What Should I Do?

So which is it: jab or job?

I get asked the question, ‘What should I do?’ quite often, and in various contexts. Over the past two years the context has mostly been about what folks should do in the light of onerous and coercive state dictates. The big dilemma of course comes down to a choice like this for so many folks: ‘I really am hesitant about the jabs, but I do need to feed my family.’

There are other versions of this out there:

‘I really am hesitant about the jabs, but I do want to be free to travel.’
‘I really am hesitant about the jabs, but I do want to be able to go to restaurants and concerts and the like.’
‘I really am hesitant about the jabs, but I do not want to rock the boat and upset family and friends.’
‘I really am hesitant about the jabs, but I am forced to get them to be able to access other important healthcare.’

All this is indeed problematic for millions of folks, and I have gone through it myself. I have even been excluded from attending the wider family Christmas. That hurt. And so many others are hurting even more. When some who have real concerns about the Rona vaccines are prevented from getting much-needed and urgent medical help, that is real bad news indeed.

But perhaps one of the more common concerns has to do with employment. So many are being given the horrible choice of either getting the jabs, regardless of their many legitimate concerns about them, or losing their jobs. That is a frightful dilemma to be in.

Perhaps most have capitulated and gotten the jabs. In one sense we might say this is fair enough. It is fundamentally important to provide for one’s family. The Apostle Paul even said this: “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8).

However, many have said no to coercive statism and health fascism, and have chosen to lose their jobs and their livelihoods. That has been a very difficult decision, and many are really doing it tough as a result. We need to support these people in every way that we can.

It is not just prayer that they need, but very real and practical help. I speak in more detail about the need to put some action to our faith in this article: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2021/12/07/genuine-faith-in-hostile-times/

But let me here share how I responded to one gal who asked a question about job or jab. I have been aware that she is rather pro-jab, so I did wonder if it was a legit question or not. Be that as it may, it was worth replying to. Indeed, it generated a fair amount of discussion.

A bit of a thread developed under this social media post, and at one point it got a bit side-tracked, with a pic of an unvaxxed polio child put up by the gal. As another commentator said, when the discussion goes in other directions, it becomes rather futile to continue.

I agreed. It is always good to stick to the topic at hand, and not go off on diversions and rabbit holes. Anyway, I did reply to her question, since she did ask specifically, “What do you suggest I should do, Bill?” Here I am going to share my reply, but it is a slightly expanded version of that reply.

If nothing else, when I get asked this question again, I won’t have to type up a new response – I can just refer these folks to this article. So what follows then is my answer, in a somewhat longer form:

Thanks ****. You ask me what you should do. Well, at the end of the day that is your call for your own situation. But if your question was not just a rhetorical question, here are a few thoughts that I have about such situations:

-Each person may answer this question differently, based on their circumstances. We are all different, and no one answer will fit everyone perfectly. And that is not only true of individuals, but of churches and Christian businesses as well. They too are often having to decide how to proceed here: do they go along with heavy-handed mandates and orders in order to keep operating, or do they defy them, facing the risk of fines and/or closure?

-As I told a manager of one Christian business not too long ago when I was banned from entering, when something is fundamentally wrong and unjust, standing against it really becomes a matter of duty. When enough people band together to resist evil State mandates and coercion, only then can we see real change occur. But if we all just give in, then the tyranny will simply get worse.

-In my view, far too many folks – both Christian and non-Christian – are far too willing to just comply. They slavishly obey whatever Big Brother statists tell them to – regardless if it is following the science or not. Too many folks lack courage and a willingness to stand up for what is right. Too many are simply cowards. And Scripture takes a dim view of this – see for example Revelation 21:8.

-Those who are Christians should consider really trusting God – perhaps for the very first time in their life. Can he in fact be trusted to look after us, when our job is taken away from us? Is he really our provider as he says he is? Can he even miraculously look after his own? Or do we just trust the State to supply all our needs? Is it a case of, ‘The State is my shepherd, I shall not want’?

-It is comparing apples and oranges (and really just an unhelpful appeal to emotion) to show those polio pics. Almost all of us here are NOT antivax as we have said zillions of times now. Older properly tested vaxxes have their place. We are NOT against them. But we ARE quite concerned about new, rushed, and experimental vaxxes, and about Big Pharma making billions with never ending jabs and boosters.

-We are VERY concerned about seeing Germany in the 30s being repeated right before our very eyes. Have we learned nothing from history? Everyone should be greatly concerned about the health fascism and the two-tiered society being set up here. This is not something to take lightly, nor to pretend is no big deal.

You asked me, so I answered. Whether my reply is to your liking or not is another matter.

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  1. I may have missed earlier comments and discussion, but I have just read James Allan’s article “The dangerous path towards segregation and despotism’ on p.23 of The Weekend Australian of 1st/2nd January.
    I may be wrong, but I can’t think of any other newspaper that would print it.
    Its subheading sums his argument up well: Those who are considering the implementation of vaccine mandates need to think again.
    Dan Andrews, please note!

  2. Dear Bill and readers,

    My wife and I cannot work, we have refused the mandate. We are surprised at how many say they “had” to get the jab. I read an article by a former Australian judge who, besides other messages, suggested that if we reject the mandate we’ll need to harden up.

    This is much more than whether or not the jab is safe/effective. I have accepted that no-one can be concerned about all the injustice in the world, it’s simply not humanly possible. However, for me, the Covid response and associated nonsense is irrefutably an issue and I cannot, in good conscience, participate.

    My Dad recently messaged me to say that if I was him I would get the jab and keep my job. I was not offended and replied, “Thanks Dad, but I’m comfortable being me”. Thankfully he accepts that.

    Our God is the captain of this boat, He is our Dad. The State has never been our provider, even if it is deluded to think it is.

  3. As Riccardo Bosi states, this stops when we say it stops. Is it covid jabs or coward jabs people are getting?
    Here is a summary of the latest TGA Report – Remember that these stats will be between 1% to a maximum of 10% of the actual figures. I have found the TGA fudging figures downward most weeks. My son has had all jabs and is now set to jab my grand children aged 7 – 15.
    Perhaps I can save someone else’s children or grand children.

    20 January 2022 https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-20-01-2022-

    Total serious direct effects – 102,133 – 2133 since 13.01.22

    Total death reports – 7451– 11deaths in one week

    The TGA has decided that only 11 of those reports meet their criteria. This number has not altered in months!

    Total myocarditis – 1084 – 205 in adolescents

    Total pericarditis – 2183– 153 in adolescents (they said 155 last week)

    Total heart inflammation – 3267 – 358 in adolescents who have no risk from Covid at all.

    Guillain Barre Syndrome – TGA states 173

    Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) – TGA states 86 – They said it was 86 last week, 89 – 34weeks ago and 94 the week before.

    *Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (TTS) – TGA reports 170 but 4 weeks ago
    it was 202!–

    Transverse myelitis – new disorder – ‘neurological disorder of the spinal cord that is caused by inflammation’ – 16 reports following Astra Zeneca

    Children and adolescents

    quote ‘The TGA is closely monitoring reports in people aged under 18 years. To 16 January 2022, we have received about 3,085 reports after vaccination with Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna). The most commonly reported reactions in 12-17 year olds are:
    • chest pain
    • headache
    • dizziness
    • nausea
    • fever.

    The Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine is now being rolled out to 5-11 year olds in Australia. This follows provisional approval by the TGA and a recommendation by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)(link is external).

    The TGA is closely monitoring adverse event reports in 5-11 year olds. To 16 January 2022, we have received 54 reports since the roll out in this age group. The most common reactions reported included vomiting, paleness, fainting, dizziness and headache.’

    No one is going to the trouble to report mild symptoms so are we in fact looking at severe chest pain and tachycardia as commonly reported, severe headache, dizziness so bad a person cannot walk or function, nausea leading to dehydration and malnutrition and life threatening pyrexia?
    Quote ‘Reports of more serious effects following vaccination in children in the US were extremely rare with 100 reports from 8.7 million vaccine doses – the most common were fever, vomiting and in some cases seizures.

    Importantly, myocarditis was also very rare in this age group, with 11 confirmed reports from over 8 million doses – these were all mild cases.’

    The TGA is in fact admitting that some children as young as 5 have myocarditis and seizures when they have no chance of suffering from covid at all!

    Boosters – quote ‘For people who are immuno-compromised, a third dose is given as part of their primary vaccine course. This is not considered to be a ‘booster’. ‘

    If it sounds like a duck and waddles like a duck…it sounds like a booster to me!

    1335 severe direct injuries from booster shots including myocarditis and pericarditis – average 38 years. The most common injury is swollen lymph glands. This indicates the attempt of the body to remove toxins!

    New disorder – Menstrual problems – 2 studies in UK and Norway have shown a link between menstrual disorders and the jab and TGA admit to between 11 – 20 per 100,000 jabs in Australia. They are not worried however as menstrual disorders are extremely common.

    Anyone with commonsense and compassion would be asking why menstrual disorders were so common! How many other ‘vaccinations’ have contributed to this epidemic?

  4. Even worse some jobs the jabbed requirement is so strict that even if you have a medical exemption you can still lose your job for not being vaxxed.

  5. Hello Bill
    I wrote last time about the company that I worked for mandating vaccination and that I would resign. I got another job but two weeks in they also are in the process of mandating vaccination.
    Again if I am given no choice but to have the vaccination then I will leave again.
    I sympathise strongly with everyone who is going through these threats and coercion. This is not the same country that I knew many years ago and the pressure put on them by our nations leaders is enormous.
    I totally agree with what you said here and would just like to add one thought.
    No one should make a decision because one side argued one way and another argued another way. If you are not a Christian it might be fine to do that but for a Christian that is too primitive. What you choose is dependent on your relationship with God. If it is not so good then now is the time to fix it.
    Getting guidance from God is key to making the right decisions. Prayer and waiting on God is so important in these perilous times. When God gives guidance, obey it at all costs because this will be the best path for you.
    God bless and desiring the best for all this year

  6. There must be a role for churches in supporting their members who may find themselves in difficulties through refusing these vaccines.

  7. Thank you Bill, totally agree with you. If in these times we can’t fully trust in God but are easily coerced into a jab that’s still in trial just because the government thinks this is the only way forward, then WHEN can we trust 100% with our lives? I think it’s all a test for us Christians, do we bow to the Beast system or do we really put our faith in God with all our hearts?
    My husband was fifo until they introduced mandates, God miraculously provided for a new job where he doesn’t need the jab (for now)…we are aware anything can happen and we are prepared to lose our house and savings. We won’t comply. We won’t be coerced into this insanity. Our kids will be home schooled from now. Our eyes are fixed on the creator of heaven and earth, that is where our help comes from!

  8. I don’t know whether this has been referred to already.
    But today my attention was drawn to the Editorial dated 19th January 2022 in the British Medical Journal……apparently a prestigious journal.
    This Editorial should really stir things up in the search for truth.
    It exposes very bad behavior by Big Pharma that should not be tolerated.

  9. Are the shots safe & effective? If YES then the vaccine mandates are pointless.

    Are the shots safe & effective? If NO, then the vaccine mandates are pointless.

  10. Hi Phill Tucker,
    My wife and I are also ‘out-of-work’ due to crazy mandates, but trusting the Lord to provide.
    Sadly many employers are now also making it a ‘pre-requisite’ for obtaining a job. We are continuing to pray for the Lord to intervene in a major way in this country and provide for those who are hurting due to corrupt government over-reach.

  11. Dear Bill, Thank you for your usual insight into this problem. We have faced this, not in the sense of jab or job but in the area where we have been banned to take part in church services. We have never considered that any position we held in church was either an unpaid job or voluntary. We have always believed that they are our “reasonable service” to God. We are dismayed that all of our Christian denominations have said very little about this and also the blatant breaking of our Constitutional Laws, i.e. Freedom of assembly, worship, movement, choice whether we have vaccinated or not. Like you we are not antivax just this one which has been held over us as the saviour of the world. We are waiting for Novavax, which our doctor has recommended from the beginning. It has been a long time coming but we hope to have it soon, as my husband has been awarded an OAM to be invested in him in April, and if we are not double jabbed or will it be triple by that time, he will not be able to attend. This was for 28 years of working in prisons in Victoria for Prison Fellowship. We believe in talking about this subject with fellows Christians, they have no idea in the main of what you are talking about. We believe that because of the failure of the churches to make a stand on these matters, we are opening ourselves for serious consequences in the future.

  12. Thankyou Bill for taking up the challenge once again of tackling the larger and more risky topics of our day. As a family man, husband and dad of six kids I have felt a God prompting to stand up against vaccine mandates. Like the newly formed adage goes “heroes one year, vaccine testing ground the next” ( I just happened to work as a front line health care worker for the last eighteen years). I have been forced out of my vocation but God is our only provider and in the meantime I have been blessed with work and a means to surviving and thriving. God’s economy does not depend on human factors and this is something I am being taught in a real and raw way. It has created a closeness that may not have happened otherwise. It really though, has exposed what it is to be Christian in this day and age. Are the fruits of the spirit obvious regardless of a person’s stance or opinion? This is my heart felt concern…

  13. You can’t sue Big Pharma if you have an adverse reaction to the jab. Bishop Michael McKenna of the Bathurst diocese sent out a letter encouraging people to get the jab and assuring them that it was safe. Perhaps other Bishops did the same. If you had the jab, relying on the directive from the Bishop, I suggest you see your Solicitor.

  14. Bill – I know I may be way behind the times, but when my wife was doing some research into births, deaths and marriages, she came across this on the official Victorian Registry website:
    ‘Due to venue requirements, everyone aged 18 years and over must be fully vaccinated. Everyone aged 8 or older must wear a face mask.
    These requirements include the couple.
    You must check the guest limits and check-in procedure for your ceremony room. Your guests may not be able to attend your ceremony if they can’t meet the requirements, or exceed the guest limits.’

    So – no jab, no marriage.

    How long before no jab, no burial?

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