The Big Brother Purge of Conservative Christians in Australia

The state has now officially declared war on conservative Christians:

This country used to be known as a free and democratic nation. Increasingly this is no longer the case. As statism increases, political correctness gains more of a stranglehold, and the various militant minority activist groups become ever more emboldened, Christians and conservatives are finding themselves under attack.

They are being fined, fired or even threatened with jail. I have documented countless cases of this now on my website, and each new week seems to see a fresh batch of cases of this taking place. This is very frightening indeed. Remember, this is Australia we are talking about here.

One characteristic of fascism, as an online dictionary puts it, is the ‘governmental suppression of individual freedom.’ Sadly, Australia has been moving in this direction for some time now, especially by way of the noisy lobby groups of the left. They have declared an all-out war on faith, family and freedom.

I have said often now that there are so many worrying cases of individuals losing their freedoms at the hands of the state as it jumps in bed with the secular left activists. And I also mentioned many of these cases have not gone public yet, although I happen to know quite a few of the individuals involved.

A number of them are/were doctors or medical professionals who had become the targets of the Medical Board of Australia. Specifically, the MBA has now actively pursued six different doctors (that we know of) over the last three years all because of their views on things like abortion and/or the homosexual agenda.

Basically, they all have been persecuted for the simple reason that they dare to think independently, and they express their views in their own time on their own social media pages and the like. For having the gall to not run with the PC version of events concerning things like abortion, homosexuality and the trans agenda, they have all fallen afoul of the MBA; several are receiving severe punishments, including mandatory re-education, suspension of their livelihood, etc.

Very much like the recent Israel Folau case, the powers that be have become judge and executioner, punishing those who actually think for themselves and believe they should have the freedom to express their views on their own time on their own social media outlets.

As with any dictatorial or fascist regime, the ruling powers have effectively threatened and blackmailed these individuals, telling them in no uncertain terms that if they want their jobs, they must censor themselves, not speak out, and remove all of their ‘offending’ posts and pages.

This of course is the stuff of North Korea, or Cuba, or Saudi Arabia. We did not expect this was how things operated in the free West. But it sure is. What we not too long ago sent our sons to fight and die for – freedom – is now severely at risk here in Australia.

Let me highlight just one of these appalling cases. A doctor with a wife and two young children has been suspended by the MBA, and has been out of work for nearly eight months now. His crime? Was he caught raping a patient, or stealing medicines, or fiddling with the books?

No, he did something much, much worse in the eyes of the MBA: he dared to post his point of view on his own private Facebook page, and even worse, he actually posted comments on my website, CultureWatch. Yes, several hundred of his comments appeared on my site over the past decade or so.

He said things which we are no longer able to say in Australia it seems, things like: marriage is between a man and a woman; doctors should be saving life, not killing; children have a right to be raised by their own mother and father; and radical political Islam is something we must take seriously.

For saying verboten things like that, the MBA has decided that he is now public enemy No. 1, and he MUST be punished severely. And keep in mind the details of this shocking case. No complaints were ever made by any of his patients or by his colleagues. He was fully professional in his work, and he treated all of his patients with dignity and respect.

But some militant(s) had been trawling both Facebook and my site, and discovered his unforgiveable remarks. This guy (or girl) made a stink, and the MBA immediately started the inquisition. They hired lawyers (and wasted a lot of money to do so) to go through every single one of my articles on my website, coming up with thousands of pages of printed documents with any and all comment he had made. What num nums: I could have given them all that free of charge if they wanted!

Since this doctor’s case is now in the public domain, I refer to Melbourne doctor Jereth Kok. The complaints made against him have been all by anonymous complainants. He does not know how many were made, or who made them, or why. They do not seem to be from any of his patients.

Indeed, as mentioned, he has had no complaints at all in terms of his work, his professionalism, and his ability to deliver quality health care. He seems to have been loved and respected by all his patients. However, for nine months the MBA was investigating Dr Kok, without even telling him! When they finally did tell him, they sent him a ‘please explain’ letter.

As mentioned, they simply trawled through his posts on Facebook and on my website, including issues such as the vote ‘no’ campaign on homosexual marriage. For that the MBA has treated him like a pariah, someone who is no longer able to treat patients!

His views are instead totally verboten. As a result, since August 19, 2019, he has been without work. His wife is a fulltime mother looking after their young children. So they have had no income during this entire period: income that they needed to feed the family and pay the bills.

And a couple hundred regular patients who all had Dr Kok as their preferred doctor are now without his expertise and services. Most of these patients had become quite attached to Dr. Kok. But now they have been left hanging, forced to look for alternate doctors and arrangements.

Again, all this has happened because he has dared to offer his points of view on the public issues of the day. Something that everyone else does all the time. Something that is part of living in a free society. But it seems like we are now no longer very free at all.

When groups like the MBA can destroy the career of a terrific, conscientious and hard-working doctor who has committed no malpractice whatsoever, then you know freedom has been smashed underfoot, and Big Brother groupthink is now in action.

And of course there are so many other bodies and organisations just like this, be they Rugby Australia or most of our major corporations. They have all conspired against freedom of speech, freedom of thought, religious freedom, and independent thinking. That is very scary indeed.

And with people like Dr Kok we have a very real human face to put to all this. This is not just theoretical. Real people with real careers are losing everything, all because secular left thought is now the only accepted form of opinion in so much of Australia.

Why am I reminded of this scene from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four?

‘But how can you stop people remembering things?’ cried Winston again momentarily forgetting the dial. ‘It is involuntary. It is outside oneself. How can you control memory? You have not controlled mine!’ 

O’Brien’s manner grew stern again. He laid his hand on the dial. 

‘On the contrary,’ he said, ‘you have not controlled it. That is what has brought you here. You are here because you have failed in humility, in self-discipline. You would not make the act of submission which is the price of sanity. You preferred to be a lunatic, a minority of one. Only the disciplined mind can see reality, Winston. You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right. You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident. When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party. That is the fact that you have got to relearn, Winston. It needs an act of self-destruction, an effort of the will. You must humble yourself before you can become sane.’ 

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55 Replies to “The Big Brother Purge of Conservative Christians in Australia”

  1. I agree with him on, “things like: marriage is between a man and a woman; doctors should be saving life, not killing; children have a right to be raised by their own mother and father; and radical political Islam is something we must take seriously.”

  2. Does the good doctor have any opportunity to ask for a review of his case? Is it a permanent decision? Is there no process of appeal? Can he sue?

  3. Deeply sobering and troubling! The persecution of Dr Kok by the MBA brings so starkly to mind the persecution of too many evangelical ministers by a ‘progressive’ Australian church denomination, in which, in some Presbyteries, ministers who love and revere God and honour His Word are sidelined and denied the opportunity to minister and be able to support their families. Having lost recency of experience in their former profession or occupation through their commitment to the church and their ministry within it, their ability to support their family is rendered very difficult indeed.
    To paraphrase you, Bill:
    When groups like the U/C can destroy the future ministry of terrific, conscientious and hard-working ministers who have committed no offence whatsoever, and under whose leadership churches have thrived, then things have become very alarming and deeply sad indeed.

  4. And then the Corona Virus hits and every single doctor is needed on board. Oh wait. Wrongthink. Can’t have wrongthinking doctors treating patients now can we.

  5. I am quite shocked by this article. What used to be considered wholesome, conservative values are now described as “hate”, “bigotry” and “discriminatory”. And expressing these views publically is enough to get you fired, even though you are a valued and capable member of your profession. (Just as well we have the Australian Christian Lobby.)

  6. At least Australia has you fighting the MBA hounds bound for hellfire.
    In Canada they don’t have a male or a pastor. They have a woman, Laura Lynn and a transgender fighting their battles. Shameful.

  7. What a treacherous path our we’re on – to hold the traditional values of a Christian society now places you as a traitor to the New Order. As a Christian it won’t matter how kind you are or how competent you are in your work, if you don’t fully embrace the LGBTI agenda, you will be punished and made an ‘untouchable’, excluded from your livelihood and from having a voice for truth. And don’t think they won’t tighten the constraints as their power increases. The question for all is, whom shall you serve?

  8. Hi Bill,
    This is my first comment here in around 6 years.
    Very grateful for your support.
    We trust that God will provide for our needs at this time. (Even via means of Centrelink!!)

    I wish you and all your readers safety and protection from the “wuhan virus”, an adequate supply of toilet paper, and relief from the boredom of home quarantine.

    When this wu virus thing is over, if we’re both still alive, let’s catch up for coffee.

  9. The medical board have destroyed their credibility, and not just for their denial of objective science and solid moral principles, which Jereth has courageously outspokenly upheld. In their blind activist hatred, they refuse to see the irony that in making the tenuous argument that they are ‘protecting society’ from ‘harm’ or something like that, they are tangibly harming a man and his family! And spending (wasting) huge amounts of money and time to pursue this backwards agenda!

    It’s beyond pathetic. What a drain on society these recalcitrants are, despite their veneer of respectability. Removing doctors for ‘wrongthink’ at any time is evil, but the current situation with COVID19 underlines just how their ideas and paradigms negatively impact Australian society right now. We need every single medically trained person able to work, but it seems the political purposes of these radicals are worth more. It’s a disgrace of the highest order.

    It seems to me a great many of the people we have in positions of power (including those involved with VCAT) need to be exposed and sacked; they prove they are wholly unsuited to their jobs. Unlike Jereth. We need more people like him! I know if I was in a medical emergency who my preference would be to treat me. I feel honoured to support him publicly.

  10. When freedom is deemed to be a temporary illusion, resident only in the ever-shifting dialectical materialism of a certain prevailing political collective human consciousness, the ordinary citizen has every right to feel alienated – trapped like a bird in a fowler’s net.

  11. The MBA, just like the AMA, are trade unions, as Milton Friedman pointed out, and the most powerful unions in their countries. The government should stop protecting their monopoly.

  12. The Medical “Bored” of Australia, if they can’t think of anything better to do.
    I personally resigned from the AMA after 32 years, because of their stance on SSM, & at the same time, withdrew my support of Amnesty International.
    I could not continue my membership of these bodies, as a Christian, with a clear conscience.

  13. I do feel for the good Doctor he does not deserve this. To oppose same sex marriage, abortion, and irradiation of the traditional family is not exclusive to people of the Christian faith, even many secular folk are also against it. I guess the difference is if you do so from a Christian perspective you are marked man, particularly worthy of the label of being a hate filled bigot beyond the scope of ‘corrective diversity training’. For the believer it is impossible to sugar coat dark policies operated at national and local level designed to obliterate God’s moral laws under the guise of human rights, empowerment, equal rights, affirmation and so on.

  14. I am very angry at the treatment of Dr Jereth Kok and as Phil Box points out, in a time when we need all medical practitioners on board to fight the corona virus.
    The inquisitor is unidentified. Does this show that he/she believes this is a just and compassionate cause? Is this a person of courage? What qualifications and work experience does this person have? Has this person ever saved a life, comforted the dying, prevented illness or injury, rendered first aid or spent countless nights on duty away from home and family? Is this a happy, compassionate, rational person? Does this person have a life purpose other than pulling others down? Whose money is being used?
    In 2006 I was bullied out of my job. I nearly lost my house and my health. I determined that not only would I not suffer loss, I would write a resource to help others recover from bullying. This book is, The Question Space – Tools to aid recovery from workplace and other bullying. I had wanted to be a writer for a long time but I didn’t think I had anything to write about. The Lord sure changed that! I now have my 5th book in the pipeline. All our needs have been supplied and we have learnt many useful skills of frugality.
    Things we can do:
    Share this post.
    Support the Human Rights Law Alliance Team. –
    Write to your senator, include a link to this blog, ask them what action can be taken, especially in the light of the coronavirus. Ask how those who post to social media can be protected from litigation.
    Pray for and encouraged those who are being persecuted.
    If you are going through your own bullying, keep a diary and itemise all speech, emails, meetings, procedures etc. This increases the success of legal action.
    Is there a group of Christian doctors who are fighting this? This injustice needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
    Congratulations Dr Kok. You are a man of integrity and courage.
    I am just about to write to my senator.

  15. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Bill. It would worth be drafting and signing a petition to the MBA with cc’s to Daniel Andrews and the Prime Minister.

  16. What really is on show is the the supreme hypocrisy of the abortion and LGBT promoters who say things like “If you don’t like abortion then don’t have one” or “If you don’t like homosexual marriage then don’t have one” etc etc.

    This is absolute and basic freedom we are talking about here and I would say to these critics of morality “If you don’t want to go to a moral doctor then you don’t have to.” It is very, very simple yet they use that argument to support their pushing of obvious immorality and to attempt to shut down any opposition to their immorality yet when it comes to supporting morality their view of freedom is reversed. This is absolute wickedness, deceit and obvious hypocrisy.

    As far as Dr. Kok’s very oblique reference to abortion being murder, which he has been relentlessly pursued over, very obviously this is the Christian view. I find it profoundly hypocritical to see us living in a world where people have no problem understanding monetary investment and “opportunity cost” where the value of an investment is not realized until later, but still can’t see that abortion is taking a human life. They can see the value in future money but not in unrealized humanity. This proves they are immoral.

    You don’t have to be a Christian, and understand that God is not limited by time and knows people from even before their conception, to know that what abortion does is remove a life.

  17. Concerningly, the link to the “Human Rights Law Alliance” does not work.

  18. Dr. Jereth Kok’s case should be brought to the attention of the Australian Christian Lobby. The ACL took on the case of Israel Folau by raising a hug sum of money through its Christian membership Australia wide. This was hugely successful and helped Israel fight the rugby league in the courts, and win. Dr Kok needs public support as was given this popular sports identity. I strongly believe support would be forthcoming if this would go to the attention of the ACL. And subsequent to many thousands of
    Christians that would give financial support to fight this travesty of justice.
    Bill Heggers

  19. This appalls me. I am left horrified, stunned and scared for our futures. Thanks again Bill for drawing attention to these atrocities.

  20. A huge noise should be raised over this!

    Is this not a case that could be prosecuted in the courts – as Folau’s were headed to? Maybe Israel (or ACL) could channel some of the fighting funds raised to get this doctor’s case before the courts? This is simply absurd – and cannot believe that he is restricted from working b/c of his conservative views!

    What’s the best course of action for him Bill?

  21. Thanks Peter. Well, he has already lost one appeal (VCAT), but he could go for higher legal appeals. And he is still getting some legal advice. In the meantime, the best thing we can do is three things:
    -Pray for him and his family during this tough time.
    -Share this story far and wide – we need to let everyone know about this.
    -He needs to feed his family – maybe we can set up a go fund me page for him or something like that.

  22. I note that the comments attached to his entry at AHPRA are of two types:
    a) detailed, specific and favourable
    b) broad, generic and defamatory, with some making claims which can only be substantiated by detailed and careful psychological testing. Their presence on such a public forum speaks volumes about the writer/s and nothing about the doctor.

  23. Check out the following books, in order to demonstrate how the 3rd Reich came about. Note the very close parallels with the UK and Australia:

    The Third Reich in History and Memory Kindle Edition by Richard J. Evans

    The Coming of the Third Reich Richard J. Evans (Author), Sean Pratt (Narrator), Gildan Media, LLC (Publisher)

    The Third Reich in Power, 1933 – 1939: How the Nazis Won Over the Hearts and Minds of a Nation by Richard J. Evans (Author)

    This shows 1984 in a practical setting. The big question is – Could this happen again…it already is!

  24. Thanks Bill for bringing this to our attention. It is disgraceful that we have gone backwards as a culture and think it is good to persecute people who dare to believe the bible and the wisdom of our creator God. I will be praying for Dr Kok and continuing to support the ACL. Blessings to you Bill and to Dr Kok

  25. What next …. will we have to agree with the MBA before seeing a doctor? Will they turn patients away who profess their own truth if it doesn’t comply with theirs?

  26. Sounds like what communist China did to their doctors who tried to warn the world about the coronavirus – they have disappeared or unable to work. Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Peta Credlin, Chris Smith, Paul Murray of Skynews channel should know about the doctor’s situation. Let the public hear about it until its stench makes the medical board and the union behind it compensate the doctors for all lost doubly.
    May I add an example of what is happening in the medical world with abortions – I heard about a lady who was excitedly expecting her 7th child and was told by her doctor/gynaecologist that the ultrasound showed that the foetus had a cleft palate and probably other deformities due to her being over 40 and that the best thing was to abort the baby. I prayed about it but as she was booked in for the abortion, I had to change my prayer to helping the mother cope with the loss of something she wanted dearly. The mother took a photo of the deceased infant (which looked perfect to me with two arms and legs) and she was able to take the deceased infant home….. Now we have doctors telling mothers to abort their babies, I thought the medical profession could fix cleft palates and cater for other abnormalities (if any) in this day and age.

  27. All christians should boycott any organisations that are promoting any satanic agendas.

  28. Lynette Evans, that is so saddening/maddening!

    Our youngest (daughter who has just turned 18) was born when my wife was aged 48. We were warned about the risk of Downs Syndrome, which is still only a 1 in 12 probability at that age. No Downs Syndrome (and we have known at least two families with a Downs child), and she is a very capable young lady planning on a career as a Police Officer.

  29. Thank you Bill for drawing our attention to this matter. It is not as if the doctor’s patients have complained about him. I don’t mind betting that the restrictions introduced here because of the coronavirus pandemic will not be lifted in a hurry.

    I also heard that a journalist in Italy has reminded Italians that a programme was broadcast on Italian TV in 2015 which asked was the study of a super corona virus in closed labs in China worth the risk. I think we will be hearing more about this but not from our MSM of course who wouldn’t recognise the truth if they fell over it.

  30. A difficult read considering the state of the world today. I wonder whether Dr Kok’s unjust oppression would’ve happened (now) or the MBA use its resources to persecute Dr Kok if his trolls complained during this current pandemic?

  31. The left is getting what it wants but better be careful authoritarian regimes need enemies to justify their draconian tactics eventually those in the left’s inner circle (they are a hodgepodge of various groups with competing priorities who need something external to unite them) will be on the outside looking in and like the people one the middle and end of the “first they came for” poem will find no-one speaking up for them just as they didn’t speak up for those before them. If you can’t be bothered to speak out when someone you dislike is unjustly being led to the gallows don’t expect someone who dislikes you to speak up when the same happens to you.

    I worry for his children most. If school aged what are the teachers saying about their dad??? And could the state take the kids because the unemployed doctor is deemed unable to provide for them?? If he provides any care for them at home would that violate this suspension??

  32. I notice the medical board didn’t deregister a doctor who used his work computer to download child sexual abuse images (child pornography – see here: but have chosen to deregister a GP whose political views are not like their’s ie, to the left of Lenin.
    Is there any need to point out the embarrassing depravity of the medical board at this time, or does this blatant hypocrisy speak for itself?

  33. Progressivism is simply rebadged Marxism masquerading as compassion. It is about filtering out any not in line with SJW causes. If you are not woke enough, the left will hunt you. All they are pro about is state power-is bitterness, anger and envy. Go to social media-the unhinged progressives are easy to find. They are the ones threatening and hounding people or the ones disinviting speakers at university. They are tolerant you see and all about diversity.

  34. To clarify and reiterate, I’m saying that the medical board (or AHPRA) is okay for a pedophile to continue working as a doctor even though he used taxpayer funded equipment to facilitate his pedophilia, but they are not okay with Dr Jereth working in the midst of an apparent medical crisis because of his opinions. Perhaps the pedophile was a Greens voter?

  35. I fully support you Jereth.

    Your comments were personal and not the concern on the MBA, AHPRA investigators delve in witch-craft and they are not disciplined : there must be one standard alone, Do you realise that the way AHPRA lawyer had written up the charges are not accepted in the law at this time let alone a Bill! It is aping the GMC but that does not work for now. It was a jurisdictional error in law.

    What do they get? Not even a slap on the wrists

  36. Hi Bill, a few weeks ago, Timothy Gordon was fired from his post as theology chairman post at a Catholic school in California for opposing BLM’s, calling them ‘domestic terrorism’…less than 2 months after his eldest daughter’s major brain surgery. Fortunately he is known as a pod caster, a author of ‘Catholic Republic’ & with his brother David (also losing his job at a law firm for apposing feminism) have just published ‘Rules for Retrogrades’ that gives 40 points on how to defeat these radicals. I recommend both books. So Tim will have other work and his brother also has a new job with Church Militant. Tim’s story is worth writing up on. They are the lucky ones. Many other people are not so fortunate.

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