Naomi Wolf Wants Us To ‘Face the Beast’

It is time we wake from our slumber:

It is interesting how some individuals make a radical about-face as they become aware of inconvenient truths and unpleasant realities. That was true of so many people who endured the Covid years. They came to see that something was not right, and that so much of what we thought to be true just wasn’t. They came to realise that they were being lied to. They were being conned.

Many such people can be mentioned, but American writer Naomi Wolf is certainly one of them. She has been on a real journey in this regard.  In her brand-new book, Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age (Chelsea Green, 2023) she continues to speak out on vitally important issues that she has addressed in previous volumes.

For example, in 2007 she released The End of America, and in 2022 she came out with The Bodies of Others. See my review of that later volume here:

Everything that happened in 2020-2022 really turned her world even more upside down than it had been. Like so many others, she came to see that something very sinister – even Satanic – was happening. She had been such a key part of the woke, progressive left for so many years, but the Covid Wars made it clear that most of the left was NOT on her side anymore. Or rather, she was no longer on their side.

Her new book deserves a proper review, which I hope to do soon. But just alerting people to it, in the form of quoting from her Introduction, will have to suffice here. It alone is worth sharing far and wide. Early on she speaks of how the world changed, pre- and post-Covid. She says this about how things so radically changed:

This story begins in the “Before” world.


“Before” the years 2020 to 2022, when a set of policies based on abject lies posed an existential threat to our democracy and our way of life….


“Before” the Left – the subculture that used to stand for human rights, freedom of speech, real science, critical thinking, and skepticism about Big Government and Big Corporations, let alone about their merger, and that used to fight against discrimination and inequality—fell into a trance in which that same group became champions of censorship, and of a two-tier society in which some people, as the pigs declared in Animal Farm, are “more equal” than others; and fell prey to magical thinking and cultlike behavior.


“Before” the media—which used to see itself as the source of investigation of elite powers; which used to ask questions about received narratives; which used to demand that its journalists produce evidence and independent verification before drawing conclusions in print—were bought out by Big Government via the CARES Act, and by Big Pharma directly, and by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to the extent that almost all legacy media became unquestioning stenographers for interested parties aligned with the global powers who dictated the harmful nonsense.


I miss the “Before Times.”

Image of Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age
Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age by Wolf, Naomi (Author) Amazon logo

She goes on to discuss in detail how she was cancelled by the very people and organisations she was once such a big part of:

The moment I began asking basic questions on my Twitter feed specifically about the novel mRNA injections—the kinds of questions I had asked for three decades about silicone breast implants; about high estrogen levels in birth control pills; about dangerous IUDs; about vaginal mesh, or industrial hospital birthing practices and high for-profit C-section rates—my bio changed everywhere, online, and all at once. Instead of being described as a leading voice of Third Wave feminism, with a string of honors, degrees, and awards after my name, I was now identified from the first sentence, on Wikipedia and everywhere else, as a “conspiracy theorist.” Not being aware yet that Al had already been deployed journalistically, I did not even understand how that overnight change in my reputation had been accomplished.


I began to be left out of the social events that had resumed, in New York, after almost everyone had rushed to get vaccinated; I was cut off the guest lists that had once sought to have me. Hostesses told me that I was no longer welcome, as the hosts were “being careful.” . . . It was as if a hex had been cast over everyone I loved, and over the entire culture in which I had, till so recently, felt so at home.

As she increasingly became public enemy No. 1 by her former friends and colleagues, she discovered that her ideological home was now with those from the right, not the left:

This global reputational attack proved to be both a heartbreak and an opportunity. My life completely changed. I thought that no one would ever want to hear from me again; but, paradoxically, conservative, libertarian, and independent news outlets and podcasters—a whole world of citizens who cared, as I did, about the Constitution, and about women and babies—sought me out. My life changed even more powerfully when in early 2022, the Pfizer documents were released via court order—the FDA had asked the court to keep them hidden for seventy-five years—and I was prompted by Steve Bannon on his podcast, WarRoom, to organize scientists and physicians into a phalanx of experts to read through the highly technical documents and to write reports explaining what was in them.

She goes on to describe what it is she seeks to achieve in this book:

What readers will find in this book is a story of a world that changed, bit by bit, into its dark opposite. I am sure it mirrors many of their own stories.


On looking back, I see that I sought to describe three things. First, I wanted simply to be an accurate and reliable witness to a world in a state of degradation and, I hope, also to testify to seeds of its rebirth. In this task, I bore in mind a work by an “ordinary citizen,” a German scholar of French literature, Victor Klemperer, who kept a journal during the descent into barbarism of the Nazi years. It was published as I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years, 1933–1941. When I read that book, I realized how important it was to have such journals, since they record indeed how fascism does not descend overnight, but moment by moment, loss by small loss. I was also very moved by and related to Klemperer’s stance squarely in the ideals of the Enlightenment—in his belief that culture and literature, the ideals of civilization, cannot be abandoned and must ultimately surely save us again. His faith in the ideals of the Enlightenment, and of a civilized culture, heightened his shock and outrage when those ideals were trampled before his eyes. I too feel, as I witness the destruction of our world today in the West, that we must cherish the memories of a civilized and literate society if we are to save one another and rebuild. So, one task I set myself was simply to, as Klemperer did, “bear witness.”


A second theme that drove the writing of this book was my slow-dawning realization that we were not in a normal time of normal bad human politics and normal bad destructive material choices. I realized gradually that the degradation taking place on the material plane simply reflected or manifested a much larger battle—indeed a spiritual battle; one between Good and Evil themselves, and that God—whom till now I hesitated to mention in public—was of course central to what we were witnessing; and He is central, I slowly realized, to whether or not we will survive.


Lastly—relatedly—this book is about how I realized that the pandemic, lockdown, and mandate policies strove to destroy human love, care, and intimacy; that it was human love, care, and intimacy that have saved us, individually and collectively, and that will save us again, if we are to be saved. And I discovered that it is only in human love, care, and intimacy, ultimately, that God lives, and moves in, and rescues, if they are to be rescued, our lives.

The two final paragraphs of her Introduction are also worth featuring here:

This is the story of my cancellation, my survival, my witnessing of an all-out attack on humanity, and my stumbling into an awareness of what holds us and upholds us all.


And this is an account of the unseen gifts and energies and presences along our way; the help and resources—especially as they derive from within our own hearts, deeds, and consciences, human actions that apparently call forth angels—that I believe, in spite of it all, still can save us.

As mentioned, a proper review of this important new book will hopefully be forthcoming soon. But it is hoped that just by quoting parts of the Introduction, I have encouraged many of you to go out and get this book. And it is nearly Christmas, so why not buy a second copy and give it to a friend?

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  1. I have been convinced for some time that the reason God chose Jacob and the Jewish people was not because they were particularly righteous, they clearly were not, but because they are very capable and because of Satanic attack, they were going to need to be. I think Naomi Wolf is a good example, not only of that inherent capability but also of the predicted end-times waking up of the Jewish people. We just need millions more, not just Jewish but also atheists, agnostics and any other group with a heritage of respecting truth.

    Unfortunately, for some time now, the Jewish mentality, especially in the U.S, has been very closely aligned with atheistic thinking and hence socialist ideas, so it is very interesting to see that spark of Jewish heritage result in a questioning of what is happening and then leading towards truth.

    I have not read her book but on one of her online interviews one of her many excellent points was how media has gone from an expectation that they should be giving the facts and information for people’s evaluation, to now believing the right thing to do is say whatever is necessary to manipulate people into doing what they believe is the right behaviour. Nowhere is this more obvious than in how “our ABC” now dysfunctions.

    She is also completely correct in realising how this is demonstrated in the lock-step misinformation, that was promulgated around the globe regarding the Covid shots, telling people that the shots, lockdowns, keeping indoors, etc. were necessary to prevent the spread of the disease and that the alternative medications etc. must be discouraged and disparaged to ensure people took the shots, irrespective of the facts and effectiveness of the shots and the other approaches, which, obviously, were never mutually exclusive approaches anyway. This was just what people had to be told to produce the desired outcome. This, of course, is straight from Marxist, socialist, tyranny producing strategies and unfortunately, the zeitgeist which produces this thinking is now working world wide.

  2. In the mid-19th century, Daniel Webster said, “If religious books are not widely circulated among the masses in this country, I do not know what is going to become of us as a nation.

    If truth be not diffused, error will be; if God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancy.

    If the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will.

    If the power of the Gospel is not felt throughout the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness will reign without mitigation or end.”

    His prophetic words about Great Britain have, in the course of time, revealed what is happening in modern Australia. I recently attached these words to our new church library.

  3. Hi Bill
    Just to let you know, I receive stuff – emails and referrals – from Naomi Wolf and others but I haven’t been inclined to read much of it, simply because of the need to focus on the most helpful material. But thank you Bill, your two reviews or blogs that I received today from you, I found very encouraging indeed. I have also passed your review onto another friend and expect to pass it on again.

  4. Wow Bill – loving it…and the 2 other pieces….re: Naomi….
    Such an early but much appreciated Christmas Gift.

    How I long for my darling husband and 23yr old son to ‘wake up’….but more importantly embrace Jesus.
    Father God, please continue to help me live out YOUR love, care and intimacy….because all I want to do (and many times do) is the opposite with my 2 men.

    Thankyou Jesus for being the PERFECT example and touching the hearts of these high profile figures, like Naomi and Jordan who are impacting so many others and bringing them to a knowledge of You.
    And Blessings upon Blessings and LOVE for Our Warrior, Bill who will spend his 1st Christmas without his beloved wife, Averil.

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