The Civil Rights Battle of Our Day

This is the new fight for freedom:

There have always been major battles that would determine the course of a culture. Usually they involved a struggle between those wanting freedom and those seeking their servitude. Go back to the Bible for example and consider the Exodus story. This was about a people living in slavery under an oppressive ruler that was not allowed to freely worship God.

A much more recent example of course is WWII, with a real life and death battle between freedom and servitude. In both these cases the good guys won. But that is not always the case. Sometimes the bad guys win, with horrific results. Not just the enslavement of millions but the death of millions is often the outcome.

So there are always important battles in which no one should think they can just sit on the fence and wait it out. Some fights are far too important to try to sit out. It seems quite clear to me – and many others – that the main battle for liberty and the new civil rights issue of our day is about medical fascism.

I have written about this plenty already. We want to see an end to segregation based on your medical status. We want to see an end to the new two-tiered society that has come about. We want to see an end to medical mandates, government lockdowns, and the erosion of our most basic of civil rights and freedoms.

We want an end to coercive medicine, where people are being forced against their will to have a drug injected into their bodies. For years governments had advertising campaigns warning about those who wanted to get you hooked on drugs. ‘Just say no’ was a part of their campaign.

Now we have gone full circle with the ever-expanding state insisting that we take drugs – whether we want to or not. Never mind all the legitimate concerns people may have about their safety, their efficacy, their rushed and experimental nature, and all the reports of adverse outcomes, including death. The fact that Big Pharma is spawning a host of millionaires and billionaires, and has no liability for anything that goes wrong should tell you all that you need to know.

All modern health and human rights documents of the past 75 years have insisted that there must be absolutely no coercion in the provision of medical services, and that complete informed consent must be the order to the day. If you do not know what these import documents and charters state, you should! See here for all the details:

So we have a two-pronged set of concerns here: concerns about medical health, safety and choice is of course an absolutely important one. But so too is democracy, freedom and basic human rights – all of which are being stripped away from us today, all under the guise of ‘keeping us safe’ and ‘saving grandma’.

We have NOT learned the lessons from Nazi Germany. Just what happened to the Nuremberg Trials, and to the Nuremberg Code? Do they no longer mean anything? Are we so blasé, apathetic and ignorant of history that we are happy to see all this being repeated?

The right to choose, and bodily autonomy are basic human rights in health care. Deny these or take them away and you have gone straight back to tyranny and despotism – no different from what we saw happening in Germany in the 30s and 40s.

Yet far too many folks – Christians included – just do not get it. They really seem to think that there are no problems here. They actually believe that the State always knows best, that the State will never harm the people, and that science and medicine can never be corrupted or ever become enslaved to various agendas. Such ignorance of history and reality is shocking.

It is time for them to snap out of their bubble. I have been warning about all this from day one. I penned my first piece on the virus on February 2, 2020. My third article posted on March 12 warned about how Statists will use a crisis like this to consolidate their power and control, and strip away the freedoms of the people. I hate to say it, but I was 100% right!

This war on freedom of choice and this rapid escalation of government coercion and heavy handedness has been frightening to behold. It has all been ghastly and abhorrent, from handcuffing and arresting pregnant mothers in their own homes while still in their pyjamas, to heavily armed police using tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful marchers, to arresting those without a mask or for daring to question Big Brother statism, to shutting down churches and arresting pastors and throwing them in solitary confinement, I never thought I would live to see this happen in my lifetime.

People need to wake up to what is at stake here. This is a war against freedom and choice, and it is about how far the all-powerful State can flex its muscles and keep people under its iron fist. This IS a new fight for freedom. And so much of it involves Premiers like Dan Andrews seeking to gain ever more power and control in his attempt to become Dictator for Life.

And the mandatory medical measures, not least of which, forcing folks to get the jab whether they want to or not, are something we all must resist. As I have said often before, if the State can force you to take a vaccine against your will, they can make you do anything: to be sterilised; to be forced to give up an organ on demand; to be rounded up in internment camps; to be euthanised; and so on. There will be no end to the coercion and enforced subservience to Big Brother.

As to the issue of mandatory jabs, the vital importance of informed voluntary consent is absolutely essential here. But few seem to get it. Way too many brainless wonders will drone on and on about how there is no compulsion here – it is all your own choice. Yeah right.

When the State – and most businesses – can make you lose your job, your livelihood, your ability to feed your family, and strip you of your basic human rights to travel, to shop, to go to school, to leave your own state or country unless you get the two, three or who knows how many jabs, then you are NOT free to choose – you are being coerced, pure and simple.

And if you still do not get it, let me see if this does the trick: If your boss comes up to you and says, ‘Have sex with me or lose your job’ – is that freedom of choice or coercion? If you are repelled at the thought of your boss having that sort of unjust and immoral control over you, then you should also be repelled by the thought of the State having so much unjust and immoral control over you.

We really must stop being so naive and thoughtless here. In this regard, I like some recent social media posts that Ben Davis of Caldron Pool put up over the last few days:

“It’s not about the vaccine. It’s about compliance. It’s a battle over who owns you. It’s a dispute over who will dictate what goes into your body. That is why we’re being fed absurd ideas, like the vaccine is an effective protection against the virus, but it cannot protect you from the unvaccinated.”

If you think ‘human rights’ and ‘bodily autonomy’ are extremist or controversial concepts, you’re the victim of one of the most low-grade and patently obvious propaganda campaigns the world has ever suffered.”

“The unvaxxed and anti-mandate folk are the only earthly resistance between you and the full state ownership of your body and your children’s bodies. Stand with them, because if they fall, you’ll be next.”

Yes, Ben is exactly right. As I say, this IS the human rights battle of our time. We either demand to live as free men and women, or simply surrender to becoming sheep and wards of the all-powerful and all-knowing State. And recall that the loss of freedoms is almost always incremental – one bit at a time.

But by the time most folks wake up to their loss of basic liberties and rights, it will be too late. That is why it is NOT amiss to keep looking at what has happened before, including in Germany last century. That is why it is not amiss to talk about the fight against Hitler as one type of a fight for freedom really does have parallels to this fight today.

With that in mind, let me close with three quotes. One comes from Senator Matthew Canavan: “You should not be forced to get a medical procedure to earn a living.” The next one is from the American Christian leader James White:

“It was never about a virus, it still isn’t, it never will be. ‘Your papers, please’ is all about totalitarian control, and every one of you applauding this will, someday, wake up in the dystopia you said could never happen and realize YOU allowed it to happen.”

My next longer quote comes from a speech given by the 33rd vice president of the United States Henry A. Wallace delivered on May 8, 1942:

This is a fight between a slave world and a free world. Just as in the United States in 1862, we could not remain “half slave” and “half free,” so in 1942 the world must make its decision for a complete victory, one way or the other. As we begin the final stages of this fight to the death between the free world and the slave world, it is worthwhile to refresh our minds about the march of freedom for the common man. The idea of freedom – the freedom that we in the United States know and love so well – is derived from the Bible, with its extraordinary emphasis on the dignity of the individual.

Today the same dignity of all human beings must be respected and promoted. And that includes those who for whatever reason are hesitant about drugs being forcibly injected into their bodies, and who are rightly worried about Big Brother Statism.

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12 Replies to “The Civil Rights Battle of Our Day”

  1. Its also about honesty and truthfulness from the medical authorities and the government and the sheer inconsistency of that mandate. The restriction of those who are not COVID jabbed (I refuse to use the term “vaccine” in conjunction with the mRNA drugs being fostered on us, because that calling them a vaccine is a deliberate misnomer) is based on nonsense. They say- lets follow the science-they tell us a fully “vaccinated” society will virtually eliminate the spread of COVID 19 and the “unvaccinated” will mean the pandemic continues.
    No, not true.
    According to a recent study
    “In the USA and Germany, high-level officials have used the term pandemic of the unvaccinated, suggesting that people who have been vaccinated are not relevant in the epidemiology of COVID-19. Officials’ use of this phrase might have encouraged one scientist to claim that “the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated for COVID-19”.1 But this view is far too simple.
    There is increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to have a relevant role in transmission.”
    And where does this gem of information come from- fake news sources?
    NO, from here: LANCET VOLUME 398, ISSUE 10314, P1871, NOVEMBER 20, 2021.

  2. Well said Bill.

    Not surprisingly, Andrews has not ruled out mandating the jab for 5-11 year olds, despite all the evidence saying that age group is not at risk. Unfortunately power has gone to his head.

  3. The whole thing is unbelievably terrible and affecting people in all sorts of ways. As if it’s not bad enough that I’ve lost my job for refusing trial injections, Dom Perrottet’s heartless decision to make the opening date 2 weeks later is ensuring that my 12 year old son is banned from his own year 6 farewell party because he’s unvaxxed, we are banned from attending his final graduation ceremony as we are unvaxxed, and I am not allowed to enter the High School to buy his uniforms from the second hand clothing store for next year as unvaxxed.

    My son has been cooped up doing online learning for 2 years and now this.

  4. In reference to your boss analogy:
    ‘But rape/sexual coercion is a crime!’ they will say.
    To which I say, neither the Nuremberg Code nor the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights 2005 dealt with rape, but they did deal with medical procedures. If you don’t think it’s a very serious violation recognised at an international law level, you might be on the wrong side of history.

  5. “It was never about a virus, it still isn’t, it never will be. ‘Your papers, please’ is all about totalitarian control, and every one of you applauding this will, someday, wake up in the dystopia you said could never happen and realize YOU allowed it to happen.”

    Yet they will blame us saying “why didn’t YOU stop this” continuing to deflect the blame from themselves.

    Silent encroachments are always the problem. Satan ends up doing some of the most damage when he slinks slowly.

  6. I must disagree with “concerns about medical health, safety and choice is of course an absolutely important one” Such concerns are not ‘absolutely’ important; and ‘absolutely important’ seems a little oxymoronic. Absolutely would indicate ‘vital’. No, they are relatively important, like almost everything in life, except breathing. They are ‘indubitably’ important (the word most people seem to avoid to pin ‘absolutely’ on every lapel in their wardrobe instead), but everything is a balance.

  7. Thanks David. But when the medical concerns I have in mind here do indeed involve matters of life and death, then yes, they are vitally important, they are absolutely important!

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