Lockdown Tyranny – Once Again

Our power-drunk dictators want us locked down forever:

I am so surprised – NOT. The state of Victoria has a handful of new Rona cases and the Dictator For Life Dan Andrews does exactly what we knew he would do: he is imprisoning us once again! This is now our FIFTH lockdown. This megalomaniac is absolutely drunk on power and control.

Simply consider one front page newspaper headline: “Melbourne braces for lockdown after two new cases.” TWO new cases? It’s the end of the world as we know it! And lockdown is the only response these dunces can come up with? They are completely mad! The whole lot of them. Good grief.

Never mind that one expert study after another has found that lockdowns not only do not help, but they actually make things worse. But given that our overlords are NOT running on good science or sound medicine, but on a sheer lust for power, of course they will ignore the facts and the evidence.

This is all about milking a crisis for all it’s worth. I have said this often now, but it must again be restated here. If you want the perfect recipe for perennial tyranny, simply follow this formula:

-Have power-drunk rulers exploit or create a crisis.
-Imprison the people ‘for their own good’.
-Throw them crumbs now and then (‘you can now travel 10km, not just 5km’).
-Tell them that taking away their freedoms and basic human rights is to ‘keep them safe’.
-The masses of sheeple will love it and plead for more.
-And there you have it: dictatorship for life!

And Victoria is a perfect example of this, although all the other states are doing their best to do just the same. Indeed, with Gladys in NSW also now fully pushing the hysteria and panic porn, it seems there is zero difference between Labor, Liberal or the Greens. They are all power-mad and utter control freaks.

The Liberal Party used to be the party of limited government, personal responsibility and genuine choice. Now it seems to be as bad as all the others. People are looking for alternatives. It is possible that the Liberal Democratic Party might step in to fill the vacuum.

Last night on Sky News Cory Bernardi spoke to Victorian Liberal Democrat David Limbrick about this:

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says he hopes the “reincarnated” Liberal Democratic Party will “fit the bill” to be a vanguard for liberty loving citizens. “A group of concerned citizens with longstanding links to the Liberal and Nationals are getting behind a push to rebuild the Liberal Democratic Party,” Mr Bernardi said.


“We need a consistent and principled voice for freedom and liberty in our parliament. We need a vanguard to stick up for the liberty loving citizens who are actually sceptical about an all-powerful government.


“Will the reincarnated LDP fit that bill and do the current circumstances give it a prospect of greater electoral success? I don’t know the answer to that … but I certainly hope someone is successful in this space because it is so important.” https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/australia-needs-a-vanguard-to-stick-up-for-liberty-loving-citizens-bernardi/video/0ba3894c9e0697ee0c47cb581615e870

It is hoped that there are enough freedom-loving Australians left for a party like this to get new or renewed traction. Time will tell. But here is a fundamental truth about freedom that you can bank on: it is very difficult to establish and maintain, but very easy to lose.

Speaking of all this, a very important article appeared last year which is worth referring to here. Jonathan Lange penned a piece last July entitled “We Didn’t Love Freedom Enough.” It begins this way:

In the opening chapter of the Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn recounts how the Bolshevik security “organs” arrested millions of Russian citizens by secret midnight raids. The arrests rarely happened in the light of day. Nor did they round up all their targets at once. 


People were picked off one at a time. “Blue caps” would burst into an apartment in the dead of night and spend hours rifling through personal possessions looking for whatever they thought useful to gin up charges against the unfortunate target. They would leave before dawn with the arrested individual in tow. 


No guns or shackles would be visible as they walked down the corridor. After being terrorized for hours the target would meekly walk past neighbors without any sign that he was being taken by force. Neighbors might know it. They might have heard the midnight crash of the door across the hall. But, to a man, they fearfully averted their eyes and pretended not to know. 


Terror was the tool. Many, accused of crimes against the state, were randomly allowed to walk free. But they lived in constant fear of re-arrest. So, also, family members left behind never knew when the door might burst open again for another search of the apartment and another person to disappear into the maw of the secret prison system.


These arrests filled the prisons and labor camps of the Soviet Union and robbed family after family of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. With each person carted off to the camps, the people’s ability and will to resist was further drained.


After recounting this pattern of events, Solzhenitsyn penned a remarkably moving passage marveling at the universal lack of resistance. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”


What is it about the human heart that prevented this most reasonable of responses? Why is it that nobody thought of it until they were in the camps and it was too late? From our comfortable vantage point, we can easily call them foolish. But would we do any better? More to the point, are we?


When the enemies of freedom come, they cannot devour an entire people by direct power. They must first divide before they can conquer. Division can be created in two ways: hatred and fear. 


Hatred is created by inventing ever-new categories of people, and setting them against one another. That’s the essence of identity politics. The motto printed on every American coin, e pluribus unum (out of many, one), is what built America. To tear down any society, it must first be divided.


Once stripped of unity, people are easier to manipulate with fear. When every man is for himself, all that is needed to maneuver people into silence is a threat against their income or good name coupled with the vague promise that if they don’t make a fuss, they will not be bothered.


“Making a fuss” is then defined as defending your fellow citizen against unjust accusations. Those intent on tearing down a society cannot tolerate one citizen defending another. They must make public examples of a few people, so that the rest will be too afraid to stand together. That’s the recipe for a reign of terror. All it takes to counter the terror is the simple resolve to be united. 


“If…if…,” Solzhenitsyn continued. “If only we had stood together against the common threat, we could easily have defeated it. So, why didn’t we?” He answered, “We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”


“We didn’t love freedom enough,” and for that reason, “deserved everything that happened.” These are powerful words. They challenge us today. Do we love freedom enough? How much are we willing to risk to defend it? https://kemmerergazette.com/article/we-didnt-love-freedom-enough

In the face of yet more health fascism in Victoria and beyond, let me repeat those last two questions:

Do we love freedom enough?

How much are we willing to risk to defend it?

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  1. Appaling.

    Think Dan wants to force the Federal Gov to support Melbourne.

    Payback for the Fed support of Sydney.

  2. Which are we:
    The frog prince waiting for a kiss;
    The crazy frog;
    Frog in a blender; or
    A frog in a saucepan on the stove on simmer.
    Personally I’d rather be the crazy frog.

  3. Thank you Bill and Suzanna Balfour you posts are very encouraging. United we stand …

  4. Maybe people have developed stockholm syndrome now, specially in vic.
    But what seems to be more of a problem is, far too many people still believe the mainstream narrative, seldom do i hear people complain about gov overreach, but rather, they’re worried about how many cases of covid there is.
    Whats actually happened is, people think that covid is the only thing that will kill them, and that these lockdowns are keeping us safe.

  5. Hi Bill,
    Good on you for reiterating the fact that lock-downs, such as Daniel Andrews is addicted to, do more harm than good.
    I just wish we could also get the message across to a gullible public that the Mask Muzzling Mandate is also a farce.
    Even ignoring the fact that the fabric most face masks are made from cannot prevent the passage of respiratory viruses, to work properly a mask must completely seal off air leakage to the nose and mouth.
    The vast majority of face masks cannot do this, and it is obviously an impossibility for the approximately 30% of adults who have facial hair, such as your good self!
    Perhaps a doctor could provide an exemption for we hapless, hirsute humans from wearing a mask on the grounds of government/CHO stupidity.
    (Or perhaps a moral exemption for everyone on the grounds that their imposition is more a government tool of fear and control than any valid protection against respiratory viruses).

  6. Dear Bill.

    Thank you for the article. How politicians have been handling the Covid virus is a big worry!

    There is a three part series on Netflix called Tyrants which I haven’t seen before. It documents a few dictators in modern times and is well worth a look. Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin to name a few. They all used similar tactics during their reigns of terror. A favourite was stirring up fear amongst the population.Another was using scapegoats and while things may not be as bad as they were in those societies we should be warned I think. We can never take freedom for granted.

  7. What makes it so difficult for us now is that generation of us have never experienced war, tyranny, death, hunger, patriotism and sacrifice, and leadership for this crusade seems so scant that millions of us find it easier to follow the herd. But we must remember when people fear government there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people there is freedom.

  8. Warning bells have sounded across the decades of an approaching tsunami of spiritual, moral, social and national meltdown, ever since the Queen came to the throne in 1953.
    In 1976 The Christian dissident writer, Solzhenitsyn visited Britain and the USA and warned us in vain. He said,

    “It is with a strange feeling that those of us who come from the Soviet Union look upon the West of today…. we contemplate the West from what will be your future, or look back seventy years, to see our past suddenly repeating itself. And what we see is always the same, always the same as it was then;…. universal sympathy for revolutionary extremists; people with serious objections unable or unwilling to voice them; the majority passively obsessed by a feeling of doom; feeble governments; societies whose defensive reactions have become paralysed; spiritual confusion leading to political upheaval.
    What will happen as a result of all this lies ahead of us. But the time is near, and from bitter memory we can easily predict what these events will be…… Our Russian experience is vitally important for the West; because by some chance of history we have trodden the path the West is taking seventy or eighty years, before the West. And now it is with a rather strange sensation that we look at what is happening to you, when many social phenomena are repeating what happened in Russia, before its collapse”.

    Skinner UK

  9. I am not good at interpreting graphs but am I right in thinking that cause of death from Covid-19 is minimal compared to the death rate due to other causes, such as heart diseases, alzheimers, dementia, respiratory diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, road accidents, suicide, murder etc. No one mentions abortion. So how come we don’t have lock downs until all these are eradicated? Maybe in the not too far off future this will be achieved by controlling us through drugs and micro chips implanted in our brains.


    The beauty of the Corona plandemic is that whilst causes of all other fatalities can be identified there is much confusion and contradiction within the scientific community, regarding Corona virus. It is this unknowing which causes fear, which is exactly what the government wants. Linked with this is the fact that whilst the real Corona virus is transmitted perhaps through close proximity to those who are already infected, Covid hysteria is carried through the mass media. It is in the very air we breath – culturally speaking.

    David Skinner UK

  10. Hey Bill,

    Just been issued with instructions of self-quarantining for 14 days after re-entering Vic late last night from a trip to QLD.
    In the fine print – it says I must be tested on day 3 & 13 – NO way…

    Time to PUSH BACK People. Know your rights….


    You can say NO!
    Fully expecting The Gestapo at the door on day 3 and day 13…TRYING to enforce this….

    God’s GOT THIS….

  11. Listening to the science, if Mr Andrews really wants to follow would include:

    Build up body immunity with Vitamin C, D, zinc, stay out in the sun (safely), increase sleep, reduce stress, heat your body to regulate the temperature.

  12. Very true Bill.
    Everywhere I look, I see people clamoring to be kept “safe” by the State. This is the path to Socialism, and Covid is one of the vehicles.

  13. I have just spent my morning composing a letter. I have sent it to my local paper, the southern Tasmanian paper and The Australian. Please send prayers for publishing. That would be bordering on the miraculous.

    ‘Vaccine Safety Report
    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia publishes a weekly Covid vaccine safety report. On the 15th of July the report included 377 post vaccine deaths and 39,077 ‘adverse events’. This euphemism does not mean headaches, fatigue or rashes. It includes heart attacks, heart inflammation, strokes and paralysis. In the same time period we have had one death attributed to Covid.
    The TGA does not accept every report sent to it. The TGA has thousands of reports that have not been entered into the system. Most deaths and life destroying reactions are not sent to the TGA. The reasons for this are; people do not know about it, a doctor convinces them it is not related, people are overwhelmed by grief or caring for a disabled family member or friend or they are not confident to access the system. Long term auto-immune reactions are completely missed.
    A US study completed by Harvard in 2009 found that less than 1% of vaccine injuries were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). They found the true rate of vaccine injury was one in 39 people (2010 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 2010). The latest VAERS report states that 9048 people have died post Covid vaccination. There have been 26,818 hospitalisations, 2152 instances of anaphylaxis (life threatening), 19105 severe allergies, 985 miscarriages, 3324 heart attacks, 2200 heart inflammations, 2226 blood clots and many other injuries (check openvaers). This represents less than 1% of deaths and injuries.
    By April 2021 four months after Covid (experimental, authorised not approved) vaccination began in the US, deaths reported already comprised 20% of all VAERS records. VAERS has been reporting for 35 years. All this for a disease which for most people has a more than 99% survival rate. All this information is verifiable. Ask questions. Tread your own path.’

  14. Sending prayers Melinda. You are not alone.
    Some info on PCR tests. I have read that the PCR tests have only been given emergency use authorisation, i.e. not approved. The inventor Kary Mullis stated that these tests are not effective for infectious diseases. The ‘pandemic’ has been caused by the incorrect use of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. PCR tests have been set at a ridiculously high cycle threshold (CT). Accuracy drops dramatically above 17 CTs. Anything above 35 CTs is scientifically unjustifiable as it produces almost 100% of false positives. The PCR for Covid 19 is set at 45 CTs. The PCR test is unable to differentiate between live and dead viral debris. Many healthy people are falsely labelled as Covid cases. The Covid 19 PCR test was developed by Christian Drosten and adopted as gold standard by the WHO. 22 top-class scientists have refuted the study which Drosten used to develop the test. Olfert Landt is the owner of a company which produces PCR tests and is a regular co-author of Drosten’s studies. Christian Drosten & the Fraud Behind COVID 19 PCR Testing | Principia Scientific Intl. (principia-scientific.com)

  15. Too often David it is national arrogance that gets in the way: that can’t happen here THIS is America or France or Australia whatever. We think we are SO much better than they were that we wouldn’t go through what they did. Especially in America both in secular and in religious communities we think we are special. Religiously many seem to believe God needs the USA to accomplish everything (there are several I have spoken to who believe we will fight by Israel’s side during Armageddon despite nothing in the Bible about ANYONE helping Israel). Too often patriotism grows out of proportion and become nationalist arrogance where history’s lessons are irrelevant as we are SO much better than all those earlier nations. When the flag replaces the Bible this sort of extreme patriotic position becomes possible and often inevitable. Patriotism itself isn’t bad but you have to keep it behind God in priorities HE must always be first or bad things happen.

  16. Another thing about the PCR test is the test for corona virus which there are many NOT specifically covid-19 thus a positive test doesn’t really mean you have had covid-19 just you have had a corona virus in the past.

  17. Re: Paul Wilson’s comment above.

    There are multiple prophecies regarding Israel and specifically Zion, which is described as God’s wife, and that people from the nations will adorn her, which is exactly what Christianity does, so Zion is the foundation of the bride of Christ, but perhaps the most important one is regarding how Zion will travail after she gives birth and “who has heard such a thing?” (Isa 66). This is exactly what happened when, after Jesus and Christianity were born from Zion, the temple was destroyed, the Jews were dispersed and even through to the haulocaust. Perhaps one of the most poigniant prophecies is where Zion is rescued by her sons but she doesn’t even realise she has sons.

    I know many groups who are opposed to Israel claim that the scriptures that refer to the woman giving birth are only ever referring to Mary giving birth to Jesus but there are far too many prophetic scriptures that point to a more extensive view of these prophecies and Isa 66 is clear that it is Zion who is giving birth.

    Jesus Himself refers to these prophecies in places like Mat 9:15 (in versions that correctly translate this “sons of the bridechamber”, not ones that destroy this prophecy by translating it “guests of the bridechamber” because, in their mind the correct translation makes no sense https://biblehub.com/text/matthew/9-15.htm ) and these link in with Rev 12 which describes how, after the woman is persecuted, her offspring are attacked and this then leads into the description of the Beast describing how this happens. In other words the attacks on Israel and subsequently on Christianity are described as having Satanic origins and happening in sequence.

  18. Hi Bill
    and thanks for the great article.
    You are probably aware of the two courageous NSW policemen who both wrote open letters to the police commissioner of NSW Michael Fuller highlighting the fast descent into a technocratic totalitarian police state we are all experiencing. They call for an open debate of the facts without censorship, no forced vaccination and other well reasoned and sensible ideas.
    If you were not aware there is a website where the letters can be read and people can sign a letter of support for these brave fellows.

    Here is the address to that site which allows people to resist the madness at least in some small way.


  19. Even ‘blind Freddy’ can see what is happening. The Labor state ‘governments’ are using the same ‘play book’ as the Democrat states in the USA did last year. Run the state into the ground so that Morrison won’t be re-elected next year. Worked for the Democrats

  20. Thanks Geoff. Lockdowns are counterproductive, but still, I was glad to see Canberra finally go into lockdown, exposing the disgusting double standards of our ruling class. As soon as it was announced, almost every politician raced to the airport to get out of there! In the meantime, they lecture us about staying home and doing the right thing, and how we are all in this together. Yeah right. Stinking hypocrites!!

  21. Well Geoff as a yank I would hope Aussies have more sense than democrat and RINO voters here in the USA.

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