Activist Assaults On All Things Christian

Another Christian institution targeted by the militants:

We told you so. We warned years ago – indeed I warned decades ago – that granting special rights to homosexuals and destroying the institution of marriage would open a Pandora’s Box – something that most sensible people would live to regret.

I wrote piece after piece in the 90s and beyond, warning that everything would change if we headed down the roads that the militants wanted to take us on. Sadly, my predictions have been borne out. Especially since fake marriage was legalised in Australia, the persecution of Christians and others has ramped up, big time.

Christians, Christians schools, and Christian churches are all being specifically targeted. Back in 2019 I wrote a piece on one Christian school in Victoria that was being taken to court because of its adherence to what the Bible teaches on human sexuality. I closed that piece with these words:

Today it is Ballarat Christian College. Tomorrow it will be another Christian institution, or school, or church, or leader, or pastor, or priest. This will not end until all contrary voices are forever silenced. We tried to tell you so. We really did. But too many folks closed their ears, shut their eyes, and turned off their ability to think critically. Now we are all paying the price. At this rate, it seems that soon enough all of the remaining true believers will be learning all about the joys of prison ministry.

I have been told that this “lawsuit cost this small school a vast sum of money.” And there are many other cases like this. The most recent of course is now taking place in Queensland. Both the secular and religious media have been following this closely. FamilyVoice said this about it:

A Christian School in Brisbane is standing up for Christian Values. Citipointe Christian College has come under enormous fire for requiring parents to sign a contract with new clauses around gender identity and sexual orientation. “This is what Christians believe and have done for thousands of years. Christianity delivered civilisation from these pagan practices,” said FamilyVoice spokesman Greg Bondar.

It is the same old story: secularists and leftists are shocked and surprised that a Christian institution should actually stand up for Christian belief and practice! As the Australian satire site Damascus Dropbear put it:

The Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace, has declared her ‘shock and horror’ after discovering a Christian college actually believed Christian teaching. The school, Citepoint Christian College in Brisbane, received condemnation from media and the Minister after they had the gall to transparently circulate their basic Christian doctrines on their website. “We really didn’t believe it ourselves at first,” said the clearly shaken QLD Education Minister. The fact that the teachings of Jesus on marriage, gender and sexuality was being stated right under my nose was really a shock. How dare they expect that students and staff at a Christian school would have to hear Christian teachings and practice Christian beliefs.”

On the social media, Christian legal expert Alex Deagon, who was interviewed about this, said the following:

“QUT senior law lecturer Dr Alex Deagon told The Courier-Mail the move by Citipointe was legal under Section 38 of the federal Sex Discrimination Act as it stands. The section states it is not unlawful for educational institutions established for religious purposes to discriminate against people in certain circumstances on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.”


Typical media, I have a 10 minute conversation and they pick one sentence haha. In particular I wish they’d mentioned Article 18(4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which undergirds those religious exemptions: “The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to have respect for the liberty of parents and, when applicable, legal guardians to ensure the religious and moral education of their children in conformity with their own convictions.”


This obligation logically entails the ability of religious schools to select members of their community in accordance with their religion and the convictions of the parents who form that community. Importantly, this obligation is not limited by any other rights under international law.

The Australian Christian Lobby has also weighed into this:

The pressure on Christian schools has been heating up for a while – and now it has reached boiling point. A school in Brisbane is under fire for seeking to maintain its religious values. Activists want Christian schools to abandon biblical truth. They’re taking online signatures from all over the world to smear Christian schools and erode their values. You and I must take a stand to support Christian schools.


Please sign this online petition now – and share it with your friends – to defend the right of Christian schools to operate according to biblical values. This is extremely important. Please also pray for Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane – and for all Christian schools – to be strong in these difficult times.

And former ACL head Lyle Shelton said this about the case:

Yesterday an angry Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace, encouraged people to take Citipointe Christian College to the Human Rights Commission. Labor clearly doesn’t see a place for Christian, Muslim or Jewish schools which teach the scientific view of biology and the Abrahamic faiths’ ethic of marriage and family. The emotivism, with no thought given to kids who might later regret having their breast or genitals cut-off, is piled on the Citipointe Christian College for its “transphobia”.

Over the years I have documented one case after another where Christians – and others – are being persecuted and bullied simply for standing strong on what they believe about such matters. There is no room for a bit of give and take here. The activists want complete compliance and capitulation – or else.

Again, I have been warning about this for decades now. All over the Western world the sexual revolutionaries are actively targeting Christians. It is a deliberate and diabolical strategy. Consider what American Christian commentator Rod Dreher has just written about all this:

I had an extraordinary telephone conversation with a friend who is a senior state leader in a nationally prominent Evangelical denomination, one that skews conservative on LGBT issues. He just returned from a conference, and said, “I think you need to know what the next front in the culture war is.”


My friend told me that pastors in five different churches in the southern region of his state reported at the conference the same phenomenon. They have had strangers come and join their congregations, and six months or so later, come out as transgender, and demand their rights as official members of the congregation. It has happened to so many of these churches, in the same period of time, that they believe it is part of a concerted effort to undermine those churches. I don’t have permission to give identifying details of the denomination and the particular state, but my friend told me that there is serious concern among the denomination’s lawyers that these undercover trans activists have found a legal way to force these congregations to capitulate on trans issues, or face ruinous lawsuits.


“There are a lot of churches in our denomination that don’t have a lot of money,” my friend said. “If they get sued, they won’t have enough resources to even defend themselves.”


My friend said he just met with the pastors of this region, who have all been poleaxed by this. Many of them are barely able to understand gender fluidity as a concept, much less figure out how to deal with it from a faithfully Christian point of view. They are sitting ducks, according to my friend. He said that on the advice of lawyers, the congregations are rewriting their bylaws to protect themselves from this kind of sneak attack.


He went on to say that most of the people in his denomination believe that being a Christian is mostly about holding certain cultural beliefs (including politics) and being nice. “They can’t understand why people don’t like them, and they think that if they’re nice, they’ll win people over,” he said. “I have tried to explain why this isn’t true, but most of the leaders in [my denomination] don’t want to believe it. In ten years, this church is going to look very, very different.”

Scary stuff indeed. But what is even more frightening is just how clueless and naive most Christians are. They really do not believe they are in a war and that activists are out to get them. They think they can just smile their way through life and everything will be peachy. They do not have the slightest understanding of the spiritual war taking place all around us.

In the meantime the activists on the other side have been planning and strategising for decades on how they can eliminate the last bastion of opposition to their nefarious agendas – Christianity. No wonder we keep losing: our side is asleep while the other side has been involved in active combat for over a half century now.

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  1. We are in the time of harvest. Those who stand up for godliness will be rewarded but those who choose to try and overthrow a person or organisation who stands for godliness will get a harvest from this also.
    I tremble for our nation because they have chosen to reject God and all that he stands for. There is no blessing in choosing to do this, only disaster.
    When the fruit of their choice comes to pass they will blame God and his children but in the end it will be the result of their own choice.
    A godless nation is never blessed and disaster comes to those who turn on God.
    You can already see the fear and confusion of the people. The democracy is fast disappearing and the free country that everyone loved is going dark.

  2. Thank you, Bill, for being so faithful to your godly calling as a watchman on the wall.

    So far, too few Christians in Australia have heeded your warnings.

    Now churches, and Christian schools in particular, are paying a very heavy price, as your above post shows.

    For all our sakes, please keep up your sterling work.

  3. When we were asked to vote on same sex marriage my youngest son pleaded with me – to vote no. I was after all the parent and whilst I was not gay I had lots of ‘friends’ who were n after all why shouldn’t the gay community have access to the same rights we did. And I added, Christianity is for those who cant face life as it is, they need a crutch.
    Never mind that I could barely think (long story) I was on a mission to ensure truth justice and the Non Christian way. Lotta water under the bridge since then – the stories I could tell ya.

    I am back home with Jesus Christ because of His grace not any thing I personally did to deserve His love. (long story)
    However I want to say that many Christians are still kinda wimpy n really partial to the church of nice….time to wake up before it’s too late.

  4. When Education Minister Grace Grace suggests they’re not very Christian for their new policy (Citipointe), they’re probably doing the right thing.
    And whenever anyone tells me about “not being very Christian” I instinctively know that person has limited knowledge of Christianity.
    Is Grace x2, being a key instigator of homosexual “marriages”, being “very Christian”?
    Was Christ being “not very Christian” when he said in Matthew 19:4–6 (ESV): 4 He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
    Or maybe this is one of the verses the resigned Citipointe teacher claim we Bible believing Christians “hide behind”?

  5. Home…. Where I belong.
    Makes my eyes misty n my heart light.
    Thank you , He gives all of His children a place at His table ?? If we will only follow Him.
    Following Him is a whole other story. See Mathew, Mark, Luke n John et. al.

  6. Thanks Bill. The activists were never going to stop at same sex marriage. Surprises me that they haven’t called for the Bible to be banned. Still find it strange though how little outcry there was over the muslim AFLW player who refused to wear the pride jumper. Just shows that this is a spiritual battle and that the real war is against Christianity.

  7. We need to spread the word about the ACL petition.
    There is currently a petition on opposing Citipointe which has already attracted over 144,000 signatures, “Demand that Citipointe Christian College recall the amended enrollment contract”.

  8. My advice is to use as little money as possible to fight the legal battle. They know full well the process is the punishment. God will protect us but even if it does go badly you would be better off spending the money on the appeal anyway.

    We need to not be fearful and treat rubbish legal challenges with the complete contempt they deserve.

  9. Dear Peter Marwick, cant we just post the link from ACL here ?
    I looked at the Change site you recommended and the only petition I could see on that bill actually opposes us ? Haven’t been to Change for years n my understanding was then, that it is very very left wing ?
    Also am pretty sure Bill has it on site here somewhere…

  10. “He went on to say that most of the people in his denomination believe that being a Christian is mostly about holding certain cultural beliefs (including politics) and being nice.” That is the problem right there, no understanding of Biblical Christianity and following Jesus. No wonder they fall prey to the tricks of the devil.

  11. Thank you for another insightful message, Bill. I just now received a newsletter from “Faithful America,” in which the writer asked readers to sign a petition to promote and justify the LGBTQ lifestyle to young children via the public library system here in the U.S. The writer tried to justify this ungodly movement by claiming that many books in favor of the LGBTQ lifestyle have been written by “Christian” writers.

    Of course, the writer of the newsletter accused Christians of not being “very Christian” by disapproving of the LGBTQ movement and lifestyle and in quoting Bible verses that condemn the beliefs and actions of the LGBTQ.

    Before unsubscribing from this trash, I sent the newsletter author a brief message to the effect that I as a Christian DO NOT agree with his belief and said he is leading children astray and destroying their innocence and belief in scripture by promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle in the so-called “Christian literature for children.” Then I unsubscribed!

    You may want to read this trash from “Faithful America” for yourself, just to see how far so-called “Christian” writers have plummeted into their promotion of sin.

  12. Joanna, as to the latter how many churches follow church growth models that are simply secular business growth models dressed up in Christian language. When we decided WE had to grow the church and bring in people, that somehow the Holy Spirit was no longer sufficient for that, we decided to use man’s wisdom and man’s ways. Man believes being nice to your “customers” increases business so being nice to people will increase the number who come to church. Of course that’s bollix. We know that the church is not a business and is run differently. The Holy Spirit bring people in WE simply preach the truth to them.

  13. Sadly it appears the latest news is that the college has caved in to the bullying of the gaystapo.

  14. At the close of the nineteenth century, not much more than a hundred years ago, C. H. Spurgeon wrote: “I am glad that there is some trouble in being a Christian, for it has become a very common thing to profess to be one. If I am right, it is going to become a much less common thing for a person to say, “I am a Christian.” There will come times when sharp lines will be drawn between the world and true believers. Some of us will help to draw them if we can. The problem is that many people bear the Christian name but they act like worldlings and love the amusements and the follies of the world. It is time for a division in the house of the Lord in which those for Christ go into one camp and those against Christ go into the other camp. We have been mixed together too long” (Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare. 1998: 108. Whitaker House. New Kensington, PA. USA).

  15. True a separation is taking place those who profess Christ yet are still as they were before – OF THE WORLD – and those who confess Christ thus are no longer what they were but are striving daily to conform to Christ. They are IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD! We have way too many pew warmers in our churches.

    Profession and confession may seem to be the same but are WORLDS apart.

  16. Bad news all around:

    This may be the main reason the school folded, the curse of public funding:

    Not many brave Australian Christians left to take a Biblical stand (closest was Israel Folau) against a hostile public and culture. Along with that, too many Australian Christians are clueless about the hostility going on and think they can just be ‘nice’. It won’t work. But then, how often are Christians taught to expect and face up to public hostility?

    Bernard Gaynor maybe right all along:

  17. Anonymous, please Bill. I have grandchildren at the school. This is what my son has told me about the “days of media lines and protestors picketing”:

    “Dropping off at Kindy has been an absolute mission the last few days. So many of the rainbow crowd out and about occupying space, car parks, etc.”

  18. In over 30 years serving in church music ministry all across the protestant genre, I believe there are two fundamental reasons American Christians (or “christians”) don’t take a stand.

    (1) It would be admitting to themselves that there is evil in the Church. Most people don’t want to admit that and will fight you tooth and nail if you say it. I’ve lived it in how others have treated me, in particular, and how preachers have been allowed to get away with open sin and heresy People just sit there. They will say in private they are angry and it should stop, but they sit on their hands. Man is in the church so sin is in the church.

    (2) The purposeful dumbing down of the American Church over the past 30 years ago at the hands of Robert Schuller, Rick Warren and Bill Hybels working in concert with Peter Drucker. I called out a warning as I saw this emerging. Churches began to be more concerned with building mega-churches and have the money flowing instead of winning souls for Christ. We have been in a downward spiral ever since and the majority of churches stopped teaching the Bible so people have become Biblically illiterate so they don’t know heresy when they hear it. It is sadly no wonder that most people sitting in the pews agree allowing these people into their churches and show them “love and tolerance” while condemning them to hell versus telling them the truth to save their souls for eternity.

  19. I think some may have the mentality of if they see you can take whatever they dish out with a smile they will eventually be ashamed of themselves for having treated you so bad and beg your forgiveness and will want to know Jesus for themselves. Similar to the advice parents give regarding bullies. Except instead of knowing Jesus it would be knowing you.

  20. “days of media lines and protestors picketing”:

    “Dropping off at Kindy has been an absolute mission the last few days. So many of the rainbow crowd out and about occupying space, car parks, etc.”

    Can you imagine the uproar if Christians did this to a openly LGBT+ affirming school??? Just another example of rules for me but not for thee.

    The allure of mammon has grabbed many Christians especially pastors. I think the great depression was a bit of a blessing to the greatest generation as it taught them the value of things and what is really important and how to live on little and be happy. I think the financial success of the post war boom was a corrupting influence on the boomer generation.

  21. Thanks Mark.. As said above it was most likely to do with the fear of loss of funding.

  22. “the school has withdrawn its requirement for parents to sign the contract but is still keeping its statement of faith”

    Which makes the statement worthless.

    ‘this is what I believe but I do not actually follow my beliefs and if push comes to shove I will not stand for them’

    In that case you believe NOTHING!

  23. Hi Bill,
    Whilst I agree with everything you and your respondants have said , I do wonder why the school sent out this ‘contract letter’ in the first place if they have never done so before ?
    Was it based on some ‘legal advice’ ? I’ve never heard of any other Christian school doing this before , so why was it necessary ?
    I fear sometimes we are ‘giving ammunition’ to the enemy and not making wise or shrewd decisions in a time of battle …..

    Keep up the Good Work……

  24. Anonymous again, please Bill. Latest text from my son:

    “Teachers told us this afternoon that there’s a big protest planned by potentially thousands of the rainbow crowd between 7am and 9am on Monday at the school. Going to be a nightmare first day.”

    (Premier Anastacia delayed start of school year by two weeks, but not Kindy. So Monday is first day back for the Grades.)

  25. The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child says:-
    Article 14
    1. States Parties shall respect the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
    2. States Parties shall respect the rights and duties of the parents and, when applicable, legal guardians, to provide direction to the child in the exercise of his or her right in a manner consistent with the evolving capacities of the child.
    Article 20
    1. A child temporarily or permanently deprived of his or her family environment, or in whose own best interests cannot be allowed to remain in that environment, shall be entitled to special protection and assistance provided by the State…….due regard shall be paid to the desirability of continuity in a child’s upbringing and to the child’s ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic background.
    Article 29
    1. States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to:
    (c) The development of respect for the child’s parents, his or her own cultural identity, language and values, for the national values of the country in which the child is living, the country from which he or she may originate, and for civilizations different from his or her own;
    Article 30
    In those States in which ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities or persons of indigenous origin exist, a child belonging to such a minority or who is indigenous shall not be denied the right, in community with other members of his or her group, to enjoy his or her own culture, to profess and practise his or her own religion, or to use his or her own language.

    David Skinner UK

  26. Two hypotheticals for Qld Labor Minister, Grace Grace.

    I am pan-sexual. Can I join the Qld Labor Party? If not, why not?

    I am a member of the Qld LNP. Can I join the Qld Labor Party? If not, why not?

  27. Scott Morrison.

    What will you say when your two daughters are confronted by blokes in their Christian school girl’s dressing rooms?

    What will you say when your two daughters are thrashed by blokes in their Christian school girl’s athletic events?

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