Time To Lock Down Our Lunatic Leaders

Health fascism is spiralling out of control:

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is sick and tired of the daily scare conferences put on by our hysterical Premiers and ‘health officers’. But their incessant drip-feed of panic porn has a purpose of course: to keep the masses in such fear that the ever-increasing State can easily expand its power and control – permanently.

And this is ideal for all would-be dictators: frighten the masses so much that they happily go along with whatever assaults on their basic rights and liberties take place. Feed them so much panic-mongering that they simply stop thinking and assessing, and slavishly go along with whatever Big Brother demands of them.

Get them to believe it is the end of the world and that only the All-Wise and All-Caring State can deliver them from death, and they will fall down and worship their Statist Overlords as their saviours. They will do anything – in zombie-like fashion – if they are led to believe that it will “keep them safe”.

So now governments are suppressing people, not the virus. The idiotic lockdowns are just one indication of this. Never mind all the collateral damage that these are causing: lost livelihoods, businesses closed forever, mental health problems, suicides, a rise in drug-taking, alcoholism, and domestic violence.

And now we are seeing a spike in child abuse and incest in homes as well in Australia. As one report said yesterday, “662 Aussie kids report incest, sex abuse. Covid-19 lockdowns across Australia are fuelling sickening child sexual abuse in the family home.”

Yet our one-eyed politicians and ‘health officers’ do not give a rip about any of this. Lockdowns and vaccinations are the only thing they are running with, and to hell with anything else. Never mind that even mass vaccinations are NOT a panacea. As but one example, Israel, which is now 80% vaxxed, is again going back to masks and social distancing, and they are talking about another lockdown! So much for freedom if we all just submit to the jab.

And our elites and politicians pay no price for these draconian lockdowns. Their taxpayer-funded pay cheques are guaranteed. The public sector is sitting pretty while the private sector is haemorrhaging to death. But our leaders do not care one iota.

Perhaps these Premiers, health officers, and bureaucrats might start to care if we returned the favour and suspended their salaries. They are all making $300,000 to $500,000 a year. Yet they are demanding that all of us peons stay home, forget about our jobs, our income, our families, and our very livelihoods, while they keep living the good life.

Thankfully in places like France and Greece the masses are beginning to wake up. They want their freedoms back and are demanding that their leaders start being accountable for all the carnage they are causing. That gives me some hope. But the demands for mandatory vaccinations and vaxx passports continue apace.

And it all starts with small steps. Here in Australia our “experts” are now saying that only those fully vaccinated should be able to go to big events such as football matches. In the UK Boris Johnson is saying no one can go to any large venues, including nightclubs, without the jabs.

Thankfully, fightback is already under way. As to the UK, a group of anti-lockdown MPs are taking on Boris about this: “A leading member of a group of anti-lockdown Tory MPs has warned that the UK is ‘effectively moving to compulsory vaccination’.” https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/07/20/anti-lockdown-mp-warns-uk-moving-compulsory-vaccination/

And UK commentator James Delingpole minced no words when he wrote:

Britain’s creepily-titled Vaccines Minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has announced that from September only double-jabbed adults will be allowed into nightclubs. This, it almost goes without saying, is an announcement of the purest evil. And no irony was spared when this was spoonfed to us by Zahawi and the Prime Minister on so-called “freedom day”. Typically of the Boris Johnson administration’s desperate vaccine roll-out programme, it is a mix of bribery and coercion.


Right now, across the United Kingdom, distraught parents worried about the potential side effects of new vaccines are now confronted with equally distraught children understandably terrified that if they don’t get themselves jabbed (for a disease that poses almost zero risk to their health, as the UK’s scientific establishment readily admits) their social life will be over. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/07/19/bojos-no-vaccine-no-clubbing-rule-is-pure-evil/

And by the way, the same folks pushing lockdown mania for the Rona are also wanting to have lockdowns to fight climate change! I kid you not. See this shocking article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2021/03/03/report-world-needs-equivalent-of-pandemic-lockdown-every-two-years-to-meet-paris-carbon-emission-goals/

But we have this ray of hope in the UK from a few months ago: “More than 70 MPs including 40 Conservatives, the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Liberal Democrat members have forged a parliamentary alliance to oppose Covid identity documents.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/apr/02/senior-tories-join-jeremy-corbyn-to-oppose-covid-passports-ahead-of-trials

Fortunately, others are also fighting this new health fascism. Many are speaking out against it. Alan Jones on Sky News has been utterly terrific on all this for months now, as has The Australian newspaper. Adam Creighton for example has been very good indeed. This is from a recent piece of his:

Public health has always had an authoritarian streak, the idea the government knows what’s best for people. Indeed, anti-smoking policies emerged first in Germany in the 1930s. Susan Michie, a prominent member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies committee that advises the British government as well as a member of the British Com­munist Party, repeatedly has slammed July 19 Freedom Day as reckless and urged government to make masks and social distancing compulsory forever to suppress the flu.


Coincidence? It’s almost as if for some public health advocates Covid-19 has been a springboard to increase permanently the power of government as much as it has been about saving lives. Michie said in a tweet on Sunday: “England’s lockdown ending may mean people take Covid-19 less seriously” – an understandably horrifying prospect for public health control freaks. Stanford University professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya says there has long been a tension in public health between advising people how to be healthy and forcing them to be.


“There’s also a norm in public health that there has to be unan­imity in messaging … you have to all say the same thing, think the same thing,” he says. That makes sense for smoking, for instance, where the link with cancer is overwhelming. But for Covid-19, where debate rages about the disease and its origin, let alone the best way to deal with it, censorship is inexcusable. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/commentary/suppression-plans-straight-from-ccp-play-book/news-story/71242afe71048b13dd88fe3f4c2fafd9

Australian legal academic Dr Rocco Loiacono has been quite outspoken on the new Jim Crow laws we are seeing being put forward:

I am not against vaccines, and, of course, the government must keep its citizens safe by all ethical means possible. However, governments, bureaucracies and business leaders doing their bidding (Qantas, Alliance Airlines, Flight Centre and so forth) have no right to enforce or to coerce an individual to take a medical treatment against the individual’s better instincts or judgment. This is the sole preserve of the doctor-patient relationship, where individual and particular circumstances, pathologies and conditions can be taken into account by those who know what is best for themselves.  


In fact, the Australian Immunisation Handbook makes it clear that: “[Vaccines] must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.” This long-standing principle of informed consent to medical treatment is enshrined in the Nuremberg Code of 1947, of which Australia is a signatory.

He quotes Tucker Carlson from the US on this: “The coronavirus is transmissible and it can be dangerous, but it’s hardly the only illness that fits that description. There are many. If politicians can segregate potential COVID carriers from the rest of the American population, why can’t they do the same thing to people with HIV, or tuberculosis, or Hepatitis C? … At this point, there really isn’t a reason why this wouldn’t happen because the precedent has been set.” 

Loiacono continues:

In Australia, we do not discriminate (and neither should we) on the basis of race, sex, colour, religion, age or so on. Why then should we begin discrimination on the basis of medical status, leading to an underclass of people simply because they did not take a medication they cannot, or did not need, to take. As is the case in America, the same people who profess to be against discrimination in all its forms now argue for its enforcement, aided and abetted by a Prime Minister who has repeatedly demonstrated himself to be an enemy of freedom, and, it seems, would love nothing better to be the new Supreme Leader in his health fascist state. https://www.spectator.com.au/2021/06/vaccine-segregation-is-an-affront-to-liberty/

And even the prestigious British Medical Journal is questioning such things. In a recent editorial it said in part:

As vaccine passports would probably be digital and require access to private medical records, there are important questions around internet access, costs of acquiring and maintaining the passports, privacy, and data protection that must be tackled. Many consider adequate internet access a fundamental human right; as large numbers of people do not have smartphones or stable internet connections, their exclusion breaches their rights to equality, particularly for those in low and middle income countries. Whether it is legal for workplaces, airlines, and entertainment and leisure venues to access vaccination data remains controversial, as this can perpetuate a form of elitism. Furthermore, ensuring that patient sensitive data are not used for other purposes is essential. https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n861

And there is more: a former editor of the BMJ wrote an interesting piece recently about how fraudulent medical research can be, and how we dare not simply run with whatever the health ‘experts’ are telling us. He concludes his piece with these words: “It may be time to move from assuming that research has been honestly conducted and reported to assuming it to be untrustworthy until there is some evidence to the contrary.” https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/07/05/time-to-assume-that-health-research-is-fraudulent-until-proved-otherwise/

We are now at the place where we see Big Tech, Big Pharma and the Big State ever more in collusion, ganging up against anyone who dares to take a differing view. Simply consider what US President Biden is now insisting on: that the Tech Giants censor out anything that conflicts with the views of the State on the Rona. Thankfully some have launched a lawsuit against this tyrannical madness: https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/facebook-white-house-colluding-on-censorship-lawsuit_3910455.html

But it is not just would be totalitarians like Biden going down this path. They are all over the place. In the piece by Creighton mentioned above, he discusses our neighbours to the east: “A few days ago Jacinda Ardern urged New Zealanders to take all non-government information with a ‘grain of salt’. ‘Dismiss anything else, we will continue to be your single source of truth,’ she said in remarks that would have been considered bizarre in the era Before Covid. ‘We will provide information frequently and share everything we can’.”

Wow! This is utterly shocking stuff. ‘We will do all the thinking for you. You mere mortals are too stupid to think for yourselves, so just let the State decide what you should believe and how you should think.’ Um, didn’t Orwell write about things like this? Is this not exactly what Communist China and North Korea routinely engage in?

Welcome to our Brave New Covid World.

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  1. Yep. I am one of those in the community working with families and individuals who are facing all of the very issues outlined in this excellent article – abuse, violence, mental health, etc – now exacerbated by these harmful lockdowns, but it seems to be arbitrary as to which offices are considered essential enough to remain open and which are not. So I am working at home, as are my colleagues, as requested by our organisation, because our particular office has been deemed a non-essential service, and can work over the phone with those already on my books, but for anyone else who might be facing these stresses and issues for the first time our front doors are locked for a week at least.

  2. It’s SO strange to me that some people I thought would see this differently actually “believe” the gov’t has no other motive than to love thy neighbor. Is this the “strong delusion” the Bible speaks about??

  3. Again, sincerest thanks, Bill.

    Important: Lawyer Thomas Renz has publicly announced that he is suing the US federal government after being briefed and receiving an affidavit from a Centre for Disease Control insider/whistleblower that 45,000 AMERICANS have so far died within 3 days of receiving the COVID ‘vaccine’.

    Vax-induced deaths expected to occur during August and September will be sold to the public as the third/fourth wave of the pandemic and be used to justify the most draconian of lockdowns.

    Note: in order to keep their vax passport valid, people are going to have to take every single additional shot offered to them. This doesn’t end at two shots.

    The following interview by Dr Fuellmich of Vera Sharav explains very much indeed:


  4. Thank you Bill. You took the words right out of my brain and wrote them down far more eloquently than I ever could. I am beyond angry that these elected officials are ruining our lives and our country and we’re supposed to sit back and take it.

  5. It’s time to stand against these evil tyrannical leaders (lunatic was generous, Bill!) and stand up and be counted to save our freedom!

    Freedom rallies are being held across the world this coming Saturday, 24th July.

    Our freedom is precious! Make the effort! Search to find where the closest rally to you is being held . . and be there!

    Effective rallies are happening across our world every day – some calling for more show of strength against brutality than the following clip that was able to remain peaceful:


  6. problem is, Bill: most of our TV watching society believe all they are fed each night. Baaa!

  7. I just posted some of Suzanna’s valuable information on my Fascist Book page. I posted it by mistake on my local plant buy and swap page. I apologised on the page but I am obviously an evil anti-vaxxer as now I am locked out of the page. I can’t sell or swap plants now.

  8. Our mainstream media, medical and political experts are actively suppressing any discussion of the fact that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and other treatments against Covid, have been shown by hundreds of trials, and endorsed by thousands of doctors worldwide, as being effective in taking the sting out of Covid when used early in infection, or when exposure to Covid is suspected.

    Several cheap anti-Covid treatments have been known since early 2020 (LAST year!) to be very effective in reducing the severity of the disease when used EARLY, reducing hospitalisations and deaths – which is all that vaccines do anyway.

    Suppressing such info is probably why millions of people have died unnecessarily world wide, and why so many have suffered emotionally and financially due to lockdowns.

    But our medical and government ‘experts’ spread propaganda that such alternate treatments are not safe and are ineffective. They tell the irrelevant half truth that HCQ is no better than other treatments when used on very sick patients in hospital on ventilators (ie. when used too late). They contradict each other in that one NSW expert said HCQ is safe and another says it’s dangerous – and quotes a meta study that includes a study suspended because patients died when given KNOW TOXIC doses of HCQ. Want evidence? Seee https://tinyurl.com/covidanswers and, amongst other things, read the items beginning McLaws… and QLD….

    Please sign the petition at:

    And here’s a link to a doctor citing evidence pointing to an explaining a possible mechanism of how vaccines may be causing vaccines harm to patients by causing micro clots in blood capillaries (it’s 9minutes)

  9. If I had a Facebook account and I posted on it:

    I believe the Corona Virus came from either:
    A. Frozen meat shipped from Australia
    or the
    B. Wuhan Virology Laboratory.

    Following Facebook’s Fact Checking, which alternative A. or B. would get me blacklisted and banned from Facebook?

  10. The biggest irritation is these lockdowns are do to a bunch of new CASES not a bunch of new DEATHS. Sometimes just one new CASE not DEATH. With this seemingly being a disease that is going to be with us from now on there will ALWAYS be new CASES. If CASES are the driver of lockdowns we NEVER will be rid of them since this seemingly will NEVER go away. The terrible thing is people are fine with that EVEN Christians. In Nanny we trust??? Hallowed be thy edicts???

  11. Hi Bill,

    Please explain what freedoms we will have if the states allowed the “delta” COVID-19 virus to spread at about the same pace as the measles?

  12. Thanks Sheryl, but did you even bother to read this article? I said that our leaders do not give a rip about the collateral damage of these unnecessary and harmful lockdowns, including huge spikes in depression and mental health problems, sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse, and suicides. Sadly, it seems you may not care about all this either.

    Also, as all medical experts of course know, the delta strain may be more contagious, but it is far less virulent and lethal – a least ten times less so than the alpha strain.

    So let me call your bluff. You are comparing apples and oranges here. Let me turn the tables on you. How many freedoms were taken away over the measles? How many nations locked down their entire populations over it? How many implemented 5 km travel restrictions? How many imposed 23-hour-a-day curfews? How many shut down schools and all other essential activities for months or years on end in the interests of ‘flattening the curve’? How many destroyed countless businesses and economies over it? How many arrested sunbathers on the beach for violating the “rules”? How many imprisoned pastors for daring to hold church services? How many suicides occurred over measles restrictions and lockdowns?

  13. This is how policy is supposed to be made:
    Premier: thanks for your advice and your nice model, CHO. Now, let’s see what the child protection model, the social cohesion model, the social robustness model, the police respect model, the human sanity model, say.

    OK, CHO, its all in. Now your job is advise people on their personal precautions, prepare plans for temporary hospitals and keep track of admitted cases. Thanks.

  14. Since Delta isn’t that deadly we MIGHT get heard immunity and the government would no longer have a excuse for total power. We MIGHT be free of this madness. We MIGHT see sanity return to decision making.

    Quick spread through the population was how herd immunity was achieved for 1000’s of years then all that changed when covid was released on us NOW apparently heard immunity can ONLY come from a needle and may require constant re-injections to maintain because the immune system stopped functioning correctly when this left Wuhan. I guess God put a time limit on the functionality of the immune system and it stopped working right for everyone at the same time just in time for covid. And just when leftists were in power everywhere so power could be grabbed and used against us. Aren’t we lucky leftist running Nanny state are here to care for the people of the world in their hour of need. All they ask is a pinch of incense and your soul!

  15. I love your work Bill and agree with most of what you write, but I really wonder, if we didn’t have this lockdown, we would be getting like Sydney and possibly end up with thousands of new infections a day. What other way is there to stem the tide?

  16. Thanks Jilba. I am glad you like what you read – mostly! But perhaps you have not read much of what I have written on this issue. I have 140 articles now on the virus, and many dozens of them speak to the utter failure of mass lockdowns. In them I cite plenty of scientific and medical experts from here and overseas, all telling us that they are counterproductive and in fact cause more harm than good. We MUST stick to the evidence and the facts here, and not simply run with the hysteria and fear-mongering of our power-hungry leaders.

    And how can we not care about all those who are dying from the collateral damage of lockdowns, from suicides and so on? Do their deaths mean nothing?

    Also, if we rely on more than the lamestream media, we would all know that the delta strain may be more infectious, but is far less virulent and lethal – anywhere from 10-20 times less so as the experts are telling us. Again, we must rely on facts and not fear.

    And simply ask yourself how many have died from the delta strain – here or overseas. The truth is, as many or more people die from the seasonal flu every winter. If lockdowns were the saviour some people claim they are, then why have nations not gone into total lockdown every winter with the flu? After all, ‘if it saves just one life’! It is essential that truth and evidence inform us here, and not the incessant panic porn.

    You ask, ‘What other way should we proceed?’ Exactly the way I and so many others have said over and over again: target the at-risk groups, not those who have almost no chance of getting real sick or dying from this, and use proportionate responses, not the reckless heavy hammer approach. And remember that 99 % of the cases are mild. Again, we must stick to the facts here, and not succumb to panic and hysteria. But thanks for your comment.

  17. 2021 COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 22-07-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    From 12 – 18 July – 1177 reports of adverse events
    399 deaths reported
    ‘So far, the observed number of deaths reported after vaccination remains less than the expected number of deaths that would occur naturally, or from other causes, for that proportion of the population.’
    What a load of nonsense! Who says they are less than expected? Deaths do not happen to a schedule! What proportion of the population? This is completely immaterial! All that matters is were they from the gene technology (aka vaccine) or not?
    41,406 serious adverse events reported out of 10,125,533 doses (many 2nd doses)
    87 reports of TTS(blood clots) total – 4 this week – 5 have died
    34 reports of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)
    61 reports of Guillain Barre syndrome (paralysis)
    66 cases or myocarditis/pericarditis
    ATAGI recommends that people under 60 consider getting the AZ vaxx even though it is contrary to medical advice due to the significant Covid outbreak. They also recommend that the time between first and second dose be reduced from 12 weeks to 4 – 8 weeks.
    What significant outbreak? The PCR test at 45 cycle threshold gives a false positive result of 80% or more. The current Delta variant is far less dangerous than the original strain and vaccination is ineffective against it.
    ‘The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) and ATAGI recommend immunisation with the Comirnaty vaccine at all stages of pregnancy(link is external). This is due to the risk of complications from COVID disease for pregnant women and their unborn baby.To date, no serious pregnancy-related safety concerns with the Comirnaty vaccine have been identified based on data from large numbers women overseas who have been vaccinated.’
    What could possibly go wrong? The latest US report (VAERS) states there have been1073 miscarriages, 4,310 menstrual disorders,1,628 uterine haemorrhages under 50 years and 327 over 50 years. Many of these would have been Pfizer. As ATAGI is now pushing the AZ vaxx unscrupulous doctors may well give the AZ vaxx to pregnant women or those who do not know they are pregnant.

  18. The Australian’s journalist is Adam Creighton I think you may have confused him with the late American novelist Michael Crichton of Jurassic Park fame.

  19. This morning in the US I am seeing video of large public protests in at least three Australian cities. Perhaps you are not the only one who’s had enough!

    HCQ + zinc, given early, cuts the hospitalization rate significantly. Even better is a treatment discovered, I believe, right there in Australia: ivermectin, another cheap generic drug. Given early in the infection, ivermectin is very effective. These treatments, combined with the data which show the Delta variant, while more infectious, is considerably less deadly, should unlock Australia. Here in my US state, North Carolina, “cases” are up but deaths are not.

  20. Bill! I can’t believe what happened to you on Facebook! I only noticed a couple of weeks ago that I had stopped receiving posts and articles from you on my Feed. And I was thinking, “Did I unfollow him?” And then I decided to check my Friends list to see if you were there, and you were gone! So I typed in your name on Google, and realised you’d been kicked off Facebook!
    I’m so sorry about this.
    But, more relevantly to your article. – Thanks for writing it.

    As Karl Marx said, “All philosophy passess through the stomach.”
    The NSW Premier has basically admitted that the NSW government is happy to use people’s horror of being treated as second-class citizens, and their horror of exclusion and stigmatisation, and their horror of lack of freedom and work, as a tool to manipulate them into getting vaccinated.
    “We are, as a government, amenable to those things [such as vaccine passports] because we appreciate that when people have a goal, when people have something to look foward to, they’re more likely to do something, and that’s just human nature.” – NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

  21. For those parents who is still not sure should they or should they not allow their children to be jabbed. To allow authority to have your kids to take part in this massive experiment “in order to save another adult live” is, purely and simple, “Human sacrifice offering”. I do not have any problems with an adult becoming a victim by the one’s own will, but to allow kids to be the same is a crime. The horror of situation is that the authority by all means encourages these crimes to go ahead without any visible opposition. Good people, take care of your kids, do not allow dirty hands get them. Thank you.

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