More on the Big Rona Tin Foil Hat Story

The coming out of Dr Phelps continues to make headlines:

There has been a fair amount of fallout from a news story that appeared yesterday. It had to do with a leading Australian doctor who has begun to call out the Rona narrative because of harm she and her partner incurred because of the vaccines. Many are now talking about this, and I weighed in with an article of my own last night:

The story continues to bubble along, with all sorts of opinions being expressed, ether pro or con; either quite happy with it or quite upset with it. Since I have gotten various reactions to this already, either on this site or in the social media, let me briefly discuss all this a bit further.

Better late than never?

Many are already criticising Phelps for what she is now finally doing. They say she should have spoken out much earlier. Yes, I agree, but the old ‘better late than never’ adage does seem to apply here. I am glad that she is finally willing to spill the beans, even if belatedly.

And would it have been even better if these same folks actually apologised and admitted they were wrong? Sure. I am not talking about those who pretty much always had real legitimate questions about the Rona narrative, the lockdowns, the masks, the mandatory jabs, and so on. I am talking about the Johnny-come-latelys who now seem to have changed course from their earlier position.

Someone like Phelps is one of these. And it does seem to be mainly for selfish reasons: she and her partner were harmed by the jabs, and she rightly does not like it. But had this not happened, one suspects that she would still be a full-on Rona jab advocate. Who knows for sure? But as one friend said in a comment to my piece from yesterday:

I just read her submission to the Senate. Yes, she mentions about her injury and her “wifes” but in typical lefty language and format. It’s all about more Government control needed and “victimhood”. Still going on about there is no alternative treatment other than the “vax” and Government need to give out n95 masks and work at home and masks for school children and so on. Again, supplements don’t exist, alternative medications don’t exist etc. One gets the impression the submission could have been written two years ago even though recent.

As to her past views, I did a bit of sniffing around. Earlier on with Covid she was insisting on things like mandatory mask wearing and the like. And on the ABC’s The Drum on March 1, 2021 she said this: “Please don’t go to some of the dark sites on the web, and the conspiracy theory Facebook pages because they will not be giving you the right information.”

On the same program on May 21, 2021 she was admitting that there is a real risk of side effects to these vaccines, yet she said that we should “go with government advice because it has been produced by experts.”

One other thing I found to be interesting. On March 10, 2021 there was this headline in The Australian: “Phelps’ partner’s vaccine post on Hunt deleted”. Because the article is behind a paywall, I only could get these two sentences from it:

“The wife of City of Sydney councillor Kerryn Phelps has removed a Facebook post questioning whether a bacterial infection contracted by Health Minister Greg Hunt was connected to him ­receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.”

“Mr Hunt received the AstraZeneca jab on Sunday alongside former prime minister Julia Gillard in a bid to counter vaccine hesitancy.”

Hmm, so perhaps her ‘partner’ at least was asking back then about possible harms of the Rona vaccines. Those with access to the newspaper site might look it up and see what else is said there. But regardless of what she and her partner once believed on all this, and exactly where she is now at, and her reasons for speaking out, I am still glad she did decide to say something.

Encouraging others

By speaking out like this, it may well help others to also take a stand. When people speak out, that can often encourage others to do the same. An old quote by Billy Graham about biblical and spiritual truth applies here: “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

Just how courageous Phelps was to speak out remains to be seen. Someone in her position can perhaps get away with it easier than others. Even if she gets fully ostracised, she would be wealthy enough to cope with it. To challenge the powers that be can always be risky.

But still, we see the flow-on effect now happening. Consider an ABC journalist and presenter in the Northern Territory. Eleni Roussos has just come out and tweeted this: “Inspired by @drkerrynphelps today I want to say I too have been in a living hell with pericarditis because of the Covid vaccine. Vaccine injuries are real and serious and I sincerely hope more people will speak up.”

Hmm, I wonder how long that will stay up! But wow, when you even get folks from the ABC starting to question the narrative, that is news well worth reporting! So we may now see the floodgates opening, with many others being emboldened to share their own stories in public – even from those who normally would have been much too hesitant or too cowardly to speak up.

In my piece yesterday I used satire to make this point: what we have here is NOT some religious right-wing conspiracy theorist who has been saying these things. She is a full tilt lefty, and a lesbian to boot. Moreover, she does have some qualifications:

Studied at the University of Sydney, the Royal North Shore Hospital, and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
Heads a successful general practice clinic
-Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Western Sydney
-Former Federal Member of Parliament
Former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney
-Former NSW Australian Medical Association President

Thus she cannot so easily be dismissed as just some right-wing nut case and tinfoil hat wearer. So it seems the left could be in a bit of a dilemma here: do they stick with the approved narrative and denounce Phelps as a traitor, or do they give her some credence and start asking hard questions about the received Rona orthodoxy?

Of course we have other lefties who have come out and questioned the narrative. Most notably in the US we have the likes of Naomi Wolfe and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Others could be mentioned. So with Phelps in Australia now being willing to publicly question a few things, we can only hope that many more will start speaking out.

And not a moment too soon.

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25 Replies to “More on the Big Rona Tin Foil Hat Story”

  1. I suppose the pun in your subtitle was intentional – “The coming out of Dr Phelps” since she is openly lesbian?

  2. The 3rd jab (first booster) in December last year, upset my previously well-controlled asthma, necessitating 4 rounds of prednisalone – it’s only now settling. When discussed with my dr. recently as to why I’ve not had a 4th jab, she said it was useless as the vaccine was developed for the delta variant, not omicron, and would have no effect at all in protecting from later variants.

  3. My mother had a mild stroke after the second Rona jab, she now has difficulty stringing sentences together

  4. Of course Dr. Phelps was up to her neck in claiming that the jab would prevent the spread of the disease which we now know there was no evidence for and was simply a lie that was allowed to be promulgated. We relied on people in high places within the medical industry to do the right thing and do proper research, as once would have been the case in Australia but no more. Just like every other corrupt socialist nation “the science” has become whatever makes the cronies money, keeps the bureaucrats in their lucrative positions and furthers political ambitions.

    So sad to see what has happened to the once great nation that was Australia. A nation that was once a light to the world. These left-wingers rely on the wealth, ethics and stability Christian culture once provided but it was not the wealth that held things up, that was just a by-product, it was the number of people motivated by Godly principles. Now we no longer have that to any great extent as in the past, especially in the public service and corruption abounds just as it always has in ungodly nations and so the people throughout the nation suffer accordingly just as God said would happen to Israel when they strayed.

  5. You may want to do an article on excess deaths. Check google and youtube on this topic. Also the 15% increase in deaths being reported by the insurance companies and funeral providers.
    What bothers me is that a liberal government presided over all this sickness and death from the vaccines/gene modifiers when there was much more safer and effective treatments like ivermectin, but instead they banned it.

  6. Reading some more of Phelp’s 18 page submission shows that she is still heavily embedded in the Covid psyop, and that she has in actual fact given us little to cheer about.
    There are some big admissions for which we are very grateful but this is a long way from a change of heart.
    There also seems to remain a lot of blind spots especially in regard to early treatment and natural immunity and the discussion about the nature of a pandemic.
    The last bit I read was about nurses still needing to work in a zero covid environment, “Healthcare workers are burnt out and frustrated and face a higher risk of infection at work without a “zero COVID” approach. ” p 13.
    We need to be circumspect about what opinions we attribute to her without checking her submission carefully.
    Again the link put up by Carlos;

  7. It’s been extraordinary watching people who are normally suspicious of politicians, buy the narrative. There were so many reasons not to take the juice, yet many stampeded to the jab centres, and proudly signaled their virtuous act (self interest is always the strongest motive).
    I genuinely feel for those individuals who had a gun held to their collective heads by way of mandates. I’m not sure what I would have done, given the same horrible “choice”. To those brave individuals who gave up their jobs, and accepted the public humiliation, I take my hat off to you.
    As for those who shunned the unvaccinated, and haven’t yet apologised; shame on you!

  8. It’s interesting that Dr. Phelps has come out now she is no longer a federal MP and doesn’t have to toe the government line. Too scared of parliamentary criticism to protest while still an MP.

  9. The Government and the Media thought we were crazy when we questioned the safety and effectiveness of the C19 injectable.  We see now that we were right to question as we now have data showing a 17% increase in excess deaths post mass vaccination, not to mention the adverse reactions and other socio-economic problems associated with the mandates.  Dr Phelps has raised concerns publicly now and questions the safety of the vaccines and the silencing of the medical profession which shows that it is no longer just the “crazy” conservatives doing the questioning.

    Personally, I don’t like the idea of centralized data, the concept of big brother or big government.  The planning and implementation of the “Trusted Digital ID”, must be questioned, especially after the discrimination many of us experienced during the “Vaccinated Economy” and the requirement of having to display the big green tick in order to go about our daily lives.  

    And if implemented it must never be used to collect or use in any way our personal data such as:

    Personal food consumption 
    Utility usage
    Personal spending
    Religious beliefs
    Personal opinions
    Movement and travel
    Medical history, including vaccinations
    Political views
    Asset ownership
    Our carbon footprint
    Biometric data

    A system that would diminish our free speech or take away any of our basic human rights should be looked upon with the lens of great caution.

    The technology is already out there. It is possible to live in a world where there is no need to display your driver’s license, Medicare card, passport or boarding pass, or you don’t have to pay as you’re walking out of the grocery store – your face is good enough and the back end will process and update the ledger.

    Yes, there are some conveniences that the ID could bring on face value but at what cost and for who’s benefit.

  10. Pete… “gun to your head”…
    Yeah the people who were forced to take the jab must pull every trick in the non-Google web searches to regain their health. So it’s…
    1. Same as Rona – Vit D, C, Zinc etc,
    2. Intermittent fasting / food restriction (On top of no junk food, alcohol etc, obviously)
    3. Exercise – esp aerobic
    4. Extra tricks that are banned or almost banned – swig Ivermectin, NAC etc

    It has taken me about 6 months to get back to full fitness after jab#2 Pfizer, but thankfully God has designed our bodies pretty well if we follow instructions sensibly. Reminded me of recovering from a near-death accident a few years ago, after which I had exercised at the maximum and ate carefully because I had over 200 CAT scans while unconscious, and was trying to lower the cancer risk. Bit trickier with the jab though because I suspect most non-athletes don’t have accurate measurements of health changes, so are oblivious to the more minor jab damage.
    It appears the highest level athletes in the under-eating sports (like distance running) rarely suffered jab deaths, but the over-eaters (like footballers) got hammered. As far as I can tell watching Strava athletes, the weekend warriors have lost a lot more fitness than the top performers, which seems to indicate that extreme exercise with diet restriction goes a long way in clearing up jab damage.

  11. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for the article. Alarm bells rung early for me when I learned that it takes five to ten years to develop a vaccine properly, that it wasn’t tested on animals and the pharmaceutical companies were exempt from any injuries caused.

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