Moira Versus the Woke Goliath

The leftist Libs really are toast – long live Moira Deeming:

Today was D-Day for Deeming – Moira Deeming, the beleaguered Liberal Party MP whose Christianity and conservatism is basically anathema to the lefty Libs – at least to the woke Lib party machine. Ordinary Liberals mostly would support her. But when you have spineless wonders running the show, that is always bad news.

So the Libs were going to have their vote today to expel her because she champions faith, family and freedom – all things modern Liberal leaders seem to want nothing to do with. But after a tense two-hour meeting the vote to dump her from the parliamentary party was in the end abandoned. She instead was suspended for nine months. She is now more or less history as far as the Liberal bigwigs are concerned.

One news write-up puts it this way:

Moira Deeming has been suspended by the Victorian Liberal Party over her involvement in an anti-trans protest rally which was crashed by a group of neo-Nazis. Ms Deeming addressed the Let Women speak event on March 20, which saw anti-transgender inclusionary activists and LGBTQI+ advocates clash before Nazi sympathizers hijacked the event.


Liberal leader John Pesutto put forward a subsequent expulsion motion condemning Ms Deeming for allegedly organising, promoting and attending the anti-trans rights rally headlined by controversial British activist Posie Parker. Ms Deeming publicly denied any extremists associations and condemned the demonstrations, which included a group of men performing the Nazi salute.


The two-hour Liberal Party meeting at Parliament House on Monday resulted in a nine-month suspension for Ms Deeming.

Suspended for doing nothing wrong! Indeed, it seems she was suspended for associating with some folks who associated with some folks who associated with some folks who might have been rather questionable. That guilt by association thing goes a real long way for these Liberal big cheeses.

So we now know for certain what a useless bunch of spineless wonders are running the Liberal Party. The sad thing is, this is true of just about all the Liberal leadership, be they federal or state. They keep losing because they think that only by being more to the left than Labor can they win elections.

They are thick as a brick. They get slaughtered in the Federal election. They get slaughtered in the Victorian election. They get slaughtered in the Queensland election. They get slaughtered in the WA election. They get slaughtered in the NSW election. Yet they think that by turning on their star Victorian conservative member they will somehow do well in the next election. Idjuts!

It is a sad day for free speech and a sad day for women – women Moira was seeking to champion. For daring to let women speak, she is now in the political wilderness – at least for three quarters of a year. However, she will go on from strength to strength, and it is really the Liberal Party that is in the wilderness.

Peta Credlin last week did a great demolition job on Pesutto, documenting how his charges against Deeming and the main Let Women Speak orator were bogus and baloney. He never did his homework in making these accusations, and he had dug himself into a big hole. Her piece is found here:

And Rita Panahi also penned a great piece a few days ago on this matter. It is well worth quoting from:

The question isn’t whether Moira Deeming is fit to sit in the parliamentary Liberal Party, it’s whether John Pesutto is fit to lead it. It’s one thing to be politically impotent but quite another to be obtuse and unprincipled.


The opposition leader has never laid a glove on the Andrews government, even in the weeks when the premier was mired in multiple scandals, from the outgoing IBAC commissioner accusing his government of revenge attacks, to yet another corruption crisis involving the public service, to a bombshell report revealing state Labor used taxpayer funds to monitor Andrews’ personal popularity during the state’s six lockdowns.


But being hopelessly ineffective is nothing compared to the deeply dishonourable manner in which Pesutto has behaved in recent days in attacking and defaming a first term MP, Moira Deeming, after she was verbally and physically attacked at a “Let Women Speak” rally on the steps of Parliament House.


Instead of calling out the premier’s cynical tactics of blaming women for the actions of around 20 Nazi morons, or condemning the far Left activists engaging in violence that saw several women injured, Pesutto opted to be Dan’s and the media’s useful idiot. He accused Deeming of supposedly being connected to women who were connected to others who interviewed white supremacists. It’s an absurd accusation that appears to be based largely on false information from a Wikipedia page.

She continues:

Little wonder that Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price publicly slammed the Victorian Liberal leader: “If John Pesutto throws Moira Deeming under the bus he will have trampled on the rights of women! Standing with Moira were Jewish women, Muslim women and women from all political persuasions! To trample women’s rights by calling women Nazis who are not is not leadership!”


Indigenous leader and former Labor Party national president Warren Mundine called the opposition leader “gutless” and incapable of leading the Liberals to victory. “This is a continuation of the Liberal leadership that has been so pathetic over the years … he (Pesutto) is completely hopeless,” Mundine told me on Sky News.


“If I was Moira I’d sue him for defamation. (Pesutto) needs to get a backbone and stand up for liberal values … the women did nothing wrong … The sooner they get rid of him the better chance they’ll have of an election victory.” But we must not forget the bulk of the media in this affair who have outdone themselves in gaslighting the public.

If Moira had been expelled she would now be free to move on to bigger and better things – as are so many other Libs who have been booted out or hounded out of the Liberal Party. More power to them. But she has decided to stay and fight, so we must keep her in our prayers. But really, the Libs do not deserve to have champions like her.

There is a little bit of good news here however: While getting nine months in the political wilderness for daring to speak up for women is utterly deplorable, at least Pesutto did not get his way: he had wanted her expelled altogether. So this was a right royal slap in the face for the Liberal leader. Hopefully his days are numbered.

Oh, and Rukshan Fernando (the realrukshan) said it best when he tweeted: “A woman in the Iranian Parliament will be suspended from her position in a political party for 9 months for speaking in public about women’s rights. Oh wait sorry, small typo. In the Victorian Parliament, in Australia. Oh and a member of the “conservative” Liberal Party.”


See this must-watch video by Peta Credlin of the sad saga and Deeming’s incredible speech:

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10 Replies to “Moira Versus the Woke Goliath”

  1. Nine months in the sin bin for Moira Deeming is not much better than expulsion for something of which she is entirely innocent.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s not Moira who came under judgement at this morning’s Liberal party-room meeting, but the Gang of Four — i.e., Liberal leader John Pesutto and his confederates David Southwick, Georgie Crozier and Matt Bach.

    They had the opportunity to accept with humility that they had completely misconstrued the events at the March 19 Let Women Speak rally and, in doing so, seriously defamed Moira’s character.

    Instead, they’ve enlisted the Liberal parliamentary party to humiliate and punish Moira.

    In my opinion, the Gang of Four have effectively administered assisted suicide to the ailing Liberal Party.

  2. This is a ray of sunshine in a dark day. Fresh from the AUKUS meet with President Biden and the UK PM, Mr Albanese performs a classic over-reach with the Voice referendum. This has many similarities with Moira Deeming’s case, most significantly, deception (not releasing the Solicitor-General’s legal advice and keeping the mechanics hid until after the referendum), but misrepresentation is the big one. This is not surprising, given the violent activism against Moira’s stance at the Let Women Speak rally. I am yet to see any violence from her side, but I’m convinced that the tactics displayed by the pro-trans crowd are demonic. They, of course, wouldn’t understand that, especially while giving the one-finger salute, which ironically, is not that dissimilar to the Nazi salute which they associate, wrongly, with Moira. When it comes to association, Mr Pesutto may have learnt something. Belief in the non-rational existence of demonic activity is far more rational than the behaviour of those who shut down free speech aimed at discussing the rights of biological women. Moira is side-lined for nine months and Mr Pesutto has backed-down. It’s a sign of sensible behaviour and on this score, Libs, including Mr Dutton’s calling out of Labor MP’s claims of Nazi sympathisers, are ahead. It’s a day of small beginnings.

  3. I’ve read your articles on Moira Deeming and watched the video with Peta Credlin. It seems obvious that Moira has been condemned by association and her real message ignored by the Liberal leadership.
    I am puzzled though about a tweet she allegedly made later on saying she didn’t condemn Posie Parker. Was that media spin? Do you have any information about that one Bill?

  4. Thanks Graham. But why should Deeming – or anyone else – condemn Kellie-Jay Keen? I fully support those who stand up for women and children and take on the radical trans activists.

  5. Of course from our completely biased, propagandist and deceitful ABC all I have seen is that they were protesting trans rights. No mention of women’s rights at all nor what these make-believe rights are. So my question to the slimy filth that is the vipers nest that is our ABC is What rights would those be? The right to enforce others to not only accept but promote your delusion to the exclusion of other’s rights? The right for women to be assaulted in change rooms and toilets? The right for men to display their appendages to young girls in change rooms and toilets? The right for women to not only be treated unfairly in sport but to also risk greater injury? Perhaps the right for women in refuges to have men share their accommodation? Or perhaps it is the right for women in prison to be exposed to rape?

    Of course these special claimed rights for transgenders is complete make-believe and in complete opposition to real human rights. You are not likely to hear that from our government-funded, socialist apparatchiks however.

  6. Great, so good of you Bill to pick up this deplorable treatment of Moria Deeming. She truly is a modern day Joan of Ark in standing up for women’s issues and the truth especially in Victoria with the most demon possessed labor and liberal politicians. Let’s wish her the very best of inspiration to work wonders in her defence and success in presenting the truth.

  7. Good on you for defending Moira Deeming Bill, she is a remarkable woman who has been terribly and wrongly abused by a defunct Liberal government and their bullying, lunkheaded leader.
    She seems to have more decency and leadership qualities than half the Liberal party put together; certainly more than Pesutto. Those Liberals who supported Moira and hold true Liberal values should ban together, get rid of Pesutto and his mindless minions, and maybe one day she could lead them back to victory.

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