Fear and Loathing Down Under

The rest of the world is stunned by Australian tyranny:

The rest of the world may not know all that much about Australia, but two things they probably know: it began as a penal colony, and it is finishing up as a penal colony. While much of the rest of the world is enjoying freedom – which they have every right to do – much of Australia is still living under house arrest.

Indeed, over half the population of Australia is still under lockdown. Gabe Buckley of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance offers this short and sweet (and sobering) summary:

Australia is descending into total tyranny.
The government is using the pandemic to create emergency powers we witness third world dictators exercise against their citizens.


  • Lockdowns

  • Curfews

  • Unprecedented losses of privacy and civil liberties

  • Limiting travel and any outside activities

  • Shutting down borders

  • Censoring opposing voices

This is not hyperbole.
This is not an exaggeration.
This is the sad state our nation has descended to.

And the rest of the world is noting this tyranny. I have already written about how Australia and New Zealand have become the laughing stock of the world: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/08/19/madness-down-under-the-laughingstock-of-the-world/

Others continue to talk about us down under, but now the laughing is turning to real concern. Many are expressing complete unbelief and horror at the situation here. Consider various international publications which certainly cannot be labeled far-right media outlets. American magazines like The Atlantic and British newspapers like The Times have written with amazement about what is happening here.

Let me highlight one paragraph from the former:

If a country indefinitely forbids its own citizens from leaving its borders, strands tens of thousands of its citizens abroad, puts strict rules on intrastate travel, prohibits citizens from leaving home without an excuse from an official government list, mandates masks even when people are outdoors and socially distanced, deploys the military to enforce those rules, bans protest, and arrests and fines dissenters, is that country still a liberal democracy? https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/09/pandemic-australia-still-liberal-democracy/619940/

This is an excellent and perfectly valid question, one that all Australians, including all Australian political leaders, need to be asking. In what sense can we any longer call ourselves a free and democratic nation? We are NOT one. But let me share a bit more from “Australia Traded Away Too Much Liberty” by Conor Friedersdorf:

Up to now one of Earth’s freest societies, Australia has become a hermit continent. How long can a country maintain emergency restrictions on its citizens’ lives while still calling itself a liberal democracy? Australia has been testing the limits.


Before 2020, the idea of Australia all but forbidding its citizens from leaving the country, a restriction associated with Communist regimes, was unthinkable. Today, it is a widely accepted policy. “Australia’s borders are currently closed and international travel from Australia remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,” a government website declares. “International travel from Australia is only available if you are exempt or you have been granted an individual exemption.” The rule is enforced despite assurances on another government website, dedicated to setting forth Australia’s human-rights-treaty obligations, that the freedom to leave a country “cannot be made dependent on establishing a purpose or reason for leaving.”


The nation’s high court struck down a challenge to the country’s COVID-19 restrictions. “It may be accepted that the travel restrictions are harsh. It may also be accepted that they intrude upon individual rights,” it ruled. “But Parliament was aware of that.” Until last month, Australians who are residents of foreign countries were exempt from the rule so they could return to their residence. But the government tightened the restrictions further, trapping many of them in the country too.

He offers at a lot more detail on the scene in Australia, all carefully referenced, and then concludes with these words: “Because of its geography, Australia is a neighbor and an observer of authoritarian countries as varied as China and Singapore. But its own fate, too, may turn on whether its people crave the feeling of safety and security that orders from the top confer, or whether they want to be free.”

And consider the English newspaper. A few days ago it had as its front page headline: “Covid Prison”. The author of the piece, Bernard Lagan, asks, “Can Australia break free from an endless cycle of lockdowns? Outside of China, nowhere has had such strict rules as Australia.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/can-australia-break-free-from-an-endless-cycle-of-lockdowns-8g8bndm7b

The piece is behind a paywall, so another article discussing this article will have to suffice. It begins:

Australia has been slammed as a “Covid Prison” on the front page of Britain’s The Times newspaper as an international backlash grows over the nation’s endless lockdowns, and border closures.


One of the world’s oldest and most influential newspapers, The Times, has described Australia as “lecturing the world” on how to control Covid only to have the illusion shattered by the Delta variant. The front-page pointer for the story states: Covid Prison: How Australia lost its freedom and features an image of a beach with a “closed” sign.


While Australia’s ‘zero Covid’ approach was the envy of the world last year, the rising cases after the Delta variant entered the country and the lockdowns that followed have increasingly left overseas audiences shocked after international cities reopened after a majority of citizens were vaccinated.


“After a year celebrating pandemic death rates that were infinitesimal compared with those in the UK and the US, and lecturing the world on the superiority of its Covid-19 elimination strategy, Australia’s success was shattered by the mid-June arrival of the Delta variant. It snuck in with an American flight crew,” The Times article states.


The Times notes that despite stopping thousands of Australian citizens from returning home, “a growing number of A-list celebrities have come and gone under special arrangements, including Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg and Ed Sheeran”.


“Their treatment has riled those stuck offshore, as well as many who are technically locked onshore; one of the more draconian measures imposed by Fortress Australia is that government permission is required to leave the country too,” the article states. “Even those Australians who have managed to return home after years away are stung by the hostility they encounter, especially when they question the hermit kingdom that Australia has become.”

The article concludes:

It‘s not the first time newspapers overseas have expressed shock at the situation Australia finds itself in. In July, The Washington Post ran a news story titled: ‘We’re prisoners’: Australia locks out thousands more citizens as virus slip-ups mount.


“Facing outbreaks of the highly contagious Delta variant and a floundering vaccination campaign, Australia moved Friday to further seal itself off from the world as its earlier success in tackling the coronavirus continued to unravel,” it stated.


The Times article follows a recent opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal headlined: Covid Mania Returns Australia to Its Roots as a Nation of Prisoners: Citizens in Sydney may leave their homes only for ‘essential’ purposes and not go more than six miles.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson has also unleashed over what he’s dubbed Australia’s Covid-19 “totalitarianism” accusing state and federal governments of mindlessly embracing martial law. The most watched cable news host in the United States, who pulls in three million viewers on average, he lashed Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/covid-prison-uk-slams-australias-endless-lockdowns-and-border-closures/news-story/024c35ace8d2e226ab447657b223eda5

I sure am glad that others are taking note of our plight, because it seems that very few of our leaders here are. Indeed, as I write this piece in Melbourne, I am now in day 218 of lockdown madness. In just a few short weeks we will take out gold – we will take out the world record for being locked down longer and harsher than anywhere else on the planet.

Enough is enough. I stand with Moses: ‘Let my people go’!!

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28 Replies to “Fear and Loathing Down Under”

  1. Thanks Bill
    Where is Morrison? Nowhere. One can only assume he is part of the NWO. His criticism of Daniel Andrews has been non-existent for over 12 months while Victoria has descended into an economic backwater.
    Deeply troubling. I have zero confidence the State Premiers will ever stop these lockdown. Power and control are a drug,
    God bless

  2. Yes Phil power and control are among the most powerful drugs on the planet, and almost all of our leaders are fully addicted to them. This is not end well.

  3. I can see why people are worried. However if you have family members at the front line, you tend to see another side. Can we really open up the country if ICU beds and hospitals are already not coping as the Guardian said yesterday? God bless.

  4. Thanks Tim. But the Guardian of course is one of the biggest panic-porn merchants around, constantly whipping up unfounded hysteria and pushing for evermore Statist coercion and control. And the “modelling” on this has been so wrong so often that we dare not determine public policy just on that. Indeed, if we go beyond the click-bait headline, and actually read the fine print, we have things like this stated: “There are some important caveats on the modelling.” Yeah, that’s for sure. And some experts are saying this strain will peak by next week. So it is questionable if we will have 2000 cases a day, and even if we do, the great majority of them will be mild, will not need hospitalisation, and will not require ICUs. And entire regions of the state – and nation – have zero cases. Are we seriously suggesting they should stay in hardcore lockdown as well – for who knows how long? Sorry, I am not buying all the fear-mongering here. And as I have stated so often now, I will take folks and their concerns about any Covid deaths much more seriously when they start taking seriously the deaths due to lockdowns and all the other coercive measures which are causing so much havoc and destruction all over this nation. Why is it that only some lives seem to matter? God bless.

  5. Evil and tyranny have taken over Australia. Australia is no longer a democracy. Australia is now a dictatorship. Australia has become like Nazi Germany. North Korea. Cuba and the Soviet Union. It’s only going to get worse too. The lockdowns here will keep happening and will keep being extended and it’s going to get much more restrictive and it’s going to get much more oppressive here too.

  6. Thanks John. Things are certainly getting bad – but they need not be inevitable. If we all do our part in fighting back and resisting this new tyranny, then – with God’s help and much prayer – we may well turn much of this around.

  7. Thanks Bill,

    I’m glad that so many Christians are waking up to the fact that Scott Morrison whom they near worshipped because he is a ‘Christian’ (about as Christian as Kevin Rudd) has been shown to at best be exceedingly weak and at worst, corrupt and seduced by the world. As he was Turnbull’s boy, I’m surprised it took that long.

    The Reverend Fred Nile pointed out today that Scott Morrison has, like other elites been given several exemptions to travel back and forth to Sydney from Canberra to see his family, while we watched the heartbreaking scenes at the state borders where people could barely touch their families hands.

    I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Pray for Biden – Psalm 109:8” It would not be very Christian of me to pray the rest of the Psalm for Morrison and our Premiers. But I’m tempted.

  8. Well said Troy,
    We are not all in this together. Just saw a news item where Daniel Andrews accuses the unvaccinated for spreading the virus. Given the fake VAX has a breakthrough infection rate of up to 40 percent, meaning 40% of VAX recipients can spread the virus / spike protein, this claim is a fraudulent LIE. We can see where this is going, discrimination and persecution of anyone who doesn’t accept the VAX. I really wonder if these containment centres are being built for the unvaccinated rather than returning Australians.
    Nothing surprises me now. This has been planned well in advance including lockdown of gun$$ shops in Victoria. Truly ugly. Evil is taking control and our innocent children will be next on the VAX agenda. Totally unnecessary but all part of this sick agenda to VAX is all and continue to VAX us every 6 months.
    Regards Phil

  9. Thanks for all your work Bill. I have been a regular reader for several months now, and really appreciate your articles, although I am not much of a commenter.
    I really feel for you and the others in Victoria, forced by the government to be prisoners in your own homes for so long. That is no way to treat innocent citizens. I am praying for endurance for you all, and for wisdom and humility for your premier.

  10. “If a country indefinitely forbids its own citizens from leaving its borders, strands tens of thousands of its citizens abroad, puts strict rules on intrastate travel, prohibits citizens from leaving home without an excuse from an official government list, mandates masks even when people are outdoors and socially distanced, deploys the military to enforce those rules, bans protest, and arrests and fines dissenters, is that country still a liberal democracy?”
    As intended !!!

    Free this …

    Free that ….

    Got cha !!!!!


  11. Again I say. Socialized excellent healthcare and pensions and safety nets come with a cost. Your freedom.

  12. Another direction to go with this is God humbling and making fools of man and arrogant leaders.

    And it’s glorious.

    We can solve this. Ok God says, now try Delta.

    The most vaccinated nation in the world is Israel and now they’re getting refused entry.

    Much has been written about David Wilkerson and Delta, followed by great revival. Whether he did or not.

    Dr Michael Brown and Gary Wilkerson weighed in supporting it, so that’s good enough for me.

    My comments can be found here.

    htt ps://www.facebook.com/845603272169635/posts/4458734147523178/


  13. You can read the post on Stream website. It’s the one with CS Lewis book review.

    If you’re interested in the multitude of links I dug out yesterday concerning DW and Covid-revival, per request you could email me a test page. I can screenshot.
    They might not be live links. But will be when you type them in. Mentioning David Wilkerson stoked up a lot of interest yesterday. I still remember what happened to Twitter the day he died. Went straight to the top.

  14. Thanks John – good questions. When I learn more, I will let you and others know. In the meantime, assuming Qantas will give him the boot, I think he should make a move into politics immediately! He is immensely popular already! In just some 24 hours, the video has now been watched well over 125,000 times! He could perhaps start in the Senate. He would have my vote and that of millions of others!

  15. And yet in the Old Testament enforced isolation of those with skin diseases is part of God’s Word! I have read how many fled British towns or put up barriers to strangers during the Black Death plagues only 400 years ago. Somehow our modern generation arrogantly believes it is immune from such disease. Just look at the Covid outbreaks in Israel and UK once they opened up. Many with existing conditions are waiting much longer for operations because the hospitals are full with Covid patients.

  16. Thanks Steve. Yes, although a few things to note: The ancient Israelites of course were not ordered to self-isolate and get vaccinated! The matter of mandatory vaccines is the real issue here. Wise safeguards – such as staying away from others while sick – is not being disputed here.

    As to hospitalizations, place like Israel, Ireland, and elsewhere are reporting that half or more of the recently hospitalized have been double vaxxed!

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