Anti-Christian Bigotry: It’s a Good Thing Nothing Will Change!

Yet another Christian school being targeted by the rainbow warriors.

I was worried there for a while. But then the homosexual activists in Australia told us in no uncertain terms that legalising homosexual marriage would have no negative effects on anyone. They insisted that nothing would change, and that what two people did in their own bedroom would have zero social impact.

Phew. After a few initial doubts, I began to relax, knowing that everything would continue as before, and that this new sort of marriage would have no bad outcomes for anyone else. It was so good of the activists to let us know that everything was just going to be fine with such a change in law. What a relief.


Sadly far too many clueless wonders – including far too many undiscerning and biblically-illiterate Christians – fell for that baloney hook, line and sinker. They eagerly swallowed the bait and even ended up voting for fake marriage. They thought it was all about love and acceptance and tolerance.

They were as deceived as they were delusional. They were dunces who did not bother to think straight, and they so easily and so readily fell for the propaganda. Of course for many years some of us made the case that EVERYTHING would change. We warned that this would be a full-frontal attack on faith, family and freedom.

We alerted people to what was going on overseas, and we alerted folks to the real agenda behind the fake marriage move. Yet our warning mainly fell on deaf ears. Now we are all paying the consequences for refusing to face reality and refusing to see past the lies of the militants.

In addition to all the cases I have documented on this site of people losing their jobs or of being fined for daring to stand against the rainbow tsunami, there have been many other cases that have never been made public thus far. But since I am privy to a number of them, I wrote about the hidden cases of persecution here:

But the cases keep on coming. Here we have yet another example of Christians being targeted by the activists. This time we have a Christian school in Ballarat in the crosshairs of the rainbow warriors. A pro-homosexual teacher, with the support of a militant homosexual lobby group, is going after this school for affirming biblical ethics. As one article states:

A Victorian teacher has launched legal action against a Christian college claiming she was discriminated against over her political and religious beliefs in support of same sex marriage, setting-up a test case over faith-based protections for religious schools.

Former Ballarat Christian College teacher Rachel Colvin — backed by Equality Australia — lodged the claim with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal this week ahead of the school being served on Tuesday. The Weekend Australian understands Ms Colvin, who had been employed between 2008-11 before returning part-time in July-2016, resigned in February following failed attempts to keep her on staff.

Ballarat Christian College principal Ken Nuridin said Ms Colvin’s claim alleges discrimination in breach of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Victoria). Clause 8 of the school’s enterprise agreement lodged with the Fair Work Commission in 2017 states “all employees are expected by the college to possess and maintain a firm personal belief consistent with the Statement of Faith of the college”.

Following same sex marriage being legalised in December, 2017, the school amended its Statement of Faith through its constitution outlining its position on marriage. “A marriage can only be between a male and a female, and upon this foundation alone should children be conceived and families formed,” the constitution says.

Hey, nothing will change, they promised! Here we go again. The head of Christian Schools Australia, Mark Spencer, sent out an email to supporters with this title: “Religious Freedom Under Threat – Urgent Prayer Request.” In it he said this about the case:

The school had made public its views on marriage as far back as 2015, before the teacher making the claim was most recently re-employed. At that time, as many may recall, the school had to close temporarily after vandals targeted the school after it publicly opposed marriage equality. Following same sex marriage being legalised in December, 2017, the school amended its Statement of Faith through its constitution to more explicitly outlining its position on marriage in accordance with orthodox, historical, Christian teaching.  

According to the report in the Herald Sun Equality Australia is backing the claim with the CEO of Equality Australia, arguing that Christian schools should not be able to enforce adherence of staff with their statements of faith. These statements and the support of Equality Australia for this claim fly in the face of their arguments that protections for religious freedom are unnecessary. By their own statements and actions they clearly demonstrate the urgent need for clear and strong protections for religious bodies in the Commonwealth Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill.

As I have said countless times now, the endgame for the homosexual activists has never been about marriage. The overwhelming majority of homosexuals have never even wanted marriage. That was only ever a symbol. The real goal was always the complete and total acceptance and endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda.

Along with it, the final goal is to shut down all opposition. All dissenting voices must be silenced, and all individuals and institutions which do not bow the knee at the altar of homosexual hegemony must be smashed. The militants have long said that this is their agenda.

Yet most folks refuse to believe them, even when they tell us their clearly-stated aims. Today it is Ballarat Christian College. Tomorrow it will be another Christian institution, or school, or church, or leader, or pastor, or priest. This will not end until all contrary voices are forever silenced.

We tried to tell you so. We really did. But too many folks closed their ears, shut their eyes, and turned off their ability to think critically. Now we are all paying the price. At this rate, it seems that soon enough all of the remaining true believers will be learning all about the joys of prison ministry.

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  1. Hi Bill. you highlight the problem and bring it to our attention for which I am grateful. I would really appreciate at the end of posts like this, proposed responses to problems such as this. Simple minded people like me need guidance. I pray, I share posts, I sign petitions, I write letters to politicians, I letter box drop pamphlets, I conversation start at work. What else can I do? What else can we christians working together do? What christian organizations are planning further action such as a peaceful public march by christians to publicly demonstrate just how many christians will exercise civil disobedience when the law requires them to violate their convictions? I want to march! I want to be part of a group that publicly and formally informs the government, “beyond this line we will go to jail before we comply with unrighteous law”.

  2. Thanks Bob. I don’t think you can do any more than what you are doing! If everyone who reads my posts were as active and committed and faithful as you are, we would have some more wins. Well done, you are a champion. Thanks for standing strong and for fighting the good fight!

  3. I shared the article posted by Canberra Declaration this morning on my local church’s closed Fb page but it was swiftly taken down. My comment was that the college (our local Christian school) needed our prayers.

  4. Thanks Bill,
    Who is funding equality Australia?
    I wonder! Our taxes?
    10% coming from Christian folk?

  5. Hi bill
    It’s amazing how selfish and self absorbed Ms Colvin is. She could quite easily move into the public school system as a teacher with no issues but this is about revenge and making a statement. How many 100s of hours in management time has already been spent by the school trying to resolve Colvin’s issues because of her errant and sinful views on marriage. It’s is very disturbing and probably will continue until equality Australia gets a ruling destroying the rights of Christian schools to uphold their values. So much for freedoms our forefathers died for!
    God bless phil

  6. I wonder what would happen if a christian teacher in a state school said they were unable to teach the gay agenda or the climate change religion? Equality Australia would surely urge tolerance and respect.

  7. Interesting: lose your job for supporting SSM, BAD. Lose your job for disagreeing with SSM, GOOD. H for you-know-what. The Scarlet Letter of our times.

  8. It reminds me of when I urged my relatives and friends to vote ‘No’ to SSM. I was specifically told by at least one of my FB friends (not a Christian, not a homosexual) that I was making much ado about nothing (apart from possibly upsetting any homosexuals who read my post). I was assured that a ‘Yes’ vote would have no flow-on effects.
    Talk about the chickens coming home to roost!

  9. The Ballarat case looks like it will be messy. Colvin claims to be a devout Christian who holds that homosexuals were created as they are, are made in God’s image, and are fully loved by God. That being the case VCAT are being asked to rule on theology. Equality Australia stated that Biblical Christianity (marriage as based on Adam & Eve etc) is narrow minded and demanding staff agree to the statement of faith is an attempt to control the personal beliefs of staff. Somehow I don’t see them arguing that Rugby Australia is attempting to control the personal beliefs of Folau and others by dictating what they may and may not say in public. Of course their website makes their agenda pretty clear – they’re opposed to faith based schools operating according to their faith, and opposed to homosexuals and trans folk being saved from their lifestyles. They insist “no one deserves to be treated as less-than for simply being who they are” but that equality doesn’t appear to apply to Christians – it seems they shouldn’t be allowed to be who they are. I fear that in the coming decades we will be wishing Christians had the freedom of religion and tolerance granted them in the Third Reich. Given the degree of persecution and genocide that occurred then hoping for that level of freedom likely seems counterintuitive, but I’m a pessimist and not particularly hopeful about the West’s future.

  10. Thanks Andrew. Although I fail to see how any one can be a devout Christian – or certainly a biblical Christian – when they effectively call God a liar when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

  11. ” the CEO of Equality Australia, arguing that Christian schools should not be able to enforce adherence of staff with their statements of faith.

    It should be argued by the School — Equality Australia ” should not be able to enforce adherence of the Christian School with Equality Australia’s statements of faith / beliefs / ideology”
    Also – does Equality Australia go to Muslim Schools and make those same demands? Knowing that LGBT folk are stoned, beheaded or thrown off buildings as punishment for being LGBT under Islamic law???
    IF they are not targetting Islamic Schools then Equality Australia are hypocrits! They have much more to fear from Islam than Christianity!

  12. Hi Bill, I share your frustration, but we need to hang in there.
    When we were being dismissed as scaremongers in 2017 one tended to think “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.
    Unfortunately, I can’t forgive the perpetually naive or the evil politicians and “celebrities” who have brought about this destruction of our culture, freedoms and children.

  13. Consistency of argument is one of the hallmarks of logic – and ‘Equality Australia’ would pass this test with the score of ZERO! And that is because they start off with a completely biased agenda. And how UNsurprising that they are strangely silent when it comes to Islam. That is because they know full well that they would never win THAT argument. So basically, they are cowards – they choose the battles they know they can win, by fair means or foul.

  14. The reason the LGBTIQA+ lot don’t attack Islam are two fold:
    1. They know that if they attack Islam they may end up with a neck tie (throat slit and their tongue pulled through their neck to create a tie);
    2. The want to destroy Christianity and that is in common.
    The most important agenda is the indoctrination of children for they well know (LGBTIQA+) that adults will never truly accept queer and lewd conduct so they are working on the next generation.
    All along, the Modus Operandi for LGBTIQA+ is to divide and conquer – divide men from women; male from female; husbands from wives by using the men want to dominate women as their primoray weapon.
    This lot (LGBTIQA+) is Satanic and evil so do not think that you have yet witnessed the worst for that is yet to come and step by step they will lead us there.
    John Abbott

  15. Thanks Tim,
    The compromised PC correct gutless church is alive and well in Australia now. The number of God fearing, spirit filled, bible and God’s word believing churches are in decline. Christian persecution has not really started in earnest and look where we are now,
    Absolutely tragic, God bless Phil

  16. Dear Bill, I am sorry for the late comment, my access to the net has been difficult recently. Saw a post by KJ Osborne on the book The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess 1962. Are you familiar with it? It would appear the author knew what was ahead. Particularly with the homosexual community.
    Mark Bryant

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