A Review of Trans Life Survivors. By Walt Heyer.


There have always been growth areas – areas in which some service or industry booms and a lot of money is made. Think of the self-storage business for example, or more recently, tattoo-removalists. Another such new boom industry is emerging: detransitioning.

This refers to the trans movement of course, where someone has transitioned to the sex they were not born with. That can include radical things like sex reassignment surgery, etc. But many find this was not the panacea they were hoping for, so they detransition – they seek to go back to their natal sex.

One person who knows all about this is Walt Heyer. He was born male, transitioned to female at age 42, and lived that way for eight years. He then detransitioned, and has since been helping others in this area. He has already penned a number of important books on this issue, including his 2013 volume, Gender, Lies and Suicide.

His brand-new book is a must read. It tells the stories of around 30 people who have been there and done that – they have transitioned, and now deeply regret that decision, and have or are in the process of detransitioning. No one can remain unmoved as they read these horror stories of people who may have had mental, psychological and emotional problems, only to have things made much worse by the activists and the medical community.

The simple truth is, pretending you can alter your actual sex is as much of a lie as it is a fool’s paradise. It changes none of the underlying issues and problems that really need to be dealt with. No amount of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone therapy, or gender reassignment surgery, can overcome the real problems.

And these untreated issues include depression, childhood abuse and neglect, phobias and adjustment disorders. These are what must be looked at and dealt with. But an entire industry has sprung up which rushes through physical and cosmetic ‘solutions’ to these much deeper problems.

Any one of these stories should wake us up to the tragic human toll the “gender experts” are inflicting on so many people, including so many vulnerable young people. Indeed, I wish I could share them all, but let me highlight just a few.

One admittedly extreme story is well worth sharing. It concerns Blair, a poor guy who had 167 surgeries in 18 years from 1987 to 2005, costing him over $220,000! He actually even won the Guinness World Record for the most gender reassignment surgeries. Says Heyer, this was “a blatant disregard for Blair’s physical and emotional wellbeing.” He continues:

Candidates for sex change surgeries are vulnerable and ill-equipped to grasp the consequences of surgeries on their bodies and the effects on their future. They are easily approved for unnecessary procedures by surgeons willing to accommodate them….

Some who contact me regret their one surgery. Blair regrets every one of his 167 surgeries. Having painfully proven that surgeons cannot construct his “true self,” Blair found his true male self in following Jesus Christ. The doctors and surgeons failed him in their responsibility to “first, do no harm” – as the Hippocratic Oath says – while profiting from the 167 disfiguring surgeries. Yet, they will not be held accountable or responsible for gross medical misconduct or malpractice against the good man.

Consider another quite sad but typical story: that of Michael. Like so many, he had an emotionally traumatic childhood that led to a desire for gender change, but as is almost always the case, the emotional issues remained – unresolved – after the surgery. Says Michael:

I am so glad I came across your website. After 10 months of post-op psychotherapy, I know sadly now my problems were great depression, unresolved issues as you said (I was sexually abused by my grandfather at 3 years old)…. I have already removed the breast implants and will be restarting testosterone soon. I have destroyed my career, my finances, my marriage and alienated my family…. You and all the people that gave me words of encouragement are the only thing keeping me going….

Image of Trans Life Survivors
Trans Life Survivors by Heyer, Walt (Author) Amazon logo

Finally, Tim tells about his escape from the “clutches of the sex change industry”. He says:

Looking around me I knew of one post-op suicide and several other very unhappy and remorseful post-ops. There were several post-ops who suffered severe physical complications, such as a fistula forming between the constructed vagina and rectum, bladder damage, and partial paralysis of the legs…

Eventually I detransitioned to my male identity. That was in 1991. I continue to be happy with the choice I’ve made. Looking back, I see the gender clinic as more interested in their agenda and medical empire-building than in the well-being of myself or their other patients. I can only imagine it has become worse now that children are being encouraged to go down the path that they are not emotionally or intellectually mature enough to fully understand.

As all these stories make crystal clear, the sad truth is, all the physical changes in the world, even including vaginoplasty and phalloplasty surgery will not deal with the real, internal issues that are crying out to be addressed. It is fake medicine that pushes a confused young person into expensive and dangerous physical surgeries while refusing to address the real issues.

This is a blight on the entire medical community in general, and the sex change industry in particular. Indeed, consider the story of Kyle Scanlon, a well-respected and supported leader and activist in the Canadian trans community. Like so many others, he committed suicide. As Heyer writes,

The suicides continue because doctors fail to effectively diagnose and treat the comorbid mental disorders. Scanlon’s suicide is the factual evidence, an unfortunate consequence of focusing on the outward appearance when psychological issues run deep inside…. No amount of change – including all the surgeries to “look good” – can ever be enough to heal the ache inside.

In fact, over 40 per cent of transgender adults attempt suicide at some time, “even after changing their sex. As the research shows, a high percentage of this population has clinical depression, the undisputed leading cause of suicide.”

But this book is not just an important collection of individual stories, demonstrating the harm being done to these people by the activists, politicians, the medical profession, and others. It also includes chapters on how young children are being harmed by all this. Says Heyer:

Doctors have no scientific basis for their recommendations to prescribe hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones or transition surgeries for children with gender dysphoria. The truth is that no one can predict whether a gender dysphoric child will feel the same way years later.

And the book concludes with a helpful information section, telling us much of what we need to know about the trans movement. In sum, writes Heyer:

Most regretters come to understand it is categorically impossible to achieve a sex change, biologically, scientifically, or surgically. A change of sex is only a hypothesis and the recommended treatment isn’t based on controlled, randomized long-term scientific research…. Real people with real stories filled with pain and consequences are a chilling reminder of the madness of the trans life.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for your courage to tell the TRUTH. Having worked in human service for over 20 yrs, I have been so concern at the pressure on young people to change their gender. God made us a man and a woman. Otherwise he would have mentioned it in scripture. I pray your books will resonate with young people asking questions and that the truth will set them free to be all that God intended them to be.

  2. Great article Bill.
    Daniel Andrews is keen to criminalise reparative therapy, describing it as “bigoted quackery”.
    His own bigoted description is much better suited to the whole trans-gender freak show he’s abetting – 1,000 fold.
    A shame we can’t have Walt Heyer’s book made compulsory reading for all teachers, parents and children.
    I wonder if Andrews or Shorten will consider banning it as “hate speech”! Wouldn’t put it past them.

  3. I have said this before, but it is worth repeating.
    “There are 37.2 trillion cells in your body.”

    “In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females. Females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome.”

    * This (37.2 trillion) objective reality will trump any subjective concept of who a person decides he/she is.
    * This objective reality will trump any amount of ‘reassignment’ surgery.

  4. My heart is really beginning to break for those who have been, are now or will be taking the trans train to Transexualville. There is real compassion apparent in both Heyer’s book and in your review. My mother would have referred to them as “broken angels”. I appreciate the culpable emphasis being shifted to the medical community for encouraging and abetting this aberration. The poor souls who look to them for their salvation really are victims in a way.

  5. The ACT local government was in the forefront of the demand for “marriage equality”. There are two (known) gays, with partners, in the Labor Government. Including the Chief Minister. Neither, for what ever reason has yet bothered? to get married.

    I take it from this, “marriage equality” now means traditional, or any form of marriage, is now deemed of even less real consequence.

    They were never up front – “marriage equality” now means “equality” with what ever they want.

  6. Great article. I’m amazed at the number of people who swallow the lie that we can change our gender. They listen to the loudest, angriest voices and not the voices of reason. Thanks for continuing to speak out.

  7. Having a disconnect between body and mind, will inevitably result in internal ambiguity/chaos -refer.

    (The above 9news article has now been taken down. You might remember the horrific event. A transgendered person with an axe, attacked and injured innocent shoppers).

    Now the transactivits have taken out injunctions against all Australian media to prevent them linking the above crime to ‘transgender’. Stand by for the media response.

    This is the same attempt to use the ‘lone-wolf-defense’ to try to disconnect terrorism with Islam. No one is convinced.

  8. Transgender ambush of Australian Press Council

    Trans-lawfare. Truth apparently is not a defence.

    The complaint has been referred by the Anti-Discrimination Board to the NSW Civil and ­Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

    It alleges the Press Council improperly disposed of the complaint, lodged by Rainbow Rights Watch, about an article published on News.com.au about 7-Eleven axe attacker Evie Amati.

    The article referred prominently to Amati’s transgender stat­us, which played a key role at her trial.

    Rainbow Rights Watch said the article contributed to the prejudice and distress experienced by transgender people and by dismissing the complaint, the Press Council had discriminated against her by treating her complaint less favourably than complaints related to individuals’ refugee status or religion.


    1. “The article referred prominently to Amati’s transgender stat­us, which played a key role at her trial”.

    2. Truth is apparently not an acceptable defence.

  9. But how is it that surgeons can involve themselves in this process?

    What are we to make of surgeons that lop off the breasts of a teenage girl?

    A whore for money!

  10. What excuse does a surgeon have for disfiguring a patient with mental problems? Nazi doctors in concentration camps did similar experiments, and when the stories were told the world was horrified. It should be horrified right now – especially attempting to transition a minor.
    Lies about abortion helping the mother, lies about being born gay, lies about gender transitioning, the lies are so brazen they are absurd… Seems as if the crazier the lie the more it sticks!

  11. I know now of one friend’s son who has decided he is a female. Mom accepts that and even calls him by his feminized name. I won’t do that I thought she had a son and daughter until she told the the story. This son comes from a broken home where the father had no more contact with him. Other son has done and dealt drugs and been continually in and out of trouble. HELLO?

    Now this son who should have finished college already had one more semester to go. Is he going to finish? Nope and mom can’t get anything from him as to why. It is so obvious to see that this boy is in serious need of mental help, but our culture wants to condone his choice when they should be offering him the help he so badly needs.

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