Health Fascism Is Getting Worse

Health apartheid is now upon us – and getting worse:

Hysteria over the Rona has already created a two-tiered society: those who fully buy the narrative and do everything and anything their health overlords and politicians tell them, and those who dare to still ask questions, to not rush into things, and who seek to think for themselves.

We have a new Jim Crow mentality – if not laws – now coming about. Those old laws enforced racial segregation – keeping the races apart. One group was seen as superior, the other as inferior. Today with things like vaccine passports, we are heading down a similar path: enforced health segregation. As Fraser Nelson from the UK says in a recent piece, “Vaccine passports would create a hideously divided two-tier society”:

It is deeply un-British to implement a scheme that disproportionately hits disadvantaged people. At times, it seems as if there is an international competition to establish who can be toughest on the unvaccinated. Emmanuel Macron deplores the “selfishness” of refuseniks, who he intends to ban from bars and restaurants. Italy’s new policy is summed up by La Repubblica as a “hunt for the unvaccinated”. For Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, it is now a condition of freedom: “If you want to participate fully in society, you must get vaccinated. Boris Johnson seems to agree, with discussions that the unvaccinated would be excluded from nightclubs, universities and possibly even their jobs.


It’s easy to see the power of the argument. Vaccination saves lives, so it’s time to toughen up the anti-vaccines. It was once hoped that voluntary adoption would lead to collective immunity, for around 60% of the population. But the more contagious delta variant raised the bar higher, closer to 85%. This leaves two options: vaccinate children or start culling adults. Politically, the latter is much easier.


But all of these discussions are taking place behind closed doors, without any votes and minimal control. Jacob Rees-Mogg may well tell Any Questions on Radio 4 that vaccine passports are not British, but such a debate does not take place in Cabinet, let alone Parliament. Too bad, because there is something to discuss.


Take, for example, the hypothesis that vaccine passports, while draconian, are very effective. The evidence is more mixed. Young Britons show no sign of responding to threats from No10 to exclude them from nightclubs or campuses. Macron’s plan for a “health pass” moved France’s vaccination rate perhaps 4% higher than it would otherwise be, but at a fairly high price; France now has regular national protests against Covid passports, coercion and the creation of a two-tier society.


Many of those parading make the same point: that vaccine passports would radically reshape the relationship between state and society. Until now, anyone who obeyed the law was free to do whatever they wanted. But a new principle is being developed. There will be two categories of citizens: one with the old freedoms intact and the other without access to various places (maybe even the workplace) unless they provide the correct credentials. Today, it is a vaccine against Covid-19. Tomorrow it may be something else.

He concludes:

Boris Johnson presented himself as a one-nation conservative, which is why it is so strange to see him proposing a new two-nation divide between the documented and the undocumented. If he now thinks the increase in vaccine passports is inevitable, then at the very least he should let Parliament have a full debate. For years he has been the strongest voice against ID cards and the division they would cause. It’s not too late for him to decide he was really right the first time around.

Every day we see more examples of this health apartheid. Here is one of the latest: CNN has just fired three people who were not vaccinated. Check this out:

CNN has fired three employees who violated company policy by coming to work unvaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. CNN chief Jeff Zucker told staff members of the firing in a memo sent Thursday that reminded them that vaccines were mandatory if they report to the office or out in the field where they come into contact with other employees. “Let me be clear — we have a zero tolerance policy on this,” wrote Zucker, chairman of news and sports for WarnerMedia.

Of course at the same time they cannot fire those who have HIV. Go figure. But those seeking to demonise the vaxx hesitant are getting more shrill and uglier by the day. Consider a recent ugly hit piece by Australian commentator Joe Hildebrand. As one news report explains:

Former Studio 10 presenter Joe Hildebrand is the latest celebrity to publicly lash out at anti-vaxxers and vaccine-hesitant people. In a lengthy piece for, the 45-year-old called non-vaccinated people ‘selfish’ and said that the pandemic was ongoing because of them. ‘Every single adult in Australia has now had weeks or months to get their first dose of vaccine,’ he wrote.

‘Anyone who hasn’t done so – without a literal note from their doctor – no longer has any excuse. ‘We are crushing our society, our economy, our relationships and our children’s future all for the sake of a selfish few – indeed a selfish many – who simply won’t do the smallest possible thing to make this all go away.’

Sadly you can read this piece for yourself. A closing line of his says this: “We are fast approaching a point where anyone who refuses whatever vaccine they are eligible for can no longer consider themselves a truly decent member of society.”

So there you have it folks: there exist two distinct camps: the pure, the clean, and the righteous, and the impure, the unclean, and the unrighteous. Joe belongs to the first group: those exalted, superior beings who can look down on others, and treat them as deplorable, second-class citizens. 

Anyone for any reason who might have a well-founded hesitancy about the rushed, experimental Rona vaccines, who has legitimate questions, who thinks there might be something to natural immunity, and who is open to other proven treatments, is just NOT a decent member of society. They are indecent – they are evil.

Hmm, where have we heard this sort of language before Joe? Oh yeah, that’s right: the exact sort of thinking and rhetoric was heard all the time in Germany in the 30s and 40s. A certain group was deemed to be unclean, diseased, and spreading death and destruction. They had to be opposed, to keep the German people pure and uncontaminated.

The simple and ugly truth is this: Joe’s views are not unlike what was said of the Jews by the Nazis: they were unclean and a danger to society – they “contaminated” the blood of pure Germans. They were a clear and present danger that had to be severely dealt with.

One American Holocaust site looks at the various bits of Nazi propaganda used during this time to demonise Jews and get the population fully panicked about them. One of them was an “Advertisement Poster for Der Ewige Jude”. The site says this:

Originally created to popularize the anti-Semitic film “Der Ewige Jude”, translated as “The Eternal Jew,” this Nazi propaganda poster from Vienna, Austria (circa 1938) purports to demonstrate the alleged destructive influence that Jews wielded over Austrian society. The figure in this picture is easily identified as an antisemitic caricature, with a large nose, heavy eyebrows, long beard, and thick, curly hair, paired with a skullcap and overcoat meant to reference traditional Jewish styles of dress.


Der Ewige Jude was a film created by the Nazi German Ministry of Propaganda, filmed as a pseudo-documentary. This film depicts Jews as unclean and disease-ridden by comparing Jews to teeming swarms of rats, and characterizes Jewish ritual practices as disgusting, foreign, and dangerous in an effort to stir up antisemitic foment. Importantly, Der Ewige Jude ends with a speech by Hitler proposing “the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.”


Purported links between Jews and disease are hundreds of years old; see this 1720 edict from the USHMM collections issued by numerous European rulers barring Jews from entry due to concerns that Jews would spread disease in their borders. Conversely, Jewish populations have also been compared to diseases; see this French poster dated 1942-1945, reading “Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Cancer are curable…it is necessary to finish the biggest curse: The Jew!!” Ultimately, Jews were indeed victims of disease during the Holocaust as the result of unsanitary and overcrowded conditions in ghettos. Yet, Nazis used the skyrocketing rates of illness resulting from these abhorrent living conditions to identify Jews as agents of disease transmission, and that they must therefore be eliminated; see this 1941 Polish poster from the USHMM’s collections comparing Jews to lice, and identifying them as typhus transmission vectors.

There you go. We have been there and done that. To keep ordinary Germans “safe,” harsh measures had to be taken against the disease-ridden and unclean Jews. Today we have a new demonised underclass, a new group of despised untouchables: those who dare to question the narrative on the Rona, those who are not buying into the hysteria and panic porn, and those who have perfectly legitimate questions to ask about the Rona vaccines.

But Joe thinks such hatred and bigotry is all perfectly peachy. The bizarre thing is, he is sometimes passed off as a conservative, and is often on Sky News of late. There is nothing conservative about the reckless and inflammatory remarks that he made. Being free to choose, and championing limited government, are key aspects of the conservative worldview, not forced conformity, Big Brother Statism, and the erosion of freedom.

Take a hike Joe. I will side with freedom and with those who dare to think and ask questions. But the way things are going, soon enough these folks may appear – not with a yellow star on their clothing – but perhaps with a yellow needle.

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28 Replies to “Health Fascism Is Getting Worse”

  1. Thanks for this latest article.

    Previously, I had seen some reasonable critiques from Joe H of the
    Government response in Victoria to the Covid crisis even though he
    still thought the authorities had the right idea at heart. The latest
    piece shows otherwise. Apparently, there can be no tolerance for
    those who stray from the party line, judging by his latest piece.

    So much for a critique of those pushing new vaccines on the people.

  2. I see a pathway opening up, wider and wider, and soon we will see it all unfold. Classic conquer and divide going on within society which it surely seems will result in chaos and civil unrest at some point down the line. It started decades ago within the educational system by first taking God out of the schools, and from that came more, and more, and more worldly indoctrination to turn the course of the thinking of the youth to produce a corp of youths who would promulgate that thinking at an increased and deeper level throughout the educational system. (Teachers)

    Then came a greater divide….manipulation of wealth to gradually denigrate the middle class and to open up the door to a more flagrant “have/have not” society.

    Watered down Christianity came into play. We are seeing the results of that now.

    Which then led to an enhanced, and terribly divisive, societal mentality–the blame game. BLM, CRT, hot topics which never go away such as the abortion issue, and more.

    And now the “nanny state” with “we know what’s best for you” (the vax issue is an example). One just needs to look at what is going on in China to see how easily that could become a reality in the western world…which already has the infrastructure in place (smartphones, computers, data bases, surveillance).

    Next up along the path, and though it is unseen by many, will be the necessary financial chaos that will be the final nail in the coffin that will drive civil unrest like we have never seen. It will be ugly, and it will be brutal, and most will deny that it could ever happen.

    It would never happen except that the pathway is already there. Too many are simply stopping to smell the occasional rose along the way to see the big picture that lies ahead.

    Buckle up. It ain’t gonna be a nice ride methinks!

  3. Things have changed so quickly in our world that it hasn’t occurred to the vast majority of people that our governments may no longer be benevolent.

    Citizens of most Western countries today have been blessed to live their lives in freedom, with governments they could trust to care for their well-being.

    Most people – including those with many letters after their names – reject even considering that another agenda could be playing out (friendships can be strained even suggesting this is the case).

    For those of us who have come to see otherwise, however, we can’t ‘unsee’ it.

    Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ deaths have to a large extent been recorded as covid-19 deaths. Results were made available today of the first autopsy of a ‘vaccine’ death, demonstrating that spike proteins were in every organ of the deceased’s body.

    The new mRNA vaccines are here to stay and moving forward it is planned that the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ will be included in flu vaccines.

    Up until now, the unvaccinated could rely for protection from a given disease both on having a strong and robust immune system, and also on herd immunity from those who had been vaccinated. Hence the attitude from some, that people may be selfish in not taking any particular vaccination.

    The covid-19 ‘vaccines’, however, are a different matter entirely as they do not fit the legal definition of a vaccine because they do not improve the recipient’s immune response to the infection, nor limit the recipient from getting the virus. The covid-19 ‘vaccines’ fall into the category of experimental gene therapy.


    In the frenzy of government advertising to promote the ‘vaccines’ (advertising paid for by our tax dollars) never is it mentioned that administration of experimental vaccines is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention.

    In his speech in October last year introducing the international class action that he is heading, Dr Reiner Fuellmich stated in regard to every aspect of his class action:

    “These scandalous corona facts, gathered mostly by the Corona Committee and summarized above, are the very same facts that will soon be proven to be true either in one court of law, or in many courts of law all over the world.

    “These are the facts that will pull the masks off the faces of all those responsible for these crimes.

    “To the politicians who believe those corrupt people, these facts are hereby offered as a lifeline that can help you readjust your course of action, and start the long overdue public scientific discussion, and not go down with those charlatans and criminals.”

    Having conducted very insightful and disturbing interviews with many experts in many fields across the world, and together with his team of > 1,000 lawyers and > 10,000 medical experts worldwide, Dr Fuellmich has stated with confidence: “We are going to get them!”

  4. The increasingly shrill voices of the vaccinated calling for the ostracism and coerced compliance of the unvaccinated is remarkable to behold. I am astounded by the lack of discernment being displayed by many of our politicians (spurred on by their unaccountable chief medical ostriches) willing to subject their constituents to trial drugs when many other treatments are available – not to mention the billions spent on job keeper and job saver that could have improved hospital and medical care for years to come.

  5. Can OUR ghettos be far behind???

    Liberals, USA may be different in your country, never have a problem with the methods of totalitarians just that they aren’t the totalitarians! I don’t really believe the ever hated the Nazis or the Soviets just envious at their power. Sometimes power creates envy and jealousy and that can lead to over throws.

    I guess the BIGGEST question is what are we going to do when herded into these ghettos??? And what about when we are herded onto boxcars for the camps?? What will we do then??? Will the church stand up for us?? Or will they go back to the German play book of sing louder??? It seems to be gentiles resisting will the Jews stand for us???? Or is a holocaust only a holocaust if it happens to Jews?? (I’m not trying to be racist there but there are many Jews who won’t acknowledge abortion as a holocaust insisting that only applies to them despite at least 5 million non Jews being killed in the holocaust. They and we should remember what MLK said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”)

    God help us all however he sees fit.

  6. Dear Bill,

    A government report from Singapore show 78% of people who got infected with Covid-19 had been previously “vaccinated”.

    In the last 28 days, 1,096 cases of COVID infections were detected in Singapore. 48% of them had been fully “vaccinated” with the experimental concoction, while a further 30% had received only one COVID-19 jab. Only 22% of the infected had not received any jabs.

    Around 75% of Singapore’s population of 5.7 million have received at least one jab, so this new report shows vaccinated people are slightly more likely to get infected with COVID-19 (78% vs 75%) than those who are unvaccinated (22% vs 25%). Given the failure to prevent getting infected and considering the record numbers of fatalities (now over 30000 people) and serious injuries(>1.5 million) caused by the vaccines, the risks associated with getting jabbed are real and may in fact outweigh the benefits.

    After much research I wont be getting the VAX. Praise God we secured Ivermectin from india. IMHO This is the best and safest option until superior drugs are developed. The Long term damage these VAXs could become a tragic reality within 3 years.

    God bless
    Happy to share my India source if people leave their email address

  7. HIV cannot be vilified by law (refer Anti discrimination Act NSW and other states). Interestingly, these laws link HIV with homosexuality as such laws forbid anyone to vilify any homosexual for being infected with HIV even if they are not infected.
    One of the posters presented in your presentation indicates: “to know who governs you, simply look at who you cannot criticize”

    John Abbott

  8. I’m wondering what everyone thinks would happen if no precautions were taken by governments, i.e. masks, lockdowns, vaccination rollouts?

    It’s clear that we would see hospital systems collapse worldwide and many families would see deaths. I don’t wish to die and I certainly don’t want my wife to die any time soon. The Delta variant even kills the young.

    So what exactly is everybody thinking when they oppose vaccination, lockdowns and even masks?

  9. Thanks George, but it really seems that you have not thought through any of these matters very carefully. Simply buying into all the fear-mongering and hysteria that is being dished up is not at all helpful.

    Your first assertion that must be corrected is this: no one here is saying no precautions should be taken. We have said all along that rational, evidence-based precautions should be taken, not a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer approach which does far more harm than good. I have documented all this plenty of times here.

    There is a place for properly tested and unrushed vaccines. There is a place for targeted and proportionate quarantining of highly at-risk groups. There is a place for some mask wearing in very crowded places. But what we find in countries like Australia is nothing of the sort. Instead, a handful of cases emerge, and entire states are locked down, even with most areas reporting no virus cases for months on end. That is not science or medicine – that is political control and heavy handedness.

    And states and countries that have had little or no lockdown mania have done quite well thanks, with the same or sometimes few cases and deaths, and no hospitals being overrun, and so on.

    Also, plenty of people are dying right now because of the draconian and disproportionate lockdowns. Mental health problems, domestic violence, drug abuse and suicides are all skyrocketing now. And what about deaths due to the vaccines? Do you care about all those deaths?

    And of course as all the authorities are saying, while Delta may be more easily spread, it is much less virulent and deadly than the original strands. Living in paranoia and fear instead of relying on facts helps no one I am afraid.

    Did you even bother to read this article carefully? If you actually did, along with my other articles, you would have seen that I am not saying anything goes. What I am saying is there are very real dangers with things like mandatory jabs and vaccine passports and the like. The creation of two-tiered societies and the erosion of freedom and human rights actually really does matter.

    If you are not just asking rhetorical questions here, but do want some medical and scientific facts, try these articles for starters:

    Vaccines no panacea –

    One medical doctor’s take on this –

    Vaccine side effects –

    Mask mandates –

    Lockdowns –

  10. The big problem with Joe’s division of society into decent and indecent members is that it ignores those who cannot or should not risk taking the vaccine.

    According to the government there are only a handful of ultra-rare reasons to opt out of vaccination however an international internet survey of 1,700 or so vaccinated folk belonging to one health bracket have reported rather alarming results.

    41% reported their first AstraZeneca vaccination resulted in symptoms lasting more than 30 days, and 38% suffered symptoms lasting more than 30 days from the 2nd. 44% reported a severe reaction to the first injection, and 21% reported a severe reaction to the 2nd. Why would anyone in said health group opt to risk their health if China Flu isn’t circulating in their community?

    For comparison purposes 26% of 1st Pfizer vaccination recipients reported symptoms lasting 2 weeks, and 27% greater than 30 days for the second – I’m not sure if that was a poll glitch or a significant variation between injections. Only 14% reported a severe response to the 1st injection, 21% the 2nd.

    I believe Moderna may soon be available in Australia too. 18% of recipients reported symptoms lasting longer than 30 days for the 1st injection, 37% for the 2nd. 16% of recipients reported a severe reaction to the 1st injection, 32% for the 2nd.

    To me it looks like the Pfizer may be the best choice for those choosing to get vaccinated, but perhaps the risks are different for those outside said health group?

  11. Dear Bill,

    I agree with everything you have written. The trouble is there are too many like this and I think part of the reason is that they are too busy or unable to be in possession of all the facts or in denial about them because they are too distressing. I like you have never disagreed with some of the things they have introduced because of the pandemic. For instance, hand sanitising, sanitising the handles of the shopping trolleys and putting up screens between the customer and the teller, shop assistant etc. That was long overdue in my opinion and simple hygiene. Even wearing masks in some circumstances but the authorities have gone far too far and have largely ignored the very real distressing effect of the lockdowns.

    I had my hip replacement surgery cancelled and am on tenterhooks in case it is cancelled again for one or two cases like last time WA had a lockdown. After all just the thought of major surgery is traumatic enough no matter how much faith you have in the surgeon, doctors and nurses without it being cancelled at the last minute and I wouldn’t be the only one by any means. A nurse told me there had been hundreds who had to be rescheduled putting extra work on the already overburdened staff.

    The cancellation of elective surgery is only one aspect of the effect of lockdowns.

  12. It is madness. Even life saving surgeries seem to be reschedule and chemo too. Apparently catching COVID is worse than dying especially of spread cancer.

    The bad news is your cancer spread and you are dying because we didn’t operate soon enough BUT the good news is you didn’t catch COVID!

  13. This is all leading up to the mark of the beast as predicted by the bible. The vaccines, covid passports and chips are all precursors for the mark of the beast. Here in Australia and in other countries businesses such as shops bars and restaurants are now refusing entry and service to people that have not been vaccinated. There is already now a division between people that are vaccinated and people that are unvaccinated. The unvaccinated people have now become the new scapegoats and are now being blamed for everything that is bad and wrong. No need to worry because God is in control and Jesus is coming back very soon.

  14. It seems that despite the evidence that the vaccines are dangerous even our PM is joining the “get vaccinated” brigade. Is he deluded?

  15. Or John Bradford is he perhaps diabolical??

    John Muhleisen – Will we be forced to the back of the bus soon our own drinking fountains and restrooms? Maybe even our own neighborhoods or cities? Or perhaps just have to put a LARGE sign in the yard that says UNCLEAN!

  16. Here is German/American International lawyer Reiner Fuellmich giving an excellent summary of the legal basis for exposing this “pandemic”. About 8 minutes. Please share with those you think may still have their ears open to the truth of this situation.

  17. Those thinking vaccines are the way out of all this tyranny are being sorely mislead. Once vaccine passports are set up you will be on the treadmill of medical fascism for life. You will be forever having to comply with whatever compulsory jabs just to move about freely.

  18. As I read through these excellent articles and responses, in agreeance with nearly all that is stated, I can’t help but think there is another way to view this mess we are living in. Many other third world countries and communist countries have increasingly thriving movements of Christ-followers borne out of severe hardship.

    In the western world, the vast majority do not experience real hardship – I am one of them. Perhaps while bracing ourselves for the worst we should also know that many more souls will be saved. It is only in desperation and hardship that most humans will even begin to look up! I am hoping this for my many unsaved family members.

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