Resisting the Health Dictatorships

We are now fully in the throes of health fascism:

NSW used to be the one Australian state not going along with all the other fiefdoms in Australia with their lunatic overreactions to the Rona. Now it seems to be seeking to be top dog in the race, with destructive lockdowns, fear-mongering and full-tilt panic porn. Thanks Gladys.

What we now have is an unholy trinity of Big Media, Big Pharma, and Big Government all singing from the same song sheet with hysterical zeal. Scott Morrison and the Federal Government seem to be fully in bed with all this. And we even have those who should know better pushing Covid nonsense.

Peta Credlin of Sky News is usually level-headed, and she has done a terrific job challenging Premier Dan Andrews on his sheer incompetence and mishandling of hotel quarantines and his lockdown mania. But the other day in the Herald Sun she had an opinion piece with this title: “Vaccines can set us free so let’s offer incentives.”

Um, Peta, as I have often stated, incentives in medical treatments actually go against basic medical ethics. And that includes Australian medical ethics. The Australian Immunisation Handbook says this about people receiving vaccines:

They should be given sufficient information (preferably written) about the risks and benefits of each vaccine. This includes:
-what adverse events are possible
-how common they are
-what they should do about them


Criteria for valid consent
For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present:
-It must be given by a person with legal capacity, and of sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the implications of receiving a vaccine.
-It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.

Um, carrot incentives or stick punishments both fall under that last point. Enticing people with financial rewards or special privileges and favours and other gimmicks is exactly “undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”. Shame on you Peta.

Speaking of manipulation, also consider the new Covid fear ad now being screened on television. It features an actor pretending she cannot breathe because of the Rona. Plenty of folks have already complained about the alarmism, hyper-overreaction and just plain misleading nature of the ad. But that has not stopped its defenders.

Consider one mindboggling opinion piece in the Melbourne Age. The title said it all: “Shock tactic COVID ad isn’t accurate but ads aren’t about truth, they’re about motivation.” There you go folks: forget the truth, forget the facts – just manipulate emotions, ramp up the fear, and push agendas.

Writing in today’s Australian, Adam Creighton said this: “It’s hard to imagine even woke California producing a propaganda video of a young woman struggling to breathe in hospital. California based its lockdowns on the number of new cases per 100,000; on its measure Sydney wouldn’t even be in the minimal risk tier.”

His entire piece is worth quoting from. In it he looks at the Australian overreaction and compares this with two American states. He begins:

As Sydney prepares for a further extension of lockdown it should be clear that NSW is no Florida. Victoria may be the California of Australia in its draconian response to Covid-19, but its northern neighbour is much the same. It’s splitting hairs to say locking down at 15 rather than five new cases is much of a difference, especially in a global context.


Casting Dan Andrews as a communist villain and Gladys Berejiklian as a Hayekian princess looks comical from abroad. Their states have followed the same strategy of suppression. Melbourne had bad luck early on, forcing the government’s hand; now it’s Sydney’s turn. Lockdowns are a bit like Hotel California: once you check in, the political calculus means governments can’t check out.


The independence of the 50 US states will be an enduring gift to researchers, and to freedom, for generations, having provided the world with numerous experiments in what has worked. Conclusion: not much, it seems. Last week Florida, a state of almost 22 million people, had 23,747 new cases, and more than 170 people die from or with Covid-19. More than half the state isn’t vaccinated, despite wide availability.


As in Sydney, cases are rising but there’s next to no chance any restrictions will be introduced. Republican governor Ron DeSantis apologised for the state’s brief lockdown early last year (blaming widespread panic), made Covid-19 restrictions illegal in May and banned vaccine passports. “To even contemplate doing any type of lockdown, honestly it’s insane,” he has said.


By contrast, California had been in various stages of lockdown for almost 15 months until mid-last month. After a two-week reprieve, Los Angeles has reimposed a mask mandate for indoors, for the vaccinated and unvaccinated. As cases rise again, Democrat governor Gavin Newsom hasn’t ruled out further lockdowns, and the state is launching an electronic vaccine verification system. What’s remarkable is how little difference California’s draconian policies, which destroyed thousands of businesses and up-ended schooling for children for a year, seem to have made.


Florida’s hospitals were never overwhelmed. Yes, many Floridians have died from or with Covid-19: a little more than 38,150 on official figures. But per capita the toll isn’t particularly remarkable in the US, especially given the state, a retirement mecca, has among the oldest populations. Florida’s death toll, adjusted for population, was 25th and California’s 33rd among the 50 US states.


Even the pro-lockdown Washington Post conceded in March that Florida’s “excess deaths” looked little different from other US states. Outcomes in South Dakota and North Dakota, neighbouring states, offer similar lessons. South Dakota’s charismatic governor, Republican Kristi Noem, refused to lock down or mandate masks. Yet South Dakota’s Covid-19 death toll (10th in the US) ended up only 15 per cent more than North Dakota’s (17th). And both states did worse than Iowa, which did practically nothing the entire pandemic.


The US states that had the fewest deaths, such as Hawaii and Alaska, are a long way away, suggesting geography and climate may play an even larger role than bureaucracy in affecting the movement of viruses.

But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good lockdown narrative, or the push for mandatory vaccinations. Speaking of which, the calls for compulsory jabs continue apace both here and overseas. Not everyone is sitting down and shutting up about this. For example, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel in the US has sent an alert in which he warns about where we are heading. He discusses the frightening reactions Danice Hertz, M.D. had to the vaccine, and then says this:

But Dr. Hertz refused to quit OR be silenced. She was on a mission to find other victims AND information to help them. She created a COVID-19 vaccine injury page and was astonished—and horrified—when membership exploded. There were thousands and thousands of shot victims just like her. In fact, there were many whose injuries were even worse than hers. …


-A 12-year-old girl confined to a wheelchair with a feeding tube.
-A mother of two, unable to tolerate light, sound or the touch of her children.
-A healthy teenage boy dropped dead of a sudden massive heart attack.


Strokes, myocarditis, seizures, tremors, hemorrhagic bleeding, miscarriages—the list of injuries and the lives shattered by these COVID jabs is heartbreaking as much as it is infuriating. I wept while watching some of their stories. What are we doing to America? What are we doing to these precious people? The COVID shots were deployed just six months ago. Yet the shots have now caused more deaths than all vaccines combined from 1990 to present, according to VAERS. And VAERS reports less than 1% of all injuries!


In the past 31 years, there have been a total of 5,039 reported deaths from all vaccines combined. In the first six months of 2021, the number of reported deaths from the COVID shots is 9,048. The adverse events are 438,440. That number increases by 25-40,000 more victims each week. These people need medical help—but most doctors have no idea how to treat them, and Big Pharma ignores them as they stuff their bank accounts.


Joe Biden and Big Pharma continue full speed ahead with their disastrous plan to jab everyone. Tyrants want to force Americans to carry proof of COVID shots or be treated as second-class citizens. Biden will even send government agents house to house to gain compliance! This dangerous insanity must stop. The shots are now killing people and injuring them for life. Women are miscarrying at high rates.


NO ONE should EVER be forced to take a drug against their will—especially a shot that skipped the 7-10 years of development and testing. We must put state legislators and Congress on notice: We the American People will NOT tolerate dangerous compulsory shots, or second-class citizenship for wanting to maintain our health without Big Pharma’s COVID drugs.

Here’s the scoop folks: if you want to get the vaxx and think it is just fine, then go for it. I will NOT deny you your right to choose in the matter. But those who have legitimate questions about these vaccines also have a right to say no if they feel that is the right path to take. Where is their choice?

By way of practical action, here is a petition resisting mandatory vaccinations. Please sign and share thanks:

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29 Replies to “Resisting the Health Dictatorships”

  1. Hi Bill
    One of The Best Articles you have written when many other so called
    journalists, and I usual that term lightly, have the courage to write what you do to help expose the tyranny that we live under.
    Both my wife and I along with another friend have signed the petition.
    Excellent article Bill.
    On another note I was at Koorong book store today and as I know you frequent this store I was hoping to meet you in person and say what a great service you perform to the Body of Christ!
    Maybe next time.
    Terry, New Gisborne

  2. Hi Bill, I have not left a comment at your site for a while. I do agree with your article and your general message in numerous articles on the pandemic and censorship.

    In fact, keep going. Jesus said that the wheat and the rates will both continue to grow, so we all have a duty to keep on being good witnesses. In the end, the consequences that John wrote in Revelation for dinners goes far beyond what we as Christians face. The book records one fourth of the earth’s population will be killed followed by one third. At our current levels, that is around 4 billion people. When Jesus returns, his judgement will be far more terrifying than anything a secular government can inflict. When we get to the Great White Throne, and the certainty of eternal punishment for those whose name is not in the book of life, like you I am sure we would cry out, now is the day of salvation: call back the sinner, wake up the Saint is our song. (Check out Chris Tomlin’s “Even so, come”). These poor people who are unethical and following the devil in persecuting Christians and others need our help, before it is too late.

    Keep the witness strong. Thanks as always, Matthew

  3. G’day Bill,
    thank you for your leadership on this issue (Is it AusSoc or Brave New World? that we live in) Either way your review is spot on. We desperately need our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    Do you know of any equivalent websites in Australia? (to that of Dr. Hertz’s in the USA). This would be entirely helpful for those trying to assess the short term and longer term risks of the jab (let alone its fatal affect in tragic cases). If they are anything like those described in your blog, that is unacceptable! What are you thoughts around a Govt. compensation system for those who truly suffer medium/longer term affects of these experimental vaccines?

    Note i found the TGA reporting system at They have been doing a weekly report since 3/3/21. The current report 8/7/21 states: “Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 4 July 2021, over 8.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. The TGA has received and reviewed 355 reports of deaths in people who have recently been vaccinated and found that only three were linked to immunisation.” Really, only 3 out of 355? How can they be so certain? I ran a DAEN report (Database of Adverse Event Notifications) also, trying to understand the kinds of side affects, but you obviously need a medical background to know what’s a problematic medium or longer term condition that will change your health for the worse for a considerable length of time.

    Thanks for reading. I look forward to your reply and any others that can continue this thread

  4. My son and his wife moved to NSW from the states (CA) 5 years, and evidently the move is permanent. I sent him the link to one of your recent past articles about the Rona because I was quite sure that he was well on board with our mutual stand and understanding of all things Rona and government. Nothing in the past has indicated any sway from a well thought out fairly conservative view on all things on the social/spiritual/political/economical fronts. That’s how he was raised.

    The response I received was, well, shocking to say the least. Bless his heart, he even called it a rant. It appears to me that the Kool-Aide being served up by so many governments is probably quite tasty to even some of those I would have thought would never taste it. Sad!

    Another buy-in of the hype.

  5. Great article Bill, I do hope it reaches more than the converted.

    A Government big enough to give you everything you want is a Government big enough to take from you everything you have
    Gerard Ford

  6. Signed petition and so has my wife , thanks for you great posts , to keep us informed

  7. Those able to leave Australia MUST do so as soon as possible. We are heading towards full medical biofascism. The new world order has well and truly arrived in Australia. Endless enslavement is here. Australians will experience booster shots twice per year for unforeseeable period. Soon you will not be able to use amenities, go shopping, go to airports and so on without a pass. Those who can leave must do so at utmost urgency. There will be no resistance or any uprising. Nearly all politicians are on board the reset and take their orders from a handful of elites. Australians are conditioned to accept government control over their lives and most obey what the television tells them.

  8. Another couple of signatures here, Bill. We appreciate your voice as another ‘crying out in the wilderness’.

  9. Well Peta might have gone a bit soft but Alan Jones is in full flight! Thank God for him. He is very influential

  10. Thanks John. Yes, of all the Sky News presenters, Alan Jones has been the absolute best when it comes to resisting the Rona hysteria and panic, the statist overreactions, the lockdowns, the border closures, the mask and vaxx mandates, etc. He has been one of the few to regularly include champions like Craig Kelly on his show. He has been outstanding on all this. More power to him.

  11. Good to see that conservatives in the USA are resisting vaccination.
    But almost all COVID deaths in Europe and the USA are now patients who weren’t vaccinated. End result will be fewer conservatives left to vote.

  12. There is a certain group of people having a particularly hard time of it in weighing up the vaccine issues. It is those of us who fall into both of the following categories – the category of people considered more vulnerable to the effects of the virus because of age and/or compromising health conditions, and also the category of being against mandated vaccinations that have not had sufficient time for thorough development and testing, such that potential side effects are a long way from being fully known and understood. While not being anti-vaxx, (I have the flu jab every year for health conditions which are severely impacted should I get the flu) I will continue to question things and resist attempts to mandate anything with regard to what should only ever be personal health decisions.
    Those of us who sit in the two categories above have a few issues to weigh up. If we don’t have the jab, we have doctors (and all the other non-medical ‘experts’ out there) telling us that because of our age and health we will be at greater risk if we catch the virus (as well as being treated like second class citizens, along with all the others who rightly want to keep asking questions and not be rushed into anything). And if we do have the jab, our age and health issues also may make us more vulnerable to potential side effects from the vaccine – how easy will it be to say that a person with pre-existing conditions like mine died of those health conditions rather than the effects of the vaccine?
    Many of us in this group also now have our work places coming down heavy with what they call ‘encouragement’ to have the vaccine because we work closely with the public – including some who are also in the vulnerable category. What will happen to us if we refuse? What will happen to us if we have it?
    And when people learn that you haven’t yet had the vaccine, but have pre-existing health conditions, we are verbally abused because everyone has to go into lockdown for selfish people like us. Nobody can travel because of people like us. Nobody has asked me what I think about the idea of everyone going into lockdown for people like me – maybe some in the vulnerable category are thankful that others are putting their lives on hold for them, but I am not. I lost several clients to suicide last year because of the impact of lockdowns on them and their families. Last year I worked from home like many others but chose to go out daily to shop and exercise, while also respecting social distancing requirements, preferring to toughen up my immune system rather than keeping it under wraps and making it more vulnerable to infection.
    This whole situation is totally out of hand and being driven by fear and panic. I am so very thankful for those like you, Bill, who continue to speak sense and truth to this issue.

  13. I do find the lure of possibly being allowed to travel overseas to see family maybe in 2022, or could it be 2023 a reason to get vaccination but this incentive in itself is coercion. The prospect of not seeing family for several years if I didn’t get vaccinated I find very disturbing.

  14. When you said fiefdom it made me think of Barney Fife. He isn’t in a position of authority down there is he???

  15. Do you have a link for Mat Staver’s discussion of the frightening reactions Danice Hertz, M.D. ?????

  16. Thanks Paul. Big Tech many have gotten to their website as well, as I can no longer access it. But their emails are still getting out, so I will forward that one to you.

  17. Three issues drive this I think: a society so used to success and easy living that the threat of death looms large. We’ve isolated ourselves from death so well, that it is almost denied. The other is related. Australians love the government to solved everything. I think Conway wrote about that in his Land of the Long Weekend or maybe Donald Horne in The Lucky Country (the title was ironic). Finally the average person, according to a survey reported by Chris Kenny on Sky, believes the risk of death from a positive is 38%! Thus the government is playing the polls, not doing the job we employ it for.

  18. Theresa LAWRIE | MBBCh, PhD – ResearchGate
    Tess Lawrie is the director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy in Bath, UK. Skills and Expertise. Meta-Analysis · Systematic Reviews · Evidence Based. This Lady is one of the most qualified to assess the effects of the Vaccines, she has also published a peer reviewed report on Ivermectin showing its incredible efficacy in dealing with Covid. However in this interview using official data she shows the very real dangers of the Vaccines. Please watch and share.

  19. India states and some other countries are using Ivermectin and Dr Tess Lawrie of BIRD group has written recently to Fiji to use it and what is holding up Australia to promote this treatment that is working well where it is being used. Craig Kelly and others including Prof Thomas Borody of Sydney have been advocating use here for over a year. Yet Health advice here is not promoting this treatment. Beggars belief….I think we need an army of people to contact government and say please consider and act on this to get our country back on right track quick, as vaccines are not the silver bullet as in case of UK 50000 cases in a day yesterday and heading right up the scale

  20. Also refusing the vaccine is reasons related to it being Abortion tainted during production and this goes against many people’s consciences even with Vatican approval we are still duty bound to follow our Consciences.
    Example St Thomas More in movie Man for all Seasons. The quote for (fellowship)
    Sign the Kings decree for Fellowship! Where Thomas More said will you go to Hell with me for following your conscience and for Fellowship?
    St Thomas More ended up losing His Head in the end but went straight to Heaven for defending the Faith but He held out as long as He could within the Parameters of the law at that time and period.
    We ought to strive for the same. Resist until more information is available and FDA approved vaccines without the use of aborted babies is manufactured is paramount. And even then its a health decision made between a Person and their Doctor Not any Gov’t.
    Isn’t it Ironic that we can’t get the vaccines from our own Drs?
    I don’t know why they force this vaccine so much and won’t leave people alone who choose not to get it. If people want to get it let them and if not respect those people who don’t want to. If your vaccinated supposedly you cant get it so why push it on those who aren’t wanting to.
    This gets darker and darker and more of a diabolical disorientation everywhere especially now trying to force it on Children who most healthy children do fine if they do get it.
    Big Pharma Big Govt etc etc refuse to acknowledge our immune systems that were made to fight off illnesses.
    Mandatory facemasks are not Healthy and studies have showed masks holding tons of bacteria that we are breathing in when Wearing these and no science behind it. How does the CDC come up with their guidelines. Now its about the delta variant and starting same tactics. Good to see this article and know there’s many people out there who have a different line of thinking/ more than the media or Gov’t would lead us to Believe. Next time you hear the ‘Great Reset’ they want achieved by 2030 this is just the beginning. Hoping that what’s going on will at least bring some people back to God.
    Ave Maria.

  21. L Kerstiens it seems they no longer believe herd immunity can come naturally but ONLY from a vaccine. (Apparently our natural immune system had a expiration date right before COVID started. Isn’t that a coincidence???) Bill Gates seems to believe heath comes from a needle so you can see where he is going and he mentioned when interviewed on COVID about the NEXT disease as if he has foreknowledge of one coming. Maybe they knew ONE pandemic wouldn’t be enough to break the backs of the people and have another one lined up perhaps even deadlier and affecting all ages. With gain of function I would imagine that is very possible. Basically a tailor made virus for enslaving the masses.

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