Eerdmans and Woke Christian Publishers

Another Christian institution sells its soul:

Some of the biggest and most famous Christian – and mainly evangelical – publishing houses in America would include the following: Baker, Zondervan, Kregel, IVP, Westminster John Knox Press, and Eerdmans. I often tell my students that when they are checking out a new book, trying to figure out if it is worth buying, one of the things they should look for is the publisher.

Generally speaking the sorts of Christian publishers I mentioned above are more or less reliable to give us solid Christian books. Not always, but for the most part. (One also looks at who the author is, the blurbs of others, and so on.) But some religious publishers are quite theologically unorthodox and politically liberal, so they are usually worth avoiding.

Others tend to be far more dependable. Imagine my massive disappointment when I was alerted today about one of the biggest Christian book publishers that seems to have gone full tilt apostate as it joins in with the ungodly and immoral June homosexual pride month. I refer to Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Of interest, several other big time Christian publishers are also located there, including Baker, Zondervan, and Kregel. Grand Rapids has a large Dutch Reformed population, and institutions such as Calvin College are located there. So it has had a strong religious background, at least earlier on.

Of course over the years some Christian publishers have been moving away from orthodox, conservative and biblically faithful titles. That has certainly been true of Eerdmans, which has been publishing more and more decidedly lefty and theologically unorthodox volumes.

But this pride madness really does take the cake. And do not take my word on this. On their Facebook page Eerdmans has this:

Books to read for Pride Month.

Wherever you stand or whatever you think you know, #PrideMonth is an important time to take a step back, listen to real stories, and seek to understand.

Here are some books to help you do that!

And if you follow that link to their website we find this:

June is Pride Month, and you’ve probably seen countless businesses touting their rainbow flags, multi-colored logos or raising their support in different ways. Yet, there is still such disunity and unrest on this topic, among people of faith especially.

We find ourselves at a time again where we should be willing to listen and seek to understand those in the LGBTQ+ community who are simply fighting to be seen and heard, cared for and loved.

This month, as an Eerdmans reading community, we hope you’ll take time to listen. Check out some of our upcoming and previously published books that give a voice to wonderful stories of life, love, rocky relationships, and what the Bible has to say about it all.

Are you for real Eerdmans? Pride in what God calls an abomination? Pride in what Scripture condemns in no uncertain terms? Pride in a sinful lifestyle that is sending people to a lost eternity? So Eerdmans, do you celebrate Sodom and Gomorrah Day as well? This is appalling.

And homosexuals are “fighting to be seen and heard”?! Are you serious Eerdmans? There is no other group in America – or on the planet – that is heard and seen as much as the homosexual lobby. They really do have the greatest platform possible to push their agenda.

Everywhere we turn we see their militant agenda being force fed down our throats, be it in media, law, politics, entertainment, popular culture, education, and even our churches. It is EVERYWHERE! The rainbow militants are ubiquitous, and no one can avoid seeing their activist crusades and being bombarded with their propaganda.

The ones who are NOT being seen and heard are biblical Christians who still remain faithful to the Word of God. And even more invisible – and despised and rejected – are all the ex-homosexuals: those who were deeply involved in the homosexual lifestyle, only to be radically set free and redeemed by Christ. Try finding their stories anywhere in the public arena! And try finding their stories at Eerdmans!

Indeed, I just looked at a bibliography I have been compiling on homosexuality over many years. It contains around 150 titles, all of which present the biblical position of this issue, offer titles on counselling, feature stories of those who left the homosexual lifestyle, and even has pro and con debate books about this subject.

I assumed that of course some of the earlier volumes on my bibliography would at least be Eerdmans’ titles. But I just took a look: I was shocked to find NOT ONE! Not one single book by Eerdmans affirming the biblical position on homosexuality. Not one.

Sure, there are plenty of books published by Eerdmans that I do not have. But I must say, I believe I have just about every solid title that is out there which affirms the Christian view on homosexuality. And not one of them is from Eerdmans. Shame Eerdmans, shame.

Eerdmans is not alone in all this of course. We have seen too many churches, denominations, pastors, Bible colleges, seminaries and so on that have all sold out over the years on this and related issues. So Eerdmans is not the sole focus of my concerns. But as I say, for so long it was one of the top Christian publishers that so many of us made use of.

Of the many thousands of Christian books I have, probably several hundred at least would be Eerdmans’ titles. Thus my great disappointment and consternation to see them hopping on board the radical homosexual bandwagon and telling us to take pride in an immoral and deadend lifestyle.

Christians should NEVER take pride in sin – whether their own or that of anyone else. Sin is to be denounced and condemned and avoided at all cost, and we are to pray for sinners to come to Christ in faith and repentance, leaving behind the sins that sent Christ to the cross.

All that groups like Eerdmans are doing is nailing Christ back up onto the cross. That is absolutely despicable. As I just wrote on the Eerdmans FB page:

“We NEVER should take pride in sin – any sin. And speaking biblical truth is not being hateful. It is the most loving thing a faithful Christian can do. Shame on you Eerdmans.”

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  1. All that Eerdmans and others need do is to listen to their language such as the LGBTIQA+ use of ‘inclusive’. If we succumb to include everything then there is no such thing as sin or God’s word which condemns adultery; homosexuality; bestiality; murder etc.
    Also, the LGBTIQA+ have identified over 132 genders thus far – what happened to God saying I created them male and female?
    Further, to address this lunacy, I give two examples of ‘inclusive’ and 132 genders:
    1. ‘Surgender’ – means that a person is 100% of something and a litle left over for something else; and
    2. ‘Objectophilia’ – means that a person can fall in love with objects. What kind of object? Any kind of object such as a train station or a pot-plant etc.

    We used to put lunatics in the Asylum. Now, the lunatics are putting us in the Asylum.
    For anyone who thinks that I am making up this nonsense – look it up and then make up your own mind as to what your silence has created.

    John Abbott

  2. What happened to Eerdmans? When were they infiltrated and by who?

  3. Making the rounds stateside….playing with Pride Month you find DEMON encoded priDEMONth

  4. Francis Shaeffer had warned the Evangelical church back in the 70s, especially with The Great Evangelical Disaster. Chapter 2 The Watershed moment as I recall is about the moment that the Evangelical church stopped believing in the inerrancy in Holy Scripture… and it’s been compromising ever since.

    Death in the City is one of my favourites by this crucial apologist. He says so rightly in his commentary on Roman’s 1 that spiritual and cultural death always starts in the mind. Their THINKING became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

    So he says the innate rebellion of unregenerate man starts internally and then you have the inevitable external consequences…. how fallen mankind then sins against their own bodies by doing what is unnatural.

    For a so called ‘ Christian’ organisation to compromise in this way…..thwir thinking had become futile and their foolish hearts darkened by the God of this world.

    As we know God gave them over 3 times in Roman’s 1 culminating in God’s judgment on the mind…. He gave them over to a debased or depraved mind….. Welcome to contemporary Western culture.

    Starts with thinking that becomes futile….. and finally becomes depraved. V29-32 reveal the characteristics of a depraved mind. That’s where we’re at.

    The church didn’t listen to Francis Shaeffer back then and his predictions are what we are living through.

  5. This is such a disappointment. But, a sign of the times.
    Are they still independent or owned by a bigger, liberal conglomerate?
    Thanks for the alert.

  6. Thanks Fred. Many of the big Christian publishers are indeed now owned by larger secular outfits. I would have to check and see if that is the case with Eerdmans.

  7. The Word of God stands true for all eternity. It gives God’s standards for all believers and all who read His Word , whether for the first time or 300 th time etc.Therefore His Truth outweighs any feelings; wants or desires we have otherwise.

  8. Somewhat in this connection, I attended a webinar by an ostensibly Christian-operated survey company. The session opened with the tedious and tendentious ‘acknowledgement of country’ and some time later we were treated to an opening prayer. But one cannot get past the fact that what is first said expresses the fundamental allegiance of the event and is the orienting basis for all that follows. Christ is now subservient to animist land and ancestor worship, it seems.

    A number of attendees also indicated the putative tribe upon whose lands they lived (with all the luxuries and benefits of a modern economy and a Christian tradition, mind you). No mention of Richard Johnson, the first Christian minister in NSW and therefore Australia.

  9. Hi Nigel yes it is the first step on the descent of the modernists:,_E._J._Pace,_Christian_Cartoons,_1922.jpg

    You have a couple of generations now raised to have unhealthy levels of pride in themselves (being CONSTANTLY PRAISED and told they were God’s greatest gift to humanity) and everything they do so is it any wonder they find nothing wrong with pride in who you have sex with?

    We have to remember many Christians worship an IDOL. Yes they call that idol Christ but that doesn’t make that idol Christ. They have created a Jesus of their imagination one who looks like them is cool with ANYTHING they do and just wants to have fun. One whose greatest commandment is to always be NICE to EVERYONE. ANYONE can claim to be Christian but only TRUE Christians can actually prove it. IDOLATRY ABOUNDS in the WEST we just don’t recognize it because it unfortunately goes by the same name as our faith. We don’t just need missionaries to go out and covert the pagan, which would be ANY non Christian faith, world but we need one to go to churches and covert the IDOL Christians into REAL Christians!

  10. I have gay work colleagues who are being seen and heard so much in recent times that everyone else is feeling unheard. We are all being pressured to sit and listen to them, to watch their videos and read their materials during work time – encroaching more and more into the time we have been funded to provide services for our client group. We have put up all the flags at the front door, letting them know that they are accepted at our office, at the same time communicating to others who may have experienced abuse at the hands of such folk that they are not welcome at our offices and likely will not be heard over and above those who have a flag.

    I also share my office space with a gay colleague, and I have no choice but to listen as he relates his experiences on gay dating sites and his past relationships. Yes, we have had some good conversations about things, and I often take advantage of the opportunities he raises, but it is something he feels the need to do constantly. I wonder how far I would get if I tried to take this to management in the form of a sexual harassment complaint – I feel I cannot ask him to stop, because we have new policies in place in which part of the written definition of homophobia is ‘to feel uncomfortable in the presence of homosexuals.’ I believe an objection to his conversation in the office would not be seen as a sexual harassment complaint but it would be interpreted as me feeling uncomfortable in his presence, thus contravening that policy instead.

    When people have an insatiable need to talk about things, I believe that they are not convinced about the strength or truth of their own position. It is a form of self-justifying self-talk in an attempt to convince themselves that they are right. They do actually doubt it. But the other side of this is that this insatiable need to talk about this stuff also serves as indoctrination of those who disagree – done unconsciously by some, such as my work colleague, but in most cases done consciously to further the agenda. After all, the more people you can get onside, the less you have the need to justify yourself, and you move closer to widespread acceptance, or apathy.

  11. Dear Bill,
    It is disheartening to see so many cultural institutions / businesses going this direction, giving in to the ‘woke’ mentality.
    The infiltration by this WOKENESS reminds me of that 1958 classic sci-fi “The Blob” that attaches itself and absorbs its victim, growing larger with each consumption.

  12. We recently had something in the States called the trans day of visibility because apparently NO-ONE can see them or knows they are out there.

    Think about this every time they ask for something it’s because without it they’re second class citizens they say but every time they get that thing they say is keeping them second class the find something else that is making them second class citizens. Nothing is ever enough. They are always second class citizens always in need of something to be given to them, which naturally takes something from someone else, but they never get that “we’ve made it” satisfaction that point of equality they’re still empty yet they don’t admit THEY are the problem but they continue to blame and punish us for their inability to feel whole. Even if they killed all the Christians and conservatives in the world they STILL wouldn’t be whole and they would feel that incompleteness. Yet God is still the one answer they refuse.

  13. It all starts with Genesis. If the publisher accepts the false idea the earth is millions of years old then all the other heresies follow in quick succession. It’s what you could call a leading indicator.

  14. A good and educated read Bill. Thank you. What you have been saying on fb now makes sense.
    Substitute the word ‘pride’ with adultery. All that you wrote matches the sin of adultery.
    Adultery is a sinful lifestyle sending millions to hell. Do we support what God calls an abomination?
    God hates sin.

  15. Thanks for the update. It speaks of a great and tragic decline into yet another ‘culturally accepted sin.’ We of the older generation can see it clearly but the recent generations may be confused unless they examine scripture and ask for God’s to reveal what he says about the sins of the flesh.
    I read recently the Roman empire was filled with the sin of homosexuality and it was totally acceptable. The Emperors frequently had male slaves as a ‘wife’. Needless to say, the Roman Empire continued to deteriorate as sins increased and infiltrated society.
    Paul made it very clear in Galations where God stands on that subject and John in Revelation showed those practicing sins of immorality or homosexuality could not enter the Holy City. May God have mercy on our current generation and also may Christians examine the word more and not liberal books from publishers trying to win t he world’s approval..

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