A Review of Scanned. By Nick Corbishley.

Chelsea Green Publishing, 2022.

A brave new world biosecurity state is now upon us:

There are now a number of very important books available that discuss the Covid crisis and related issues: lockdowns, vaccines and vaccine passports, government overreach, digital ID, Big Pharma, biometrics, the loss of human rights and freedoms under the guise of being kept safe from a virus, and so on. I recently offered my top 21 volumes on these subjects: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2022/05/15/top-21-books-on-the-great-reset-and-the-covid-wars/

A few of those books I have already done full reviews of. This is another. Scanned is one of the most important books now out looking at vaccine passports in particular, and the rise of Big Brother surveillance states in general. The loss of personal freedom and privacy by means of digital tracking systems is a very real and growing concern, and Corbishley tackles this head on in a well-documented volume.

And its relevance right now cannot be overstated. As I type this, Klaus Schwab’s WEF is again meeting in Davos, Switzerland, discussing and planning the very things warned about in this book. And the WHO is seeking to take unprecedented powers onto itself to override national sovereignty and take on the role of a global ‘health’ police force.

Tyranny for ‘our own good’ is everywhere being pushed, and individual liberties and rights are being smashed at an astonishing rate. Early on in the book Corbishley tells us just what is happening:

Just think: One minute, you’re a legal citizen able to participate in society, earn an income, and enjoy access to the experiences and services that a legal citizen has access to. The next minute, you’re banished to the margins, unable to eke out a living, treated as a nonperson, because the government has changed the rules. It is a system designed to force total compliance from a fearful, powerless public.

That is exactly what we have lived through during the past few years, and the global elites want this to be a permanent condition for humanity. They want this to be the new normal – forever. That is why so many of us have been sounding the alarm about this over the past few years.

Of course to warn about such things is not to deny that there have in the past been things resembling our current vax passports. For example, there were immunity certificates for things like smallpox 200 years ago. But there are major differences. Those paper certificates were mainly used at borders of nation states. The new ID passports are restricting travel within nations, and are also being used to ban people from basic goods and services. And the vaccines themselves are much different:

“Vaccines have traditionally taken between 5 and 10 years to develop and fully test. The current crop of COVID-19 vaccines, based on novel technologies, were developed, tested, and rolled out in less than a year. It was a remarkable scientific achievement, but the results have not lived up to the expectations.”

He spends some time documenting this with quotes from the WHO, the FDC, the CDC, and various government bodies. Given the health risks alone, caution should be the order of the day here. But couple that with the diminution of our basic freedoms and civil rights, and you have a massively alarming scenario unfolding.

Something this vitally important should NOT be determined by the elites, by health technocrats, by billionaires, by Tech Giants, and by political rulers who keep giving themselves what are effectively ‘dictatorship for life’ emergency powers. Instead, such hugely important moral, legal, and social matters should be fully discussed, debated and decided upon by ordinary citizens – the ones most impacted, but the ones who are now most voiceless.

Image of Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom
Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom by Corbishley, Nick (Author) Amazon logo

We now have the ironic situation in which bodily autonomy rights are enshrined in countless human rights declarations, yet vaccine mandates which grossly violate these rights are being legalised and made obligatory almost everywhere. Those who for whatever reason are not vaxxed are now our new underclass – fully discriminated against and marginalised. And our elites have managed to weaponise fear and control to turn one group of people against another:

The ultimate goal is to convince people who are vaccinated that people who are unvaccinated are not only dangerous but unclean, flawed, even subhuman. These include people who are not able to take the vaccine for health reasons such as the chronically ill, those with allergies to one or more of the vaccine components, those who have already suffered a severe reaction to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the immune-compromised, children under five, and pregnant or lactating women. The fact that this is happening in societies that are already deeply stratified, divided, and polarized makes it particularly dangerous.

All this is a “new social contract” in which our wealthy elites are gaining full control over all of mankind:

The vaccine passport is nothing more and nothing less than a digital ID. Since at least 2016 a powerful alliance of UN agencies, global corporations, and wealthy foundations has set its sights on creating and implementing digital ID around the world. Organizations such as ID2020, the Good Health Pass Collaborative, the Vaccine Credential Initiative, the CommonPass, and Gavi are the vehicles by which they hope to achieve that goal. The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent roll out of the vaccine technologies have provided the pretext.

Consider ID2020, which was in fact set up in 2016. It was funded by seed money from groups like Microsoft, Accenture, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Vaccine Alliance “which itself was cofounded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.” Its aim is to provide digital identities for every person on the planet.

All this of course means the end of privacy: “Vaccine passports raise huge privacy concerns. Data-hungry companies like Microsoft, a member of the Vaccine Credential Initiative; Facebook; and Google’s parent company Alphabet, which is invested in new vaccine technologies, will be given fresh opportunities to track our daily movements and activities and share those data with third parties. This is how they make much of their money.”

And part of this global identity and surveillance state is the cashless society. Almost all of the companies and organisations pushing the roll out of digital IDs – such as the big tech giants, global banks, and credit card companies – are also pushing for the elimination of all cash transactions.

The reason why the elites are so eager in heading in this direction should be obvious: “Of course, in a world of increasing government surveillance and control, cash is one of the last vestiges of personal freedom and privacy we have left.” And groups like the WHO have been saying all along that going cashless will help in slowing the spread of viruses.

We all know that China is a textbook example of all this – it is quickly becoming the perfect tyrannical surveillance and control state. Its nationwide social credit system is the stuff of dystopian novels – and then some: “The overarching goal is to track and monitor each and every Chinese citizen, business, and government agency in real time by amalgamating big data from public and private sources.”

Your every movement and behaviour is tracked and monitored, and if it pleases the State, you are given a higher score – a better rating. If it displeases the State you are given a lower score – a bad rating. And that means being banned from most basic goods and services. Just like the unjabbed are today in the West.

This is all about complete and total control. And fear is the main weapon being used: fear of not fitting in, fear of government disapproval, fear of losing one’s job, fear of being demonised by family and friends, and so on. There is real power in fear:

None of this should come as much of a surprise. When people are sufficiently frightened and confused, they can be easily controlled. As British writer Paul Kingsnorth notes in “How Fear Fuels the Vaccine Wars,” of all the stories we are watching play out right now, this is the biggest one: “the manipulation of public fear to impose unprecedented levels of control on populations.”

The endgame for these global elites and transnational bodies such as the WEF, the WHO, and the UN is the creation of a global biosecurity state:

If the WHO took full control of all future responses to global pandemics, it would represent yet another corporate takeover of government functions – this time at a global level. Additionally, the World Economic Forum now holds a huge amount of sway over the United Nations following a strategic partnership agreement in 2019. Unless stopped in its tracks, the construction of a global biosecurity state could pave the way to a neo-feudal system of global government whereby a tiny fraction of the global population owns and controls everything and global corporations call the shots. The rest of us will own nothing, have no privacy, no control over our own bodies, and have little choice but to do what we are told because our every action will be connected to our digital identity….


Anyone who tries to resist will be easily identified and tracked down. This is a vital point: In other times of tyranny, there was always the possibility for opponents of the regime to run, hide, and regroup, albeit at huge risk. In tomorrow’s biosecurity state that will not be possible. In other words, if we fail to act now, it will be virtually impossible to act in the future.

Everyone loses in such a system – well, almost everyone. There will obviously be a few mega-winners. As Corbishley states in his closing pages:

For governments and national security agencies, the benefits of the digital dictatorship are clear: expanded power and control at a time when economic conditions are about to get unimaginably worse for the vast majority of the population. For big tech companies, it will create new opportunities to amass even more data over our lives, which they will then be able to transform into even more revenues and profits. For big pharma, the biosecurity state provides the perfect business model. Vaccine mandates ensure continuous demand for the products they produce, no matter how substandard or unsafe they may be.

Be afraid – be very afraid. But act now. As part of this action, get this book, read it, and share it with others.

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8 Replies to “A Review of Scanned. By Nick Corbishley.”

  1. The really annoying thing is didn’t the bureaucracies prove that they were repeatedly wrong? In Australia, for instance, the death rate after infection from Covid was around 2% for many months when it should have been less than 0.5% if early treatment had been given. In other words the bureaucrats were happy for the three quarters of the people who died from Covid, at that time, who should not have died, to die so that people would be encouraged to get the vaccines. Is this not a scandal????!!!

    Apparently we are supposed to realise that it was expedient that these people should die so the nation would be saved. Remind us of anything? And this is just one of the multiple bureaucratic failures.

    Under Labor, if course, there is very little chance of a royal commission enquiry.

    This generation is so much like an animal stunned by headlights that is so panicked by the situation that they have no idea where to run and so ends up being hit. They are so stressed-out that all they want is their little safe space.

    Just one of the massively sad ironies is that this generation does not want to embrace paternalism and the wisdom of the past and so instead, they embrace the repeatedly-proven, monumentally-worse paternalism of the socialist state.

    May God help us.

  2. Apparently there is video of a 2019 interview with Klaus Schwab in his home which shows a bust of Vladimir Lenin on his shelf.

  3. Thanks Bill

    You have undertaken some extensive research here. I am referring not only to this article but the inter-relationship of March 15th article on the Great Reset and the review of Glenn Beck’s book on March 31st and Augusto Zimmerman’s book on March 13th. As you consistently do, you have provided clear analysis and commentary on the issues we are facing.

    A friend recently sent me a video produced by Maria Zeee called “Conference of Conscience.” It consists of 17 Australian doctors who have paid a huge price for failing to endorse government narratives. The presentation is in two parts. You can easily find the second part on Bitchute. A friend said of the video that it’s a really good mix of info, passion, and advice. Many of us already know the content; but not all. What is unique is that we have 17 Australian doctors (many of them Victorians) giving their evidence and testimony. Their authority carries more weight. See link:


  4. Some are pretty acclimated already. Anyone remember clap for the NHS in Britain?????? And what a tongue thrashing one woman got for not coming out but daring to care about her kid and put him to bed???

    People wonder why some of us would welcome a devastating judgment brought by God most likely through Russian nukes and possibly a EMP as well. It I much better than the alternative. Either you quickly die from a nuking or your part of the survivors who come together to rely on each other and God. Either way your not facing the tyranny of the busy bodies who feel superior and believe one day you’ll thank them for the hell they are unleashing.

    They truly believe no matter how many die, no matter what devastation is unleashed, no matter what is destroyed when their perfect utopian world is achieved you will fall to your knees and weep thanking them for all the pain and suffering that birthed this new age of existence. Essentially you will worship them. And THAT is what they want because it places them on the throne ONLY God should have. It isn’t that they DON’T BELIEVE IN God it’s that they BELIEVE THEY ARE God!

  5. Climate change alarmism fits into the same category. Manipulate people with fear. Covid provided a perfect coup d’tat for global technocrat cabal. It is a conglomerate of very powerful influential figures who want to shape the world into their vision, THEIR vision. It is constructed so as to make no dictator leaders accountable. The control centre is not from some dictators but people behind the scenes pulling the strings. It will be configured in such a way as to make it near impossible to bring people to justice who implement such tyranny. The goal of these elites is to make as many nations totally subservient to them and to destroy their sovereignty in every way.

    I read somewhere that only 2% have critical thinking skills, 8% think and can think but 90% are willfully ignorant. Most would rather feel ‘safe’ and let others do the thinking for them.

    I think 60 plus years of utopian social engineers wrecking havoc is now bearing heavy fruit. The liberal globalist machine is in over drive.

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