Covid Conspiracy Realities

Our warnings – although ignored – have proven to be right:

One day soon a small library of books will be available documenting the madness that was the statist response to Covid. Indeed, a number of books are already out on the subject, with more on the way. I will soon publish an article featuring some of the best of these works.

One thing that will fill many of these forthcoming books will be lengthy lists, not only of all the lies and baloney we were fed, but lists of all the things that we warned about but were slammed for as being part of ‘conspiracy theories’ – yet they turned out to be perfectly true.

As has been quipped, the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is about three months. So many of the things we said, but were rejected out of hand, have turned out to be entirely correct. We warned of so many things yet were hated on and abused by so many.

Nearly a full two years ago for example I was warning that governments love to use a crisis to further consolidate power and control over the masses. I had many people getting real mad at me for that – even some Christians who said I was just being ridiculous. Um, two years on, and who is the one being ridiculous?

As I say, entire books will be filled with examples of this. They would include – just for starters – things like this:

-When we warned that we would be subject to never-ending lockdowns and “emergency powers,” we were derided as tin foil hat nutters and conspiracy theorists.

-When we warned that a two-tiered society would soon emerge where some would be discriminated against and treated unjustly, we were derided as tin foil hat nutters and conspiracy theorists.

-When we warned that hardcore lockdowns would cause more harm than good, we were derided as tin foil hat nutters and conspiracy theorists.

-When we warned that there would not be just one or two jabs but a never-ending supply of them, we were derided as tin foil hat nutters and conspiracy theorists.

-When we warned that those who had legitimate hesitancy about the jabs would be excluded from most basic human rights and be fired from their jobs, we were derided as tin foil hat nutters and conspiracy theorists.

If I saved all the hate mail and abusive comments I got from the Rona cultists – including plenty of folks calling themselves Christians – I would have more than enough material to fill a book of my own on all this. So many folks fully bought the narrative, fully drank the Kool-Aid, and fully bowed down and worshipped the State and its edicts.

If we ever wondered how seemingly normal people could have en masse supported something like the Nazi regime in Germany in the 30s and 40s, well, now we know. What is called mass psychosis formation (collective hysteria) is very real indeed, and the ability of would-be dictators to use fear as a tool to fully control the sheeple is now clearly evident. Just one quote on this:

Unfortunately, those caught up in the Mass Formation event cannot see the larger or wider implications of their actions. They are very much like a hypnotized person with their field of view narrowed down to a singular threat or risk they have been told is the one-and-only threat they must conquer. So all of their attention goes there. It focusses down. Nothing else matters. Eventually they transfer their anger and rage at that enemy – which is Covid today – upon a more relatable nearby object. Perhaps their neighbor. Perhaps the unvaccinated. Perhaps immigrants who are stealing their jobs, or those who aren’t taking Climate Change seriously enough. With that transference, the path has been laid to re-trod some of the most awful and inhumane periods of history. We’re there again and our own integrity demands that we do what we can to avoid going any further down that path.

I have watched with great horror as former friends and some ‘Christians’ have turned on me in the most ugly and hate-filled manner, denouncing me and reviling me. Just as so many Germans happily turned on and turned in their own neighbours and sometimes even family members, we see the same paranoia, hysteria and panic porn driving the Rona zombies today.

We have had so many folks living in complete fear who stayed at home, peering out of the curtains, ready to call the police when they saw anyone not masked up or not walking alone. The police snitch lines have been running hot the past few years. Such is the power of governments drunk on power who have managed to turn most of the population into fearful wrecks.

And there would be other things we can add to our lists of ‘we told you so’. Any time anyone suggested there might be powerful sinister forces at work here, that there might be globalists who are pushing for an end to national sovereignty, they too were denounced as conspiracy theorists.

But sadly such things do exist. There are such things as the Big State, as Big Pharma, and so on. And there do exist things like the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum, and Klaus Schwab. I have been documenting their agendas for a while now. See these articles for example:

And talk of one-world religion and the like is not far afield either. Plenty of religious groups are happily getting on board with some of these global efforts – and sadly that includes some groups that are at least nominally Christian. As but one example of this, someone just alerted me to this group: End Covid For All –

It seems its main aim is to get every last person on planet earth jabbed. They see this as what will finally save us all. And they have plenty of fellow-travellers on board – not just all the usual secular left suspects, but plenty of social justice warrior religious groups. Their endorsements and media proclamations are all mainly of the left as well: the ABC, the Guardian, and so on.

So here we have another globalist cabal latching on to its preferred panacea: jabs for everyone. Hmm, it seems not one question is being asked by any of these groups if these rushed vaccines which have not had proper clinical trials are in fact safe and effective.

No mention of just how many jabs each person on the planet is supposed to get. No mention if there will ever be an end to these jabs. It is as if these folks are convinced that the jabs are our long-awaited messiah, and there should be no questions asked.

You expect all the trendy secular left social justice groups that have signed up to this crusade to act this way, but the shocking thing is all the groups that claim to be Christian that have signed up and seem to see the jabs as saviour. Forget about the One True Saviour who is the answer to all the world’s problems – for these folks it seems the Jab has replaced Jesus.

I could end my piece here, but it might be a bit too depressing to leave it as is. So let me note that there is a major fightback going on, and we can take hope. The Canadian truckers freedom convoy is just one example of this. And perhaps things are starting to slowly turn, as more and more folks are beginning to wake up.

More and more folks are beginning to understand that they have been sold a bill of goods – indeed, that they have been lied to. I just came upon a post by my social media friend Glenn Christopherson which will serve as a fitting conclusion to this piece:

As the big narrative falls apart, some of my Christian friends are using increasingly desperate arguments to defend their wrong views. For the alleged follower of Christ who has demonised, treated with contempt and vilified those giving warning about this latest big government scam, the time for self justification is over and the time for humility and apology has arrived. Don’t just move on as if nothing has happened.


While in the early stages no one really knew what we were up against, it quickly became clear for those with eyes to see that the health measures had morphed seemlessly into godless authoritarianism. If my friends had studied their Bibles and took note of history, they would not have so quickly jettisoned any discernment or Spirit filled common sense.


So please lay aside your apples and oranges arguments, your appeals to the authority of hopelessly compromised “experts”, your fear based hysteria, your red herrings, your smug satisfaction when an “anti vaxxer” got sick or died and your total ignoring of the multitudes of fully vaxxed who sadly suffered from the virus or from reactions to the supposed cure.


We’ve reached the point where to continue the charade is not just to be misled but to be wilfully and sinfully ignorant. So my friend apologise to those you’ve wounded and repent to God for your choosing to stand with the abusers rather than to weep with the abused.


For Church leaders who quickly and cravenly bowed to Caesar and expelled from your fellowships those who had the good and godly sense to resist totalitarian demands on them and their children, you may need to examine whether you’re really cut out to be a shepherd of Christ’s flock. Heart felt apologies are certainly in order but resignations are a possible and a reasonable response.


To those who remained faithful to biblical values and loved their neighbours enough to resist the antichrist demands of Caesar and his cohorts, thank you for holding the line and remaining true to your biblical principles. God bless you. We’re nearly there on this scam but there will be more to follow. Hopefully some of the brethren have learned from your godly and courageous example.


Just as I was about to post this article I came upon a video that deals with 17 “Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True”. The very helpful and well-documented 39-minute video can be seen here:

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30 Replies to “Covid Conspiracy Realities”

  1. Hi Bill, You’re so right and right up with what’s happening: “The Narrative is Crumbling” – more every week.
    Our family too has been treated as lepers because we fail to abide by the governments’ directives and to follow the herd. Even people we’ve known for 50 years won’t see us because we’re unvaccinated (when according to the NSW health stats, the fully vaccinated are catching and spreading the Omicron virus 2.2 times more than the unvaccinated??).
    We try to follow the REALITY instead of the modelling, experts, health officials, media, politicians or other vested interests.
    We’ve seen first hand that “Fear is contagious, you can catch it from other people.”
    The Corona saga has proved similar to yours and our stands on the LGBTQI+ , the Transgender, and Climate Change situations in the past. History seems to be showing us it’s the majority that are drinking the Kool-Aid and wearing the tinfoil hats.
    As you say, at least we can gain some pleasure from again saying to ourselves “Well, we did warn you”.

  2. I think Grace To You (John MacArthur’s church) got the response to COVID right, and that their statement to the church at large was worth following. I have concluded that the issue for the church here has been one of discernment. Al Mohler said the church must not become a “coercive arm of the State;” but I also think the church should not naively go along with a lie, and should prepare the people for what is coming.

  3. Hello Bill
    I recently gave up on social media because it had become a place where everyone was shouting and no one was listening. We looked for likes and supporting comments but in the end it was meaningless.
    I have fought against a number of causes in my forty odd years as a Christian, including the covid madness, with generally the same outcome of losing.
    So I am reevaluating everything.
    The more I look at what I did the more I realised that I was fighting God’s battle. These fights were not mine. These fights belonged to the Lord.
    This is not to say that we should not speak up but that the earthly forum is not where the fight is and it is not where we are strongest.
    So I believe that my path is this:
    Love God above all else.
    Love the people, even though they may hate me.
    Discipline myself so that I am obedient to the teaching of God through His word.
    Train myself in God’s word.
    Pray regularly seeking first the desires of God above my own.
    Identify and bind the strongman.
    Forget about the church that has walked away from the truth because they will never be convinced and they are costing too much valuable time. They proclaimed to belong to God but really they were never His.
    Proclaim the truth even when it is not in fashion.
    Pray that God will do whatever it takes to turn this nation back to Him. This is the scariest prayer because I know fully what it means but it is also the most necessary. It may bring trials and difficulties to this nation but the people loved darkness when the times were good and so the people will get more than they desired. They will be filled with darkness until it makes them sick. Then they may turn to the Lord and repent.
    I say this as a citizen of this nation so it will also be uncomfortable for me but I can no longer see a solution that is easy so I will continue to pray that God will do whatever it takes until our nation turns.

  4. Conspiracy or Fact? Readers may like to hear more evidence and judge for themselves. The fact of conspiracy is now being seriously argued. is an 18 minute intro to the first session of Dr Reiner Fuellmich, with legal and medical experts, presenting a “Grand-Jury” style investigation seeking indictments against the Covid conspirators. The full version of the first session, 95 minutes, is at

  5. The podcast you provide in your first link with Dr Mattias Desmet on understanding mass formation psychosis is by far…so far, the most well balanced n comprehensive synopsis I have yet to listen to on this subject, Thank you Bill. Very important to listen all the way to the end even though it’s 50/60 long.

  6. Dear Bill,
    Stuart Bryant’s words rang loud in my ears. My wife has been asking for years ‘did you pray about that?’
    Then she would say ‘your trying to do God’s job.’
    Your letter I will print off and keep to read daily Stuart, thank you & Hod Bless your endeavours.
    As always Bill you sure is one of Our Lord Jesus Christ modern “Gems of Knowledge” thank you also.
    Mark Bryant

  7. Thank you Bill for all your great articles and also your readers responses.
    Stuart I feel the same as you I tried to draw people to the truth but people could only relate to the MSM. I too have gone with your direction and passed it over to God for the Holly Spirit to intervene and open their mind, eyes and ears for the truth to be exposed.
    I have found by doing this I still have a fairly stable relationship with my extended family even though my views are very different to theirs.
    Keep up the good work Bill your student (referring to myself) needs to hear the truth being told.
    I also really enjoy the clarifications of difficult bible passages.

  8. Great article Bill, I’ll certainly be eager to read some of the books that are due to be released on this subject, keep up the good work.

  9. Your final link – Conspiracy Theories which turned out to be true, is also really helpful as is the comments section here.
    It may be virtual but I believe He is utilising this forum which makes it a very nourishing meal for me during a time of intense hunger.
    When the movie The Matrix first came out I said …its not a movie its a documentary. I stand by that.
    Thank you for your work n love. Blessings to you n yours.

  10. They can whip me bloody and crucify me on a cross before I let them put that needle in me!

    They can put me in a Guillotine and watch me LAUGH at the blade as it severs my head from my body but I will NOT be jabbed!

  11. I am a ‘social friend’ of Glenn Christopherson and that is how I have come across you. It is good to see more bloggers speaking truth. I too am so encouraged by the Freedom Convoy and the fact that some countries are now relaxing their ‘mandates’ (not, alas, the country where I live – Cyprus, a small island in the eastern Mediterranean off the coasts of Turkey and Syria), however, this is still part of the ‘warm-up’, ‘stage-setting’ by Almighty God, Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, for the ‘great event’ which is, even now, on the horizon. Thank God we will not be here for that, will you?

  12. Hi Bill, Thanks for your continued godly “no holds barred” commentary on the issues you write about. It is such a shame that people have turned against you because you seek to expose the darkness by bringing light BUT, as you would no doubt agree, you are not the first, neither will you be the last.
    You continue to show courage under fire. Keep running the race. And may your witness stir more and more to seek the truth.

  13. This just in:
    Unvaccinated dad loses custody of kids; judge waves away dad’s research on jabs
    The father can file an urgent request to regain custody if he gets vaccinated, the court said
    By Brie Stimson | Fox News

    An unvaccinated father in New Brunswick, Canada, lost custody of his children, including an immunocompromised 10-year-old, after a judge ruled in favor of the mother late last month, according to reports.

    The parents, who were not identified in the court ruling, had separated in 2019 but shared custody of their three kids. Last year, the mother asked to have the custody agreement changed because the father and his new wife refuse to be vaccinated and in light of their daughter’s ongoing treatment for non-cancerous tumors in her blood vessels, according to CBC News.

    Justice Nathalie Godbout said she made the decision with a “heavy heart” but it was necessary for the child’s health amid the coronavirus pandemic and the recent effects of the omicron variant. The court also ruled that despite the father’s lack of consent, the mother could vaccinate the children.

    If the father gets vaccinated he will be allowed to ask the court in an urgent request to regain custody. In the meantime, he can video-chat or talk with his kids on the phone, the court ruled, according to the Canadian Press.

    “His own anecdotal research on such a highly specialized topic carries little to no weight in the overall analysis when measured against the sound medical advice of our public health officials,” Godbout wrote, according to the CBC.

    She added, “It is no contest: the current science in the face of a highly contagious virus far outweighs Mr. F.’s layman wait-and-see approach.” No comment was reported from the father.

    “This isn’t a case where she wants to take the children away from their father,” the mother’s lawyer, Grant Ogilvie, said after the ruling, according to the CBC. “This is what’s best for the children, period. She’s acknowledged this is going to have an impact on the children, but she said, ‘I have to do what’s best for them.'”

    A Quebec man also temporarily lost custody of his 12-year-old in December until February because he is unvaccinated, BBC News reported.

  14. Another great article Bill and I know God is keeping you strong and you will never ever give up.
    I listen to the Jerusalem Report.
    The speaker interviews many doctors who try to expose the false narratives who try and cover up the deaths in many Israeli hospitals where the deaths are 80% of fully vaxxinated patients.
    It is horrendous as Israel has the highest percentage, 4 jabs in the entire world and the deaths and serious side effects are destroying the Israeli peoples.
    In addition the Health Minister is doing everything he can to prevent the FACTS getting out.
    It is like a second holocaust of the Jewish people, but inflicted by the Israeli Government this time.

  15. We definitely need an in-depth inquiry and so does the U.S especially as to when the bureaucracies knew the facts and why useful medicines were banned and the claimed basis for overriding very basic medical rights, both for doctors and patients, plus other, very basic human rights plus the promulgation of now known, demonstrably false information.

    If the science can tell us absolutely whether the virus was manufactured through a gain-of-function process that is of massive importance to the world as well as is the funding behind it.

    Who was behind the fake scientific paper, with obviously and demonstrated false data, that undermined the use of hydroxychloriquine and which was withdrawn but only after creating untold damage? Clearly and obviously there was a corrupt motive behind this.

    Fairly obviously if the mistakes and corruption that have occurred can be prevented we need to ensure every effort is made to get to the bottom of things and do our best to ensure the corruption and errors do not ever happen again. Governments must not have the right to feed people false information no matter how noble they think the lie is and bureaucrats who think this is okay or who override people’s rights absolutely must be removed. To me this is not negotiable. The bureaucracies are meant to be working for the people, not the big pharmaceutical companies and politicians who promote this sort of public manipulation through the spreading of false information definitly need to be brought to account otherwise we are in the middle of what people like George Orwell warned about.

  16. Michael Weeks it is easier for mere man to raise the dead than anyone to get rid of bureaucrats and bureaucracies. A sad truth of modern government.

  17. Sorry Paul but what you need is politicians with gumption and the ability to present the truth via the media – not have the narrative controlled by the current corrupt public media which is why it is imperitive to start the purge of the blatant corruption there. For all his faults Trump showed that draining the swamp is possible but, obviously, it will not be easy and won’t happen over night but if we don’t fight then democracy justice and truth are well on the way to being overturned already. Obviously the bureaucrats often stick together and so it is not going to be an easy battle but it is definitely a necessary one.

    Step 1

    Destroy the corrupt and democracy destroying cabal that is the public media.

    Step 2.

    Remove senior bureaucrats such as those in the TGA who clearly and obviously worked against people’s rights and interests.

    There is no way the Australians of the past would have ever put up with the corruption we now see.

  18. You nailed it exactly Bill. Now for those who have perpetrated this gross crime against humanity to be charged with first degree murder of 100’s and 1000’s

  19. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for the article.You are spot on as usual.

    About the informers in Nazi Germany. Human nature doesn’t change much as there are no shortage of them in 2022. They have been encouraged by the MSM and governments of course by the excessive use of fear tactics just as they did in Nazi Germany.

    Someone reported to the police that some members of a congregation at a Catholic Church in Perth were not wearing masks. Consequently, a policeman swaggered in, interrupted the Mass,stood in front of the altar without removing his cap whilst checking on the maskless ‘culprits.’

    At another Catholic church three policemen waited outside to ‘catch ‘ all the maskless after Mass whilst yet another Catholic Church made the unvaccinated stay outside during Mass and only allowed them to come in for Holy Communion.Even St Mary’s Cathedral sees the need to offer a special Mass for the vaccinated so they will feel ‘safe’. I wouldn’t mind but the vaccinated are just as likely to spread Covid as the unvaccinated. Why would they be worried about Prince Charles giving it to the Queen if they weren’t? Apparently he is testing positive for Covid and HE of all people will have been vaccinated.

    Another time a small group praying the rosary on the cathedral lawns were told they were trespassing and the police were called by security whilst others, most likely non believers, were completely free to make use of the cathedral grounds in their lunch hour. All the rosary group had were their beads. No placards, loudspeakers etc Absolutely disgusting and unChristian. I call this blatant discrimination!

    The above is a sample of the leadership Catholics in Perth are having to put up with and they should have a good look at themselves. However, I am happy to say there are still a few Priests who are following the example of Jesus himself who stood up to the Jewish hierarchy of HIS time.We know from Biblical accounts that He wasn’t afraid to touch the disease ridden [the lepers] and if He were here today I am sure He wouldn’t agree with medical apartheid.

    What seems not to occur to these so called ‘Christians’ is that the unvaccinated have perfectly reasonable arguments for not being vaccinated and sometimes legitimate reasons.

  20. @ Patricia Halligan,
    I thought you might like to see a response I just received from someone who, like me, is able to post comments on the UK Broadsheet The Times as it ties in with what you are saying:
    “God created us with the intelligence and wisdom to be able to develop vaccines and you support the spurning of His gift.”
    Needless to say I asked the person whether the medical procedures performed by Mengeles et al on the Jews and others during the second world war were also God’s gifts!
    I have tried really hard to understand so-called pastors/vicars/priests etc and lay people who have been determined to stick to the satanic narrative and, in so doing, causing a great deal of stress to those who truly are seeking to walk well with Jesus to no avail, they are adamant.
    Thank you for telling us about this.

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