The All-Out War on Morality, Rationality and Normality

The ugly vilification of Moira Deeming is reprehensible:

If you think it is the norm that men and women are fully interchangeable, that marriage is open to any combination, and that killing babies is just peachy, then you will fit in just fine with the Victorian Labor Party, the Herald Sun, and all those of the secular left.

And if you know what is going on in Victoria, you are left with one burning question: How long before Moira Deeming is booted out of the state Liberal Party just like Bernie Finn was? If you still do not know whereof I speak, let me explain.

In today’s Herald Sun there was a horrific hatchet job on newly elected Liberal politician Moira Deeming. It seems they uncovered some earlier emails of hers that inform us that she is far worse than Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper and Genghis Khan combined.

Her crimes? She thinks babies should not be murdered in the thousands; marriage is between a man and a woman; and males cannot become females and vice versa. Oh, and worse yet, she is a biblical Christian! So crucify her already. We can NOT allow such horrible people to be anywhere near our political process. Sack her now!!

That is the view of Labor, the loony left, and the two twits who wrote the HS article. I hate to even share parts of it here – it is so bad. Talk about a nasty piece of vilification. I thought Victoria had laws against these sorts of things. But let me share some of the piece here:

Emails from a Victorian Liberal MP have been unearthed, exposing extremist views on sex workers and the transgender community. Sex Work Law Reform Victoria sought a Freedom of Information request between the Melton City Council and member for the Western Metropolitan region, Moira Deeming.


In the explosive emails sent between 2020 and 2022, Ms Deeming shared her intent to change abortion laws in Victoria and expressed a fervent opposition to the LGQBTIQ++ community, in particular the transgender rights movement.


As a former high school teacher, Ms Deeming has since critiqued the education sector in Victoria since her win at last year’s state election. In one email, Deeming said that she did not win her Liberal preselection on “merit”, rather it was an act of divine intervention. “I did not win (Liberal Party preselection) on merit … I won because God arranged it.” she said.

Let me stop right there. So here we go: dragging up her Christian convictions. Um, if a Muslim MP had said something similar, and thanked Allah for helping him to get elected, would the lamestream media be baying for his blood? I don’t think so. There is only one belief system that can be vilified at will, with no consequences.

And the journalists managed to grab most of the radical left groups around to offer ‘comments’. In addition to Sex Work Law Reform Victoria, they also were able to get juicy quotes from a Victorian Greens LGBTIQA+ spokeswoman, a Labor MP, and even Premier Daniel Andrews himself! They just needed ex-hooker and ex-MP Fiona Patten to make a comment, and they would have made a clean sweep of it.

Here is a bit more of this hit-piece:

Andrews government minister Danny Pearson on Thursday said Ms Deeming’s views on abortion were “appalling”. “I think it would be a retrograde step that would take us back to the dark ages,” he said. “What do people actually want to see happen? Poorer women who couldn’t afford to see a healthcare professional haemorrhaging in the back alleyways of Melbourne because they can’t afford healthcare? “That was the lived experience for the generations before us here. “We are a progressive city. The notion that the right’s of women are going to be dragged back to the 1950s, I find appalling.”

Good grief. It is “appalling” to want to see innocent and helpless babies saved from being led to the slaughter? Is that so stone-agey? Imagine adhering to what most people for millennia have believed, that “do no harm” is the first principle of medicine, as even the pagan Hippocratic Oath put it 2500 years ago. But of course one quite rarely gets taught that in medical school today.

And I never quite understood how pushing the right to kill babies for any reason somehow makes a city “progressive”. The real work of progress, the real advance of civilisation, has always been to protect life, defend the innocent, and thwart those who want to be free to kill at will.

But leave it to Dictator Dan to really take the cake here:

Premier Daniel Andrews hit back at her inaugural speech, which took aim at sex workers and transgender Victorians’ “extreme” attempts at gaining equality. However, less than 24 hours later the Premier said he had no interest hearing what Ms Deeming had to say.


“I didn’t hear her speech, I’m almost certain I won’t read it and almost equally certain that the member of parliament would love nothing more than me to be talking about her on the back door of parliament to try and push forward and propagate an agenda,” he said.


Mr Andrews went on to say Ms Deeming’s stance wasn’t an “example of the best of” Victorians. “You know, we are an inclusive, harmonious, respectful place where equality is not negotiable and that’s always been my view; it’s always been our policy,” he said.

Ya always gotta love it when the most bigoted, intolerant and exclusive lefties around drone on and on about being “an inclusive, harmonious, respectful place”. Yeah right – inclusive of only secular lefties who hate babies, hate heterosexual marriage, and are happy to mutilate children to keep the adult trans militants happy. That is some kinda inclusion.

Oh, and as mentioned: Just how long will it be before the spineless wimps in the Liberal Party decide young Moira is just too hot to handle, and it is time for her to go? We know the Libs of today are overwhelmingly a bunch of woke wonders who are doing their best to cozy up to Labor and the Greens. Someone like Moira will spoil the party.

Think it can’t happen? You are dreaming. Recall Bernie Finn, the most consistent conservative MP the state Libs had. What happened to him? The Libs booted him out for holding to the exact same positions that Moira holds to. For daring to be pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and concerned about the trans war on our children, he was unceremoniously given the flick.

It seems to be simply a matter of time before this becomes Moira’s fate as well. Sure, we can pray for miracles to happen – that she stays in there for quite a while and makes a real difference. But she would be a real remnant figure in the Liberal Party unfortunately. The knives will be out for her, so please do keep her in your prayers.

I conclude by stating that I happen to know Moira. I can assure you she is neither a hateful bigot nor a crazed axe-murderer. She is a fine young woman, wife and mother who cares deeply about Victoria and the kind of community her children will have to grow up in.

We expect Labor and the moonbat lefties to hate on someone like her, but it is especially despicable when a major newspaper dishes out such tripe. Shame on the lot of them.

And three cheers for Moira.

BTW, you can listen to her terrific 21-minute maiden speech in Parliament here:

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15 Replies to “The All-Out War on Morality, Rationality and Normality”

  1. It appears Dan Andrews did not complete his sentence correctly. What he meant to say was Victoria is “an exclusive, disharmonious, disrespectful place, where inequality is not negotiable, where we kill people we find inconvenient and don’t listen to people who disagree with our arrogant, prejudiced ideas.”

    Of course making judgments without looking at all the information is precisely what being prejudiced and bigoted is all about.

    I wonder how you get through to someone who doesn’t want to hear that babies in the womb feel pain exactly like he does or that calling unequal things with entirely different moral consequence “equal” is not only illogical it is also immoral. He is like a child closing his eyes and covering his ears and going “la, la, la” so he doesn’t hear what he doesn’t want to.

  2. What an inspiring speech for sex-based rights in government, exposing hypocrisy and harmful practice, going back to at least Bill Shorten’s time as Leader of the Labor Party.

  3. Thanks for standing up for Moira. I know her too, and she is absolutely an example of ‘the best of Victorians’ – one Mr Andrews could learn a lot from.

    He, and especially the spineless Liberals ready to throw her under the bus, could do with hearing from the constituency they are insulting by disparaging her perfectly mainstream views…

  4. Moria is an outstanding and exemplary woman that stands for fairness, family, dignity and in fighting for the integrity of our children.

    It is astoundingly sad what is happening in our nation and nations throughout the west, and it’s such a great blessing to countless families to hear their valid concerns and voices raised through the outstanding efforts of those just like Moira.

  5. I was going to write something longer but I feel Michael Weeks above said much of everything I wanted to. Mr Andrews is as backwards and retrograde a leader that can ever be imagined for Victoria. The man has zero respect for human life and Mrs Deeming is spot on both morally and scientifically. Mr Pearson sounds equally as bad.

    The mind boggles that people can with their words sound so civilised and yet almost could not be more barbaric with their acts. I suggest both men study some genetics to get some background on the amazing design and preciousness of life, a fact Mrs Deeming obviously understands better than many in the Victorian Parliament.

  6. I’m not sure what speech either Daniel Andrews or the HS were commenting on but it wasn’t the one I just heard Moira Deeming deliver in the Victorian parliament. I guess things have just gotten so twisted now in some people’s minds that they simply don’t recognize truth, reason and reality delivered with courage and conviction born out of deep concern for children, parents, women, and the parlous state of politics.

  7. That was an outstanding speech, and Andrews is an absolute fool to not listen to it, for his own political survival. I would say he’s overplayed his hand this time.
    He’s become so arrogant, and he thinks he doesn’t need to worry about what his opponents, and the electorate at large, are thinking and saying. You just have to hear the applauses (not sure of it was from the floor or the gallery).

  8. Moira is a breath of fresh air, and I was more than pleased to hear her maiden speech to the thunderous applause of a packed gallery. I can assure you that Moira has plenty of supporters inside and outside of the Liberal Party. She has already made a very positive impact in her Western Metro Region. Andrews is right to fear what Moira will do in Labor heartland.

  9. Wonderful to see that there are courageous people like Moira Deeming in the battlefield that is Australian politics today. She is brave enough to stand up for what she feels is just, and right, and good; to preserve human life, both before and after birth; and to preserve morality and rational thinking.

  10. Bill – I thought you might like to read this reply from my local MLA to an email I sent to him.
    Grace and peace to you.
    Neil Harvey

    My email:
    I am forwarding this article to you because it makes mention of the Liberal Party of Victoria (of which you are a member) and more importantly because it is an article about a fellow Liberal Party parliamentary colleague of yours.

    I would appreciate hearing from you, in writing, in regard to (a) your personal ’take’ on this matter, and (b) the Liberal Party of Victoria’s response.

    My local MLA’s response:
    Thank you for your email. Mr T has asked me to pass on the following:

    In the attached article “The All-Out War on Morality, Rationality and Normality” by Bill Muehlenberg, it is the Herald Sun newspaper journalist/s, The Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister Danny Pearson who are attacking the views expressed by Moria Deeming, not any member of the Liberal Party.

    The difference between the Liberal & Labor Parties is that Liberal members are entitled to their views, unlike their Labor counterparts who must tow the party line or be expelled. Liberal members are ‘permitted’ to cross the floor. Labor members are not.

    Bernie Finn was not expelled from the Liberal Party for his personal views, it was due to his behaviour.

    B considers that Moira Deeming MLC is making a valued contribution to parliament.

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