Please Stand With This Persecuted Australian Christian

This Christian doctor desperately needs your support:

What would you think if you lost your livelihood, your career, your only source of income, all because of the radical cancel culture? How would you feel if you studied hard for years for your chosen professional career, only to find it screeching to a halt because of activists? How would you feel if you spent the past two years on welfare payments because some militants decided you should suffer?

How would you feel if all of your clientele – in this case, all of your patients – had nothing but the highest regard and praise for you and your work, and never once complained – but you still find yourself out of a job because PC activists have hounded you out of your profession?

How would you feel if your only “crime” was to post comments on your own personal Facebook page, and on a few websites, simply saying things that almost everyone throughout all of human history fully agreed with? Things like: ‘Children deserve a mother and father.’ ‘There are only two sexes.’ ‘Killing babies in the womb is morally wrong.’

Yes, for daring to say such truthful and innocuous things, one person I know has lost his entire career, and is now struggling to feed his family, as well as raise funds so he can now defend himself in court. I refer to the wonderful Christian doctor, Jereth Kok. I have written up his story before – please have a read:

Jereth will now finally have his day in court, after waiting a full two years. Of course this means it will cost heaps of money to pay for barristers to help make his case. He has just set up a page on this website to raise some funds to help cover all these costs:

The story on this site begins with these words:

Dr Jereth Kok has been cancelled. Your support is needed to help Dr Kok get his job back.


In 2017 and 2019, anonymous activists targeted Jereth because of his conservative and Christian views on social media. Jereth is a competent doctor. Jereth is liked by his colleagues and patients. Jereth provided care to hundreds of patients every month at a family practice without a single complaint. Despite Jereth’s skills, reputation and absence of a single patient complaint, the Medical Board of Australia barred Jereth from practicing medicine in 2019. Jereth has not seen his patients for 2 years. Jereth needs your help to get the best legal assistance so he can fight to get his job back, and help to ensure that other Australian health workers won’t be treated the same way.

He goes on to tell his story:

Dr Jereth Kok has fallen victim to the same ideological intolerance that has ensnared footballer Israel Folau, actress Gina Carano, pastor Margaret Court, and author J. K. Rowling.


Unknown to Jereth, in late 2017 and again in 2019, activists made anonymous complaints to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) about Jereth’s private Facebook page and comments on a Christian blog site about issues like marriage and gender theory.


AHPRA conducted a prolonged, secret investigation into Jereth’s online history, and in mid-2019 the Australian Medical Board decided that Jereth should be suspended immediately, without full investigation and trial, because of the perceived harm to the public interest arising from Jereth’s views. Jereth’s satisfied patients were suddenly deprived of their trusted doctor and his single-income family was financially shipwrecked, despite no patient of Jereth’s ever complaining about his clinical practice.


The Medical Board particularly targeted Facebook posts and an article in a Christian newspaper that stated Jereth’s Christian convictions on abortion, marriage, sexuality and transgenderism. The Board alleged that Jereth’s views were demeaning and contrary to accepted medical practice. They also took other words out of context as a basis to accuse Jereth of expressing dangerous and violent views.


Jereth is still under investigation by the Medical Board, and expects that they will take action this year to revoke his medical licence permanently. Jereth will be challenging the Medical Board’s decision before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


Jereth has engaged the help of the Human Rights Law Alliance, a not-for-profit law firm specialising in religious freedom cases. HRLA will be working for Jereth on a heavily discounted basis. But Jereth needs to engage experienced barristers and experts to run the best case possible for himself and other doctors. Your contributions will ensure that he is well resourced to take on the might of the government funded Medical Board.


Jereth can’t defend himself alone – He needs your help. Legal challenges are expensive. The Medical Board has Government funding behind it, but Jereth is struggling to finance even his family’s basic needs at the moment, let alone expensive litigation.

He closes his appeal with these words:

You can help Dr Jereth Kok in his legal challenge to try to save his livelihood and protect other Christian professionals from suffering the same fate. Please prayerfully consider this need. If just 3000 people give $50 each, our goal will be met. All money raised will be put into a legal trust account to run Jereth’s case. Any leftover funds will be divided between supporting Jereth’s family and a donation to the general work of HRLA. Thank you.

Here again is his funding page:

Please click on it and make a financial pledge to help this wonderful Christian and first-class medical professional as he seeks to overturn this horrific ruling. He deserves much better treatment than this. So does his wife and two small children.

As an example of the sort of things this court case will likely ‘investigate,’ have a look at this interview with Jereth on the issue of transgenderism. It demonstrates how fully rational, scientific, compassionate, and caring Dr Kok is:

What has happened to Jereth is an appalling example of diabolical cancel culture at its worst. What we have are noisy minority groups wielding incredible power over innocent and conscientious professionals. This is so very wrong on so many levels. Please support Dr Kok. Please contribute to his legal defence. Please share his story far and wide. Thank you.

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25 Replies to “Please Stand With This Persecuted Australian Christian”

  1. We just want to be first class citizens. Nothing in the legislation affects you.
    We just want to live our lives in peace.
    We’re not trying to punish people who think differently.
    We’re not trying to criminalize Christianity.
    We’re not trying to criminalize thought.

    Anything said by then in the NEGATIVE must but understood in the POSITIVE.

    Destruction is all they know as it is all their father satan knows. From Eden on he has destroyed anything good determined to either control or destroy the world. World domination or bust. And he’ll drag as many to hell for eternity as he can.

    This man is brave and true. The brave true Christian is constantly tested and attacked for he is threat. Darkness can not survive piercing light darkness can only thrive in darkness. All sources or light must be extinguished. Even a candle is too much light for darkness to allow. A candle isn’t diminished by lighting another and so is dangerous to darkness because after lighting another candle the first is just as bright as before. A light bulb may give more light but if knocked over it breaks and the light is gone.

    Too many light bulbs in the church they have a bright light saying look at me but are easily broken. We need more candles. You might eventually put out a candle but by that time all the ones that one lit are burning and much more light is in the world. Even when the candle only lights ONE other the light continues after the first candle is extinguished.

  2. The high cost of free speech in the 21st Century.

    Dr Kok, along with Dr Wakefield and Dr White in the UK, and also acclaimed Dr McCullough in the US, recently removed from his medical position and being sued by his former employer for speaking earnestly for the protection of humanity.

    And those courageous souls across our world this day, marching bravely for freedom for us all – including for the freedom of the very many who don’t realize how precious freedom is, but which is quickly slipping away.

  3. I am a homosexual who abstains homosexual practices, I am also a Christian. What is happening to Jereth is frightening. But not surprising today with the persecution of Christians. I pray that I may stand and fight this kind of discrimination. I pray that I won’t fail Christ in a situation like this.

  4. Many thanks Adam. We all need prayer to stand strong against this demonic cancel culture. It comes straight out of the pits of hell, and has already destroyed far too many lives. (And for what it is worth, if I were in the shoes of those like yourself, my self-description would go something like this: ‘I am a Christian. However, I have struggled with same-sex attractions. I choose not to give in to these, and I realise that God has created us as male and female, with opposite-sex attractions as the norm. But the Fall has disordered everything, including in this area.’)

  5. Thanks Clint. But that is about as helpful as telling a starving family, ‘You don’t need money or food, you just need faith.’ They actually need both: faith and material help. As we read in James 2:16: “If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?” Sorry, but we must put our faith into action – otherwise we are just living in spiritual airy-fairy land.

  6. For some reason my visa card was declined. Anyone else having problems?

  7. Sorted.

    Interestingly I received an SMS from my bank claiming the donation was a possible fraudulent transaction. I wonder what setting they used to determine that.

  8. I’ve missed you on FB Bill.
    Glad someone sent me this link-(Mark R I think?)
    Psalm 56 for Jereth.
    I see this fundraiser has been going a long time. I hope all the funds come in for him.
    PS love your replies to replies above.

  9. Just made a donation but declined and will try again as I know I have sufficient funds.
    On a side issue Bill my family went to the Freedom Rally in Melbourne yesterday. There were over 20,000 predominately peacefully demonstraters. I am nearly 70, my son is 40 and his daughter is 6 months.
    Three generations marching to protest against this tyrannical government that is trying to destroy what was once a great state and we will be there for the next Rally for Freedom and praying for more Christians to attend.
    Faith without works is dead!

  10. Ps
    This is the first time to my knowledge that rubber bullets were used by Victorian Police at a largely peaceful demonstration yesterday.


  11. No problem donating. Thank you Jesus for people, among others, like Bill and Dr. Kok who stand up against the intolerant hateful cancel culture.

  12. What a monster! I bet he would have prescribed Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to patients with Corona Virus as well. (Sarc off, just in case).

  13. Thanks so much for alerting us re Dr Kok’s situation, I have just sent off a complaint to the Medical Board of Australia, after having read your article about Dr Jereth Kok!
    The Medical Board of Australia has severely overstepped it’s self & violated Dr Kok’s human rights as per the UN Universal Declaration On Human Rights!
    Hopefully all your readers will make a formal coplaint via the website!
    Link here:

  14. I had no trouble donating. May I suggest that if Jereth doesn’t receive enough money to support his court case etc he should tell his story to the Australian Christian Lobby under the leadership of Martyn Iles who played a big role in helping Israel Folau both financially and socially get back to where he should be. Your article Bill is a big help and let’s bombard the Medical Board of Australia and pray that they will reinstate Jereth with no more repercussions – sounds like the disciples in NT who were told to not preach about Jesus by the Jewish leaders.

  15. Thanks Lynette. Yes the ACL knows all about his case. The Human Rights Law Alliance which is working with Jereth and which I mention in my article is a legal arm of the ACL.

  16. Thank you Bill for sharing about Dr.Kok, I have made a donation, I found the website “Give Send Go” very easy to use with no problems. Good to see there is a Christian crowd funding website, as the “other one” (which shall not be named!) has a history of banning people they don’t like.
    God Bless Dr.Kok for standing up for Christian Values.

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