The Invisible People Are Fighting Back

When the trans victims start resisting:

Blacks were once invisible people, as have been the unborn. Ex-homosexuals is another obvious category. And now the detransitioners are a new group of invisible people. All these groups have been or still are said to not exist. Out of sight, out of mind. We can ignore them because they are not real persons.

That is how the secular left carries on at any rate. That is how most politicians, most of the mainstream media, and most of our elites operate. By pretending that whole groups of people do not exist, and by treating them accordingly, they can keep pushing their radical agendas.

Just ask yourself this question: when was the last time you saw CNN or the New York Times or SBS or the Sydney Morning Herald present a story on someone who was fully into homosexuality for years, but then left the lifestyle. ‘Never’ you say? Same here. It does NOT happen. It will not happen. The censorship of the media on certain issues is staggering.

It is that way with those who have trans regret. There are now tens of thousands of these folks – at least. They were convinced – often against their own better judgment – that they should go through the transitioning procedures – including physical mutilation – but later had second thoughts.

If you are looking for mega-growth areas, you would have to add detransitioning to things like self-storage and tattoo removalists. The horror stories of those who have transitioned are bad enough, but those who then experience deep regret about this have some of the most heart-breaking and miserable stories to tell.

I have often featured these sad stories on my site. Indeed, entire books and websites exist which are filled with such tragic tales. Here are a few such articles I have written on this:

And here:

But for the most part the lamestream media has refused to go there. But thankfully there may now be a very slow turn around happening. One of the first great upheavals was news of the closing of the notorious Tavistock gender clinic in London. And now a thousand folks who were patients there are suing it:

Things are getting so bad in this area that even hardcore left newspapers like the Melbourne Age have been forced to bite the bullet and start reporting on some of the horror stories that are now out there. In today’s paper there is a shock story of one young Sydney woman who is now suing her psychiatrist. The piece opens this way:

The first time Sydney woman Jay Langadinos saw psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey she was 19, living at home and identifying as male. It was May 2010. Langadinos wanted to start on masculinising hormones and her endocrinologist had referred her to Toohey to assess if she was suitable for the treatment.


According to a statement of claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court in May, the referral letter from Professor Ann Conway said it “seemed likely” Langadinos had “true gender dysphoria”, but she was “very young” and “clearly” needed “thorough psychiatric work-up before embarking on hormone treatment”.


Toohey agreed Langadinos suffered from gender dysphoria – a misalignment between a person’s sex and gender identity – and found she was suitable for hormone therapy, in this case testosterone, which encourages the development of male secondary sexual characteristics.


Langadinos saw Toohey a second time in February 2012. Now she was eager to have her breasts surgically removed. Toohey allegedly found “no contraindication” for her to undergo a bilateral mastectomy. She had the operation in April.


The following month, Langadinos was back again, this time to discuss her wish to have her womb removed. Again, Toohey reported he could not see “any psychiatric contraindication to proceeding with hysterectomy as part of gender transition”. Langadinos underwent the surgery in November, less than seven months after her mastectomy. She was 22.


Toohey’s advice is now subject to a rare legal case. Langadinos, now 31 and no longer identifying as male, is suing Toohey for professional negligence. The case comes amid an intensifying debate in Australia and overseas about the “gender-affirming” approach to treating gender dysphoria after an explosion in young people questioning their gender.


Last month, England’s National Health Service announced it was closing the UK’s only children’s gender service at London’s Tavistock clinic, after preliminary findings from an independent review headed by eminent paediatrician Dr Hilary Cass found doctors felt “pressured to adopt an unquestioning approach” to young patients, especially children.


Langadinos says that around November 3, 2016 – four years after her hysterectomy and during psychiatric treatment provided by Dr Roberto D’Angelo – she “came to the realisation that she should not have undergone the hormone therapy or the first and second surgeries”.


In January 2020, she consulted endocrinologist Dr Christopher Muir about ceasing testosterone treatment. Langadinos claims Toohey “failed to take precautions” to avoid risk of harm “in the nature of loss of her breasts, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries”.


The statement of claim alleges that, before recommending hormonal treatment and the surgeries, Toohey “knew or ought to have known” Langadinos required further psychiatric evaluation by him and by a psychiatrist with specialised expertise in diverse conditions. She alleges that he was negligent in not recommending she get an opinion from a second psychiatrist for her hysterectomy. She told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald: “Knowing that I can’t have children is absolutely devastating.”

“Irreversible.” That is a word we must always keep in mind since most of the procedures being used – often on children – are indeed irreversible. So those who have a change of mind are permanently scarred and permanently altered. In this case this young woman will never be able to have children.

But rarely is this vital information given to those seeking to transition. It tends to be all one way traffic: ‘Oh you identify as male? Well, then obviously you are, and we must go right ahead with all the chemical and surgical procedures.’

In this it is much like abortion. Few pregnant women are told the whole truth about abortion. Few are given ALL the information so there can be genuine informed consent. Most women are rushed through to the abortion mill, no questions asked.

It has been the same here, and it is terrific that finally there is some fightback, starting with the victims themselves. The news of Tavistock’s closing was wonderful indeed, and it is hopefully just the beginning of a trend. Just as many women who have been harmed by their abortions are starting to sue their doctors and the medical community, so too here.

Good, let’s put these miscreants out of business. If they refuse to listen to reason and common sense, then let the law courts deal with them. And there certainly have been plenty of experts warning about this over the years. Let me close with the words of just one: Walt Heyer, who did the whole journey from male to female back to male again. He said this years ago:

“No objective tests can prove that the transgender condition exists. No physical examination, blood test, bone marrow test, chromosome test, or brain test will show that a person has gender dysphoria. It is a condition revealed solely by the patient’s feelings. Yet the recommended treatment is extreme—cross-gender hormones and sex-reassigning surgery.”

It sure is extreme. Keep those lawsuits coming – this barbarism has to stop!

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  1. It’s the same insane reasoning used for justifying abortion.

    “The fetus is not viable, unable to survive outside the womb, so if I take it out and it dies, it is not murder.”
    Pro Lifer
    “So, if you and I are aboard a spaceship, and we cannot survive outside the ship-and I throw you into the airlock, ejecting you into the vacuum of space – that isn’t murder ?”

  2. Thanks for your boldness in speaking out on this issue. It is not just what you say but the way you say it. Certainly not hate speech. Rather spoken out of love and a desire to save people from these so called doctors who have forgotten their oath to “first do no harm”!

  3. Thanks Bill for taking the time and effort to bring all these atrocities to us that need changing.

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