Living in Delusion; Affirming Delusion

There is nothing loving about affirming the delusions of others:

The only thing worse than those suffering from harmful delusions are other folks around them who actually affirm and encourage their delusions. The people who most need help are instead being harmed even far more by those rather heartless and mindless folks who think it is a good thing to celebrate delusion and pander to those suffering from it.

While many areas can be discussed in this regard, clearly the most blatant example of all this is the trans delusion. The ability of human beings to totally turn off their brains, deny science, reject reality, and run with woke idiocy is shocking to behold. And worse yet are all those who aid and abet all this.

Those who refuse to help such troubled people, but instead go along with it, reinforce it, and seek to celebrate it, seem to be the most irresponsible and callous people around. You do NOT want people like that being your friend. A real friend helps people in trouble. A real friend does all he can to pull someone out of a burning building, not push him back into it and slam the door shut.

That is just what these pro-trans woke wonders are doing. They are really saying they care so little for the person caught up in these delusions that they will do all they can to ensure they stay locked in that dangerous and harmful state. So much for being a caring and loving friend.

How in the world is it ever helpful or loving to allow a friend to live in dangerous delusion? How is it ever a good thing to allow a person to head in such dead-end directions? Both the one deluded and those supporting him are responsible for all the miserable outcomes that will follow. As I wrote in a previous piece:

Consider those who are struggling with anorexia. They are fully convinced that they are fat, and they are obsessed with losing weight. But they are not overweight of course. If we simply go along with their delusions and say, “Yes of course dear, you certainly need to lose more weight,” we are not helping them. In fact, they will likely die if we give them that lousy sort of advice. Catering to their delusions and the falsehoods that they believe will only be harmful for them.


Helping people means telling them the truth. We harm ourselves and others when we believe lies. And the entire trans revolution is built on believing a number of lies. In the past good medicine – for body and soul – meant getting us to adhere to reality.


If a person is dying of cancer, a good doctor will NOT go along with any delusions he may entertain, or any lies he may cling to, that there is no cancer in his body. The first step to helping such a person is to get them to agree with truth – to agree with reality.


It is the same here. How in the world can we help anyone struggling in these areas if we agree to let them lie to themselves, and worse yet, if we lie to them as well? Falsehoods only harm us.

The reason that I am writing on all this again is because of two recent things that have been reported on. One has to do with television news coverage of a supporting event, while the other has to do with a major change to a dictionary. As to the first, I could not help but notice something on the evening news that really bothered me.

Here was a former footballer who now thinks he is a woman. It of course happens far too often. But worse yet were all those folks who were happily going along with this, further affirming this state of delusion. The picture I feature above tells the story.

It involves “Gillon McLachlan and Dani [born Dean] Laidley at Season 7’s W Awards in November.”

I have written about Laidley before of course, and again bemoaned the fact that so many seem to have so little decency and concern for others that they are happy to promote such folks in their delusions:

This in my book is even worse, even more diabolical: going along with another person’s delusion and refusing to offer them the help and care they need. And real help always begins by speaking truth. Affirming the lies of others simply makes you a liar as well.

But it gets far worse when we have academics, intellectuals, and other various elites also fully going along with the lies and delusions. That IS a very dangerous place to be in. Every tyrant and dictator knows that to change society you must first change the language. Verbal engineering always precedes social engineering.

And that is exactly what we now find with at least some major dictionaries. Consider the Cambridge Dictionary which has now changed the basic and millennia-old understanding of what men and women are. As one news report states:

Cambridge Dictionary is being blasted by critics online for revising the definition of “man” and “woman” to include people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. “Man” now includes the definition “an adult who lives and identifies as a male though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” In the same vein, the updated definition of “woman” reads “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.”

And it certainly should be blasted. This is insanity of the highest order. Another article about this offers us some much-needed sanity:

“The problem with this attempted rebrand is that it’s totally nonsensical,” Daily Wire host Matt Walsh said. “The new definitions contradict common sense, science, and even the left’s own narrative. And it accomplishes the latter feat by conflating sex and gender—two categories that the left still pretends to insist are distinct.”


Walsh opened his show on Tuesday with a discussion of the updated definitions, emphasizing that “words cannot be subjectively defined. It cannot be left up to each individual on their own to decide what any given word means because the essence of language is that…it is a way for people to convey meaning to each other, but that’s not possible if words and their definitions are not communally understood.”


Walsh also pointed out that the lack of objective definitions is what leads to the circular argument he received from many of his guests on his What Is A Woman? documentary, saying that “the question what is a woman has proven to be—if I may say so—one of the most effective counter arguments against the left ever. Period. In fact, it’s been so effective and devastating that they are now literally rewriting the dictionary in response to it.”

Or as Walsh tweeted just recently: “Nobody has pronouns. You can’t ‘have’ a pronoun any more than you have a preposition or an adverb. The concept doesn’t make any sense. Pronouns are not things you can own. They aren’t pets or accessories. They are parts of speech. That’s it. You don’t get to customize them.”

Exactly right. We are living in an age of mass delusion, mass deception, and mass lies. When we reject truth for falsehood, and reality for fantasy, we are really coming to the end of civilisation as we know it. Why am I reminded of Jeremiah 5:31? “The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way.”

This may well be the most scary time in human history. When mass delusion reigns, you know that Satan, the father of lies, is having a field day. And that sort of thing never ends well. We see deception compounded and delusion amplified. Scary times folks.

In sum, I repeat: Who is worse? The one believing lies and living in deception and delusion, or those around him who support all that, affirm all that, celebrate all that, and further push all that? I think I know the answer to that question.

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13 Replies to “Living in Delusion; Affirming Delusion”

  1. The opposite of love is indifference and Daniel Andrews has attempted to make indifference compulsory.

  2. Thanks for explaining this lunacy so simply and succinctly, Bill. A great wakeup call to reality.
    If only we could get some politicians with backbones to include this much common sense into our education system – as well as woke sporting codes.

  3. I think that most everyday Australians, your average Aussie (well at least the people I speak to at my place of work) are completely at odds with the lunacy that is being trotted out to us by our politicians, media and so called celebrities.

    I shudder to think where we will be as a society in even only 10 years time if the current trends continue unchallenged. Surely our medical professionals (if they are able to think for themselves) can see the harm that is being perpetuated as a result of the lefts fairy thinking.

    With regard to our politicians, I wrote to the Liberal party via their website to give them some food for thought as to why they did so poorly at the recent election. You would think I would receive a reply in thanks, but no, they don’t want to be told the cold hard facts that they are no better than labor or the greens with their views on family, gender and ‘wokism’.

  4. The Herald Sun has run many puff pieces about Laidley, and I think even a front page. All the usual suspects were quick to jump on board the band wagon, and he now is treated as a celebrity everywhere he goes. It’s an insane time we are living through.

  5. Thanks guys. As I wrote in my latest article:

    The Berlin Wall may have come tumbling down in 1989, but the communist war against Christianity and rationality continues unabated, even if in somewhat different forms. Indeed, simply consider the most recent example of this – the headline says it all: “Norwegian actress Tonje Gjevjon faces up to 3 years in prison for saying men cannot be lesbians.”

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