Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (SOAP) says it will put out 100,000 bars of soap with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number in New York and New Jersey hotels and motels.

“In 2012, at Indianapolis’ Super Bowl, CNBC reports SOAP handed out 40,000 bars of soap, and saved two victims from trafficking. But the demand for prostitution grows. Back-page ads in alternative papers in the local area went up by more than 11-fold the week of the Super Bowl, says SOAP.”

It seems porn, sleaze and sexual debauchery are omnipresent today. Even our sporting events are now tainted by it all. So if you plan on watching the big game on Sunday, spare a thought for the many thousands of victims of sexual slavery during this period.

And resolve to do all you can – both personally and publicly – to fight against the porn and prostitution tsunami destroying our culture.

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  1. There’s a write up in The Weekend Australian on this horrid stuff too;

    “She speaks slowly at first, describing how she was lured from Korea to Australia in early 2012 by a “recruiter” who told her there was great demand in Melbourne for karaoke singers who could dance. It was well paid, it was secure, they said, and she naively believed them. Her shadowy sponsors paid for her flight to Melbourne and for her apartment, which she shared with five other young women. On her first day of “work”, Ji-min, who is barely out of her teens, was taken directly to a brothel. She was told she owed more than $8000 in travel and accommodation costs and that she would become a sex worker to pay off the debt – at a rate of $70 for each man she serviced. She wanted to run but had nowhere to go. She couldn’t speak English and had no money to return to Korea.”

  2. Are there any stats on our big games? State of Origin, AFL grand final, Cricket etc

  3. What about Romance. More and more on popular TV shows, the two Lead hero’s are shown to have a connection. Not an attraction as such but more of a sexual tension between them. Invariably, the first this is acknowledged between them is portrayed by a furious passionate kiss followed seconds later by the tearing off of the relevant clothing and ‘pounding’ away. Maybe none of you see it, but I see this as portrayed as ‘modern’ romance and it is being popularised. If fits perfectly with the modern ‘I am entitled so self gratification and I want it all NOW. Oops, not too relevant to the Super Bowl, but part of the same culture of sexual grooming.

  4. There were two fairly positive reports in the Adelaide Advertiser yesterday, which I happened upon by chance. The first I put on facebook. The second is detailed here and broadly connects with your report here. This attached report was front page news yesterday. Here’s the link:

    It’s interesting that this seems to have catch out our liberal humanist friends. Perhaps there is hope for co-belligerency in such causes with these our opponents.

    There was even a third article in the Adelaide Advertiser the day before that encouraged me a little; that it was in the paper. It was a report by Ali Clarke titled: “Kids suffer most in marriage breakdowns.”
    I mention it only regarding the potential of co-belligerency with the same group.
    This last report is of course less directly related to you your topic.

  5. And check this out for more horror stories from the Super Bowl and sleaze:

    “High school students, teens as young as 13 and other children reported missing by their families were among 16 juveniles rescued from forced prostitution during Super Bowl festivities in and around New Jersey, the FBI said Tuesday. Authorities arrested more than 45 pimps and their helpers, some of whom said they traveled to the New York region to traffic the women and juveniles at the NFL championship at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.”

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