Fear Merchants Say the Most Vacuous and Vile Things

I get some really weird – and ugly – comments to this site:

Here is a truth you can bank on: the more you allow yourself to be overcome by fear, hysteria, alarmism and emotion, the less you will be able to function as a rational and intelligent human being. The two cancel each other out: if you run with reason, critical thinking and dispassionate analysis, you will not be overwhelmed by feelings, fear and fallacious thought.

I know all about this. Because I have an interactive website, I get hundreds of comments coming here each month. Some offer rational and commonsense thoughts. But some reflect panic, lunacy and hysteria. The sad reality is you can NOT reason or have discussions with the latter group. By definition they cannot be reasoned with.

This is especially the case when it comes to the Rona. I have received enough of these sorts of comments now to fill a small book. I will share just a few of them in a moment, but a few general things can be said about these folks. As mentioned, their comments so often demonstrate a complete inability to offer rational and sensible discussion.

And there is one quite bizarre thing in all this: they all pretend to be concerned about life and humanity, yet these folks are often the biggest haters of actual humans that I know of. I have lost track of how many of these folks have actually told me that they hope I die a slow and horrible death from Covid! Wow, feel the love! Feel the deep concern for humanity!

They do not give a rip about other people – they only care about themselves. They are so consumed by fear and panic and the desire to be “safe” at any cost that they gleefully wish death upon anyone who dares to take a different view than they do. I get this all the time. Haters are sure gonna hate, all the while telling us that we must love and care for one another!

These sorts of comments I do not post. Most go straight into the bin. But I do save some of them, in part for articles such as this. Here then are just a few – of the many – comments I have received, along with some of my thoughts on them:

“Very amusing Bill. It’s also funny that COVID will eventually kill off all of you far-right conspiracy nutters who decline the vaccines that God has provided. At least it will make for a more intelligent world.”

This of course is so very typical. No evidence, no facts, no science, no rationality. Just a whole lotta name-calling and abuse. And note the patently false narrative being pushed: somehow only “far-right conspiracy nutters” have concerns here. So the many lefties – such as American feminist Naomi Wolfe – who are dead set against the lockdowns and mandatory vaccines are really just closet conservatives?

“People who choose to be unvaccinated are entitled to make that choice. But they have no right to whinge and whine like spoilt children if that choice causes them to suffer some disadvantage, whether that be a condition of employment or admission to premises. You make the choice, you suffer the consequences.”

This is the foolish thinking of those who pretend this is all about free choice. Um, when you deny people their right to work and feed their family, this is all about coercion and force. It is NOT about freedom to choose. And how is this about keeping people safe? When we force people out of their jobs and livelihood, and condemn them to possible poverty, mental health problems, and suicide, then this is not about keeping people safe. It is about making others very much at risk.

Moreover, plenty of folks have made sensible and informed cases as to why they are Covid vaxx hesitant, including this very recent piece: https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2021/09/why-i-didnt-get-the-covid-vaccine

It is not just enraged and intolerant secular lefties sending in these nasty and unreasonable comments. Sadly plenty of folks claiming to be Christians have also sent in some very worrying comments here. Consider these three:

The Bible cannot be used to justify disobeying valid authorities Romans 13. Not wearing masks is murder. Endangering the lives of oneself (suicide) and of other people, both of which are prohibited by the Bible.”

Oh dear! Not wearing masks is now murder? Even though numerous studies have shown how ineffective wearing masks is? Even though some of the most-masked jurisdictions in the world – including here in Melbourne – are still seeing massive spikes in cases?

And the nonsense about Romans 13 being some sort of inviolate absolute is also ludicrous. But I have discussed that text plenty already, eg.: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2020/05/15/the-state-is-not-absolute/

See also this piece: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/07/13/romans-13-revisited/

Another related remark which someone alerted me to comes from a Victorian pastor who incredibly seems to support everything Dictator Dan has done, including banning worship services:

So as you fast and pray today ask God this question. Have I sinned or been in danger of sinning by having an unsubmissive attitude to the government? If so, repent and ask God to forgive you. Ask him to make you more submissive for the sake of Jesus.”

Good grief! This guy is quite happy to have his church closed down for ages, and seems to not give a rip about the massive harm draconian lockdowns are having on so many. But he IS very concerned that we are not being submissive enough! Amazing! Places like Communist China would be very grateful to have a pastor like this.

Indeed, this is just the sort of pastor that was so loved by another government – the one in Germany in the 30s! ‘Do not ask any questions. Do not rock the boat. Just submit – fully.’ Recall the words of Hitler to German pastor Martin Niemoller: “You confine yourself to the church. I’ll take care of the German people.” This clueless pastor would have been the first to shout, ‘Amen to that Fuhrer!’

Finally, some Christians keep coming to my site attacking me, pushing the tired old narrative. It does not matter how often and how much I list in scary detail all the huge problems and damage caused by lockdowns and the like: they simply ignore that and keep shouting about the need to fully support the lockdowns and to support all the tyrants who have stolen our liberties and basic human rights. Consider what one person actually said:

I know life at home in Melbourne lockdown is easy.”

Wow! Is this person for real? Does this person actually live in Melbourne? Sounds like a paid-up member of the Labor party and the I Stand With Dan Club. I have written tens of thousands of words on how greatly people here in Melbourne are suffering. This includes lost jobs, destroyed economies, mental health problems, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, eating disorders, child abuse, self-harm, suicide, deaths due to missed hospital and doctor visits, and so on.

These are massive problems which should bother us all immensely. Yet ‘Christians’ like this just do not get it – or do not want to get it. They think that the only thing that matters is the Covid case numbers – to hell with everyone else and their horrific suffering. Hmm, so much for showing Christian love, compassion and intelligence!

But let me finish on a more positive note. Thankfully these comments have not been all this bad. Many are quite sensible. One person recently asked me this for example:

“Hi Bill, I certainly appreciate your insights and articles, especially in these strange times. In light of this statement, ‘But sadly some believers seem to have made an idol out of all this, even seeing this as a new test of orthodoxy’, I’m just wondering what you’d say to those who would argue that it is those who are seeking to restore freedom, fight tyranny etc as the ones who are creating an idol. They’d argue that declaring the gospel should be the believer’s focus and that our attention, concern and efforts are a distraction and so there is the potential of making this ‘fight’ into an idol.”

This is how I replied to her:

Anything can become an idol of course – even religion. Just think about the Pharisees. Thus most things in this life must not be fully absolutised, including freedom. Having said that, freedom is an incredibly important social good, one that we dare not take lightly. Far too many young men gave their lives so that we could be free and not live under hellish tyranny. No one should make light of that. Freedom matters, as do basic human rights. It is exactly because of Christianity that the West arose and has known democracy, freedom, civil liberties, human rights and respect for individuals.


And two things can be said about preaching the gospel. One, it is very hard to preach the gospel if there is no freedom. Or in this case, when you are locked in your homes for 23 hours a day, under strict curfew, allowed only 5 kms of travel, can hardly congregate with others, and have churches shut down, it is very hard indeed to share the gospel as well. This too is never something we should be cavalier about.


And second, we are NOT just called to preach the gospel (however that is understood). We are also commanded, for example, to be salt and light in a dark culture. And that would certainly include standing up for public justice and righteousness, and resisting evil, including evil rulers who are oppressing their own people. No one can read the Bible without seeing how highly God values things like this, how passionate he is about it, and how he expects his people to be fully involved in all this.


By the way, plenty of ‘Christians’ attacked Christian politician and abolitionist William Wilberforce, telling him to forget about slavery and just stick to ‘preaching the gospel’. Thankfully he ignored that bogus and unbiblical advice, and today millions of Blacks can say thank you so much to Wilberforce for running with a whole gospel, and not a truncated one.

But for all the sensible comments like this I get, I seem to get as many pushing fear, hysteria, irrationality, hate and loathing. Hmm, the joys of having an interactive website!

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15 Replies to “Fear Merchants Say the Most Vacuous and Vile Things”

  1. Please keep my identity anonymous.

    I am a High School teacher with many decades experience. I have an unblemished record and have been a permanent teacher in the worst NSW schools offering everything I could to give students stability and opportunity when all else had failed them. I am frequently tagged by ex students on Facebook as “the teacher who they never forgot”. I love my job. I have trained and mentored countless teachers.

    Many NSW teachers including myself are still unvaccinated and last night saw a document that chilled me and kept me awake. It related to Professional and Ethical Standards ( PES) for NSW teachers, their conduct and performance. It related to a part of this labelled Vaccination Non Compliance Information for Principals and Managers.

    In this document it detailed how to identify and take action against non compliant employees with a timeline for actions in dealing with the non compliant. There would be several reviews and written directions to comply with the vaccination mandate and finally an investigation in accordance with the “Guidelines for Management of Conduct and Performance” would be immediately launched, a serious issue for a non compliant employee. This is further described in the document as a PES misconduct investigation and the Department can commence disciplinary action. (wording is from the document)

    If they are still non compliant the employee will be placed on unauthorized absence or their job will be terminated depending on if Permanent, Contract or Casual teacher.

    Employees will further be reported to NSW Police if they attempt to enter school premises.

    Casual teachers will have their approval to teach withdrawn ( that is a big deal as it’s a big undertaking to get approval as I left the Dept to have children for a while and then returned, and had to go through a rigorous and time consuming process to get Approval to Teach again ) There is also the threat of having our name placed on a Not To Be Employed list pending the outcome of a PES misconduct investigation.

    All this while Channel & News reported last night that half of NSW Public School teachers are not fully vaccinated and The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday published TWO stories about a crisis teacher shortage in NSW, a month after they had posted a similar story.

    To think I taught my students how to understand and identify Totalitarianism and cope with Bullying and Coercion as instructed by the Syllabus. The irony of having my ethics investigated by the Professional and Ethical Standards unit. The irony.

    I am currently cycling through fear, sadness, optimism, despair and unbelief. Many other teachers are in the same boat. Please pray for us.

  2. Thanks again for your insights Bill.
    Alongside the covid pandemic we have a pandemic of bullying, where those who are ruled by fear and insecurity, along with an ideology that denies the free discussion of competing ideas, this reflects the insecurities of the bully.
    If their position on vaxing, masks and brutal limitation of personal choice is so correct, why cannot they allow contrary opinions ?

    They are too scared that their position will not stand up to the scrutiny of medical and sociological data, which shows the weakness and falsity of their claims .

    Therefore they resort to the cancelling, abuse, outright censorship and bullying of anyone that disagrees with their version of truth.

    Again, it is fear and fascist tactics that control their bullying behaviours. Along with the leftist agenda that the govt should have total control of its citizens, elevating the govt to godlike status.

    Read again the last letter of Paul to Timothy, especially 2Tim 3:1-5, describing the 19 world conditions evident in the last days…

    Great points you make Bill, I agree that we need to stand against this tyranny of bullies and ideologues, it appears only prayer can make any real or lasting difference, this of course rests on the One who answers our prayers.

  3. Thank you and take heart Bill, you have been a beacon of sanity for many of us and undoubtedly a lightning rod for ‘others’ (that’s as charitable as I can be).

  4. Many thanks indeed Troy. Nice to get some positive feedback – it helps to offset all the comments from the haters, critics, alarmists, and trolls!

  5. This whole covid thing has exposed the true nature of people and those around us. We now know who are those who strived to build their houses on solid rock, and those who built it on shifting sands.
    Those who have built on shifting sands wish to bring us down with them.

  6. I think it is likely, just as we will be required to give account for every idle word, that we will have to give account for when we disobey governments but I wonder how those who say any disobedience is a sin would react to scriptures such as :-

    Isa 14:3
    When the LORD has given you rest from your pain and turmoil and the hard service with which you were made to serve, 4you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon:

    “How the oppressor has ceased,
    the insolent fury ceased!
    5The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked,
    the scepter of rulers,
    6that struck the peoples in wrath
    with unceasing blows,
    that ruled the nations in anger
    with unrelenting persecution.”


    Also, on the other side of the equation we see Paul telling us extortion is a mortal sin in 1 Cor 6:10 and this is echoed throughout the scriptures. Now clearly the majority of scriptures denouncing extortion relate to making money from extortion which is why modern translations say “swindler” but the correct view is that this also definitely applies to taking by force (I.e. extortion) and I would not be the least bit surprised to find the same principle applied to those who simply want to reduce their own perceived risk by forceful action on others. Surely the principle would be the same and in this instance the risk is exclusion from Heaven.

    Perhaps Paul recounting the efforts to compell Titus to get circumcised in Gal 2 is also relevant.

    In reality we will give account for our actions but Got does not, currently, even compell people to obey His law.

    Perhaps in Acts 12 Peter should simply have remained in prison because, clearly, that was what the king wanted.

    My heart does, however, go out to pastors who, unless they have 100% support from their congregation, are in a no-win situation.

    It will be interesting to see what God resolves from this.

  7. Funny how people, especially in the church, can see what people, and Christians, in Germany and slave era Britain/USA should’ve done yet can’t see what they should do now. We can see unrighteousness in others actions but not ours. “I would have stood up to Hitler’s dictates. I would’ve hid Jews” yet actions show they would be the first to fall in line with the fuhrers demands and would turn in Jews because it was the law. It is easy to be brave after the fact. (Like the kid who runs up and kicks the bully after he has been beaten up by others) The hard part is being in the midst of history and being brave enough to do the right thing.

    Remember even the apostles believed they were so brave and devoted they wouldn’t abandon Christ in his hour of trial yet all of them did. Bravery and Bravado are two very different things. Too many in our cultures, including Christians, have the latter not the former.

  8. Well Bill you are not alone. We should be submissive to authorities but only up to a point. The problem now as it was in Germany in the early 1930s when and where to draw the line and not to do it lightly. The divisions between Christians at that time is similar to what we are experiencing now. I will continue to resist with a clear conscience. Other Christian family members see it differently. I will accept the consequences for my own decisions. The so called vaccine passport might well turn out to be the mark of the beast.

  9. Bill, in thanks for all your efforts I wanted to encourage you by sending you this link based on Isaiah 14 as Michael quoted above, The King Of Babylon is about to fall. I’m hoping it applies to Dan Andrews also. Johnny Enlow says we have Sorrow, Fear and Bondage now but deliverance is coming and that we have a hyaena (Kamala Harris) and a Jackal (Joe Biden) in the White House. There are 3 plans in operation, the Black Hats, the White Hats and God’s Plan. God is using the White Hats to bring deliverance. Trust the Plan, it’s painful but it is what has to happen. https://welovetrump.com/2021/09/25/jonny-enlow-trust-the-plan-the-king-of-babylon-is-about-to-fall/?utm_source=newsletter_ssp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ssp

  10. Re mandatory vaccination.
    Tanya Davis had a video up saying Fair Work office had ruled it was not on.
    Today I see Dictator Dan has announced a backflip and government and judicial people would not be required to vaccinate. Maybe he was going to be short some Imperial guard’s so thought better of it.
    Thanks Bill for speaking up for all of us who value freedom.

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