Say No to Today’s Female Impersonators

Enough is enough with this war against women:

Times change – but too often for the worse. While we used to laugh at things like dress-ups and male-female impersonations, now it is being taken seriously – and for all the wrong reasons. In the past when someone dressed up as the opposite sex, everyone knew it was just pretend, and there was – and could be – no reality to it.

But of course now with the hyper-destructive and damaging trans revolution everywhere upon us, it is no longer a joke. It is serious business, with so many lives being ruined forever. Way too many children especially are being permanently damaged as they believe the lies of activist adults that they can change their sex like they change their socks.

They soon enough realise they were being led down a dead-end garden path. No wonder the de-transitioning movement is growing massively today. Like folks regretting dodgy tattoos, many are trying to revert back to who they really are, but the damage has been done with these irreversible medical procedures.

As I say, not too long ago we could simply laugh at the gender bender routines found in film and elsewhere. It was a bit of light relief, which no one took seriously. We had a laugh, then went back to the real world. In this regard I can mention a movie that was one of my late wife’s favourite films.

I refer to the 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe. It involves two male musicians who get into trouble with gangsters in the late 20s. To escape, they don disguises and join up with an all-female band. It is indeed a funny film – especially because everyone knew it was pure fiction.

But today everything has changed. You can get into major trouble if you simply say there are only two sexes. You can get into major trouble by saying someone is a man or a woman. You can get into major trouble if you plead that we leave our children alone.

When Welsh singer Tom Jones released the song “She’s a Lady” 52 years ago, no one batted an eyelash at it.  No one demanded that he had to be a qualified biologist to croon about such matters. But today we have idiotic and cowardly politicians, experts and elites afraid to even dare answer the question, ‘What is a woman?’ It is amazing just how far down the tubes have we gone in such a short period of time.

And the devastation all this is causing, especially to women and children, is incalculable. Children are being permanently harmed while women are being erased. This really is a full-on assault against women – not just individual women, but the very concept of womanhood as a whole.

Just take the issue of sports – this is bad enough. Failed male athletes who decide they can get a few wins on the board by pretending to be women are as bogus as a $3 bill. But we are finding this everywhere of late. And women are the major losers here of course.

Consider just one such fraudulent case: William Thomas, who now passes himself off as Lia Thomas. This subpar athlete – when competing in men’s swimming – has started winning races, since coming out as a woman. Well, how bold and brave of you William. You must be so very proud of yourself.

Real female swimmers are increasingly up in arms that their sport is been ruined and their chances of winning in competitions are now being stripped away from them. One such champion is Riley Ganes. She recently tweeted, “A man competing in the women’s category is a cheater. And if he loses to a woman, he’s a cheater who sucks at his sport. & you, sir, are a gaslighting narcissist.”

But so many fools and ideological nutters go fully along with all this idiocy. Almost all journalists and writers today go right ahead and refer to William as ‘she’ and ‘her’. Consider the clowns at Wikipedia. Two short sentences from their article on him is all you need:

“Thomas was assigned male at birth. … Towards the end of high school, Thomas began to question her gender identity.” Um, he is a he. And he was not “assigned male at birth”. He was born a male and still is a male. Every single cell in his body screams ‘male’. No amount of hormone therapy and dress-ups will ever change this biological reality.

Again, and thankfully, there is a real backlash breaking out against all this insanity. Many women – including feminists and lesbians – are mounting an impassioned fightback. As one (genuine) woman wrote about Thomas recently:

Sane people across the world owe a debt of gratitude to American swimmer Lia Thomas. This is the six-foot-one man who was first allowed to compete on the University of Pennsylvania women’s team in March last year. The sight of this hulking male, standing in first place on the winning podium at a top-level college competition, forced pundits and politicians to face the consequences of the lie that ‘transwomen are women’.


The spectacle also inspired many athletes to speak out about the madness of allowing men to identify into women’s sports. This is not just a question of sporting injustice, either. As Paula Scanlan, one of Thomas’s teammates, explained in her testimony to the US congress last week, she and her fellow female swimmers were expected to get changed alongside Thomas 18 times per week. University officials refused to hear any complaints about this from the female swimmers, telling them instead that they needed to be ‘re-educated’.


The cruelty of this is hard to understate. Speaking to the New York Post earlier this week, Scanlan said swimming had previously helped her recover from the trauma of a sexual assault that she suffered in a bathroom as a 16-year-old. But being forced to share a changing room with the obviously male Thomas gave her ‘nightmares for weeks about men being there while we were dressing’.


It’s not just the experiences of Thomas’s former teammates that have caused a splash. When college champion swimmer Riley Gaines tied in a race with Thomas last year, he was given the women’s trophy and she wasn’t. Infuriated by the injustice, she has since become an advocate for single-sex sporting categories.


Fighting for fairness in women’s sports is not easy, however. In April, Gaines was forced to barricade herself inside a room for around three hours at San Francisco State University. A mob of around 100 trans activists had ambushed her in order to prevent her from delivering a speech.

She concludes her article this way:

First, trans people have not been ‘banned’ from sporting competitions at all. Males like Thomas are still free to compete against other men. And second, going through male puberty confers significant physiological advantages on athletes in almost all cases. These include increases in upper-body strength, bone density, muscle mass, lung capacity, hand size and height. This is why male athletes will almost always beat their female counterparts.


Still, while sporting bodies like FINA are starting to stand up for biological truth and fairness, the battle to preserve single-sex spaces continues. Some might dismiss this as a storm in a changing room, but there are many women who will simply stop going swimming or trying on clothes if they are faced with the prospect of sharing an intimate space with men.


Lia Thomas has made it all too clear why men do not belong in women’s sports. It’s time we recognised they don’t belong in women’s spaces, either.

It is clearly time to say no to female impersonations and foolish dress-ups.

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2 Replies to “Say No to Today’s Female Impersonators”

  1. Thanks for speaking up Bill
    I agree wholeheartedly with you
    Let the fight back roll on

  2. This is a consequence of society’s fascination with the “cult of victimhood.” It seems every single group wants to call attention to how it has, allegedly, been mistreated and misunderstood. And if you don’t agree they are victims — even if you question to what degree they are victims — you are denounced. Young people have been taught that all these “victims” deserve support and sympathy, along with special status and even rewards; why should we wonder that so many of them choose to see themselves as victims? This is not only ridiculous, it is psychologically destructive to those who fall under this evil spell. Seeing oneself primarily as a victim is harmful to the individual and to society. (I might say that this is not to deny that some groups have faced discrimination and hardship throughout history and have the right to seek to change this situation, and indeed, we Christians should seek to help and support such groups.)

    The trans activists are the current and most virulent group to take advantage of the focus on victimhood. They represent victimhood as an aggressive force. One point in our favor is that their message is so absurd, so counter to obvious physical reality that already many are shaking their heads and wondering what is going on. But private rejection is not enough. Speaking out against this trans movement, and more generally, against this cult of victimhood is essential. God grant us the courage to do so.

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