The Left, Health Mandates, and Full-Tilt Tyranny

Leftists are the real enemies of freedom and choice:

Not too long ago the left was all about freedom, individual choice, resistance to authority and the State, and full-on autonomy to do as one pleases. Not anymore it seems. All that has been reversed in recent times. It is conservatives who are now the champions of liberty, human rights, and the right to choose, while leftists have become the new totalitarians, demanding conformity and urging coercion in all things, including health care.

Who are the ones demanding mandatory vaccinations and vaxx passports? Who are the ones fully supporting draconian lockdowns and coercive health mandates? Who are the champions of Big Government controlling every aspect of our lives? Yep – the new left despots.

And they are becoming more shrill and hateful in their denunciations of those who still believe in freedom, personal choice, the right to think for themselves, and limited government. I have shared before about how I am getting so many of these folks telling me – all in the name of love and respect for human life – that they hope I die of Covid. That I should be locked up. That I am the cause of all their problems. Feel the lurve baby!

They are labelling those of us who dare to think for ourselves, ask questions, and who have legitimate and rational concerns about things like mandatory vaccines as murderers, enemies of humanity, and selfish. And those who have the ability to do so are quite willing to use the full power of the state to deal with us recalcitrants.

Plenty of these coercive utopians have made this quite clear. One of the most recent was Labor heavyweight and former NSW Premier Bob Carr. He actually said that those who are not vaxxed should be be stripped of Medicare and not allowed basic medical care that their taxes have paid for. One news report puts it this way:

Former New South Wales premier Bob Carr has called on the government to follow Singapore’s decision to discontinue free COVID-19 treatment for unvaccinated patients. On Monday the Singaporean government announced from December 8, residents who were not double jabbed, would have to pay for their medical bills if they contracted the highly infectious virus while the fully vaccinated would be reimbursed. Mr Carr said it was time Australians and residents who chose to not be protected to be forced to “pay for your wilful stupidity”….


The next day Mr Carr doubled down on his comments slamming the “pig-headed view” to refuse vaccination, calling it a “violation of the rights” of those who were vaccinated.

So anyone with legitimate concerns about the new vaxxes are simply stupid and pig-headed. Thanks Bob. Here we go again: second-class citizens; non-persons; dangerous filth; people unworthy of life; health apartheid; segregation and discrimination based on health care choices. Where have we seen all this before?

Um, guess what Bob, those who are not vaxxed are still human beings, they still pay their taxes, and they still deserve dignity and respect – not hatred, abuse, and demonisation. There are many people who have very good reasons for being hesitant. But the left no longer believes in freedom or the right to choose.

And other lefties were supporting this ugly push. Graham Richardson on Sky News last night was happily endorsing Carr’s views, carrying on about how ‘selfish’ folks are and how they are putting his life in danger! Um, I thought the vax was the panacea? Get the vax, and numerous booster jabs, and you are safe. You are protected.

If they believe so fully in the efficacy of the jabs, then why are they so terrified about, and hateful of, those who are unvaxxed? Does not this reaction tell us that even they do not really believe the vax is all that it is made out to be? Either it works or it does not. If it does, then ease up about the unvaxxed. If it does not, then stop demanding that everyone get it, no questions asked.

There have been plenty of scientific studies on all this by the way, and numerous experts are calling into question the efficacy of these vaccines. Here is just one of the most recent cases of this:

A prominent drug safety expert has questioned the efficacy of the mRNA injections against COVID-19 and suggested they do not qualify as vaccines. Dr. Peter Doshi, an associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and associate editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ), discussed the lack of scientific evidence for COVID vaccine efficacy at a panel about vaccine mandates and injuries. The round-table discussion was hosted by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson in Washington, D.C. on November 2. It  included medical experts and people who described their COVID jab injuries.


Doshi gave a 5-minute-long presentation in which he argued that recent data shows no evidence of efficient protection against COVID from the mRNA vaccines. “The trials did not show a reduction in death even for COVID deaths as opposed to other causes,” he told the panel.

And when the state suppresses various early treatment measures and things like Ivermectin, and pushes a narrow range of options (lockdowns, the vaccines, etc), then you know we are getting into dangerous territory. It is clear that Big Pharma has far too much power and influence here over the decisions of too many governments and politicians. Simply witnessing the new burgeoning crop of Big Pharma billionaires is testimony to all this.

(Please note: there are reams of facts, figures and research from medical and scientific experts offering alternative information to the mainstream narrative, enough to fill plenty of books already. Indeed, many new books have come out offering all this info and data. And plenty of short summary pieces exist which offer links to this research and evidence. Here is just one of them for starters: )

Despite widespread medical and scientific questions and doubts that arise here, the left slams anyone who dares to even try to give their voices a hearing. So much for the left and their concern about choice, autonomy, and freedom. I guess all that is a thing of the past.

Whatever happened to the left’s mantra about ‘my body, my choice’? If it is good enough to be used to kill a human being living inside of you, it should be good enough for an individual to resist the State forcing you to have a questionable substance injected into your body.

Never mind all the human rights declarations and human rights charters that ALL state perfectly clearly that there should be no coercion and compulsion in medicine, and that individuals have the full right to decide what treatments they take or refuse. I documented these many statements and declarations here:

And lefties: whatever happened to conscientious objection? Hey, I was once a hardcore lefty back in my radical youth. We championed the importance of conscientious objection. Don’t like the military or overseas wars? Then protest the government and try to avoid the draft by claiming the status of conscientious objection.

We even tried to say we could and should withhold all or part of our taxes so that we were not supporting the war effort and the military-industrial complex. All this was done on the solemn and important principle of conscientious objection.

Today plenty of people for all sorts of reasons have real concerns and questions about these new Covid vaccines. None that I know of are “anti-vaxxers”. They and I have had plenty of vaccines. What we are rightly concerned about are these new, rushed, experimental vaccines that have not even properly finished rigorous clinical trials yet, but are being pushed on us.

And those who are hesitant about this are now facing a totalitarian nightmare: losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their ability to feed their families, and all their basic human rights: the ability to travel, to congregate, to attend school, to get basic goods and services.

That is NOT choice. That is health care fascism. So where are all the lefties and libertarians and civil liberties folks when you need them? Where are their demands for choice and the importance of conscientious objection? Crickets chirping. Most of them are now full-tilt authoritarians, demanding that all individuals conform or else.

So much for personal autonomy. So much for the ability to choose. So much for the right to follow one’s conscience. ‘You WILL obey – or else.’ ‘Do as you are told or suffer the consequences.’ ‘The State will decide what is best for you.’ ‘We will choose for you.’

Goodbye freedom. Goodbye democracy. Goodbye human rights. Welcome Brave New World. And it is the left that is leading the charge here. How the tables have turned.


Sadly it is not just lefties who are now championing Big Brother tyranny, destructive lockdowns, and coercive health mandates. Some Christians and conservatives are doing this as well at times, whether because of fear and paranoia or whatever. But when they tell me that they believe in freedom and democracy, yet support all these horrific measures, then I must call into question their supposed support.

Here is the bottom line: if the State can get away with forcing people to have some substance injected into their bodies against their will, and with the masses readily embracing this, then there is nothing the State will not be able to do and to demand of the sheeple. This is about as tyrannical and dangerous as it gets. And we have seen all this happen before – just recall what took place in Germany in the 1930s.

Sorry, but if those who call themselves Christians and conservatives support this ugly Statist overreach, then they are not much different from the Big Brother-loving leftists.

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  1. As a couple on My Aged Care packages, we dread to think what is going to happen to us in the future, because we have chosen, as a matter of conscience, not to receive the Covid vaccinations. If our government even considers removing us from Medicare, we are in big trouble!

  2. Its kinda like “The beatings will continue till morale improves”. I think Churchill got it right when he said: “The whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.” Could he have been referring to perverted MEDICAL science?

  3. Spot on Bill. You have captured the essence of the leftist driven war against citizens concerning vilification of vax sceptics.

  4. “We are the official blog of COVID Legal USA. Truth about COVID vaccines and the severe adverse effects thereof are censored on mainstream and social media. We do our best to cover as many of these stories as possible in the most objective fashion possible.

    Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences”.

  5. Hi Bill,
    We too were incensed by Graham Richardson’s spiteful and ignorant attack on those of us who have legitimate concerns about having an untested cocktail of drugs injected into our bodies at the behest of Big Pharma, Big Tech and complicit politicians.
    The ignorance shown by many commentators who are blindly running with the mob has become nauseating. They are as much “experts” as many of the new-found celebrity “health experts”.
    Coincidentally, an Indian friend recently told me his whole family’s province is virtually free of Covid, using our “prohibited” Ivermectin. Similarly, our Nikolai Petrovsky’s superior vaccine has been obstructed by government, apparently until he submits to paying a bribe. Manipulation, coercion and mis-information run rampant, whilst we are treated as compliant lab-rats.

  6. Our Catholic bishop here in Bathurst (Michael McKenna) is pushing the ‘jab’ using himself as exhibit A. I think he does it to impress his civilian overlords. I hope he knows what he is doing. I guess it is easier than teaching the sermon on the mount.

  7. An interview of Dr Janci Lindsay, PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Toxic Thursday Report Summary:
    COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 11-11-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
    Total serious direct effects – 78,880
    Total death reports – 656
    Total myocarditis – 530 – 96 in adolescents
    Total pericarditis – 1,248 – 87 in adolescents
    Total heart inflammation – 1,778 – 247 in one week.
    Guillain Barre Syndrome – 144
    Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) – 87
    Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (TTS) – 160

  8. Please consider contacting the ABC and asking why they are not covering vaxx deaths and injuries. Write down who you have contacted, what you have stated, date and any other relevant information. This is my email:
    ’12 November 2021 – email sent to ABC – ‘The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia publishes a weekly Covid vaccine safety report. On the 4th of November 2021 the report included 642 post vaccine death reports and 76,587 serious ‘adverse events’. COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report – 04-11-2021 | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) By 31st October 2021 there were 1531 reports of heart inflammation, 136 of these in adolescents and some as young as 12.
    The euphemism, ‘adverse events’ does not mean headaches, fatigue or rashes. It includes heart attacks, heart inflammation, strokes and paralysis.
    The TGA does not accept every report sent to it. The TGA has thousands of reports that have not been entered into the system. Most deaths and life destroying reactions are not sent to the TGA. The reasons for this are; people do not know about it, a doctor convinces them it is not related, people are overwhelmed by grief or caring for a disabled family member or friend or they are not confident to access the system. Long term auto-immune reactions are completely missed. Police and ambulance drivers are being instructed not to identify deaths as post vaxx if more than 24 hours after ‘vaccination’.
    A US study completed by Harvard in 2009 found that less than 1% of vaccine injuries were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). They found the true rate of vaccine injury was one in 39 people (2010 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 2010). A CDC Whistleblower has provided a sworn statement that deaths are conservatively at least five times higher than reported. VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days of Vaccination”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government – Rights and Freedoms (
    Why has the ABC not reported these facts?’

  9. The new-left are being consistent as I see it.
    The argument of ‘my body, my choice’ for abortion was always a lie that meant, ‘your body (baby), my choice’ in defence of a dubious right. All that has changed is that they are exporting that lie into the covid arena. It is still ‘your body, my choice’, hidden under a dubious right- in this case the ‘right’ to be safe from covid (by forcing others to have experimental gene therapy).
    They are right to be scared of death (from the Rona or anything else) if they are enemies of Christ. They ought to be pitied, but resisted.

  10. It takes truth speakers to oppose evil decisions and people, both spiritually battling and physically and making each voice heard. Thank you to each one of those voices doing both or one or the other.

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