A Review of Merchants of Death: Global Oligarchs and Their War on Humanity. By John Hartnett and Augusto Zimmermann.

USA Press, 2023.

A new resource on the war we are in:

There are now quite a few very good books available which offer telling critiques of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, the elites and the globalists, and so on. Given how very pernicious and diabolical these groups and individuals are, they do need to be called out in no uncertain terms. See my earlier list of titles here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2022/05/15/top-21-books-on-the-great-reset-and-the-covid-wars/

This volume, one of the newest books on the topic, is penned by two Australian authors. Professor Zimmermann has already written or edited several books on the Covid Wars, on the war against freedom, and the need to challenge out-of-control statism and globalism. The authors of course look at the overseas situation, but also discuss Australian matters.

The book is a brief but cogent and well-documented examination of one of the greatest threats we face today. It really is, as the sub-title puts it, a war against humanity, and it needs to be opposed by all of us. The authors make it clear that we are not dealing with just “conspiracy theories”. When those pushing their evil agendas tell us openly and publicly what they intend, we better stand up and take notice.

Given that the whole world has experienced just how easy it has been for the statists and the globalists to take charge of every aspect of our daily lives in the name of saving us from a crisis or an emergency, we now must be much more alert to what these oligarchs have in mind. As such, the usual suspects are mentioned here, be they Schwab or Gates or Soros or the WHO or the WEF.

The Wuhan episode is of course discussed in the book, and the authors close their chapter on it with these words:

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has conveniently facilitated an authoritarian decision-making environment and created an unsustainable welfare state while crushing the independent sectors of the global economy. Hence, snitching, suppression of free speech, artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies, government-sanctioned discrimination against the unvaccinated, and the allocation of a social credit score have been used to facilitate the advent of a new world order by the global oligarchs.

Various other matters are raised here, be it the UN Agenda 2030, or the plan to implement things like 15-minute cities. The push to take away all our basic liberties, starting with taking away our gas stoves, gas-powered lawn mowers, and gas-fuelled automobiles is all a part of this. When the elites tell us we will ‘own nothing and be happy’ they are not joking. They mean it!

Image of Merchants of Death: Global Oligarchs and Their War On Humanity
Merchants of Death: Global Oligarchs and Their War On Humanity by Hartnett, Prof John Gideon (Author), Zimmermann, Prof Augusto (Author), Moens AM, Gabriël A. (Foreword), Cioccolanti, Steve (Foreword) Amazon logo

Consider how the UN will be hosting ‘The Summit of the Future’ in September 2024. Member states will be “invited to adopt an agreement to consolidate globalist policy reforms offered over the past two years, including the UN 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement.” Say the authors, approving such an emergency platform would

comprise the final step towards the institutionalization of a global dictatorship based on the principles of International Socialism, thus conferring to a few oligarchs the power to exercise absolute control over the lives of every human being on this planet. In other words, if the emergency platform becomes a reality, the world as we know it will basically cease to exist. We either fight against this tyrannical idea or risk losing everything come September 2024.

Supposed concerns about the state of the planet has long been used by the elites to carry out their very anti-human agendas. As the writers note: “History teaches us that some ancient civilizations killed their children to change the weather. They used to practice child sacrifice in an attempt to appease their gods and court their good graces.” Things are still the same today. How many will even abort their own child in the belief that it will help save the planet?

Newer voices, be they Paul Ehrlich, Bill Gates, or Prince Philip and King Charles, also seek to warn us that the world is about to end, and unless radical action is taken immediately, we are all doomed. Many of them invoke neo-pagan ideas and values as they do so. The over-population bogeyman is certainly alive and well.

The authors however – both Christians – remind us of a better way: “Instead of seeing humans as precious creatures conceived in the image of God, humans are perceived as aggressors against a pristine nature.” Indeed, it is interesting how the Great Reset elites are almost to a man hostile to and warring against biblical Christianity.

The final chapter of this book deals with this very matter. It opens:

Whether we like it or not we are in the middle of a war against God. Satan is the great imitator and to the global oligarchs he is their god. Through one world government, and global control of the financial and monetary system, they plan to control every aspect of our lives. This will include a cashless society and digital implantable ID technology, and a social credit system as in China. Vaccine passports or health passes with QR codes are only the beginning. The last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, gives us some clues as to what is going on here…

They finish the volume by reminding us that politicians, governments, the media, and the authorities – often even the police – are all failing us, and we must look to the early church for the way forward. There we find the first disciples facing a choice: they could either go with the mob – the safe and easy option – or they could go with Jesus and the minority.

The second option of course was costly. So many in the early church paid with their lives for their decision. Today we are really moving in the same direction, with the ruling classes, the elites, the globalists and the oligarchs all demanding our subservience. They will not settle for another king. But we all must choose.

In sum, one need not agree with everything stated in this slim volume. For example, Christians and conservatives can and do differ on things like some of the issues involved in the current conflict in Ukraine, and Western involvement in it. But the overall message of the book stands: there are those who are happy to exploit conflicts like this – and use other means – for their own ends.

Too many of those who have said the world is far too endangered and have claimed that radical action is required to turn things around are more than happy to use whatever means necessary to achieve their aims – even by exploiting or manufacturing various crises. Covid scares and climate alarmism are just two recent examples of this.

Thus we must remain vigilant, and a volume like this helps us to see just what is at stake.

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  1. Thanks Bill for this posting. Watch the Albanese Government fall into line with any globalist decisions at the UN Summit of the future 2024. Then the Church will have to go back to being the salt to the earth. Rod Drehrer’s LIVE NOT BY LIES is good preparation for what we could face. Small groups of Bible Study and prayer as they did behind the Iron Curtain.

  2. Thanks for this reveiw Bill, I am so glad that there are prominent voices flagging the encroaching tyranny that has already darkened our doorstep. I don’t know if this is the place to mention it, but as you exhort us to remain vigilant, I would point people toward the treaty that is to be signed in May 2024 by 192 different countries which will pass sovereignty for pandemic response over to the WHO – the key issues being that this means travel and access to public resources will be controlled, and even worse they will be controlled by a foreign group, and we can be sure that this is a precursor to a personal carbon credit which will be part of a “social score” which will determine our standing before gov’ts and what they allow us to do.

    It is so important we stand agains this – a petition is avialble at CitizenGO or you can include this link if that’s OK.

  3. Bill Gates’ father served on the board of Planned Parenthood when the organization was still in its infancy — a re-branded organization that arose from the American Eugenics Society.

    Bill Gates admits to his population reduction plan :


    (“Fruit not falling far from the tree”)

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