Fightback Against Health Tyranny

A number of important new developments against health fascism:

Thankfully there are many people here and overseas who have not joined the zombie apocalypse brigade who can still think for themselves, who still value freedom and basic human rights, and who refuse to bow down to the Coercive State as it makes tyrannical demands on us.

Far too many states and business are forcing us into taking medical treatments without our consent and against our will. All these run counter to our major health declarations and human rights charters which have insisted that this is just not on. So much for autonomy, human rights, choice and freedom.

Let me introduce to you five new scenarios and developments – out of many – that should give you real hope and encouragement. I present three Australian stories – from a parent, a doctor, and a group – and finish with two overseas developments. All of them indicate a fightback is on, and many have not drunk the panic porn Kool-Aid.

I start with NSW father Rod Lampard who has written about his own situation – a story that is similar to that of so many others. He begins:

Like many Australians, my wife and eldest daughter are being forced to get “vaxxed” in order to keep their jobs and successfully finish two years of study. They are victims of totalitarianism, and I’m as mad as hell about it. By forcing our hand, the Government has turned my family’s strong opposition to totalitarian anti-covid measures into a fight for survival.


The Government is forcing our hand because, like a large number of Australians without land of their own, we can’t refuse the vax, then “live off the land”. Additionally, sacrificing jobs for the “cause” would mean no reimbursement for holidays or long-service owed, no chance of future employment.


It would also mean being held back from receiving government support because they are deemed “able to work, but unwilling to do so.” We lean hard on our faith and could live on beans, rice and fickle charity, but we’d be living without shelter while doing so.


We could lean on family if we had family that we could lean on without being a burden to them. For me, being forced out of a job means being forced back into the abusive generational welfare cycle I’ve spent my entire working life trying to liberate my family from.

My next story comes from Dr Guy Campbell who is fully qualified to speak on these matters. He says this about himself:

For the first time in thirty-five years, I feel threatened because if I want to continue to practice medicine to the best of my abilities by wisely using the best of the science possible with both vaccinations and early triple therapy, I potentially face deregistration. This is causing immense stress on my family, my work colleagues, my patients, and myself. I am privileged to both be privy to Professor Thomas Borody’s work and to have a highly academic team of Professors in support. It would have been morally wrong for me not to speak up.

His piece opens:

It’s truly heartbreaking to witness these endless crimes against humanity. The health devastation caused by incessant lockdowns with communities breaking down, social isolation and division, families and friends torn apart, neighbours dobbing on neighbours, mandated COVID vaccinations, employers versus employees and economic catastrophe. 


However, the saddest thing of all, is that we could have nullified this human tragedy. All this — lockdowns, mask-wearing, mass PCR testing — could have been avoided by simply treating COVID in its early stages.


This approach was exemplified by Uttar Pradesh (an Indian province with a population of 240 million). At the time of writing, Uttar Pradesh has almost achieved the entire eradication of COVID by using a simple triple therapy/ivermectin programme. Nonetheless, this fact is being totally ignored by global mainstream media….


Ironically, the fact that Ivermectin — an anti-parasitic medication — showed anti-viral properties, was discovered in Melbourne and was further pioneered by Australia’s own world-renowned gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody. Borody repurposed Ivermectin into a triple therapy alongside zinc and doxycycline, producing a powerful anti-COVID treatment. He first brought this discovery to light 17 months ago, and, fortunately, it was recognised and used in India to save millions of lives.


In contrast (and as an indictment on our own medical profession and governments), Australia did not rally around him when he first announced his discovery. Being the world’s foremost expert on triple therapy, he should have been given so much more respect and credit. Instead, Australia has heeded health bureaucrats with vested interests, other regular commentators, and mainstream epidemiologists whose modelling have been consistently and wildly off the mark.

In the Melbourne Age we have a report about a major challenge to this health fascism:

A legal challenge to Victoria’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate launched by a teacher and her husband has been dramatically expanded to include more than 100 plaintiffs from a broad range of occupations, including one who works for vaccine manufacturer CSL.


Revised documents filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria accuse Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton and other senior health bureaucrats of breaching the state’s Human Rights Charter when they imposed vaccine mandates across several industries, including health, education and construction….


In total, 112 plaintiffs have joined the case, including 52 authorised workers, more than 20 employer groups and 17 healthcare workers. Several nurses, a police officer, a Department of Justice bureaucrat and a surgeon have sworn affidavits and are named as plaintiffs.


Another plaintiff, Andrew Sticca has been employed as a biotech manufacturing associate with CSL since 2017 and has spent the past 18 months working on the production of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Mr Sticca is yet to receive a single jab of any vaccine because he claims they have not been rigorously tested, according to an affidavit.

And from the US, this article by Blaise Edwards, M.D. is worth reading in full. It begins:

I find myself in the position that I must use an alias for fear of reprisal. Those days may be quickly coming to an end, as hospitals are denying requests for vaccine exemptions with impunity. I will likely soon be out the door, with nothing to lose. Even if I survive this round, if the “pandemic” continues, it won’t be long before I am shelved like a can of spam.


Doctors need to be called out. From early in the pandemic, it was like a mass hypnosis or forgetfulness of everything we had learned in medical school. Immune system knowledge was shelved and replaced by government dictates. The thought of early outpatient treatment with “off label” drugs that could modulate the immune system was forbidden. We essentially told patients that they had to go home and wait until they were sick enough to be hospitalized, then treatment would begin. Imagine telling all diabetics that there is no metformin, Glucophage, or insulin. Would we really wait until patients are in diabetic ketoacidosis, and then treat them only at the hospital? It is medical malfeasance of a grand scale.


We physicians gave up our training and our reasonable medical thought process. The reasons are multiple. First, it was the easy way out. Second, many of us are employed and fear reprisal. Third, despite what the public thinks, we physicians are not bold leaders, we tend to be sheep, and are afraid of having an entire institution ostracize us or our colleagues to think us crazy.


As we got to the point of vaccine rollout, doctors were not using the scientific method, questioning and challenging prevailing hypotheses. They kept their heads down, closed clinics, converted to telemedicine, and pushed only the jab.

Finally, a new organisation, PANDA (Pandemics – Data and Analytics) seeks to bring some sanity to this debate. It says this about itself:

“PANDA’s analysis of the human and economic cost of lockdowns – pandemic data and science that will save lives and livelihoods. PANDA aims to promote open science, human agency and courageous societies, empowering the public with accurate information thereby enabling individuals to exercise freedom of choice and preserve human liberties and free societies.”

It also has a ‘Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People from the COVID-19 Response’. See here for more on this:

I have only been able to share briefly about each of these five articles and initiatives. I urge you to follow through on all of them at your leisure. You will be greatly encouraged as you do. The important point is this: not everyone has succumbed to Covid hysteria and panic, happily throwing out liberty and reason.

Many are standing against the new health tyranny and unethical coercive medicine. May many more people wake up soon and reclaim their freedom and their sanity – before it is too late.

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39 Replies to “Fightback Against Health Tyranny”

  1. Thanks Bill. I walked away from 18 years in hospital admin the other week. So many of my colleagues had to take the jab against their will.

  2. Australians have shown they will follow all the rules. Take the jabs-yes master. Ban unvaccinated from your business-yes master. Dob in those thinking for themselves-yes master. A nation which can descend into such segregation and division within such a short space of time has lost its moral compass. What’s worse is that they are cheering it on. Arrest and detain them-yes master. Ban them from working-yes master. Help us round them up-yes master. Make the unvaccinated into socially dead beings turns into marching away to disappear

  3. I have sent an email off not consenting to agreement to digital identity phrase 3 Bill.
    Nor do I consent to Daniel Andrews vaccine push as it is coercion in the most extreme manner.
    Today in schools including regional areas like Mildura pop up vaccine clinics are being used to encourage vaccination.
    Our state no longer has freedom of choice.
    Our only hope is prayer and intercession though Jesus Christ alone. Actions also not consenting to this evil also. I’m heartbroken for those exercising their rights to choose #mybodymychoice with the loss of jobs and its implications, the loss of certain freedoms set by our state government. The destruction of many businesses and mental health of Victorians and other citizens of Australia, according to their own state governments.
    May God bring peace and restore sanity to our nation as a whole,

  4. Bill,
    Thanks for this extremely uplifting article! It’s been so disheartening to see the majority of Australians react like naive children and do whatever they’re told, without question.
    They are today “rejoicing” about being given back a few crumbs of their confiscated freedoms. They can have a haircut sitting out in the rain on the footpath.
    People like us who make our own decisions have been treated like lepers, but your article has given our day a well-needed lift, and I’ll be forwarding it on.
    We’ve received some other good news worth sharing in this article:
    It may well prove those of us who have refused to succumb to government coercion may well come out of this debacle better off.
    Kind regards,

  5. Unfortunately we are all being coerced into being vaccinated or risk being lepers in our own country. If not for the hatred of Trump by the media and political elites, they seemed happier to let people die rather than concede that covid could be treated in its early stages and risk Trump being proven right on hydroxychloride or anything in relation to this pandemic.

  6. Thanks, Bill, for all your information and clarity on so many issues. Please know that it is very helpful.
    I finish my allied health professional work on 30 October after a career of 3 decades. I would willingly have a rapid antigen test, at my expense, prior to each work day, but our state health department doesn’t have that as an option.
    Quite a number of my patients disagree with the compulsory vaccinations in the numerous work settings in my state, and some are not vaccinated. Many others have felt forced into having the vaccinations due to economic blackmail (they can’t afford to lose their job) or wanting desperately to see family members interstate.
    My husband will finish his work at the end of the year, also due to the mandate.
    We know a few others who will also be leaving their jobs.
    The divisive environment is very sad.
    We keep praying for guidance for our future.
    At least we know that God is ultimately in charge. We are accountable to Him, not man.

  7. I think something we Christians and we conservatives have to ask is how did we let government and medical bureaucracy get to the point that they have this power?? Power isn’t taken in most instances it is given. Often little by little. The only reason they can do this is we gave them that power. We didn’t intend this no but we gave the power to them still the same. Even if it was only for emergencies without strong controls anything can be an emergency. Power corrupts even emergency power. Ironically it is our prosperity and stability the past 30 years that has been our downfall. Worldly greatness has been our undoing!

  8. Can we fight back against this even if we have been vaccinated? Or will it count for nothing seeing as what they have set out to do has already been achieved? That we ought to just ‘shut up’?

    My situation is not as bad as others (and a part of me feels like that I can’t or shouldn’t talk about it if I am not being affected, i.e. livelihood, job. I am a student) but I am facing an enormous pressure by family to get this when it goes against my conscience, and I am in very little position to be separate. I do not wish to harm anyone by what is a personal decision, but I am not sure that what is happening now regarding these particular vaccines and mandates are not in fact causing further harms?

    I don’t want this to pre-occupy my thoughts above God, but it is difficult to tread this area especially with coming from a non-believing background, where genuine question and concern around the vaccine/mandate is seen as simply a contrarian attitude.

    Have been disheartened a little during this latest lockdown, but I need prayer for wisdom, and to be a loving, discerning, joyful and gentle witness during this time without the fear of man.

    Thank you for the information and encouragement you share across many areas Bill.

  9. Thanks Bill.

    I’m another who will not be allowed to rejoin my class after lockdown, due to mandates. As a teacher who deeply cares for my students, it’s been hard to take.

    If these policies are not reversed after the SOE ends, it will cost me my career as I now know it.

    It’s a price I’m more than willing to pay. I refuse to be coerced and I reserve my right to see what happens down the track. I am trusting God to show me the way forward.

  10. Thanks Bill, those examples were good, it is time to fight back but sometimes I wonder what we can do besides refusing the jab and telling other people or just keep praying and waiting on God to act. I cannot help noticing that most of the people I know who have refused the vax are Christians, but there are others who don’t want the vax and I know of Christians who have got the vax, especially to keep their jobs or medical reasons. The prophet Robin Bullock calls this moment a Red Sea moment – I think he also said God is waiting for people to make up their minds whether they are for the vax or not, whether they are on God’s side or on Pharoah’s side. Once that distinction is made the wall of water will come crashing down and the tyranny will be washed away including those who forced the vax onto us. So is God waiting on those of His people to see their folly in getting the vax before He can act?
    I cannot help noticing that it is Israel who is one of the first countries to get highly vaccinated – it’s as though they are trusting in science to save them rather than God which could lead to their downfall again as they are asking their citizens to get a third vax.
    Also, you mentioned Brett Sutton, Victoria’s CHO. This article
    says this “His sister-in-law is Jane Halton, Australia’s high-flying international big pharma girl and Bill Gates’ right-hand-woman in driving the global push for universal vaccination.” The same article mentions Peter Costello, once Australia’s Treasurer, being chairman of the board and founder of the Future Fund which is heavily invested in big pharma. “Is it mere coincidence that the government in Canberra moved in August to amend legislation to protect the Future Fund from Freedom of Information probes? It is very convenient, certainly.”

  11. Thanks Bill,
    I currently work in community aged care in Perth and will be walking away after 10 years of service due to this mandate now coming to WA.

  12. Bill, I’m surprised you would not have questioned Lynette’s implied malignment of Peter Costello. The Future Fund which he foundered in 2006 has laudable aims and objectives. It is ultimately accountable to Government. I am sure you would know Peter whose brother Tim is also well known. Peter is a former colleague of mine and is a friend. He is also a Christian brother. There may be some reason for the legislation Lynette refers to. I don’t know but it suggests something untoward has occurred. I hold Peter Costello in the highest regard. He is a person of the utmost integrity. I understand and am as concerned as you are that so called “big pharma” is making millions out of producing these vaccines. It is presumably making big profits which flow into dividends to shareholders. These may or may not include the Future Fund. Future Fund might or might not invest in casinos or tobacco companies. But so what? I am sure Peter would be happy to discuss this matter with you if you were a mind to call him.

  13. John I don’t think raising concerns is a bad thing. And no offense but often times it is people we are close to we have the biggest blind spots regarding. Rather than be upset at her for pointing out something that isn’t right, the shielding of a foundation set up by a former government official connected to phase industry during a vaccine push, why don’t you ask your friend about it and report back to us?

  14. Thanks Paul and John and Lynette. As I say in my commenting rules, just because I post a comment by someone does not necessarily mean I agree with everything that is said. In the case of Peter C, I do know him as well. As to the particular matter mentioned, I did not look at the link yet and so have nothing to say in reply. Time permitting I will have a read of it. Thanks to the three of you.

  15. I’m opened to be persuaded to get my vaccination against Covid-19, but I’m not about to do so until I’m convinced the vaccinated are more protected than the unvaccinated, particularly in the longer term. Right now there’re too many questions than answers: The daily changing narrative about the vaccines efficacy and risks are disconcerting.
    For example, how many vaccinated and how many unvaccinated are among the DAILY new Covid infection cases, and among the DAILY death numbers? Until the federal and state governments are transparent and upfront with the daily changing narratives, it’s unconscionable to mandate vaccination against the unvaccinated.

  16. Philippe Armstrong wrote on Oct 23, 2021 at 2:07 pm

    Philippe, please don’t be too hasty to blame businesses for doing the government’s bidding. The government stick over them is in the form of $109,000 fines (yes you read that correctly) for any single incident of an unvaccinated employee working for them.

    It was previously added as a condition in the work permit system, now it is a condition in the Essential Work system. Until the State of Emergency is removed, these rules will stay in place. But Diktator Dan is talking about keeping the State of Emergency in place until 2023! He sounds more unhinged than Joe Biden!

  17. The proposed new emergency powers bill declaring a permanent state of emergency (debated in parliament) if goes through will make Victoria the most hardcore medical fascist state on earth. It will give the state extraordinary powers. It will lead to a medical police state. Actually, not lead to. It WILL BE.

  18. Yes exactly right Philippe. Andrews provides us with the dictionary definition of ‘drunk on power’. He wants to be dictator for life. This evil legislation must be opposed. At the very least, we must all pray against it.

  19. I wonder what they would do if EVERYONE defied their lockdown at once????? Maybe mass immigrated to another state???

  20. Digital Identity Legislation – submissions must be in by tomorrow.
    The link below is the Digital ID legislation website where you will be able to have your say by filling in the form. You can select “Individual” in question 7 and paste the contents of the attached word document into question 8 or write your own response. Opportunity closes on the 27th of October 2021

    To the honorary Stuart Robert MP ,

    Minister for employment,

    Workforce, skilled, small, and family business.

    Re : Digital Identity Legislation (DIL)

    Please explain how the DIL legislation is trusted, safe and effective?

    ‘trusted’ by whom?

    ‘safe’ from what?

    ‘effective’ for what purpose?

    This is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever put before an Australian Parliament. It has been pushed through with limited time for the Australian people to understand and respond. Few will read and comprehend the control and tyranny which will eventuate.

    I do not consent to my private information being placed on and accessed by a global control grid.

    This is the same draconian social credit system used by the Chinese Communist Party and will be used to the same ends, to silence dissent, to remove private property, to divide people against each other, to live in fear.

    Are the ‘strong safeguards’ similar to the TGA safeguard which is happily allowing thousands of Australians to die and hundreds of thousands to be injured from a jab of poison and preventing correct prophylaxis and treatment while preaching ‘safe and effective’?

    Answers to above question. The DIL (a very accurate acronym)

    ‘trusted’ by government and for government.

    ‘safe’ from dissent.

    ‘effective’ for total government control.

    I do not agree with this legislation on the grounds that it is breaching my right to privacy, nor do I consent to any government department using my private information in this way.

    Yours sincerely,

  21. Thanks to Gail Foster for a timely warning on Digital Identity. Digital identity is not to be trusted. Who knows how all that data will be used?

    Readers of this website should send a copy of that contribution (with the required link) to other contacts who can send a short submission by tomorrow afternoon by 5 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). That means 4.30 pm for South Australia but 4 pm in Queensland, 3.30 pm for Northern Territory and 2pm for Western Australia. (Not all regions of Australia have daylight saving.)

    Check for your time zone.

  22. The legal battle first salvo challenging unlawful experimental jab mandates commences in Victoria tomorrow morning.

    How much confidence does everyone have in the judiciary? Please pray for justice in this case……….. and NOT something so indescribably laughable, or sick, that happened today from the judicial branch. A completely twisted version of justice with the royal commission handing down its decision for corrupt Crown casino and giving it a “slap on the wrist” with “2 years to get your act together or your licence will be cancelled” ……. no wonder its stock price went up! Perhaps others could articulate much better than I, the shear audacity of such an infantile judicial approach to addressing corruption and crime in Victoria. Was this just another sugar Coate inquiry. Perhaps the money trail leads to the very top….. by way of the bench????

  23. Gail, good alert re the Digital Id stuff.

    However, like the old Australia Card stuff, what we got later was worse (Tax File Numbers).

    We already have the MyGovId system which is tying me up in knots trying to prove I am me, so I can complete my tax return.

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