Trans Cat Madness

Things really are going to the dogs – and cats:

In my 2014 book Dangerous Relations I spoke about the very real slippery slope that inevitably occurs when we normalise and legalise things such as homosexual marriage. Anything goes once we destroy the very heart and soul of the institution of marriage.

I also shared some stories of other types of “marriage” that had been taking place of late. I noted how one German man in 2010 “married” his cat, and how a woman from Ghana “married” her dog. Of course once we redefine marriage in this way, then the door is wide open to redefine everything else: sex, biology, and reality itself.

That is exactly what has happened with the trans revolution. It is a war against everything that is real, and a move to mass delusion. People now identify with whatever takes their fancy. That a man can now identify as a woman and a woman as a man is all rather passe. It does not end there of course. If someone wants to identify as a Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, who are we to judge?

No surprise then that we now have people identifying as animals. Such alarming psychosis is not just confined to individuals however. We even have schools catering for this insanity. Consider this recent headline from a Melbourne newspaper: “Melbourne schoolgirl identifies as a cat and her school is supporting her assumed identity”. The story opens:

Students are being allowed to act out animal identities in schools in a bid to support their mental health needs. A year eight student at a private school in Melbourne identifies as a cat, and as long as she does her school work, the school is supporting her assumed identity. Although she is “phenomenally bright”, she is understood not to be verbal at school.


“No one seems to have a protocol for students identifying as animals, but the approach has been that if it doesn’t disrupt the school, everyone is being supportive,” a source close to the family said. “The behaviour is being normalised. Now more and more people are identifying as whatever they want to identify with, including ‘furries’”.


The school did not confirm the enrolment but said they have students who “present with a range of issues, from mental health, anxiety or identity issues. Our approach is always unique to the student and will take into account professional advice and the wellbeing of the student,” the school said. There is also a boy who received treatment from a Melbourne psychologist who for a time identified as a dog.


It comes as students from Brisbane Girls’ Grammar have also been reported to identify as cats, and simulate walking on all fours and lick their hands like paws. One teenager was even said to have cut a hole in her uniform to accommodate an invisible tail. The school did not corroborate the account.


In the United States the trend of dressing up as animals is a more established trend, with students in the states of Kentucky and Miami coming to school adopting cat, fox and dog personas. However, a Miami school denied reports that the children coming to school as cats were using a kitty litter tray.


Ella Collins, who is a leading member of the Melbourne “furries” community, said a number of young people take their animal identities – known as a “fursona” – into their everyday lives, including at school. “It’s not like they bark at you in public, but they might have a preferred furry name,” she said. “If they don’t feel like they fit in or belong, it may bring them comfort,” Ms Collins said.

Well there you have it – nothing to see here. If a student identifies as a cat, who are we to object? Let’s just make things easier for them. After all, we would not want them to feel excluded. Obviously this sort of madness is just an open invitation for the satire sites to get to work.

And that is just what has happened already. The Australian site Damascus Dropbear wasted no time in covering this story. Here is how they reported the news:

MELBOURNE, VIC – A private grammar school in Melbourne has announced a raft of cat-friendly policy reforms to assist ‘feline-identifying’ students. The move comes after increasing reports of students who have decided they are actually animals that have been mistakenly put in a human body, and schools who are eager to accommodate their preferences.


The Principal of the school, Diedre Collins, explained the reforms being put in place. “We are excited to announce that to accommodate our feline-students we have installed litter boxes in the bathrooms, and updating all bullying policies to include the enforcement of purr-son neutral language and pronouns,” Principal Collins exclaimed.


“We have also introduced a number of new specialised classes including mouse cooking, light-chasing, and how to sleep comfortably on someone’s face. To be perfectly frank though, these trans-cats demands are a little challenging at times. They don’t seem to respect authority at all, get distracted easily, and are always looking for praise and pampering despite being largely useless.”


The Victorian Minister for Education, Natalie Hutchins MP, has praised the school and indicated that the department may consider more widespread accommodations of animal-dysphoric children. “I couldn’t be more pleased that furry students are finally realising they are not fearfully and wonderfully made by God.“


“We will ensure that bigoted schools and teachers that refuse to meow down to these furry students face the full claw of Government. Additionally, in 2024 we are hoping to move to a more co-ed arrangement which can introduce students identifying as dogs.”


“We may need to reexamine our sexual harassment policies however in order to increase acceptance of woofing, chasing and ‘bottom sniffing behavior’.” It is further reported that satire is becoming increasingly harder to write due to the genuinely ridiculous news stories out there.

Now if it is getting all rather hard to distinguish the actual story from the fake story, you see just how far down the tubes we have gone as a society. In the past of course such people were locked up for their own safety and for the safety of others.

People who thought they were Jesus Christ or Napoleon Bonaparte were removed from society in the hopes that they could be helped. Today they are free to do their thing, with schools, politicians, the media and our elites all affirming them in their mental confusion.

Five years ago I looked at some of the obvious terms that come to mind here. I said this in the beginning of the piece:

To really understand what the gender bender activism is all about, we need to look at some standard medical terminology. Let me offer a few terms we don’t seem to use very much anymore but which are incredibly germane to all things in the trans revolution. Here are a few online definitions of some key terms:


Psychosis – noun: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.


Delusional – adjective: characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.


Delusional disorder – Previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.


Delusion – noun: A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.


Deranged – adjective: mad; insane. “A deranged gunman”.


Deranged – Deranged may refer to psychosis, a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”.


Notice that all of these words have to do with being out of touch with reality. Not too long ago such people were called psychotics and the like, and they were often put away in insane asylums and mental institutions for their own good, and to protect the general public.

The sad thing is, things have only gotten much worse since then. We have now normalised and institutionalised delusion and psychosis on a massive scale. And during the same period we have demonised and marginalised those who still think that biology, reality and truth mean something.

Welcome to our brave new world. Expect this mega-cat fight to only get a whole lot worse in the days ahead.

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18 Replies to “Trans Cat Madness”

  1. Last I checked animals cannot read or write, nor are they allowed in school. Therefore if we are to honor her “identity “, then go all the way. What employer is going to hire a “cat”?

    She either is severely mentally ill, or seeking attention. Maybe if kicked out of school her parents will get her some help.

  2. The problem with this stuff is that we are allowing feelings to be dominant over facts. When we do that, of course, there is no end to the insanity.

    The school staff and the parents probably think they are being “kind” and doing the right thing to pander to the child’s silliness. But the world does not work that way. I don’t know of any employer that might want to employ a cat, certainly not for human wages.

    If the girl wants to identify as a cat, she should be told to go outside and catch rodents and birds for food. Once you have to deal with reality the fantasy starts to lose its appeal.

  3. Hi bill, thank you for your updates.
    I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh and shake my head at this crazy, satanic, dysphoria.
    I hope that they at least have clean cat litter for these delusional characters.
    How parents can allow this nonsense to be supported is beyond me.
    This is child abuse and insanity.
    Mental health is the damage they created with the lockdowns and lockouts and not being able to work or support families because of the mandates.
    This is nothing but ideocrasy if there is such a word.
    Please pray to the angel of justice that these adults are dealt with for the harm bestowed on our blessed children.
    Bless you.

  4. Should we add “B+’ to LGBTIQA+? “B+” being bestiality (one of the big no no’s in the word of God at section 20 .14 of Leviticus). Also, should we just cut to the chase and add “P” (for pedophile) to LAGBTIQA+? After all, if we are to be inclusive then we should not exclude anyone or anything.
    Move over Sodom and Gomorrah, you have been overtaken by the 21st Century.
    John Abbott

  5. Thanks John. In my book Dangerous Relations that I mention in my article I have sections on both bestiality and pedophilia, citing activists who have long been seeking to see those fully legalised as well.

  6. If she’s actually using the word ‘furry’, she’s probably been indoctrinated into the whole subversive ‘furries’ culture. Some girls used to talk about ‘furries’ when I was at school. It’s one of the many stupid and evil things kids are finding on the internet these days. Parents need to be aware of the many dangerous influences their kids could be finding on the internet and what friends may be introducing them to.
    Also, if she is non-verbal at school, she is probably autistic, which means she’s probably easier to take advantage of, which is exactly what the woke-ists and abusers want, not out of any care for her. I can see how this can lead to all sorts of abuse and inappropriate treatment by people out to get her, using her ‘identity’ as an excuse, and tricking her. So she needs to be protected. And she needs people who will treat her with gentleness, patience, and respect, telling her the truth of her identity in Christ, and she probably should be home-schooled or similar. Regular schools just typically aren’t great for the autistic brain anyway.

  7. Thanks Sonya. Yes she certainly needs to know about Christ – she needs our prayers. But what is really appalling here is the school going along with it and pushing all this nonsense.

  8. Presumably they will not let it go so far as to allow those who identify as cats to kill and eat those who identify as mice.

  9. I worked in mental hospitals and departments for two or three years seeing inpatients and outpatients. I never saw anything like this.

  10. Thanks William. Yes, in my book I mention above I also have a section on objectamory – it is a thing, sadly. It even can involve people “marrying” dolls or trees or bridges, etc.

  11. An update on my previous comment – what I meant by ‘furries’ is when people identify as animals and call themselves a ‘furry’. That’s what I see as being wrong. And even if you can’t convince someone it’s wrong, you should never affirm it. That this school would do so shows the insanity of the world. I’m not against anthropomorphic animals as fictional characters. But what I do have a problem with is the ‘furry’ culture it’s sometimes associated with, and the wider culture which includes transgenderism and so on, of undermining God’s design for identity.
    Thanks for the article.

  12. Thanks Bill and others, the world is getting more ridiculous. I was wondering if they were going to ear cat or dog food but if they are being taught evolution in school like I was, then teachers are teaching them we may have evolved from apes so they are just doing what they have been taught only they have chosen furry cats or loveable dogs which are lovelier than hairy apes. Need to get rid of evolution out of the school system or at least teach creation as well.

  13. Speaking of bestiality I heard a story regarding monkey pox about a dog being infected. It slept with it’s owners, in their bed, and had anal pustules.

  14. Public schools and many private schools are in actuality United Nations gulag camps. We are destroying generation of children with absolute nonsense.

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