Wolf on Pfizer, China and Corruption

The shocking things that are happening behind the scenes:

Naomi Wolf is a gutsy woman. And for daring to think outside of the box, to reject groupthink, and to turn from her past woke belief system, she has had to pay a heavy price. She has been abandoned and dis-endorsed by so many of her former leftist colleagues, friends, and peers.

Especially for daring to question Big Pharma and Big Government, and for not getting the experimental jab, she has been ostracised, criticised, and demonised by many. But she keeps on keeping on. This is now my fourth article on her newest book, Facing the Beast: Courage, Faith, and Resistance in a New Dark Age (Chelsea Green, 2023). It may not be my last.

I should mention that this book is more of a memoir of her experiences over the past few years. Those wanting a fuller treatment of the Covid Wars, of Schwab, the WEF, the WHO and so on should see her 2022 book, The Bodies of Others. I reviewed that volume here: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2022/06/02/a-review-of-the-bodies-of-others-by-naomi-wolf/

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Here I want to focus on just one chapter of her newest book, chapter 11, which spends a bit more time examining what groups like Pfizer have been up to – including the Chinese connection. Here is part of what she writes:


The heart of the manufacture and distribution of millions of doses of the MRNA vaccines that have caused such a swath of death and destruction throughout North America and Western Europe is enmeshed with the plans, methods and manufacturing infrastructure of our existential adversary. The enemy is within our very bodies.

Since I first started reading the reports produced by the 3,250 medical and scientific experts of the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers team, based on the 450,000 Pfizer documents released under court order, I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong, not just a greedy pharmaceutical company and a regulatory agency that was fully corrupted, but rather, or additionally, I was seeing a massive act of war.

When I saw the eighteen months’ worth of sudden deaths, slow deaths, encephalopathy, strokes, heart attacks, pericarditis, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre, Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, blue-green breast milk, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, neonatal seizures, neonatal multiorgan system failure, liver damage, kidney damage, suppressed lactation, suppressed sperm count, disrupted menses, all detailed the Pfizer documents; when I saw the fact that 34,000 plus of the 42,000 plus “adverse events” case reports – meaning “patients” – itemized in the first three months of the rollout of the Pfizer injections, were sustained in the US — with the next largest group being in Western Europe – and that the fifty-six countries around the world that also had Pfizer injections rolled out amounted to only a bit over 7,000 case reports total — I knew I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but rather that I was seeing an act of war.

When I saw the doubling of neonatal deaths in country after country, the rise of 34 percent above normal in stillbirths and spontaneous abortions for vaccinated versus unvaccinated mothers; when I saw that 3,816 vaccinated women in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database lost their babies — 57 percent of all the neonatal deaths in all the time that VAERS records had been kept; when I saw that of 32 pregnancies followed in the Pfizer documents, 28 of the unborn babies died; when I saw the rise of 40 per cent in death rates and the shocking rise in cases of disability in the West – I knew I was not seeing just medicine gone wrong on a massive scale, but that I was witnessing an act of war.

When I saw that you could boost the lethality or the damage caused by the injection by simply changing how dilute the solution is, or simply by reassigning which brand you use – with Moderna (100 mcg) far more damaging than Pfizer (30 mcg) — I knew that I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong on massive scale, but an act of war.

When I saw a study out of Hong Kong in 2021 — a study that, of course, was answerable to the CCP — that revealed that a second dose (a “booster”) into the bloodstreams of mice, resulted in visibly enlarged hearts with white patches that could be seen by the naked eye, as well as cytokine storms and liver damage, I realized that the two-dose regime and then the “boosters” were slow but progressive ways to damage and then destroy the health of Western patients. The study concluded: “Post-vaccination myopericarditis is reported after immunization with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines.”

And yet with this CCP-overseen finding, that by injecting mammals with the MRNA vaccine, their hearts were visibly damaged, the worldwide injection program kept going – I know that I was seeing not just medicine gone wrong massive scale, but an act of war.

We were told that Pfizer/BioNTech is a German company. But it is actually a German-Chinese company. Since I first found that Pfizer/BioNTech had an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Fosun Pharmaceuticals, a major CCP-linked pharmaceutical company based in Shanghai, to make the Pfizer/BioNTech MRNA vaccines, I knew that with a bit more digging I would find China at the heart of these acts of war.

Indeed, Fosun is not separate from the CCP; it is the CCP: Fosun acquired almost half of Sinopharm. Sinopharm is owned, in turn, directly by the Chinese State and thus reports directly to the CCP. The initial BioNTech/Fosun MOU seems to imply that all of the BioNTech/Fosun joint ventures’ activity is in China, or in regions aligned with or close to China. But is that now the case? Fosun Pharma did not stay in China. It came here. Fosun Pharmaceuticals is now also Fosun Pharmaceuticals USA, with branches for R&D and product formulation in Boston and Princeton, New Jersey. In other words, it is producing formulations and products in the US for distribution in the US and around the world.

Fosun Pharma USA offers potential partners: “A global reach with a focus on the United States and China markets”. It offers “US Rights” and “Global Rights” as well as “China Rights.” The FDA filing for the Fosun Pharma USA facility says the facility is authorized to “develop specifications,” including for the PCR tests and antigen tests it creates, and that the facility can also have US agents.

This is crucial. Fosun Pharmaceuticals does not just partner with Pfizer/BioNTech to make the COVID-19 vaccines: they make, as noted, the PCR tests that are the one primary metric that determine the scale of the pandemic in North America and Western Europe and thus the lockdowns of whole countries, whole industrial sectors.

A CCP-run company, and CCP-created product, thus, decides — who can go to work or school, who must close his or her shop, who can or cannot travel — in Europe and the US. A CCP-run company decides the formulation of the PCR and antigen tests that go deep into the nasopharyngeal cavities of Westerners who are forced, week after week, to test and test and test with these products.

This CCP-owned hybrid entity is creating the diagnostic instruments that determine the scale of pandemics in the West. The CCP can thus dial it up or down.

It also makes millions of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA injections, the Merck COVID-19 pill Molnupiravir, the Pfizer COVID-19 pill Paxlovid—for which Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla signed a contract with the US government to provide 10 million doses for $5.29 billion in 2022—all this for the US and for ten other countries including those in the EU.

These are all formulated and distributed by a company leading directly to the Chinese Communist Party.

When President Biden does a deal with Pfizer/BioNTech in the millions of dollars, with our tax money, he is giving a substantial portion of the funds to China. When he spends tax dollars via omnibus bills for PPE, including millions for PCR and antigen tests, he is writing checks to—China….

So take all of the above, and map it against the 158,000-plus adverse events in the Pfizer documents, the deadly harms to reproduction, the babies in seizures; map it against the population drop, the rise in disabilities; map it against the rigid, cruel vaccine mandates aimed at Western defense forces (Canada’s, and Australia’s, and all of Western Europe’s, as well as at the most powerful military in the world, that of the United States)—map it against the vaccine mandates aimed at our police, our health care workers, our firefighters, our pilots, our first responders, our kids, our babies—all this done by a White House that is captive, via Hunter Biden’s laptop, to the Chinese Communist Party; that laptop contained evidence of millions of dollars changing hands from high level CCP-connected executives, to members of the Biden family….


Now you and I, for the most part, may not be in a position to fully and conclusively determine the accuracy of all this. But even if half of it is basically accurate and correct, then we see that we are dealing with evil and corruption at the highest levels. We are dealing with despotic and diabolical globalism on a massive scale.

As she says towards the end of this chapter:

How better to cripple the world’s other superpower than by destroying our American front lines and our American next generation…?” Take all of the above and consider that the virus originated in China; and now all of the testing apparatuses, as well as millions of the vaccines, the catastrophically damaging or lethal “solutions” to the virus, also all originate from the same folks – the same leadership cadre who brought the world forced abortions, citizens welded into their homes, Uighur concentration camps, and organ harvesting.

No wonder Wolf is forced to conclude that there are real spiritual powers of darkness that lie behind all this. I quoted her on this matter in my previous article: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2023/12/20/is-naomi-wolf-becoming-a-christian/

I for one am so very thankful that she is willing to risk everything to expose some of what is going on. We all need to wake up – and wake up real soon. Please pray for Naomi and her protection.

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  1. Dr. Naomi Wolff has done massive amounts of research, has nothing to gain from exposing these connections, and has evidence backed up by non-bought-and-paid-for professional doctors and journalists. I have followed her findings, watched her journey from curiosity, to questions, to research, to solid claims and agree with most, if not all, of what she is uncovering. The Bodies of Others was so thorough and compassionate… this woman is literally passionate for the truth and advocating for women, which she has always done.
    Another woman, Dr. Rima Laibow, has been written off for years as a conspiracy theorist… well, that only lasts until she’s been proven accurate time and time again.
    I am thankful that people like this are able to follow through and communicate so well.
    Thank you for spotlighting her work and her mission.

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