The Media’s Hatred of the Truth – and People

The fake news media is a despicable joke:

If you do not understand by now that the mainstream media is not your friend, is not reliable, is doing everything it can to stand against you and to promote lies, then you are perhaps unreachable. You are too far gone with Big Media lies, propaganda and misinformation.

But thankfully millions of people ARE aware and awake as to the lamestream media and its deplorable secular left activist agendas – agendas which are completely against ordinary citizens, and completely in favour of our coercive tyrannical elites.

I have around 275 articles in my ‘media’ section. Most of them document the lies, falsehoods, misinformation and propaganda coming from our major media outlets. They are no longer interested in covering the news, but in promoting their radical ideologies. And they don’t even try any longer to pretend otherwise.

The past two years with the Rona and our appalling Big Brother responses to it is a real case in point. Not only have most of our leaders and so-called health officials just been making stuff up as they go along, with the “science” changing almost week by week, but the compliant media has gone right along with this.

Instead of asking hard questions and doing real investigative journalism, most media outlets acted as zombie-like yes men for whatever our elites said and did. Only a handful of brave media personnel ever challenged anyone or actually questioned what was going on. So all we got for two years was our daily dose of hysteria, panic porn and fear-mongering.

Our governments lied. And the media lied. No one seems interested in truth anymore. As Morgan C. Jonas recently put it, “Over the past two years, the mainstream media have played a huge role in dividing society, spreading undue fear and demonising innocent people. They must be held accountable for the damage they’ve caused.”

Examples of this are endless. Let me offer just a few. One that can be briefly mentioned has to do with the despicable way most of the media has dealt with valuable treatments for Covid. The way they trashed things like ivermectin has been shocking to behold. One medical journal said this about the treatment:

Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.

Yet the media continues to bash this and other proven treatments. On the social media recently John Ruddick cited this appalling media headline: “Unvaccinated Liberal MP took banned horse drug after contracting Covid-19.” Ruddick commented: “The same ‘horse wormer’ that has been prescribed 4 billion times to humans and for which the inventor won a Nobel Prize for its beneficial use primarily among humans. No doubt Russell took the human version.”

Or take the matter of all the massive freedom marches held in Australian cities over the past year or so. All up, millions of ordinary Australians have been marching against health fascism, medical mandates, and lockdown tyranny. Yet the media by and large simply ignored these very news-worthy stories. Or if they were covered, lies were the order of the day: ‘A few thousand anti-vaxxers marched today…’

Um, hundreds of thousands, not a few thousand. And the overwhelming majority are NOT anti-vax at all. Most even had the Rona vaxxes. They are against people being forced by the Big State to get a jab they may have very legitimate questions about in terms of safety and efficacy.

But one of the worst examples of media bias and hatred of truth and the common man came after the massive freedom march just held in Canberra this past weekend. Again, the numbers were lied about big time. But one hard-left rag had the audacity to feature this on its front page: The Sunday Canberra Times had this massive headline: “You’ve had your say… NOW GO HOME”.

What? I thought this was a NEWSpaper, not an OPINIONpaper. Since when is the news now simply replaced with opinion – and a very nasty opinion at that? Newspapers used to have an opinion page for just opinion, while the rest of the paper was about reporting on the news. Now most papers are basically all opinion with little news coverage at all.

And what a disgusting headline anyway. These are Australian citizens it was denigrating. We are all Australians. And many of the freedom marchers were of course from Canberra and the ACT. Does this leftist rag want them to all leave as well?

And recall that not too long ago an aboriginal activist protest held at the old Parliament House actually resulted in the place being set alight. Did the CT complain about that and tell the arsonists and rioters to go home? Nope. Have they ever said that to the BLM marches or Extinction Rebellion marches. Nope. What deplorable fascists and hypocrites these guys are.

I am not the only one who was outraged by this headline and the miserable clowns behind it. Cartoonist Paul Zanetti recently posted this about the CT front page:

Well written by a long time good mate and fellow classic Cadillac lover, Dave Laws.

On the money, mate.

How interesting . . .

Well here’s the headlines down here today from a rag that said close to 4000 protesters were expected yesterday . . . Yes, 4000 . . . Do you see what an absolute joke main stream media is becoming & why they are rapidly becoming the laughing stock of our society??

Here’s the reality of what’s happening, not just here, but around the entire world right now. The world is gradually waking up & msm is starting to lose its grip of holding people in constant fear & keeping them in the dark with their lies & agenda driven narratives.

We’re seeing people like Joe Rogan attracting 11 million people per podcast, (Rogan is currently the largest & most powerful podcaster in the world), as opposed to the once giant of American television broadcasting, CNN, which is now seeing its ratings plunging to an all time historic low, averaging a current viewing audience of just 866,000 people!

The major media networks are all struggling BIG TIME with credibility ratings & it will only get worse for them if they continue to peddle a narrative filled with their blatant lies & refusal to report the actual truth!

In our current world of social media, the information highway is so vastly huge & extensive & major public events taking place that mainstream continually refuse to air, like the Canberra Freedom Rally, are being flashed around the globe in an instant across many various social platforms. MSM cannot possibly control that might & power & that’s why people are turning away from them & their false narratives in droves. Their controlling power is dissipating & they know it.

Powerful social media figures & alternative news media outlets like Rogan, Real Ruskin & Rebel News, are building massive platforms & garnering huge global followings of a size that msm could only dream of today. I cannot tell you how many people I personally know who turn towards these social media giants today for their news updates & not the mainstream TV news anymore.

One only has to click on the various msm’s social media pages to read the people’s comments on their published stories to see how the public is turning on them in ever growing numbers, forcing them to think long & hard as to how much longer they think they can get away with dishonest & inaccurate reporting.

How’s this for a powerful analogy of how irrelevant main stream media is quickly becoming today . . .

Let’s take a look at what happened in Canberra yesterday. Around two weeks ago, hundreds of Aussie truckies took a leaf out of the book of their fellow truckers in Canada who have blockaded Ottawa in protest of what’s happening over there & the idea for the ‘Convoy to Canberra’ was born.

We are living in unprecedented & incredibly exciting times & unless they change their ways of reporting & FAST, the mainstream news will become more & more irrelevant as time progresses.

It has just been proven that a massive army of people can be mustered at a moment’s notice & it can be done without the need to use or rely on the traditional means of media that was once impossible not to turn to for our news updates.

The days of mainstream news & information are numbered & only a fool would be hesitant to change if they are to survive with any credibility in years to come . . . Yesterday, let’s conservatively say that 500,000 people turned out to march. It’s said that for every physical person marching on the street, they represent around 10 people who can’t be physically there, so that means that effectively, 5 million Aussies marched together yesterday as one massive voice . . . a VERY sobering figure for both the government & the media to absorb & ponder on . . .

Only three things can be hidden temporarily . . . The sun, the moon & the TRUTH . . .

Yes the lamestream media is crumbling right before our very eyes. Its hatred of the people and the truth is now clear for all to see. It is in its death throws, as it freaks out over the fact that the alternative media is now becoming the media of choice for so many people.

I for one say good riddance to the vile MSM. It is long past its due date.

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15 Replies to “The Media’s Hatred of the Truth – and People”

  1. Totally agree that the mainstream media can’t be trusted. I have no doubt that early treatments against covid were hampered and discredited because Trump had the temerity to promote them. Unfortunately, many in the media would rather that people die than having to admit Trump was right about anything.
    Unfortunately our ABC is the worst offender. Remember watching their 7:30 report on the bushfires and all they could bang on about was climate change and unprecedented fires. Chris Kenny in the Australian had a brilliant response. He merely quoted from old newspapers showing that the fires whilst bad were not unprecedented or the worst in our history.
    Unfortunately, they are so blind to their biases that they actually think they are objective.

  2. Bill, this latest article from you is overdue but it’s time to utter the truth about the mainstream media, whether it’s online or print. We need to know the truth that the media has gone bad.

    It should be obvious by now that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to tell us the truth. There are all the falsehoods we hear about Covid-19 to start with. In truth, the pattern of lying has gone on for a long time, e.g. the endless propaganda about same-sex “marriage” in 2017. The bias was blatantly obvious. The elite are quite happy to let a bunch of ‘orcs’ try to disrupt their opponents but who’s pulling the strings?

    We might suspect that many of these journalists are elitists at heart. So many of them echo the thoughts of the elite, who are supposed to be so wise. They are not wise at all. They care little about the general public. They care nothing about the wisdom of the ages.

  3. I’m old enough to remember a time when the MSM served the people. I’m not suggesting that it was ever completely trustworthy, but it could be looked to to question and research. Uncovering the truth was a worthwhile and admired service. I don’t pretend to know the details, but at some point it became merely a tool of centralized government and corporations to suppress truth and spread propaganda. It seems to have accompanied a concurrent transition from true representative democracy to de facto oligarchy. In that sense, the media reflects the government. Perhaps the government must be reformed in order to reform the media.

    Btw, your great interview of Fred Nile reminded me that things haven’t always been this way,,

  4. I lost trust with journalists back in 1980 with the Lindy Chamberlain case and her conviction with trial by media. News and current affairs is all about entertainment and advertising dollars nowadays not searching for the truth or reporting facts. Free to air TV news days are numbered current generation don’t watch “the box” like us baby boomers,

    I’ve been watching the Canada truck convey story from ground zero, plenty of people with a mobile phones streaming the event. I get all the raw footage and come to my own conclusions as to what’s happened.
    The Australian Broadcasting Commission used to be a media organisation who reported on news of the day, now the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a political party with a media unit.
    (In 1980 it was costing you 8 cents a day, now in 2022 it’s costing you 4 cents a day, apparently it’s a better service for less cost ! )

  5. In the past, you had governments yielding to the demands of fewer protestors. Nowadays, protestors number in the hundreds of thousands and the governments do not buckle…
    What is it going to take for governments to yield? Elites? Big corps? Big tech?…but not the average person.

    What is it going to take for the Governor-General to heed the voices of a large proportion of people, that likely represent most of the population’s sentiments and take action?

    I was so disappointed that the Victorian Governor General simply dismissed the petition from Rebel News regarding the pandemic bill. Why is she even there in the first place?

  6. One of the ABCs most senior journalists and news presenters defended in an interview, the ABCs left leaning editorial stance, because as he/she reasoned- their duty was to balance the news from the Murdoch press and other conservative outlets.
    It is the charter of the ABC to produce a balanced service-but not that kind of balance.

  7. Thanks Bill for a great article. And thanks for Paul Zanetti’s piece. The MSM can never change or wake up because they are just following through on their cultural Marxist ideology. As is so often quoted today “Go woke Go broke.” As Ken said they are blind. Actually blinded.

  8. As I recall the ABC budget is 1.1 billion. That means every man, woman and child is forced to contribute around $42 per annum largely towards obvious socialist , anti-democracy, anti-justice, anti-truth, anti-morality, anti-God propaganda.

  9. It is that the media and most politicians are simply not telling the truth! A lesson for us all to tell the truth. The truth will set you free!.

  10. I think Sky has a new owner? Anyway all the presenters such as Bolt and Credlin have been told to tow the party line or else. The only station I trust now is Fox . No wonder its ratings are soaring while CNN goes down the tubes.

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