Evidence-Based Common Sense on Covid

Why are we not being told this?

With far too many governments and political leaders pushing pure panic porn and hysteria about Covid, and far too many happy to gain ever more power and control by exploiting a crisis, we are seldom getting reliable information and actual truth. Too much of what we are getting is simply spin and misinformation.

Many governments pushing extreme lockdown measures, denying alternative medical treatments such as Ivermectin, and pushing a one-eyed view of things about this virus are too often in bed with Big Pharma and Big Media to suppress other points of view and to offer their narrative as the only ‘official’ version of events that should be heard.

But the truth is, there ARE other important points of view that must be considered, but are too often being attacked or censored. And I refer to alternative views held by medical and scientific experts. There are many authorities and experts in this field – including epidemiologists, virologists, and the like – who are world-class experts who have taken a differing view from the mainline narrative constantly being pushed.

They question for example our draconian lockdowns and their effectiveness; the amount of paranoia and fear being generated by so many leaders, ‘chief health officers’ and most of the media; and the efficacy of things like mask mandates and other restrictive measures.

Here in Australia we have quite a few of these experts and recognised authorities who have come together and formed the Covid Medical Network. As it says on their homepage: “We are a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about the health impacts of the lockdowns used in response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks across Australia.” https://www.covidmedicalnetwork.com/

And they say this on their Declaration Statement released late last year:

The Victorian government’s response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is now doing more harm than good. These measures will cause more deaths and result in far more negative health effects than the virus itself. Left unchecked, the Victorian government risks creating the state’s worst ever public health crisis.


Many Australian doctors and other health professionals consider the lockdown measures to be disproportionate, unscientific, excessively authoritarian and the cause of widespread suffering for many Victorians.


Thereby, we Australian Doctors and Health Professionals, in solidarity with thousands of international doctors, call for the cessation of all disproportionate measures that contravene the International Siracusa Principles.


These Siracusa Principles are part of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Australia is a signatory, and are recommended by the World Health Organisation. They require all public health management policies to meet standards of legality, evidence-based necessity and proportionality, and that they recognise our basic, universal and non-derogable human rights.


Children and adolescents are suffering and being needlessly harmed by the denial of normal social interactions such as play, schooling and relationships with family and friends, particularly as the virus poses an almost negligible risk. These effects on child and adolescent health will impact their future wellbeing for many years to come.


The ambition for ‘viral elimination’ and the intent of achieving “zero cases for a period of time”, is both irrational and unachievable, according to the best local and international evidence. The latest evidence suggests that ‘lockdown measures’ in general have limited effectiveness in reducing the viral health impacts in the long term.

You can read the entire Statement here: https://www.covidmedicalnetwork.com/about-covid-medical-network/declaration-statement.aspx

These experts have recently put out an Open Letter stating their case, and it is a must read. Let me here offer just some of it. All that follows between the two sets of asterisks is part of this very important Letter:


Open Letter To ALL Doctors and ALL Australians

A return to evidenced-based pandemic preparedness guidelines is now urgently sought.

‘Primum Non Nocere’ OR First Do No Harm

Wednesday 11th August 2021

Doctors, health professionals and millions of concerned Australians demand an immediate end to unprecedented, pervasive and coercive “States of Emergency” and the return to transparent and evidence-based pandemic preparedness and early-stage treatment.

We, your fellow doctors, write to you motivated only by our concern for the welfare of our patients and the health of our community.

Every doctor, like any individual, must answer to their own conscience. Doctors in particular must answer to an Oath, the swearing in of which has fallen away, yet not without leaving its spirit alive. This oath was, and is, founded upon ‘primum non nocere’ or ‘first do no harm’.

This letter is aimed at reminding all doctors of our ethical obligations and to furnish our consciences with information so that none can claim ‘I did not know’ or ‘I was wrongly advised’ or ‘I was just following orders’.

The people of Australia face unprecedented, pervasive and coercive ‘States of Emergency’ with severe restrictions to liberty and widespread impacts on health, life and livelihoods. ‘Flattening the curve’ for a few weeks has become eighteen months of fear, anxiety and control. Much of it unnecessarily contrived through sensationalist media, failed political leadership that has abdicated its responsibilities to academic and health bureaucrats who appear far removed from the realities and sufferings of ordinary Australians.

In early 2020, the Australian government, following the example of other countries, and the sudden about-turn of the World Health Organisation (WHO), abandoned long-established and existing pandemic guidelines in favour of enforced lockdowns, mask mandates, mass-testing, digital surveillance, border closures and the quarantining of the healthy. This approach was novel, untested and unprecedented.

We have had multiple on-again/off-again lockdowns, mask “mandates”, the coercion and mandating of novel and unproven vaccine technology, invasions to privacy in the forms of QR check-in codes and severe economic stress. In the reckless pursuit of the mirage of an unattainable ‘Covid Zero’ state, 400 AUSTRALIANS die every day from all causes. These Australians are dying within a grossly disrupted health care system and while their loved ones are inhumanely denied the opportunity to properly mourn them.

Whilst in 2021 to the 6th of August, we had twenty-two registered deaths attributed to Covid-19. The average age of death from Covid-19 remains 84 years, which is higher than average life expectancy in Australia.

This global public health experiment has clearly failed, having caused untold harm to literally billions of people. A return to long established, evidenced-based pandemic preparedness guidelines must now be urgently sought….


The collateral damage from lockdowns is clear; significant harm is being inflicted upon humanity, and devastating health and wellbeing across the globe. Vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and especially children, are paying the highest price. Evidence suggests lockdowns have not reduced mortality from COVID-19, and they provide little benefit over less restrictive measures. In addition, there are grave concerns lockdowns may ultimately result in a longer and more lethal pandemic, with many unforeseen and unintended health consequences.


Every medical student is taught that clinical diagnosis is founded upon three unshakable tenets. History, Examination, Investigation in that order of hierarchical importance. With the unprecedented utilisation of PCR based diagnosis in the interest of public health and mass screening the Doctor has been dangerously removed from the diagnostic process.

We now have a situation where an infection has been defined as a positive result on PCR. PCR has been demonstrated to be inadequate as a measure of illness severity and infectivity and so is not fit for purpose. Excessive Amplification Cycles of 37 – 45 have been used routinely, guaranteeing many possible clinically false positive results. We call upon doctors to inform themselves more fully and reject the flawed data and overly severe policies driven by forensic PCR technology.


SARS-CoV-2 is of course a real virus which has caused many deaths worldwide. How many deaths is difficult to calculate as ‘covid deaths’ have often been defined as ‘a death with a positive PCR Test’ rather than as a result of the recognised disease process and illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

However, we all know that multiple co-morbidities are involved 94% of the time (CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions | WEYI (nbc25news.com ). Thus, it is more than likely the 3.8 million deaths are an overestimate. Overwhelmingly these deaths have been in the frail elderly and others with serious pre-existing illness, often in populations where the average age of death with/from covid exceeds that of the average life expectancy.

That said, estimates of the infectious fatality rate (IFR) cluster around 0.15-0.2% overall, which is similar to the IFR of influenza, and 0.05% for those <70 years. The risk to children is very low, less than for influenza, and the risk to adolescents and young adults is 4 orders of magnitude lower than the elderly and so do not justify any restrictions applied across the population. We endorse the recommendations embodied in the Great Barrington Declaration.

We call for doctors to restore a sense of proportion to the dialogue.


The issue of Covid Vaccines is a controversial and sensitive one. The Covid Medical Network is NOT ‘anti-vax’. We acknowledge vaccination may curb the pandemic and is aimed at reducing hospitalisation and death from SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, we believe, in the interests of transparency and for the sake of individual patient care, doctors should be aware of some important, yet lesser-known issues. We are concerned that many members of the public and some medical colleagues seem unaware of some basic facts concerning the current Covid vaccines.

Only provisional approval for 2 years has been granted by the TGA, for both available covid vaccines, as they are considered investigational. Similarly, in the USA, due to incomplete efficacy and safety data, the available gene-based (mRNA and DNA) vaccines have only been made available by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorisation legislation. The TGA Deputy Secretary, Professor John Skerritt, and Minister for Health Greg Hunt have both made public statements that this vaccine rollout is a clinical trial (effectively an experiment) that will conclude in 2022.

Both available vaccines in Australia are totally new gene-based, nucleic acid (mRNA and DNA) vaccines and viral vector vaccines.

The mRNA vaccine technology, using Lipid Nano-Particles (LNPs), has never previously been used on humans. Both vaccines carry genetic instructions for the host’s cells to make antigen to induce an immune response.

Due to the unprecedented ‘rush to market’ via Emergency Authorisation Usage in the USA, doctors should be aware of the deficiency of many of the established standards for vaccine development which have been bypassed. Of particular concern being the absence of completed Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity (DART) studies. Neither were genotoxicity nor carcinogenicity studies performed. There is also an absence of long-term safety data….


I have left out important sections of the Letter on masks, restrictions, early treatments, informed consent, and other key points. Thus I urge you to read the entire Letter for yourself, which has numerous live links to the relevant research, evidence and data: https://www.covidmedicalnetwork.com/open-letters/first-do-no-harm.aspx

There clearly are other reputable points of view out there. It is imperative that they get a full and fair hearing, and not be ridiculed, sidelined and censored.

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35 Replies to “Evidence-Based Common Sense on Covid”

  1. Thanks Bill, that is such an objective and well-informed article. It gives us some valuable and current information to use to forward and educate people about the reality of what’s going on.
    We can be thankful for brave people such as The Covid Medical Network, and only hope the government and Big Tech don’t shut them down.

  2. That open letter is absolutely invaluable! Thank you for the link. Share share share, in love of course.

  3. Thanks Bill for the long extract from the doctors’ letter, and the link to their letter in full, where two things in particular caught my attention.

    On masks:

    “Pre-existing WHO guidelines state that there is no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission. … Cloth masks were not recommended under any circumstances. However, the evidence of harm caused by long term use is well-recognised and well-evidenced. The increasing evidence of harm to children is also of grave concern. N95, surgical or cloth masks were never designed, nor are capable of, stopping or reducing viral transmission. Without any new evidence, and under politic pressure, the WHO changed its guidelines to allow governments to enforce mask mandates on its populations.”

    On informed consent:

    “In keeping with the principle of shared-decision making and the NHMRC’s informed consent guidelines, and the Australian Vaccination Handbook Guidelines, it is the opinion of the Covid Medical Network that informed consent cannot be said to have been granted if the doctor has not informed the patient
    (a) that they are a trial participant
    (b) that effective preventive and early treatment therapies exist,
    (c) that there are a wide range of possible adverse effects including death
    (d) that people below 70 years are a low risk of death from the virus and
    (e) that breakthrough infection and transmission is possible.

    … We also believe that the conditions of free and informed consent are not being met if the patient is under duress regarding their employment or freedom to travel. ”

    That last sentence is particularly potent given the increasingly loud calls for covid-vaccination to be mandatory.

  4. Thanks Bill, great article. I have shared it with some friends. I have also sent it to our Premier, Peter Gutwein. Please pray with me that he will read it and give it serious thought. So far he has been sensible, but latest indications are that he is planning to follow other state premiers in their ridiculous over-reactions, should a “case” appear in Tasmania (none for over 15 months now.)

  5. That’s excellent Bill, I’ve not checked out the CMN in detail yet, and will do so. I’ve missed you on fb.

  6. Interesting you should mention the oath. The Hippocratic oath, of course, specifically condemns both abortion and euthanasia but I was interested to read the other day that there was a previous time in which the oath was also neglected and that was during NAZI Germany which, of course, is infamous for doctors like Josef Mengele.

    It is so sad that we have people of so many professions these days, not just doctors, who are too scared to stand up for the truth because of the inevitable repercussions from a corrupt society. Thank God we have some people who still respect truth. What is perhaps more concerning is the fact that we have so many people who are ignorantly willing to go along with and promote wrongdoing.

  7. Thank you Bill…. seems the Georgia Guidestones depopulation program is in full swing… God have mercy on our souls…. the enemy has come to steal, kill and to destroy… we are not ignorant of his devices. Thank God! Save yourself and your families peeps! The onus is on you!

  8. It’s almost an evolutionary experiment, not surprising give the powers that be are heavy believers in evolution, with those that can adapt winning out in the survival of the fittest.

    They insist it ISN’T mandatory because they haven’t used that word yet given the words they have used it is due facto mandatory. If your facing a charge of murder and say “I never said to kill him” but the words you did use make it QUITE clear that is what is to be done you are guilty. Likewise you can’t pay someone to kill another then say the murder was all his choice and you aren’t responsible for his choices.

    Hippies in the 60’s said all ideas should be heard but now they say only OUR ideas should be heard and any others must be silenced, by force if necessary.

    Satan always wants to coexist, have all sides heard, let everyone have a voice when he and his people are in the minority BUT as soon as he is in charge all that goes out the window. Conservatives of the 50’s and 60’s knew this and didn’t want to give him the chance unfortunately the young did not and their mentors taught them to hate and reject their parents and their parents generation and beliefs. We are now hip deep in the rotten fruit those seed have borne.

  9. Jan I sent Peter Gutwein a summary of vaxx concerns some months ago. He also received a notice of liability from the concerned lawyers network. He showed no concern whatsoever. He sent it on to the Health Minister Jeremy Rockliffe who wrote: ‘Australian guidelines for Covid-19 are frequently reviewed by an expert group of scientists, epidemiologists and public health physicians to ensure they are consistent with the best possible evidence.’ His response was to double down on the vaxx push. In other words he doesn’t care. He is going to push the WHO agenda no matter what the evidence. I have sent information to a number of MPs – no action taken. I have sent videos from avn.org.au which gives personal experiences of damage. No response. I have sent information to Jacqui Lambie who has at least asked questions of ATO – no response. I write eveything down – when I sent info, what I sent, response and date. This is an affidavit ready for the day of justice. Jan and others in Tas – please keep trying! Thank you for caring.

  10. Do you know if the letter has been sent to all the doctors and Medical Practices? My husband’s GP needs to be made aware…….. as I know many others do.
    I have made a complaint to AHPRA which didn’t do any good so now I’m onto the ombudsman. We just want a prescription for Ivermectin.
    Thank you Bill for all the good work you do.

  11. Thanks for this timely notice, Bill.
    My wife, who is a retired aged-care nurse, has seen and bookmarked this site, and drawn it to my attention, has also notified our local member, also the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt. But no reply, not even an acknowledgement. I too have sent him a letter, personally delivered to his office. Again: no reply, not even an acknowledgement. This has become a pattern: the politicians are not listening, not even to highly qualified experts (which Brett Sutton is not. He is nothing more than a bureaucrat and a buffoon). The media is certainly not listening, and even the judges on the bench, who hear the many legal challenges to the lockdowns, etc., make their decisions according to government policy (truly, the fix is in!).

    What is going on? I think the answer is, as I heard over the weekend, that Sutton and co. get their advice from the WHO, and more importantly, from the WEF (you know, the “Great Reset” crowd), and advise government accordingly. Here in Victoria there is also the factor of the “Strong Cities” network, in which Melbourne is a member along with Beijing—thanks to Dictator Dan. I fear things are moving to a global, Satanic dictatorship, and the powerful movers and shakers on the international level are pushing their agenda for all they are worth, and they seem unstoppable.

    On last thought: if this is indeed the final tribulation before the End, as many pastors and even theologians are now venturing to say (and they are not all wild Dispensationalists either), then I ask those proponents of a pre-Tribulation “rapture”: why are we still here?

  12. Many thanks Murray. Yes things are looking very grim indeed, with our leaders refusing to listen to others, but instead just going along with the narrative. Very worrying times lie ahead I fear.

  13. Murray Adamthwaite I can’t speak for other but there is a difference between tribulation and THE tribulation. The later can’t happen till AFTER the man of sin, the Anti-Christ is revealed. He has NOT been revealed so THE tribulation hasn’t started that is why we are still here.

    Trust me IF we were in the tribulation things would be FAR worse for Christians. The West don’t know what persecution is!!! (Many of these Christians wouldn’t last a DAY under Eastern persecution!!!) As for COVID possibly being one on the judgments those will be far worse than what is basically a bad flu!

  14. Thanks, but let me step in here. I know many have their pet views on eschatology that they always wish to discuss. But there is a time and a place for that. This article of course was on Covid and evidence-based medicine. It was NOT on the end times. So those who are zealous to promote their fav views on eschatology are advised to save it for articles that actually deal with that topic. And given that there are kazillions of other places out there where these topics are debated to death, it does not really need to be fought over here yet again, at least under an article such as this! Thanks.

  15. Thanks Bill, That is a very good letter, but I am finding that there are many who are not even the least bit inquisitive of the truth. It is like they have their eyes closed and have a blindfold on, lest they see something that might cause them to have to act.

    We still mostly cannot get Hydroxychoroquine or Ivermectin in Aust, (there will be heads rolling for that) but Quercetin is available over the counter and on line. I bought some the other day, and it is cheap at 30C per day or less on line. Check with your doctor about the bromelains etc that may be in some tablets.
    I refer to Dr Vladimir Zelenko for the full explanation and suggested dosages.
    Link; vladimirzelenkomd.com

  16. Victor Dominello wears eyepatch after ‘droopy eye’ during COVID-19 update led to Bell’s palsy diagnosis

    Australian politician develops Bell’s palsy, “droopy eye” on live television while taking covid vaccine

    Canada Adds Bell’s Palsy Warning to Pfizer COVID Shot

  17. Once again you are a voice of wisdom. Our Good Lord has commanded us “Do not Fear”. Over and over we are taught that in the Good Book yet Brothers and Sisters and dare I say many of our Pastors, Ministers and Priests are, through lack of clear instruction or even discussion, allowing fear of this, whatever it is, to take grip of the “Church”. My own part of the Body-the Anglican Church, has on the whole been as silent about this as they were over the Sodomite “marriage” issue. We are called to welcome and lay hands on the sick yet we won’t allow anyone with even a sniffle to enter. People are dying of loneliness, yet we don’t visit. We don’t allow anyone in unless they have a QR Code and mark my word (no pun intended), the “Church” will very soon be denying access to the Unvaccinated. Sadly, I think we have all witnessed how very very easy it will be to get Brothers and Sisters to accept the Mark of the Beast.

  18. Excellent article Bill.

    I also appreciate the extra comments and links – thanks everyone.

    We often bemoan those who are asleep, yet as things get tougher and tougher, I live in hope that more will awake from their slumber.

  19. Thanks for your great work Bill. I woke this morning feeling dejected and could hardly get out of bed. What a fight we have in our hands. My prayer is that you and I and others will not grow weary. We must remember that ultimately the battle is the Lord’s (1 Sam 17:47).

  20. Reading your articles for the first time today, Bill. They are validating! A group of us has been swapping videos and articles regarding the actual treatment of Covid-19. Dr Peter McCullough and other practising senior medical doctors in the US are desperately trying to explain to FDA (Food and Drug Agency) and other policy makers that Covid is actually treatable and that the medical fraternity is denying it’s primary focus – treating the ill. He has also addressed a senate inquiry.

    Hmmm… no-one is listening. It seems Big Pharma has been planning this for some time. I pray that the Lord will take the scales from the eyes of our own family members…and help me not to be too distracted from His command of loving others in the process,

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