Trans Militants Really Hate Children

They are coming after our kids – no doubt about it:

The sexual revolutionaries hate children. There is no other way to account for their shocking attempts to fully sexualise our children, and to allow them to harm themselves in the most egregious fashion, including self-mutilation along with permanent physical and emotional damage.

Among the worst offenders here are the radical trans activists who are intent on seeing our children scarred for life – literally. And they keep on pushing for ALL children of ALL ages to be inflicted with this insidious ideology. Consider a few of the more recent examples of the trans assault on our children.

The first has to do with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Among other things, it sets guidelines for transgender treatments throughout the world. Kirralie Smith of Binary says this about its latest recommendations:

WPATH recommends children begin life-long drug dependence from as young as 8 years old. Puberty blockers are not simply a pause, as often suggested by trans activists. They can have serious side effects and usually lead to a child going on to cross sex hormones. WPATH is advising this should be considered for children as young as 14 years old. Cross-sex hormones do irreversible damage to children resulting in no sexual function, sterility, bone and brain development issues.


Staggeringly, they also recommend invasive surgeries; mutilating perfectly healthy body tissue to appropriate the appearance of the opposite sex. Removing healthy breast tissue from teenage girls means they will never be able to breastfeed their babies. Deforming an arm or leg to harvest tissue to make a non-functioning penis leaves girls scarred with no sexual function. WPATH are recommending girls as young as 15 start this process.


At 15 a girl is not permitted to drive, get a tattoo, marry, drink alcohol or vote. Yet WPATH suggests she is mature enough to make a decision about surgery and drugs that have life-long implications.

In Germany we have more of this trans madness. As one homosexual website reports:

Germany is expected to introduce a bill allowing trans people to request a legal name and gender change without having to undergo surgery, hormone therapy or a psychological consultation. The Self-Determination Act, which was first presented on 30 June, would allow trans adults – and minors aged 14 and older with permission from their parents or guardians – to change their gender and first name once a year, every year.


Trans and non-binary people could change their name and gender at a registry office, without any medical reports or a court order. The bill states a fine can be given if a person’s gender or name change is disclosed without their permission.


Family minister Lisa Paus said: “The Self-Determination Act will improve the lives of transgender people and recognise gender diversity. In many areas, society is further ahead of legislation. As a government, we have decided to create a legal framework for an open, diverse and modern society.” The upcoming bill is part of sweeping reforms of LGBTQ+ rights in Germany.

Dutch conservative activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek tweeted this about the move:

Germany is about to outlaw the truth. Under the so called ‘Self-Determination Act’ anyone aged 14 and over will be allowed to legally change their gender & first name once a year, every year. Also making it punishable by law to not refer to someone by their preferred pronouns. . . . Some more shocking specifics about the law: “misgendering” someone (aka refusing to partake in a lie) or calling someone by their old name could lead up to a fine of €2,500.

Sadly it is not just secular left organisations that are pushing all this on our vulnerable children. Even some apostate religious left bodies are doing the same. Consider this diabolical moonbattery from the American Episcopalians. It recently issued a complete endorsement of “gender-affirming care” at any age:

Resolved, that the 80th General Convention calls for the Episcopal Church to advocate for access to gender affirming care in all forms (social, medical, or any other) and at all ages as part of our Baptismal call to “respect the dignity of every human being”; and be it further


Resolved, that the 80th General Convention affirms that all Episcopalians should be able to partake in gender affirming care with no restriction on movement, autonomy, or timing; and be it further


Resolved, that the 80th General Convention understands that the protection of religious liberty extends to all Episcopalians who may need or desire to access, to utilize, to aid others in the procurement of, or to offer gender affirming care…

American commentator Jonathon Van Maren says this about it:

“Gender-affirming care” is trans-speak for sex changes and puberty blockers. It means castrations for the boys; double mastectomies for the girls; and life-long drug regimens that irreversibly damage those who take them. One of the most devastating revelations in the NHS report into the Tavistock clinic is that puberty blockers likely impact brain development and decision making as well as deforming the genitals, eliminating sexual function, reducing bone growth, and destroying fertility.


Despite that — and despite warnings from clinicians and medical practitioners from France to Finland — the Episcopal Church has endorsed these practices “with no limit on timing.” As far as the Episcopalians are concerned, Johnny can get his sex change right after his public school teacher lets him know that it is an option.

There is no doubt that a war has been declared on our children. Rod Dreher recently wrote about why this revolutionary madness of the trans militants should cause all of us to be shocked to the very core of our being:

The phrase “moral panic” refers to a fear-driven mass overreaction to a phenomenon that is either false or minor. Witch hunts are the usual manifestation of a moral panic. There are no witches (well, technically not true, at least these days, but the witches didn’t poison the well), so to freak out and persecute women because they might be a witch is a classic example of moral panic. The Satanic abuse craze of the 1990s is another. Again: a “moral panic” ensues when there is a mass freakout over something that doesn’t exist, or is extremely minor and in no way justifies the size and intensity of the reaction.


The other day, I saw on Twitter someone saying that they are a good liberal and all that, but they are really worried about what they’re seeing regarding the emerging culture of the medical and teaching professions encouraging children to transition to the opposite sex. “But,” said this person, “I don’t want to surrender to a moral panic.”


I submit to you that a moral panic is precisely the correct response to this egregious phenomenon. That is, what is happening is so hideous, and so widespread, and the reaction by most people to this point has been so muted to non-existent, that if you are not panicking, you are not paying attention.


Most people are not on Twitter, and if you’re one of these people, you may not be aware of the extent of the insanity. The media are not covering it, of course. It falls to badasses like Matt Walsh, Chaya Raichik (who runs the Libs Of Tik Tok account), Christina Buttons, and Chris Elston, the guy who runs the Billboard Chris website and Twitter account, to sound the alarm.


The things they document are not nut-picking (the practice of finding extreme weirdos, and falsely using them as an example of the whole). They are completely mainstream. These are things that, if we had a functional media instead of a Narrative-massaging industry, would be widely reported, and discussed intensely.

We all ought to be morally panicked about this devilish declaration of war on our innocent children. And if you are NOT bothered by all this, you are part of the problem.

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12 Replies to “Trans Militants Really Hate Children”

  1. Bill, I’m politically incorrect & call it as it is. It’s not “gender reassigment surgery” or “gender affirming surgery”; it’s a “sex change operation”, or more crudely “the chop”.
    It’s also “genital mutilation” which many of the proponents of these procedures protest about, especially to females in Islamic countries.
    What a double standard!

  2. Do the parents not realize they will be confronted, accused and rejected later on in life, if their children then reject the decision that was essentially made for them? All they can say is that we did it out of ‘love’, which is far different to care.
    I’d suggest Bill that concerned parents DO USE PRONOUNS for their kids – Miss and Master – and Dan Andrews and the public schools will have to live with that – as they have no legal comeback. And you could tell the schools you only want your kids to be called their surname by teachers – ‘Master/Miss Jones’. Then tell them that your child’s doctor – and lawyer said so. The other kids won’t abuse them as it is just another pronoun to them, but one they will probably mention, when they get home.
    God Bless Bill.

  3. Thankfully the Australian has the integrity to print real life stories without being captive to radical LGBT ideologies. Article from today’s Australian. Shame that our public broadcaster is more interested in ideology rather than truth and won’t report truthfully on such important issues.

  4. They call abortion ‘reproductive health’; they call euthanasia ‘dying with dignity’; they call free speech ‘hate speech’; they call power cuts ‘load shedding’; they call tax increases ‘budget savings’; and now they call gender denying ‘gender affirming’. What’s that Bible verse? – “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  5. A comment was made a few days or a week or so ago about how kids know they’re trans from birth. So it seems they want to push this even further or give more cover to those raising their children from birth as the opposite sex. Especially in cases where you have maybe 4 boys already and this is your last chance at a daughter but you gave birth to a son but thanks to careful “raising” he came out as a girl to everyone’s surprise not long after he could speak. 30-40 years ago we called this stuff Munchausen by proxy now it just good parenting. We used to understand that transgender was a mental disorder a disconnect between body and brain and that the BRAIN had to be brought inline with the body NOT the other way around.

    There a episode of mash where a general asks: Nurse, is everybody around here crazy? To which she replies: Everybody who’s sane is, sir. That almost the way it seems now the crazy ones are considered sane and the normal ones are considered insane.

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