The Trans(de)formation of Nations

The militant trans activists are destroying our children and our culture.

“Nothing will change” said the homosexual activists, as they demanded special rights and even pushed their fake marriage onto the rest of society. Yeah right. Now we have never-ending sexual anarchy tearing entire societies apart as we see a full-scale war declared on reality, on biology, and on humanity.

One of the most bizarre and worrying aspects of all this is the hyper-radical gender bender revolution. Now we have an infinite amount of ‘genders’ coming out of the hat, with people simply making things up as they go along. And they actually expect that the rest of us will take them seriously, bow to their demands, and allow them to destroy our culture.

And the main ones to suffer in all this are our children. When a society goes so far down the tubes that it is happy to misuse and abuse its own children in the name of reckless and lunatic activist ideologies, you know that society is just about at the end.

Consider the UK where the militant trans agenda is ramping up its assault on children, biology and reality. Let me offer some recent headlines demonstrating the moral and mental implosion that is taking place there. They are altogether frightening, and there seems to be no end to them.

Check out this worrying headline: “Girls must bow to trans rights in new rules for schools.” The article begins:

New guidelines on transgender pupils for primary and secondary schools in England and Wales have been criticised for “ignoring the rights of girls”. The confidential draft document from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), seen by The Sunday Times, is expected to be introduced in October.

It seeks to protect not only those who meet the legal definition of gender reassignment but children “who are simply exploring their gender identity”. It applies to pupils of all ages, with or without medical intervention. In sensitive areas of day-to-day life, where pupils have traditionally been separated by sex, schools will either be required or advised to open up to those identifying as the same gender.

My next headline is equally shocking: “Meet the academics hunted down and hounded out of jobs for having the ‘wrong’ thoughts.” The article begins:

When Kathleen Stock pressed “send” on a blog about the gender recognition act last summer she knew she was pressing a detonator. The government was consulting on whether legally changing sex should be a matter of feeling – self-identification – rather than surgery and emotions were already running high. Angry accusations of transphobia were hurled at those, like Stock, who questioned or opposed the idea that men who felt like women could simply declare themselves female and claim all the consequent privileges: access to women-only changing rooms, or being allowed to appear on women-only shortlists or sports teams. A high-profile professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex wading in was bound to raise temperature.

The fight soon came her way: students brandishing a placard reading “Transphobia now in STOCK at Sussex”, a condemnation from the students’ union refusing to tolerate “hate” on campus, attempts to have her fired and a stream of abuse online. What she did not expect was to uncover along the way a deep-rooted seam of fear and intimidation spread through universities nationwide that is, she says, now stifling academic debate.

As soon as she published her own opinion – questioning the validity of self-identification – she began being contacted by colleagues who told her they agreed but dared not say so publicly for fear of ruining their careers. Most were women, some with children and most on short contracts they could not afford to lose. “It’s shocking,” she says. “It’s insidious. It’s about conversations in the corridor, being called in by your head of department and told you’re putting the university at risk, or quietly being dropped from a board of academic advisors.”

But the powers that be keep pushing this madness. The BBC for example is quite happy to get in on the act. This headline should frighten all of us: “BBC tells kids: ‘There are more than 100 gender identities’.” The story goes this way:

A BBC resource for children aged nine to twelve claims there are over 100 ‘gender identities’ – something that is “really exciting”. The Big Talk, a series of PSHE videos made by BBC Teach, features children asking questions about sex, relationships and gender, and the answers they are given by “trusted” adults.

In ‘Understanding Sexual and Gender identities’, the children are told that gender is “who you are inside”, but that sex is whether you are born a boy or a girl. When asked what the different gender identities are, a Relationships and Sex Education teacher said: “There are so many gender identities. So we know we’ve got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.”

And if all this is not bad enough, we now have this moonbattery: “World’s First Gender-Neutral Penguin Raised by Same-Sex Parents at London’s Aquarium.” I kid you not:

In a world first, a four-month old gender-neutral penguin is being raised by a same-sex penguin couple at an aquarium in United Kingdom. Sea Life London said the yet-to-be named Gentoo chick is “the world’s first penguin to not have its gender assigned.”

Commenting on this story, Matt Walsh raises some important questions that all true social justice warriors must take seriously:

How have we decided that it’s a penguin in the first place? Who has decided this? There is no use in letting the creature choose its own gender if we are cutting the chains of the gender binary only to lock it in the cage of pre-determined species. It has been labeled “penguin” just because it has feathers, a beak, and was conceived by penguins. But if we are using these obsolete, reductionist methods to determine genus and species, then we might as well use the same sorts of methods to determine sex. In the end, we are back right where we started. We think we are woke when really we are still asleep.

For all we know, this genderless, species-less animal might really be a three-toed sloth, a tarantula, a Mexican honey wasp, a middle-aged Korean man. How do we know it wants to be waddling about like a penguin and not galloping across the African plain like a gazelle? How do we know it wants to swim in chilly water rather than eat leaves from the top of 20-foot trees with other giraffes? It has not been given the chance to make these decisions for itself. Its constitutional rights of self-determination are still being infringed upon.

Indeed, by raising it genderless while putting a gun to its head and forcing it to be a penguin, the alt-right extremists at Sea Life London are only lending credence to the backwards, bigoted myth that identity is objective and biological — rather than amorphous and arbitrary. Remember: The ultimate goal is to establish a society where there is no way to reliably distinguish between one living entity and another, as we all melt into one writhing, wiggling, indiscernible mass of flesh and bones and feathers. News out of Sea Life London would seem to be moving us towards that glorious goal. But, in truth, it has only put one more barrier in the way.

But let me turn from satire and conclude with some warnings from those left in the UK who have not yet drank from the Kool-Aid. This is a much better headline than the ones offered above: “British GPs query trans drugs’ safety.” The articles opens this way:

The long-term safety of puberty blocker drugs for transgender identifying children and adolescents has been called into ­question by Britain’s college of GPs. The Royal College of General Practitioners says this knowledge gap prevents GPs from helping parents and families to make informed decisions. “There is a significant lack of robust, comprehensive evidence around the outcomes (of puberty blockers), side-effects and unintended­ consequences of such treatments for people with gender­ dysphoria (discomfort with biological sex), particularly children and young people,” the college says in a June statement.

The idea of puberty blockers is to pause unwanted sex development, giving young people time to ponder identity, although the evidence is most go on to irreversible cross-sex hormones that mimic features of the opposite sex. Last week, the Australasian College of Physicians agreed to inquire into ethical concerns referred­ by Health Minister Greg Hunt.

So there is a ray of hope here. There is still a bit of sanity in the UK. But whether there are enough brave souls willing to take on the trans radicals remains to be seen. But someone needs to act and to speak up before it is too late.

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8 Replies to “The Trans(de)formation of Nations”

  1. Aren’t these the same gender-bender radicals demanding ‘correct’ gender pronouns otherwise people will be sued?
    And they refuse to accept that God calls himself male / He / Him / His / Father / Son?

  2. I like reading the British e-newsletter The Conservative Woman. There was an article where it said that Theresa May said that transgender people are not sick. One of the readers said that if they are not sick then why are they receiving treatment with the NHS? So it does not make sense when anyone says that they are not sick, does it?

  3. If gender is a matter of choice, surely so to is sexual “orientation”. But aren’t we perpetually told that people are “born” gay ie: without choice. Am I missing something here or am a captive of that ancient logic law of non-contradiction.?

  4. I believe there is no scientific evidence for Transgenderism. Well known writer Walt Heyer who transitioned twice states that gender dysphoria is a symptom of something deeper in the person. He now counsels people who regret having radical surgery.
    We know that the activists are trying to control the rest of society.
    Bill, what are some courses of action that we can take to oppose this madness and restore some common sense?

  5. If one were to self-identify as a telephone box, or as the late Napoleon Bonaparte, there would be certain consequences in the realm of mental health diagnoses – or would there? These days apparently, at least in the case of certain self-identification processes, the term compos mentis means something somewhat different to what it once did…

  6. If I identify as George Soros I should then be able to spend those billions in a way I chose, pleasing to God, and who is his bank to deny MY reality.

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