Let’s Talk Covid Apologies – and Reparations

Don’t expect any apologies anytime soon:

Little did I or anyone else know three years ago that the world would soon come to a standstill. Little did I or anyone else know three years ago that such a thing as Covid even existed. And little did I or anyone else know three years ago that I would end up writing 250 articles on this issue in the past 30 months.

But that is exactly what I have done: this is indeed my 250th article on the subject, and my concerns throughout have remained quite consistent. My very first piece on this was written back in February 2, 2020, and the topic was covered only in passing. And back then they were still using the word ‘Coronavirus’.

My second piece was penned on March 10, and was theological in nature, asking about how some Bible passages might relate to plagues, disease and the like: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/03/10/difficult-bible-passages-psalm-9110/

But it was my third piece of March 12 that started a trend that has continued to this day: it offered a warning about how the state can use a crisis to take more power onto itself while taking away basic liberties from the people. In it I said this:

My thesis is simple: In times of crisis, the power of the state can expand rapidly while the freedoms of the individual can shrink dramatically. Of course in times of genuine crisis and emergency there is a place for the state to step in and act in a responsible and appropriate manner. But the trick is to discern what is a real and major crisis, what is a mild crisis, and what is just a manmade or fake crisis. https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/03/12/crises-liberty-and-the-state/

And by March 24 I was writing articles with titles like this: “If You Like the Corona Crisis, You’ll Love Communism”. I concluded that piece with these words:

Of course to say all this is not to argue against some temporary and stringent government intervention in times of a major national crisis. But what it is to argue is this: all of those who hate the free market while singing the praises of socialism are now experiencing first-hand just what socialist life is like. I for one think it stinks. https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/03/24/if-you-like-the-corona-crisis-youll-love-communism/

On March 30 I asked, “Corona and Statism: Which is Worse?” And by April 9 I was writing about “The Expansive Corona Police State”. Or consider my May 10 article: “Fear, Fascism and Fealty”. I even contributed a chapter on all this to a book that appeared late in 2020 that was edited by my friend Augusto Zimmermann: Fundamental Rights in the Age of COVID-19.

Image of Fundamental Rights in the Age of COVID-19
Fundamental Rights in the Age of COVID-19 by Zimmermann, Augusto (Editor), Forrester, Joshua (Editor) Amazon logo

You get the drift. But for daring to ask some urgent hard questions, all hell broke loose. The number of people and even ‘friends’ who turned on me and treated me like I was the devil incarnate was quite shocking and so very hard to take.

For daring to question the narrative, and to even dare to critically discuss the rushed vaccines, I and so many others were treated like lepers and second class citizens. I and so many others were treated like absolute dirt, and missing out on family Christmases and the like was just a part of this. I never want to go through the hell of hyper-lockdowns and the hatred and bigotry poured out on me from so many Covid true believers again.

Well, a whole lot has happened since early 2020. And most of the warnings that I and others had been making have now been fully vindicated. With so many of our so-called medical experts, politicians and elites backtracking almost on a daily basis about most of the things that we warned about and were called conspiracy theorists over, it is now time to ask about the ‘A’ word.

Will we ever hear any apologies from folks like Fauci and Gates and Dan Andrews and so many chief health officers and the WHO and Big Pharma? I am pretty sure that this is just wishful thinking. But others are asking the same sorts of questions. We are owed not just plenty of apologies, but one can almost now talk about Covid reparations.

Dominick Sansone for example has just discussed this in his new piece, “The Unvaccinated Deserve Reparations”. He begins this way:

I am being somewhat ironic. But really, not that ironic. How many people in the “land of the free” lost their ability to care for their families for refusing to go along with the COVID-19 jab mandates? For saying no to injecting themselves with an experimental gene therapy “vaccine,” even though most of them weren’t at severe risk from the virus?


When Pfizer executive Janine Small admitted to the European Parliament on Oct. 10 that the vaccine had never been tested to stop the virus’s transmission, many may have subsequently felt vindicated. Rob Roos, a conservative member of the European Parliament for the Netherlands, asked Small point-blank whether the claim that we were all fed from day one of the vaccine’s release had any grounding in fact.


Those who refused the shot on principle endured the vitriolic attack by their government and peers. They were labeled as antisocial and denied access to society in many cases. Roos may have made his statement in Brussels, but it also resonated with those of us in the United States and Canada. The latter endured particularly draconian lockdown orders and vaccination requirements.


When Dr. Anthony Fauci told us that the vaccine turns you into a “dead end for the virus,” we were told to trust the science. Now, Small tells us that “the speed of science” was moving too fast to be able to test that claim. In other words, she reaffirmed what many of us already knew—much of the COVID fiasco has been unrelated to any actual “science” but rather it was a pretext for the government to increase its power.


“Conform, or else become an untouchable.” That was their goal all along. Divide and conquer. Remember when nearly 50 percent of Democratic voters said they would potentially be OK with forcibly interning the unvaccinated in isolated locations—you know, as in camps? Forty-eight percent wanted the government to fine or imprison anyone who merely questioned the efficacy of vaccines.


It isn’t just livelihoods. How many families were torn apart by the government’s nonsensical tyranny? Many of us had holidays canceled, gatherings unattended, and relatives who just outright stopped talking to us because we weren’t vaccinated. They bought into the narrative that was pushed on us from every direction: “No vaccine, no life.”


What about going to nursing homes or hospitals to see our loved ones in their most vulnerable moments when they most needed the warmth and comfort of friends and family gathered around? Even when we said, “Fine, I’ll get tested if I need to.” Nope. Not good enough.

He continues:

The COVID response is a social trauma that will likely take at least a generation to recover from. As we learn more—not only about the vaccine’s ineffectiveness in stopping the virus, but the potentially harmful side effects accompanying it—the wound will only grow deeper.


This all says nothing of the largely pointless lockdowns, the repercussions of which have yet to be fully understood. Skyrocketing drug use and overdose, stunted mental development for children and impaired learning, increased depression, and missed doctor appointments. All of these considerations were buried under the government demand to “trust the science.”


Still, many of these considerations were out of our control. Whether or not we got the vaccine was one of the few areas where we had an actual choice. In the United States, at least, they still did everything they could to make that choice as difficult as possible.


“Sure, you’re free not to get the vaccine—but you’re a bad person, and we will do everything in our power to ostracize you from society.” So hearing Small (the Pfizer executive) plainly state that they had no scientifically tested basis for claiming that the virus stopped transmission might seem like a victory. But it’s only a moral victory.


I’m not kidding when I say that I believe reparations are justified. Maybe not in a cash handout, but an easy place to start would be the various businesses that were forced to fire employees offering to hire back the unvaccinated with back pay for the income lost. The government should support this. Then again, those employees might not want to be rehired by the employers who betrayed them. The government should still pay the difference in lost income for those who lost their jobs.

And what about Washington helping out? Sansone concludes:

That’s likely too much to expect, at least from this administration. We all know that. Most of the individuals who refused the jab on principle probably don’t want Washington’s money anyway. That’s fine. But there’s one other thing that the people of this country undoubtedly deserve—even more than reparations. It’s something that they will almost definitely never get. How about an apology? https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-unvaccinated-deserve-reparations_4793174.html

Yeah, how about it? But I sure won’t be holding my breath.

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14 Replies to “Let’s Talk Covid Apologies – and Reparations”

  1. Great article, thanks Bill. Our family relate 100% with what you say. We refused to have the vaccines and consequently have grandsons with a very strong character and probably higher fertility than those who succumbed.
    Like us, you probably wondered recently why Moderna or Pfizer would want to built a drug manufacturing plant in Victoria (??).
    One of the world’s most esteemed medical experts, Dr. Philip Altman, has exposed what’s going on. He is retired and not frightened of the TGA, AHPRA, etc.
    He says that the world power brokers actually chose Australia to be used as a testing site for their new untested mRNA vaccines during 2020-22, and the lockdowns and mandates were all part of them using us as a trial population.
    He also believes Andrews has been working with Moderna and Pfizer for them to set up manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, and that Andrews would continue to mandate that the Victorian population take their untested drugs produced here each year. He passed all the enabling legislation in 2021.
    It looks like once again, Andrews has sold out the Victorian population as laboratory rats. Time will tell.

  2. Most of my family have had the vax, with very few exceptions, & it didn’t stop them getting it, I got it, probably from vaxed person(s)
    In mid-2021 I had serious misgivings, as it indeed was unproven, & long-term side-effects completely unknown (but coming to ligh now), also about the noral, ethical & legal aspects of mandates, vax “passports” & prohibition of travel.
    I feel “sort of” vindicated now, but won’t go around telling people a smug “I told you so”.
    As Bill writes, I won’t hold my breath waiting for any compensation, as I’ll turn a dark shade of blue doing so.

  3. Thank you Bill for all your earlier warnings and for openly discussing a topic others dared not discuss at all.
    We are learnt so much in the 2.5-3yrs and have since that showed a ‘speculation’ about an ‘experimental’ vaccine (which they dared to call it) meant a whole groundswell movement grew up among the whole population, taking hold of homes, business, schools, hospitals banks and surveillance methods and technology soon followed.
    COVID laws becomes the ‘legitimate’ Govt policy under man made laws, as you said as no one could speak about alternative views or methods. Laws were passed even though the Govt wasn’t trained in these health matters.
    To make that even worse Dr Fauci in USA the Federal Heath minister who created many emergency COVID health and restriction policies had invested in Wuhan’s bioweapon/COVID program and his own personal companies had shares in this…even though this is normally called ‘conflict of interest’ a blind eye was turned. (This was revealed by sources such a the book ‘Whatever happened at Wuhan’ by Sharri Markson – a brave journalist.)
    When children began to stress out and miss school, and the non vaccinated parents lost jobs, there was a backlash as you said and they were maligned and some lost housing and many lost their income.
    The next step was to suggest pregnant were safe to take the vaccine and then the focus was on frightening parents so 5yrs old and up (and some babies) were told to have the vaccine.
    The Govt thinking seemed to be ‘Why hold back?’-and the reasoning seemed to be’ if we have a experimental vaccine that has already caused some heart attacks, some chronic fatigues and deaths, why not ignore that for the good of all…’
    Statistics were not used with truthful discretion either. if someone died in the hospital system earlier (for whatever reason) it w as labelled a ‘COVID death.’
    I never doubted the virus was real but the way it was handled to incite hysteria and a herd instinct to get vaccinated was tragic, when all along it was experimental
    Surely some have ‘blood on their hands.’ May God forgive the ones who knew and gained from the vaccine industry and the control and the surveillance industry.
    God sees all things and he will ask an account for each one of us on earth.
    I consider it world wide tragedy that so many have been misled, worked double and triple shifts in hospitals and burnt out, ten lost colleagues to sickness or burn out, and nursing homes too. School teachers lost staff as not all could not take the vaccine…and others bore the load as best they could. Children became distressed and afraid of school and being near others.
    The economy crashed and shelves were bare at times. People lives in fear.
    Picking up the pieces will never be possible where lives were lost and some sick for life and others lost all their savings.
    may the truth come out even if apologies are withheld (as that would be too costly and would mean liability).
    Its been a sad 3 years that broke any trust in the human race and Governments. May God help all recover as best they can, of all ages and backgrounds and may many look up as God alone is trustworthy.

  4. Apologies would be good and reparations .. but still awaiting replies to letters and emails to the Govt and Health officers we have written to (the we are representatives of a support group that came together to find ways to respond to the Govt policy of driving a vaccine response in lieu of early treatment etc) seeking meetings to discuss many areas of concern. We here even had church ministers and volunteers sacked because of heavy handed church mandates on top of govt mandates. No apology there either. Thanks Bill for your articles especially over last 2 and half years.

  5. Compensation… even as you mentioned an apology would feel good… we lost so much: jobs, livelihood, families and friends. Restarting our lives at age 51/62. Do we regret it? No. But it still hurts. The wounds will be healed slowly. We stopped looking back and feeling sorry what we had then. With God on our side believe there’s hope and future for us ??
    Thank you Bill for your service/ministry. Much appreciated in our household ??

  6. I live for the day when all these people will be brought to justice, It was clear to me from the start that this was a push from the globalists to make everyone bend to their will.

  7. God Bless you, Bill.
    How we have SO appreciated your Scriptural but down-to-earth and (un)common sense approach to particularly the last 3 years.
    We stand together encouraged in Christ – with our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus.
    Our trial tribulation is but a drop in the ocean when we now see what God has in store for Australia.
    Primarily – because of the disastrous, political decision yesterday of refusing to Bless & Support Israel.
    Love to All in Jesus Mighty Name,

  8. Compensation? Apology?
    They have to admit there is something wrong first.

  9. We owe our freedom and prosperity to our Christian values and beliefs. Is it any surprise that by trashing those very foundations on which our freedom and prosperity is based on, that we are becoming less free and prosperous?

    We reap what we sow, and turning our back on God has consequences.

  10. Thanks Bill. I’ve read many of your articles and they were spot on. I’ve lost friends of over 40 years standing over the covid debacle. No “sorry” coming from them. I recently tried to return to church and when I asked how they coped with the past few years and my thoughts on it, a lady shrieked “Oh you’re an anti vaxer”! No more church for me. I know now how easily they will confirm to any government directions. I don’t know where to go from here.

  11. Marion, a common theme unfortunately & so challenging- God is Faithful – Keep Searching and you will find…
    We NOW have Home Church after much searching for a Community I could call home.
    Most of the participants open their home for ‘Church’ Sundays which now goes for 4-5 hrs or Fellowship Thursday Evenings for 3 hrs.
    We started at a Park and have moved on from there due to the colder months.
    Prayers, Much Love & Blessings, Melinda

  12. so sorry to hear what happened to you Marion…May God lead you to another fellowship where you can feel at home and not attacked for your choice…may God forgive the narrow sighted person who said that too…God is the One we love and serve, and though many may ‘bite and devour one another’ there are still faithful and loving brothers and sisters out there. ..even if only a few I pray you find them to help have peaceful and loving times

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