The Coming Covid Divide

Things are ramping up in the Covid wars:

Times of crisis often bring out the best and worst in people. And these times will also often bring about clear delineation, distinction and division. A sifting process occurs whereby one’s true colours usually come to the fore. An example from recent history would be how Germans divided over the rise of the Nazis.

While the majority seem to have favoured this development, a minority resolutely opposed it. The reign of Hitler certainly acted as a flash point of division for many. I have written about this before, and future articles will look more closely at how it was that so many Germans seemed to so readily go along with the Nazi program.

Many current examples could be mentioned as well, including all the divisions that Covid and government responses to it have resulted in. Plenty of folks are very much divided as to whether the draconian lockdowns, border closures and strangulation of economies have been justified or actually helpful.

And many are equally divided on the various health mandates, be they vaccine passports, compulsory vaccination, and the ongoing shutdowns of entire states and nations. Christians too have been divided on these matters. As I have already written, things like the Ezekiel Declaration – which I find to be fully biblical, sensible, and Christlike – have been attacked by certain Christian leaders.

While many of these controversial matters that have polarised Christians are not matters of Christian orthodoxy as such, many of them do seem to tell us a fair amount about where folks are coming from. Thus if some believers are far more keen to side with the secular state while attacking other Christians, that is rather telling.

And whether or not one has religious differences over these sorts of things, there still remains plenty of acrimony and division over the health mandates and the pushes by the State to get you to dob ‘recalcitrants’ in. The recent case of Tony Abbott being reported to the authorities for not wearing a mask just after going surfing, and being fined $500, is a case in point of deplorable and Stasi-like behaviour.

Abbott rightly said this: “I never thought dobbing and snitching was part of the Australian character. I think as soon as we can leave this health police state mindset behind us, the better for everyone.” As I have said a few times already, one meme making the rounds certainly expresses how I feel about so much of this madness: “I’m starting to learn who would have hidden Anne Frank and who would have turned her over to the Nazis.” Exactly!

So we clearly are a divided nation on these matters. Let me speak further to one of the most controversial and divisive issues: vaccine passports. I have written numerous articles now on how wrong this move is. And of course it is already upon us.

And I have also written about how this matter is dividing those claiming to be conservatives. Some seem at best nonchalant about them, or at worst, are quite supportive of them. The various commentators on the more-or-less conservative Sky News are a case in point. See more on this here:

They actually seem to like these passports because they are sick of lockdowns and want their freedom back. Hey, me too! But I have fundamental problems with this sort of coercion. Indeed, all the human rights and medical ethics covenants and declarations of the past 75 years speak AGAINST any compulsion and coercion when it comes to medical treatments.

But some of these “conservatives” seem quite happy for a sizeable minority of Australians to forever be treated as second-class citizens and a new class of untouchables. So much for their commitment to liberty, for limited government, and freedom of choice.

Thankfully there have been a few on Sky News who have been quite resistant to the lockdown mania in general, and these passports in particular. Five commentators who are worthy of mention are Cory Bernardi, Alan Jones, Mark Latham, Rowan Dean, and Campbell Newman.

Let me spend time on the last two. On Sunday mornings the program Outsiders is on, hosted by Dean. This past Sunday (September 12), he gave a terrific opening monologue on the two-tiered society we have now become because of this.

I thought it was outstanding, although it took me a while to finally track it down. But now I have, and I urge all of you to watch this 17-minute clip of his:

Please listen and share it around. Part of what he said includes this:

“I’ve repeatedly said I have no problem whatsoever with people being vaccinated or not being vaccinated – what is not acceptable for multiple reasons including constitutional, and legal and ethical and moral reasons, is mandatory vaccination. Indeed, the Australian Immunisation Handbook spells it out very clearly that consent to vaccination has to be given ‘in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation’.”

“Once the authorities have decreed that there are two classes of people in Australia, the good, and the bad; that one class is superior to another and gets special privileges while the other class is shunned, locked out, vilified and loses their employment you have, by definition created an inferior class.”

“For which the Germans once coined as Untermensch (under/inferior person). If that word brings a chill of horror to your hearts, so it should!”

“Worse, and this is what really disturbs me, once the authorities have decreed that there are now two classes of Australians, the good and the bad, and that one class is superior to another and gets special privileges while the other class is shunned, locked out, vilified and loses their employment, you have by definition created an inferior class.”

He also played part of the hyper-viral video by a brave Qantas pilot that I have been speaking about of late:

And today Rod Lampard of Caldron Pool in a new article also referred to Dean’s excellent presentation:

Another person worth quoting from is Campbell Newman, a Senate candidate for the Liberal Democrats. He had a column in yesterday’s Australian that was very good. He said, in part:

The question facing Australia today is this: if a smallpox-like virus would justify a vaccine passport but a bad flu season does not, then what rate of fatalities justifies their introduction in a liberal society and suspension of our hard-earned liberties? That is not a question for health bureaucrats; it’s a question to be answered by political leaders in consultation with a range of experts.


Covid is worse than regular flu but it’s also true Covid is closer to regular flu than smallpox. Here are the undisputed facts. The average lifespan of an Australian is 82.6 years. The average age of Covid fatalities in Australia is 85. Since the pandemic began, the Covid fatality rate for Australians under 50 is four in 12,000. Sixty-six per cent of Covid deaths have been in nursing homes. Seventy-three per cent of Covid deaths involved pre-existing chronic health conditions and a higher number involved non-chronic but somewhat serious health complications.


The case is closed – Covid is more comparable to influenza and nothing like smallpox. If we had no lockdowns then our overall fatalities would have risen but these statistical ratios would have held. Covid is serious, but these facts do not justify societal upheaval. They do not justify a Jim Crow-style Covid segregation and that is precisely what a Covid vaccine passport will do for many.


There is so much conflicting Covid data flying around it’s hard to be certain, but an international consensus has emerged – the vaccinated are largely protected from hospitalisation and death but they still catch and transmit Covid. There is debate as to whether the infectious are equally as likely to transmit Covid, but the mere fact there is a debate on that point means it would be wrong to marginalise millions of our citizens on uncertain data.


Before we rush headlong into a two-tiered society, with perhaps one in five Australians condemned to perpetual lockdown and excluded from many aspects of life, let’s pause and think through the practicalities. Workplaces will be torn apart; many of those who would prefer not to have a Covid vaccine will be forced to resign or undertake a medical procedure in which they are doing so only because their livelihood depends on it. That inevitably is going to create tension between employees and employers and between fellow employees. The same can be said for churches, sporting groups, social groups and so on.


What about kids’ birthday parties? When parents send an invitation, are they going to have to stipulate that only the vaccinated can attend? Will the host demand to see the vaccinated status of parents as they enter the party? It would convert a happy, innocent event into one with tension.

I for one am very thankful that there are many concerned Australians speaking out about all this. And the fact that the recently posted video by the Qantas captain that I mentioned above has already been viewed a half million times gives me real hope. Not everyone has their head in the sand, blindly following whatever Big Brother statists and health bureaucrats are telling them to do.

There is hope for Australia yet, as the divide continues to become more pronounced.

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  1. Deaths from COVID since starting- under 2,000. Deaths from flu according to latest annual statistics in Australia , 140,000 in a year.

  2. What I find interesting is the comparisons between nations E.g. the highly vaccinated (and I understand locked down) Israel compared to the relatively free Sweden.

    Both with similar populations and similar rates of infestation (so should be at similar positions along the curve) but with different strategies and different curves on their graphs.

    I look at the figures from two days ago because some countries seem to take longer to have their stats. updated and there, sorting by new deaths, Israel is ranked 44th for new deaths with 23 and Sweden is ranked 117th with one death.

    Outside of Sweden other nations that seem to be doing well to me are Switzerland, Austria and Denmark.

    I don’t know the various strategies employed by these nations but to me the indication seems that nations who have allowed natural immunity to take some effect are doing better in the longer term and conversely that the vaccines are simply not preventing the spread of the disease as our governments have assumed.

    So, to me, those who accuse others of not heeding the science are, again, the ones not looking at the science and the evidence. The graphs seem to me to be telling the same story the experts, such as Dr. Robert Malone and Dr, Peter McCullough and quite a few others have warned us of and our claimed expert bureaucrats, who have allowed the various Australian governments to proceed with authoritarian restrictions and extortions on the assumption that the vaccines were good enough to prevent the spread of the disease, have been shown to really have a requirement to look for other employment. They and the governments who have listened to them, have cost us dearly for their ineptitude.

  3. The Rowan Dean presentation on Covid passports and the Qantas pilot veteren I have both viewed. Both videos highlighted the real dangers we are heading into. An interesting analysis was given to me by someone yesterday and he said he likens what is happening to a two year prison experiment. Suddenly one group are bestowed extra privileges, freedoms of movement and so forth whereas the others are still in the confined lockdown or draconian punishment so to speak. Suddenly those with extra rights and the favored ones by the prison authorities feel invigorated and are now turning on the other prisoners with gusto. They feel empowered in their new roles and are now wanting segregation, punishment on them and are colluding with authorities. This very much is a psychological operation and is primitive instincts taking over and undesirable human behaviour.

  4. Reading this article today got me thinking about the many divisions in relationship I have personally experienced since this covid saga began, alongside the simultaneous avalanche of general cultural collapse fed by CRT.

    I am now divided from 2 of my children.
    I am now divided from some of my siblings.
    I am now divided from some of my work colleagues because of differences over the vaccination issue.
    I am now divided from the general cultural direction of my place of employment, and their possible vaccination stance.
    I am now divided from some of my elderly neighbours who are vaccinated but whose family members are worried about them because I am not vaccinated – will they be able to come to our street Christmas party this year?
    I am now divided from some Christian friends who have withdrawn from fellowship with me because they think I am ‘hanging out with the wrong Christian friends.’
    I am now divided from some Christian friends who have withdrawn from fellowship with me because they think I am a dangerous influence for believing churches should remain open.
    I am now divided from some Christian friends because I haven’t had the vaccine and they think I am unloving.
    I have had attempted divides on social media where friends have attempted to get me ‘onside’ against a mutual friend who disagrees with them.
    I see a new divide beginning between me and my mother on the vaccine issue.

    Multiply this by millions and we have a global phenomenon, with sinister undertones. It is well known that Marxism is helped along its way by stoking divisions among the people – and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. Because of that, rightly or wrongly, I have avoided being the one to make the move away from the other, endeavouring to maintain relationship as these cultural disagreements come to the fore, and have sadly watched as others choose to divide from me instead. And the increasing isolation being forced on people as a consequence is also sowing the seeds of a rampant mental health epidemic in years to come.

  5. Nothing new under the sun….”What we have done with COVID-19 mandates, to reference Aquinas, is to subordinate the common good to the private good of individuals, thus making the common good an alien good for everyone else. We have done this by making a person’s individual life (a private good) an end, or final cause, to which every other good is ordered. The problem with this logic is that it leads directly to tyranny. In fact, for Aquinas, using law to direct people’s actions to the private good of individuals is the very definition of tyranny. Accordingly, everyone must lose their human rights and access to the legitimate and necessary goods of human flourishing so that a relatively small number of people won’t die. By this logic, no one should be allowed to drive either. ”

    Crisis Magazine, 15 September 2021, “Covid 19 Mandates”

  6. Just done a head count here in Ballarat for the number of people with Corona virus. Same as yesterday – 4. Two in one home have had it for a week. People racing off to get tested to prove what?
    Lockdown here coinciding coincidentally with freedom lovers march in Melbourne at weekend…mmm. Last year at one time we had 27 with corona…No lockdown…mmm

  7. Shockingly, CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated
    – Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen, despite the fact that over 80% of deaths after the vaccines occur in this window. How convenient.

    Anyone who dies within the first 14 days post-injection is counted as an unvaccinated death. Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks

    The CDC also has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated. If you’re unvaccinated, CDC guidance says to use a cycle threshold (CT) of 40, known to result in false positives. If you’re vaccinated, they recommend using a CT of 28 or less, which minimizes the risk of false positives

    The CDC also hides vaccine failures and props up the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative by only counting breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death

  8. Toxic Thursday Report
    Please bear in mind that this may be only 1% of the actual total. (A US study completed by Harvard in 2009 found that less than 1% of vaccine injuries were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). They found the true rate of vaccine injury was one in 39 people (2010 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 2010). )
    I heard a US doctor state her view now is that the jab will not be stopped no matter how many deaths and injuries occur. I am of the same opinion. We are now at 535 deaths and 59,199 serious injuries reported.
    16 Sept 2021 September 16 2021 COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 16-09-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    • 5 reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (blood clots with low platelets – TTS) this week.
    New reports – woman 85 yrs/ men 58, 69, 78, and 91yrs
    Total – 134 cases of TTS
    • In the last week the TGA has received 2,038 reports of serious injuries post vaxx.
    Total serious injuries: 59,199
    • To the 12th of September 535 post vaxx deaths have been reported. The TGA has decided that only 9 of these are due to vaccination.
    Tasmania continues to have the highest rate of ‘adverse events’.
    Quote ‘The Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) is the publicly available part of our adverse event database, but it is separate to the internal database that we use to monitor vaccine safety. Intense public interest in the DAEN has caused intermittent problems with access and the search function. We have now upgraded the DAEN and full functionality is currently being restored. We apologise for any inconvenience and would like to reassure the public that these issues have not affected our ability to receive and analyse adverse event reports.’

    Hope you are all feeling reassured!

    • 71 reports of Immune Thrombocytopenia after AZ
    • 115 reports of Guillaine Barre Syndrome (paralysis) –
    • 457 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis have been received – post Pfizer vaxx. – 65 in one week!
    Quote ‘As in other countries, our analysis suggests there is a higher-than-expected number of cases of myocarditis in vaccinated compared to unvaccinated individuals. Based on the number of reports in both Australia and overseas, it appears that myocarditis can be caused by vaccination, although it occurs very rarely.’
    Quote ‘Similarly, we have seen that cases are reported more frequently in teenage boys after the second dose.’
    Then why are teenage boys getting vaccinated since they face a zero chance of dying of Covid if they are healthy?
    Summary – to 05/09/21 COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 16-09-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    535 post vaxx death reports
    59,199 serious injuries – 2038 in one week
    Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia 134 reports – 5 reports this week
    Reports of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) – 71 received

    115 reports of Guillain Barre syndrome (paralysis)

    457 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis have been received – 65 in one week!

    The TGA ‘continues to monitor’ (and lie) yada…yada…

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