Madness Down Under – The Laughingstock of the World

Just what is wrong with Australia and New Zealand?

While much of the rest of the world is opening up, leaving behind onerous lockdowns, and learning to live with the COVID virus, around nine jurisdictions are going in the exact opposite direction. I refer to the nation of New Zealand, and the various fiefdoms which are part of what was once known as the Commonwealth of Australia.

Australia is no longer one nation. It is now a collection of states and territories run by power-drunk leaders each trying to outdo one another in becoming the most draconian and crazed tin-pot dictators around. Dan Andrews of Victoria has long led the charge here, but as I wrote yesterday, the top honour may now go to Jacinda Ardern of NZ.

She has managed to do something that almost no other leader in the world has ever done: lock down an entire nation because of ONE case of the Rona. ONE case, and all 5 million inhabitants are in lockdown. Look at a map if you need to: there are two major islands that make up NZ, and the one case was in the north of the North Island – in Auckland.

Yet if you live in the middle of nowhere in NZ’s South Island, you are still locked down with everyone else. This is insanity and power-tripping taken to an entirely new level. But here in Australia things are just as bad. I happen to have the extreme displeasure of living in perhaps the most locked down city on the planet: Melbourne.

Just today we had this inglorious milestone: we are now in our 200th day of lockdown. Yes, over the past 500 days or so, Melbournians have been under house arrest, imprisoned by Dictator Dan, for a full 200 days. And remember, they told us: ‘Just two weeks to flatten the curve’! I can assure you, we are suffering massively. Please pray for us.

The idiotic elimination strategy being run with here and elsewhere Down Under is just plain lunacy. Aiming for zero cases is a fool’s errand – it is an absolute disaster of a policy. The cure is worse than the disease, and we now have a massive shadow pandemic of mental health problems, self-harm, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, eating disorders, and suicide – not to mention economies destroyed, businesses lost, and countless shops shut down forever.

Simply the catastrophic devastation being wreaked on our children because of these moronic lockdown policies should concern every single human being who still has a heart and head, and is not blinded in zombie fashion by fear and hysteria.

Calls to kids’ helplines are spiking big time, and social workers, child psychologists and others are being run off their feet by the sheer devastation of these diabolical policies. And this includes the pure idiocy of shutting down all playgrounds and skateparks throughout the greater Melbourne region. Mind you, playgrounds are still open in day care centres and at schools that have kids of essential workers in.

This last bit of respite for our poor suffering children has been stolen away from them by these heartless dictators. And yet they fully allow things like AFL football to continue full speed ahead. Um, how much social distancing and mask wearing are these players involved in as they go through several hours a game of close bodily contact?

Thankfully some folks are speaking out. David Limbrick, a Liberal Democrat MP in Victoria, has even held a protest outside of Parliament House (because Andrews and his cronies have now shut down the Upper House entirely), seeking to highlight the plight of our children.

Indeed, the welfare of our children really does matter – not just people with COVID. And bear in mind that not one child under the age of 18 has died from COVID here – not one. No wonder Wayne Gatt of the Police Union said, ‘patrolling playgrounds is not what we signed up for’.

And some commentators – notably on Sky News – have been slamming these irresponsible lockdowns for months now. Alan Jones has been leading the charge here. (Please keep him in prayer as he is now recovering from knee surgery.)

But things are now so bad in Australia that plenty of overseas commentators are talking about us – and laughing at us. One of the most idiotic and bizarre statements made by the Victorian Dictator – and he has made plenty – had to do with Melbournians now not being allowed to drink a beer with their masks off. Yes this clown actually said that!

The most watched television commentator in America, Tucker Carlson broke out laughing as he tried to report this story with a straight face. See the clip as found in this news report:

Thankfully we have others on the America Fox News network also reporting on the madness that is occurring Down Under. We have hosts like Laura Ingraham who have been featuring some of our champion politicians such as George Christensen. I have seen him twice on her show over the past week or so. Here is one of those interviews:

And in the UK there has also been various news reports and commentary on the situation here. As but one example consider this news item: “Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has labelled Daniel Andrews an ‘absolute clown’ after the Victorian Premier unveiled tightened Covid-19 restrictions on Monday.”  

Some recent articles in Spiked from the UK are also worth drawing your attention to. One journalist said this:

People who once thought they’d won the lottery of life by being born in Australia now wake in fright every day to the sudden realisation that they are living in a 21st-century penal colony. The country they once loved has been replaced by something they barely recognise. The restrictions imposed in response to the pandemic are just the start of it. People have been confined to their houses, prevented from going to school or work, denied the freedom to cross state borders even to see a dying relative, and coerced to take a vaccine in order hopefully to regain the freedoms that were once their birthright.


Worse, these restrictions are being imposed by authoritarians who have seemingly come from nowhere and now dominate all of Australia’s positions of power, from the government to big business. These people are unlike any ruling elite Australia has ever known….


New South Wales chief health officer Kerry Chant became world famous recently when a video of her went viral. In it, she said, in the patronising tone of a school matron: “It is human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly. Unfortunately, this is not the time to do that. So even if you run into your nextdoor neighbour, in the shopping centre, at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi or any other grocery shop, don’t start up a conversation.”

He continues:

The elite in government and the bureaucracy, some of whom have even been granted pay rises since these lockdowns began, are laughing all the way to the bank while the nation’s middle-class, small-business entrepreneurs – the cultural descendants of the emancipated landowners of the 19th century – are driven to despair and bankruptcy. These elitists might evoke the Australian traditions of ‘mateship’ and the ‘fair go’, but they advocate nothing of the kind. Instead, they impose rules that are only possible under their newly created ’emergency powers’, and which would have been comprehensively ridiculed and rejected in any state or federal parliament at any other time in our history.

And Nick Cater has had some quite sensible and important pieces for Spiked as well, including the following interview with Brendan O’Neill:

Cater: The big problem is that public policy over the past 18 months has not been driven by reason – it has been driven by fear. The public are genuinely fearful of the virus. Many people are telling the state governments to go harder, because they have been told that Covid is very dangerous. We are caught in a feedback loop, a vortex of fear, where politicians can no longer act sensibly because they have to respond to public fear. If they opened up now people would go berserk and say that it’s not safe to go outside.


Working for a policy think tank, we at the Menzies Research Centre have really been banging our heads against a brick wall for the past 18 months, thinking that there must, surely, be other approaches out there. I have come to the conclusion that the government has lost control. It has to obey this mantra of fear, and as a result of that it takes no risks whatsoever.


O’Neill: You have argued that a Zero Covid strategy is being enforced with fanatical zeal in parts of Australia. Zero Covid is not taken very seriously in the UK. There are some Zero Covid fanatics, but they are subject to a lot of criticism. It’s unrealistic and very destructive for society to put everything on hold until Covid is wiped away. To what extent is the ideology of Zero Covid damaging Australia? Or do you think Zero Covid is something that Australia can achieve because of its isolation?


Cater: Of course it can’t do it. To be fair, Zero Covid has never been the ‘official’ government policy in Australia. But some state premiers support it, as well as some of the chief health officers, who have tremendous power and influence. And it has become government policy by default.


This reflects the broader culture of our times, not just in Australia but in the Western world more broadly. Nobody is prepared to put up with the slightest amount of risk. Wherever risk occurs the government has to deal with it. We are in this ‘every granny’s life is sacred’ zone, where we are unable to make public-policy or health decisions as we normally would, by looking at the costs to life and assessing where resources should go. From the very beginning we haven’t been allowed to make that calculation.


I went to two funerals last year. One was of a man in his early thirties who committed suicide. The other was of a fantastic old friend who passed away at 90. At which funeral do you think people were most shocked and upset? We have never been able to make those arguments when it comes to Covid. It has always been the case that every death has to be avoided at all costs.

Let me finish with one last scenario which is so indicative of the utter madness of our leaders. As I have said often, while our churches have been locked down or severely restricted for much of the past 18 months, our leaders have been quite happy to have brothels and the like go ahead – presumably as “essential services”.

So now we have a prostitute who has come down with COVID. I look forward to seeing how the contact tracing on that situation will work out! Or will it be a case of no questions asked by the Andrews Government and Fiona Patten, a former hooker herself, but now a state parliamentarian?  

Complete and utter insanity reigns Down Under. And the rest of the world is laughing at us.

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33 Replies to “Madness Down Under – The Laughingstock of the World”

  1. The destruction of people’s lives through this madness is worse than the disease itself. We are talking about a virus that predominantly kills the elderly with co morbidities. These are the same people which most state governments are happy to kill under their so called voluntary assisted dying legislation.

    So on the one hand, these people are dispensable and on the other hand these people must be saved at all costs irrespective of the damage and harm done to others. Go figure.

  2. Interestingly, in mid December 2017 Australians were asked for our opinion on same sex marriage. We voted 61.8% in favour of allowing homosexuals and queers to partake of the sanctity of marriage which includes having or adopting children – hence the marriage licence actually being a licence to have or adopt children.

    Thirteen months later (mid January 2019) Covid breaks out in Australia. What did God say to us: “if you do not do my edicts I will turn my face from you”.
    I fear that the covid pandemic is merely the introduction to the worst plague in history about to hit us all because we have ignored God’s edicts and indeed have resorted to mock them.
    John Abbott

  3. 0% covid or 100% vaccination — but you can still die from being vaccinated and catching covid, therefor lockdowns are not about expertise but authority; any and all drugs should have been made available by now to save lives from covid, suicide, cancer and domestic violence as this all started over 18 whole months ago. Police and Health ‘professionals’ – Pfff!
    And what’s worse is that Jacinda’s own father was a NZ police commissioner albeit he held the position in Niue [a NZ territory]. Listening to tin-pot dictators without question is not the answer, it’s just intellectual laziness, and highly irresponsible. Shameful.
    Thanks and God Bless Bill.

  4. I hear what you are saying Bill, I really do. We are losing Victoria fast, along with some of the other states. However very few people are addressing WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. It is like we are more concentrated on lockdowns, jabs, the puppet Daniel Andrews (I address him as the puppet because he too I believe is being used as are distraction from what is really happening) and everything that goes with this and MISSING THE BIGGER PICTURE. Daniel Andrews has had to lie so much now, that he has come to the point of no return and now believes his own lies.
    2 Th 2:11 A lot of the other Leaders are headed that way too including Scott Morrison. However sooner rather than later we have to acknowledge the truth around why this is all happening so that we can all unite, find the solutions and address those. We should no longer live in the victim mentality, we are God’s people and we must seek him out for the solutions. Having followed what has been happening for well over 18 months now I know that this is now starting to happen. Our Lord has his Leaders picked out and they are not necessarily from the main stream churches, they are THE CHURCH, his chosen from amongst his people for such are time as this. Our enemy has been preparing his takeover for ages, but don’t think for one minute that our Lord has not also been preparing his army to come against this. This is his nation, we are his people and he will not forsake us but rather prepare us for what is to come. Repentance will come out of all of this. Trust in God!

  5. Can somebody remind me of just why this corona virus type flu has been treated so differently from former serious influenzas?

  6. When Covid was first raised as a pandemic & lockdown was instigated I (retired senior medical consultant) wrote from a Medical Primary Health Care perspective as to concerns of Lockdowns for vulnerable persons – Minister Greg Hunt did not even provide a courtesy acknowledgement (now close to 18 months). My points were these & expanded using best practice & evidence based medical knowledge. Have I been vindicated ?? I also sent to SA persons – no reply
    1. The politics of fear for those with limited intelligence, deaf, blind or other disabilities
    2. The effect of isolation of mental health & the increased risk of suicide
    3. The effect of alcohol usage increasing & the negative impact of domestic violence & what do women & children do when there is a lockdown & they need to escape violence or potential violence
    4. Deconditioning physically & long term ramifications
    5. Diabetes & obesity worsening & the cost to the community over time.
    6. Panic behaviours on the road (rage) & at supermarket outlets making produce harder to obtain for vulnerable groups.
    7. Accessing QR codes or sign in documentation for those who are vision impaired/blind. Not all have or can afford smart phones on a disability pension. Paper trails are not trusted for confidentiality.
    8. Masks & Perspex screens are problematic for hearing impaired persons or those who lip read.
    9. The impact of those with chronic conditions or malignancy not able to have review or treatment.
    10. Many who need carer assistance would not be able to obtain & how do you get tested if you cannot access public transport or someone willing to drive you to a testing location & the potential waits. (Will NDIS pay for 6-8 hr wait to be tested).
    11. The impact financially for businesses & individuals – tax revenue, bankruptcy, not all can access income support packages.
    12. The impact of education – high school & university & hence career pathways. The hopelessness & helplessness ramifications on our younger societal members.

    I tried Fed MP Mr Canavan after his sensible presentation in parliament the other day & still no acknowledgement. Has the human suffering ramifications really been worth it. Still no concrete data on government web sites as to efficacy & durability & side effects of vaccines. There have also been USA media stories of armed forces going door to door re coercion to have the vaccine & rounding children up in schools to have vaccines without parental consent. Not sure where some of the USA media gets its stories from. Certainly we must be seen as the global court jester.

  7. Not to mention people being dissuaded from and being refused medical treatments and diagnostics such as breast cancer checks and the unknown risks from the spike protein collecting in certain parts of the body etc.

    Certainly the requiring of a vaccination which has not gone through proper testing should absolutely be considered unethical for any government to remotely consider.

  8. COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 19-08-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    Summary – to 15/8/21
    460 post vaxx death reports – 13 more since last week’s report
    50,597 serious injuries – 2,454 in the last week 379 more reports than last week
    Thrombocytopenia 112 reports – 8 reports this week

    Reports of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) – 47 received

    82 reports of Guillain Barre syndrome (paralysis)

    188 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis have been received – 39 in one week

    New ‘adverse event’ – Facial swelling in people who have had dermal filler injections – 3 reports

    August 19 2021 COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 19-08-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    ‘To 15 August 2021, approximately 15.3 million vaccine doses have been given in Australia – 9.9 million first doses and 5.4 million second doses.’
    This is highly misleading. 13.7 million doses are the number of doses that have been distributed not administered.
    8 reports of thrombocytopenia (blood clots with low platelets – TTS) this week.
    28yrs, 52, 56, 59, 60, 64, 76, 91 yrs. Linked to first AZ dose
    Total – 112 cases of TTP
    The TGA is investigating TTP after 2nd dose of AZ. They state:
    ‘All of the cases were in older people who presented with relatively mild symptoms, including common clots in the lungs or leg that are not uncommon with advancing age.’
    I am hearing many reports that doctors are attributing side effects to ‘old age’. Here is another example. This is very bad medicine.
    The TGA states: ‘As more is learnt about TTS internationally, we are considering modifying our case criteria, such as including the time to onset of symptoms as part of the criteria for confirming TTS. If the criteria are updated, it may result in some cases being reclassified as unlikely to be TTS because they present such a long time after vaccination and/or are likely to be due to other causes.’
    So the TGA is considering ‘re-classifying’ the time criteria for diagnosing TTS. In other words, if you develop blood clots after their chosen time period your symptoms will not be linked to the vaxx. Good luck getting any compensation (not that that is likely anyway.)
    In the last week the TGA has received 2,454 reports of serious injuries post vaxx.
    Total serious injuries: 50,597
    2,454 reports of serious injuries in one week! 379 more than last week!
    To the 15th of August 460 post vaxx deaths have been reported. 13 reports of death in one week. The TGA have decided that only 7 of these meet their criteria.
    Tasmania continues to have the highest rate of ‘adverse events’.
    New ‘adverse event’ – Facial swelling in people who have had dermal filler injections – 2 reports after Pfizer and 1 after AZ
    47 reports of Immune Thrombocytopenia after AZ
    82 reports of Guillaine Barre Syndrome (paralysis)
    188 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis have been received – post Pfizer vaxx.
    39 in one week! Are these high numbers due to younger people having the vaxx? These events are more likely in young men.

  9. Thanks for your work Bill. You encourage me. I don’t have any local friends who I can talk about these issues, it’s a lonely and isolating point of view, people don’t seem to want the truth. I had a sense from the outset that something was not right, the hype around it reminded me of the hype around the bombing of Iraq. I was not fooled then either.

  10. Yes, we live in a society run on what I call a culture of fear. This has existed for some time, but has come to a head amid the unnecessary panic over covid. Fear is rarely successful in achieving its goal, which is why rules born of fear aren’t effective. Even if citizens pay lip service to the culture created, underneath it breeds resentment.

    These people who are in government in Australia are quite simply the servants of Satan. Satan’s business is fear, worry, confusion and folly, which is exactly what these people are propagating.

    I will take no part in this folly, and I want nothing to do with these people. I will never respect them again.

  11. Hi Bill. Thanks for another great article. My heart is certainly heavy for Vic and NSW. In WA it is business as usual. People here have no idea, and they just keep thinking the vaxx is going to save us all and WA will survive better. People are very deceived.

    It’s not about the science, it’s just about compliance.

    Can we confirm the stats that Gail had recorded in your messages?


  12. Here in NZ the culture of fear has been perpetuated by the government, aided and abetted by the press corps. NZ reporters on Tuesday told us that we should be terrified of the delta variant of covid!

    So we are locked down again. The only businesses open are supermarkets, garages, pharmacies and dairies. All restaurants and takeaways are shut. Can’t go to work or school or church. Don’t visit your neighbour.

    And the NZ public are in fear of this. The messaging has been all pervasive. Fear the virus. Act as if everyone has it. Stay home, stay in your bubble.

    I fear the trampling of our freedoms far more than the virus.

  13. Great comment Bill, about Australia being the laughing stock of the world. Yes we are, but it’s no laughing matter to us who live here.

    I have a 9 year old grandson who without his mother’s consent, my daughter, their class was shown a short cute little video encouraging the vaccination for children. Even their teachers subtly supported the video and we as parents know how malleable precious little minds are.
    This is nothing short of spreading fear, and early stage brainwashing for children that Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels would of been proud of. During this “PLANDEMIC” my daughter rightly expressed concerns for her sons mental health and was publicly ridiculed by the Principle in front of other mothers and fathers.

    A fearless Irish Pastor in Ireland just a few weeks ago warned his congregation that the whole world is being brainwashed from the heights of lofty Governments right through to young children at school. He said we have two choices. We either have our minds continually refreshed and renewed by Gods living Word, the bible, or destroyed by the relentless brainwashing by the “Father of Lies”. Nothing but fear and brainwashing is currently sweeping the globe.

    Terry Hill

  14. You mean Kevin Pietersen spoke against your fuhrer?? Is he still alive??

    Bureaucracy is the problem – they aren’t elected so are accountable to no-one but themselves. They consider themselves smarter than you so they believe they are right and have the right and duty to force you to do the right thing. Woodrow Wilson wrote about this in late 1800’s he wanted a professional government made up of people who were NOT elected and thus wouldn’t change every few years but would remain as various administrations came and went. A group of educated people who would know what is best and do it without the hindrance of getting the public’s permission.

    This whole COVID response is lead by experts unelected people totally unaccountable for their actions and comforted by their belief they know what is best and must force this on you for your own good. With 100+ years of this way too many simply comply without question rather than use their God given brains. Add to this years of being taught how liberal Nanny loves you and should be unquestionably obeyed while conservative nanny hate you and should be resisted we have a ton of sheeple ready to obey Nanny. I feel things will only get WORSE before they get any better.

  15. To confirm stats in Gail s message go to TGA and scroll down to weekly safety report for 19th August and star there she refers too

  16. Digital passports in France (on mobile phone app) has 8 lines on it ready for the BOOSTER shots. That is what I said a year ago that vaccine passports will lead to endless vaccines to just go about everyday life.

  17. Yes it’s all about power and control and it’s all part of the new world order agenda to take over the world and to bring in a one world government. Life is never going back to normal and things are never going back to normal. We are getting to the end and Jesus is coming back very soon.

  18. It’s absolutely unbelievable what’s happening down there. I miss your presence on Facebook.

  19. Hey Bill, Ive often wondered why the small business association on Vic just hasnt told every one to open up…thats all it would take…every cafe, restaurant, beauty service to just say were all opening up and you cant stop us. Vic Govt couldnt fine and Litigate them all. Im surprised they arent putting more pressure on. Thats the only pretest that would work. Just something ive been thinking about.

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