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More on the woke Libs and their ugly vilification of Moira Deeming:

A lot can happen in 24 hours. Last night I wrote about the fate of Victorian Liberal Party MP Moira Deeming. It seems that for daring to persistently and bravely hold to old-fashioned conservative values (such as defending life, family and freedom) the spineless wonders in this once conservative party want her gone – forever!

Liberal leader John Pesutto has sought to have her expelled from the party. But the Libs should not dump Moira Deeming but Pesutto and all the other useless twits and woke wonders who now run the show. All they are doing is seeking to ensure that Labor stays in power for decades to come.

Last night’s article is found here:

In an update to it I said that thankfully some resistance is mounting among the Libs, and not all of them are happy about giving Moira the boot. And I quoted from the Melbourne Age as well:

[F]ormer federal Liberal MP Nicolle Flint said Deeming’s expulsion from the party room was “insane”. “The only person who should go is the leader of the Liberal Party because he’s clearly not a Lib,” Flint said. Deeming’s supporters have pointed to the comments by the Australian Jewish Association, which issued a statement saying it was “disgraceful” some politicians and elements of the media had falsely smeared the rally as being involved with neo-Nazis. “The Let Women Speak organisers had nothing to do with the event,” the association said.

Other voices have been speaking out as well. Jacinta Nampijinpa for example said this: “If @JohnPesutto throws Moira Deeming under the bus he will have trampled on the rights of women! Standing with Moira was Jewish women, Muslim women and women from all political persuasions!! To trample women’s rights by calling women nazis who are not is not leadership!!!!”

And Stephanie Bastiaan of the Woman’s Forum Australia wrote these words in part:

I attended the rally on Saturday, and what started as a peaceful gathering of women very quickly turned ugly, with trans rights activists threatening violence and a face-off between Fascists and Communists.


The police permitted the Fascists in black masks to stand on the steps of parliament, where they used a megaphone to drown out the women speaking before walking in front of the trans activists riling them up. They were there to antagonise and start a fight. The crowd became so uncontrollable the police asked me to leave with my daughters for our safety.


In an extraordinary turn of events, rather than slamming the trans rights activists, Communists and Fascists for bullying women, the media and politicians have attempted to smear Kellie-Jay Keen and the #LetWomenSpeak rally with the Neo-Nazis.


The Liberal Party should be standing up for women’s rights. Their silence on male rapists and criminals being housed in female prisons under self-ID laws has been a disgrace. Their lack of concern that girls attending public school now have to share bathroom facilities with boys in the name of ‘inclusion’ is appalling. They are now trying to cancel a woman brave enough to fight for female rights in the public arena.

She concludes:

Pesutto should have learned the lessons of Malcolm Turnbull. You can team up with the radical left and attack your colleagues for only so long. Once no one is left more offensive than you, then you’ll be next. No level of appeasement will disarm the radical left. They will always have another campaign, another social justice cause and another excuse for big government to tell us all what to do.


Enough about the Nazi nonsense. It’s a distraction. When did standing up for women’s rights and safety become politically unacceptable?

Also, Avi Yemini of Rebel News had a brief interview with the main speaker behind all the ruckus, Kellie-Jay Keen. Said Avi:

Speaking with 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell this morning, Pesutto said that Deeming’s association with Keen, also known as Posie Parker, was at odds with the traditionally conservative party’s values. Pessuto claimed Keen had a history of association with extremist groups and had conducted video interviews with Richard Spencer, a prominent figure in the American alt-right movement, and had shared a platform with David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

She told Avi this in response:

I think libel and defamation laws are pretty robust in Australia. So it’s a shameful thing to do. And Moira, standing up for the safeguarding of children. You think you’re supposed to be conservatives, for God’s sake. I’ve never met or spoken to either of those men, ever. I’ve got no connection with those men. It’s my Wikipedia. Someone has done a Wikipedia page to try and silence me, to shut me up, which I just refuse to do, and I can’t even edit it. It’s like some weird lock on it, so I can’t do anything about that. But to make claims based on a Wikipedia page when you’re supposed to be a serious politician is preposterous. What a shameful man.

Hey, sue his pants off! It would be the best thing that could happen to him. And Ben Davis of Caldron Pool put it this way:

So, let’s just get this straight: A group of women legally gathered to speak about women’s rights in Australia. That gathering was crashed by a group of males. Politicians and the media are now refusing to listen to that group of women. Instead, they’re insisting that the group of males represent and speak for those women. And to make matters worse, the women are now being held responsible for the actions of the men. Let Women Speak, indeed! In sum, if you want to shut down and silence your opponent in Australia, all you have to do is attend their rally and raise the Nazi salute. That’s apparently all it takes to have your political opposition expelled.

Not to be outdone, Australian feminist Sall Grover said this in a tweet: “I’m going to say out loud what we’re not supposed to say: The only group that has benefited from Nazis invading a Let Women Speak event are Trans Activists, who are using it as a tool to stop women being heard. If Nazis are *benefitting* your movement, you’re in a bad movement.”

So there is starting to be a lot of fightback going on here. Good! ‘Liberal opposition’ has been an oxymoron for decades now, both in Victoria, other states, and nationally. The party keeps moving to the left, imitating Labor and the Greens, and then wondering why they keep losing election after election. Idjuts!

If you are concerned about all this – and you SHOULD be – you can write to John Pesutto and tell him what you think. Use this email:


Two hours ago Moira released this very important press release which should finally put all the lies to rest:


Personal statement:
I have been informed that there will be a vote in the Liberal Party room to determine whether I should be allowed to remain or be expelled from the Parliamentary Party.

Let me clear – I have done nothing wrong. Those who organised the Let Women Speak event on the weekend have done nothing wrong.

Despite this, a select few members of the Liberal leadership team have condemned me unjustly.

This is an inflection point for the Liberal Party in Victoria. There are two paths the Party must choose from. Does it accept the utterly false premise that anyone who chooses to speak out reasonably, constructively, and legally is somehow an endorsement for anyone at all who happens to show up at a public event? Are we truly suggesting that we let Daniel Andrews decide the rules about who is attached to and responsible for who? This from a Premier whose own Party was found to have rorted the tax payer over the scandalous red shirts affair and yet apparently has nothing to do with it and bears no responsibility or accountability for it.

Or will the Liberal Party choose this moment to draw a line in the sand and stand on our principles. I believe that Victorians want us as Liberals to stand up to the bullying from Daniel Andrews. They’ve had enough of the spin and the slander. And enough of women and girls being silenced about the extraordinary challenges we face.

My intention is to fight and to remain a member of the team. I hope that my colleagues draw the line and say enough, and that I am able to fight alongside them. I hope that when I have the opportunity to present the facts as they occurred, that my colleagues will stand on principle and vote down the motion to have me expelled.

Background statement:

On Saturday 18th of March, I attended the ‘Let Women Speak’ event hosted by ‘Standing For Women UK’ (SFW).

SFW advocates for the reinstatement of reasonable biological-sex based rights and against the irreversible and harmful medical transitioning practices used on gender non-conforming, autistic and gay minors.

This organisation and its goals are mainstream and global, supported by high profile members and leaders of every mainstream political party in the world.

The Melbourne “Let Women Speak” event was attended by Muslims, Christians, Atheists and members of the Greens, Labor, LDP and Liberal Parties. I announced on International Women’s Day, in Parliament that I’d be in attendance and invited Natalie Hutchins to join me, because she is the Minister for Women.

Due to threats of violence from extreme left activists including the notorious Antifa, I was approached and asked if I could drive international speaker Kelly Jay and her security guards to park in Parliament House car park, for safer passage to and from the Parliament House steps. I sought and gained permission from Parliament services to do so.

The event was very ably organised by Angela Jones, a left-wing, pro-gay rights Jewish woman, who liaised with Victoria Police to arrange a buffer zone between her event and any counter protestors.

This is why I and the other attendees were horrified to see masked men all clad in black inside the buffer zone. We thought that we were going to be attacked. However, the police did not seem worried and were talking with them over at the edge of the line.

Later I saw the police seemingly usher these men right through the centre of the buffer zone in between our event and the counter protestors, which is when I saw those men raise their hands in a Hitler salute.

I, along with the few others who were facing them from the front were horrified, but relieved that the police were moving them on.

After the event I was informed that these masked men had in fact mounted Parliament House steps outside of our view on the other end and performed a Nazi salute, and that members of the SFW group asked the police to make them leave, but were informed that the Police had no powers to move them on due to Labor’s removal of those powers.

The Let Women Speak event saw several women injured by the extreme left counter protestors who infiltrated the event. I was assaulted and injured, along with multiple other women, including one who was taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious. They also became violent with police and punched police horses, forcing the event to finish early. I condemn their actions, and call on others to condemn this violence against peaceful women.

I also condemn of the actions of the masked men in black who were later identified as Neo-Nazis, who gate-crashed the Let Women Speak event. Most of the LWS supporters did not realise who they were until they were being escorted out by Victoria Police, when they did the despicable Nazi salute.

I completely reject the beliefs of National Socialists (Nazis) and I have seen first-hand the impact that the Holocaust had on a family member.

None of those organising the event had any involvement with these men, as has been confirmed by Victoria Police, the Australian Jewish Association and all the organisers themselves.

If Daniel Andrews had not repealed the ‘move on’ laws, they could have been removed. The ‘move on’ laws need to be strengthened and I also welcome moves to ban the Nazi salute.

And I hope that the concerns of women and girls will finally be deemed worthy of attention.

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8 Replies to “More On Moira”

  1. Bill’s last sentence is crucial, but make sure you do it quickly; as Mr Presutto may not be the opposition leader for much longer!

  2. Pesutto and Southwick are completely gutless and out of touch with traditional Liberal values. They are an embarrassment both to themselves as “men” and as so-called leaders of the Liberal Party. I am impressed by their unimpressness!!
    No wonder that tens of thousands of Christians have written their party off. God will deal with these wretched toads.

  3. This is really extraordinary. Ive never seen such a vicious, hateful war on reality as the events of the past few days. Women being intimidated, screamed at and called Nazis because they dont want to see a penis in their shower rooms?

    I know leftwing intimidation and hate is nothing new but things have reached a whole new extreme in recent days?

    Demonic behaviour on display?

  4. Transgenderists believe that they are reformers of laws that once upheld marriage between a man and a woman and biological norms that were binary, but when someone wants to reform the reforms, where they disadvantage sections of the community, e.g., biological women’s rights, they are accused of being transphobic.
    To self-select one’s sexual identity and impose it on those norms, e.g., in women’s sport and prison populations, where it can also impinge on dependent children is the issue that Liberal MP Moira Deeming is protesting.
    That the Victorian Liberal Party respects ‘inclusivity’ over the rights of those disadvantaged by such a view and to justify it by making a case of association with social extremists is a kangaroo court.
    Predictably, the Victorian Premier and the Prime Minister have added their own bias to justify the vilification of Mrs Deeming, without respect to all the known facts.
    The Australian editorial (22/3/23) has exposed this latter point and pointed out that the Victorian Leader of the Opposition is “overly sensitive about keeping the company of Ms Deeming” who rejects neo-Nazi association as does the British activist who led the rally, ‘Let Women Speak’, which was approved, as it was in Tasmania, as a fair go for freedom of speech.
    For Mr Andrews and Mr Albanese to protest is disingenuous and blind to the social implications of their actions. Mr Andrews called the rally “evil.” What irony?
    “Why would people attend an anti-trans rally?” asked the PM, blithely oblivious to the obvious disadvantage felt by those who did.
    He made a show of walking in the Sydney Mardi Gras, but when a different view is presented, he plays dumb, either through political conniving or short of a few sheets of bark. Either way, it is damning. Peter Dutton’s reply to the Attorney General on the neo-Nazi accusation was gracious and salient. I know who I would prefer to be steering the ship of state on these facts alone.
    Most of the media refer to the “anti-trans” rally. They too, cannot see the disadvantage protested by people such as MP Deeming, who is now seen as a potential martyr for women’s rights, should she be expelled by the Victorian Liberal Party on Monday.
    That they should reveal their bias in the same manner as the PM is what poses as a fair go in the land of the kangaroo court.
    Those who denigrate people who stand up for women’s rights through accusations of association with neo-Nazis who, it can be said, oppose those rights and those of dependent children should see themselves in the light of the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, who allegedly removed thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia.
    It is not such a long bow to draw an analogy with authoritarian regimes and the behaviour of political leaders in Australia over the issue of MP Deeming’s expulsion from the Liberal Party.

  5. If Matthew Guy had shown some courage and defended Moira before the last election when some initial allegations were made, he may have won points for standing up for faith based people, and may have done better as a result. Who knows, he may have still been leader by showing a stronger side rather than being a pale imitation of Andrews.

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